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Cooking with preserved foods


...according to food scientist Ángel Caracuel, of the Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga, "preserves, precisely because they have been subjected to sterilisation and the subsequent vacuum, are among the foods that contain fewer additives, and have well ... remember that they are already cooked, so it is best to add them at the last minute. The flavour of tinned food is often attenuated or slightly altered. Correct this with seasoning and imagination.



Keeping hypochondria at bay during a global pandemic


...fears, he says a sense of humour helps: "The most important thing is to remember that thoughts are not facts. I usually say to these patients that thinking they are going to win the lottery does not mean they are going to win the lottery, especially as ... most of the time they don't even buy a ticket. It is just the same with illnesses". The problem with hypochondria is that these negative thoughts "lead to equally negative emotions, with people thinking they are predicting what will happen. That ... ask for professional help. They also advise keeping in regular contact with others, and planning things to do for every day. For those who live with children, remember that they do not have the same resources as adults, so you should give them



Help combat isolation among elderly people without taking any risks

SUSANA ZAMORA the shops. For them, this situation makes them feel especially isolated. This is one of the most vulnerable groups in this health crisis, because as well as the risk of catching Covid-19 they have to spend all their time indoors. With no visitors ... they are the most vulnerable section of society, they can have a more negative perception of the situation, which makes them feel even more afraid and anxious. The measures decreed by the government to stop Covid-19 spreading do allow people to go ... people as much as possible; that's why they have to be in isolation. However, if contact is essential, it should be for as short a time as possible and under the most hygienic conditions," he says. In the case of people who have to look after elderly



Costas rally to meet the demand for protective kits

Jennie Rhodes

...volunteers who are also making masks and gowns which are destined for domestic help workers and the local police force. They aim to produce 1,000 masks and 100 gowns and in Vélez-Málaga some of the Holy Week brotherhoods (cofradías) are also producing the ... "to reduce contact and spreading the virus" explained spokesperson Sergio Yules. He added that they have also started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to buy more material. It is a similar story in Coín, Manilva and Cártama. In Coín a group of



Costa charities turn to social media and radio to help the elderly

Tony Bryant

...have initiated numerous actions to ensure that they can continue offering support to senior citizens and those at risk. These have included chatlines, social media information platforms and daily email updates on all the current legal and administrative



Marbella steps up coronavirus response with large-scale disinfection

Héctor Barbotta

...inspection tasks across the municipality in pairs, informing those still on the streets that they must return to their homes and taking note of locations they deemed necessary for disinfection. For its part, Marbella town hall launched a disinfection ... The same measures have also begun inside the municipality's homes for the elderly, as they are considered to be the most vulnerable to the virus. Marbella's two large sports halls are also being used to house the homeless.



Advice to help prevent the spread of coronavirus


...touching your mouth, nose, and eyes. ? Sunbathe. ? Never leave home without a mask. ? Children should not approach elderly. Since the little ones can be carriers of the virus and have absolutely no symptoms, they pass the disease without feeling it.



Pensioner left in a ditch after kidnap and torture ordeal in Archidona


...tied up and had his face covered inside a vehicle. The supposed offenders then stole his belongings then proceeded to force him to tell them the PIN numbers for all of his cards. They then drove to ATMs withdrawing all of the money possible from the