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Final stage of rescue operation gets under way

Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías / Fernando Torres

After days of complications, the vertical tunnel that miners are using to rescue two-year-old Julen in Totalán was finally ready for the next stage of the operation on Thursday. After final safety checks the first pair of miners were lowered ... inside the shaft on Thursday afternoon. After the completion of an access platform on the surface, the specialists from the Asturias Mining Rescue Brigade are working at the bottom of the shaft in order to tunnel through three metres to the reach the ... boy. Julen fell down a 100-metre-deep borehole on Sunday 13 January and the rescue operation has take the form of an unprecedented feat of emergency engineering. A vertical tunnel, drilled parallel to the original hole the boy fell down, had to be



Alameda metro tunnel excavation begins


On Wednesday, the construction company, Sando-Acciona, began digging the tunnel in the Alameda Principal. Once the tunnel is excavated, it will be roofed so that work can carry on underneath without affecting pedestrians and businesses above ... ground. The roof will go on in December and allow the area either side to be resurfaced and pedestrianised. The tunnel will be constructed with reinforced concrete slabs as will the station at Atarazanas.



Search for missing man stepped up after dog found in A-7 tunnel

Alberto Gómez

The search is continuing for 32-year-old Antonio Ortega who disappeared in Torremolinos on 22 January while walking his dog. The pet, called Smuky, was found last Sunday running lose in the motorway tunnel near Churriana, behind Torremolinos, but



"Comedy is right in front of you; my job is to point it out"

Tony Bryant Kevin McCarthy, Comedian and writer

...lorry driver Kevin McCarthy began his career as a stand-up after an impromptu stint at the notorious Tunnel Palladium Club in London. He has since performed all over the world to audiences of between ten and 45,000 people. He also writes for television,



Palm weevil ravages trees at the Hospital Marítimo in Torremolinos


The red palm weevil is capable of tunnelling for over a metre into the trunks of palm trees. The leaves of affected trees then turn yellow and dry up, the effects of the palm weevil can be deadly to the trees. The Torremolinos Hospital Marítimo has s



Historic storm wreaks havoc along east coast as a third victim is killed


...which will take years to repair. The floods followed downpours caused by the historic DANA (isolated high-level depression), which claimed its third fatality on Friday in Almeria, when a driver became trapped in a flooded tunnel. In the town of ... the water, was followed by the death of a third person in the early hours of Friday morning in a tunnel on the road between Níjar and Los Molinos, when two vehicles entered the tunnel without realising that it was completely submerged. In Almeria,



A 'mini Normandy' on Gibraltar's doorstep

Ash Bolton

...countless pillboxes and a 500 metre-long military tunnel connecting both sides of the peak can be found on ‘Charcoal Mountain’. And unlike the structures in La Línea town centre which are sealed to keep the public out, the bunkers and tunnels on Sierra ... Carlos Jordan, San Roque tourism coordinator, who helped design the tours, takes visitors inside several of the better preserved bunkers, before walking them through the military tunnel that connects the eastern and western sides of the Sierra Carbonera ... several Facebook pages in the area about these military installations.”   Carlos added that the most interesting part of the tour is crossing the 500-metre tunnel connecting the San Roque side of Sierra Carbonera and the La Línea side, as well as the