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An underground jewel


...through some of them. In the whole world, only one larger than this has been documented, and that is in the Naica Crystals Cave in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Underground tourism growing in popularity A geode is the result of a rare combination ... of accidents and the meticulous work of nature, says García, who knows these underground treasures very well. For one to be formed, a rock cavity fills with hot water with dissolved minerals, which then slowly cools. They have different colours and ... chambers. "They are like underground cathedrals," said Fernández Amo. "The geode is unique in the world, but the geological and mining heritage is also fantastic. There are faults, folds and different geological structures." Not long ago, he made a



Underground tourism growing in popularity

Pulpí has joined the Association of Tourism Caves of Spain, which has 40 members in the form of municipalities with natural or artificial caves which are of interest to tourists. These include Nerja (Malaga), Karrantza (Vizcaya), Altamira (Cantabria)



Offices and a hotel planned for towers on site of Malaga bus station


21 storeys, respectively), the first for offices and the second for a hotel. The money generated by this project will be enough to fund a new underground bus station on the other side of María Zambrano train station. Plans are also in place to ... make the second, smaller bus station in the city centre underground too. Mayor Francisco de la Torre hopes to eventually add a tunnel which runs along the coast from the Guadalmedina river to La Malagueta to an overall project valued at 277 million



Nerja sewage treatment plant on track to enter testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas

...station and underground collectors, which are located near the Ayo beach bar, as well as the 800-metre-long submarine sewage pipe which will pump treated wastewater into the sea when the plant is up and running. Work on the sewage plant itself is



Agreement reached over underground metro line for Malaga's new hospital


The Junta de Andalucía and Malaga city council have reached agreement on the location of the city's new main hospital and said that a new metro line to it will go underground. Meeting in Seville, Francisco de la Torre, city mayor, met regional ... president, Juanma Moreno. Moreno gave the mayor the assurances he had been looking for that a planned metro line to the new hospital site by the existing Hospital Civil would be placed underground. Locals on the route had been against a cheaper tram system



Underground is cool

Jennie Rhodes

Nerja’s famous caves are a favourite among visitors and locals alike, while Rincón de la Victoria’s Cueva del Tesoro is a relatively unknown secret, despite being the only marine cave in Europe. An underground favourite Quite possibly the only ... Festival of Music and Dance which runs throughout June and July. In fact only one third of this underground treasure trove is open to the public and scientists believe there could be more to discover. An archaeological dig is currently under way in part



Contract for another new Las Lagunas car park is awarded by Mijas council

Ivan Gelibter

Mijas council has awarded the construction contract for an underground car park in the La Candelaria area of Las Lagunas, the largest of the new parking facilities being built in the area. The work will cost 7.8 million euros and will be carried out ... by OHL. It is expected to take 18 months. The new car park is part of a strategic plan to improve parking in the heavily built-up residential and commercial area near the waterpark. Another underground car park is being built at nearby El Juncal for



Electricity cables in Las Lagunas go underground

I. G.

Mijas council has said that power company Endesa has finishing putting an overhead high voltage electricity cable underground in the Las Lagunas area between the Coín road and the Avenida de Andalucía area, behind Parque Miramar. The 200,000-euro