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Spain, champions of the world

amador gómez

Spain are basketball champions of the world for the second time after they beat Argentina 95-75 in the World Cup final in Shanghai on Sunday. 75 ARGENTINA 95 SPAIN The victory comes 13 years after the country's first World Cup win



Forty per cent of children in Malaga province weigh more than they should

Ángel Escalera

...approximately 40 per cent of children weigh more than they should, says paediatric endocrinologist Juan Pedro López Siguero, who works at the Materno Infantil Hospital in the city. This specialist says that despite the measures put into effect in recent years ... they also have a sedentary lifestyle, they are vulnerable to excess weight or obesity. That is why experts insist they take more exercise in their everyday life instead of spending so many hours in front of the television, video console, tablet or



Guaro dog shelter needs a new home

Tony Bryant, which they funded with their own finances. Following a successful musical career in Belgium, the couple first lived on the Costa Blanca, where they opened their own music bar and restaurant, but they were forced to return to Belgium in 2012, ... where Vera underwent treatment for breast cancer. The couple returned to Spain shortly after the treatment, although they relocated to the Guaro, where, after finding two young puppies in a rubbish container, they opened the Animal Love and Rescue ... Resort. They currently care for more than 30 dogs and Vera is now in desperate need of a new property where the dogs can be relocated. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are in urgent need of a new property where our dogs can feel safe, play and run



Six girls held for biting a bus driver after they insulted passengers


A bloody bite mark, scratches on different parts of his body and bumps on his leg after being kicked; that was the result of an attack last week on a Malaga bus driver by six girls. The driver had asked them to get off the bus after they had been ... bothering other passengers with abusive behaviour. The events took place last week when the girls, who were apparently on holiday, got on the number 3 bus after a visit to the fair. They sat at the back and began to hurl insults at a couple and their two



Residents brave thunderstorm threat to protest over services

Eugenio Cabezas

Residents of the villages of Chilches and Benajarafe took to the streets on Monday evening to continue to protest over what they believe is a "lack of interest" from Vélez-Málaga town hall to provide basic services in the two villages. ... the two villages. They are asking for a working group to be established with the council to see that plans for coastal path along the N-340, along with improvements to the local primary school, greater police presence and basic health services come ... to fruition. The town hall has said they are awaiting a response from the Junta de Andalucía for the coastal path project.



Sharing political ideas for integration

Jennie Rhodes

...bought an apartment in Marbella, where they frequently holidayed. It was in the early 2000s that she discovered and "fell in love with" the Axarquía, and in 2005 bought her house in Los Romanes, which is a small hamlet belonging to La Viñuela. "I never ... participate. "The language barrier will always be a problem," admits Ria, who points out that around 70 foreign residents regularly attend the village's free Spanish classes. "But if people meet during the activities, at least when they see each other in the ... street they can greet each other." All of the information that comes from the town hall is now in Spanish and in English, and Ria provides a link for people who need a problem to be solved. "Around 60 per cent of the foreigners live in the 'campo'



Local Costa mayors kick off their new terms in office with no sign of the usual raft of megaprojects

Ivan Gelibter

May. They've left behind their campaign promises of mega initiatives, most of which were unachievable and with sky-high costs. Malaga's road tunnel around the port: an ambitious plan without a planned start date Central government spending ... restraints on local councils, the financial crisis and a change in attitude by local voters, who don't expect as much as they used to, seem to be behind this dampening of expectations. The huge sports complexes, Olympic-sized swimming pools and plush ... auditoriums are no longer even on the drawing board in many town halls in Malaga province, as they aren't considered a priority. Malaga city In Malaga city, the lion's share of the promised investment for the coming years is in the mayor's plan for a road



Taking care of your cat in the summer


Although cats are very independent there are a few things you have to look after for them, especially in the heat of summer. Cats take a very long time over their food. They will sniff at it first, than try a bit and when it is to their



The small miracle of the Mozarabic caves


The world is full of happy accidents and sometimes they can prove to be extremely important. As an example, think of somebody out for a walk with their two dogs in the countryside near Churriana, who found two puppies who had been buried alive on ... the side of what appeared to be a small hill. And then, after rescuing them, it turns out that the place where they had been buried was a collection of ancient buildings: a church and prayer rooms which the Christians used during the time of Muslim ... this visit, Gozalbes explained that in one of the caves there is a Mozarabic church with three naves and several niches, and on the part of the wall by the altar there are numerous inscriptions and signs from the Mozarabic era, although they are barely



Old bloggers never die

ANDREW J. LINN will never find one that does not make for pleasant drinking. This one is as good as any at €6.25. How far bloggers actually exert any influence on their chosen world depends of course on the number of followers they have. The attraction of ... particularly in the world of gastronomy, are unable to offer impartial reviews because they have eaten free at the restaurant or received wine samples from a bodega. A blogger who can never be accused of partisanship is Paula McLean, whose blog focuses on



Are bonds really safer than stocks?


...inflation by 2.6% per annum being the total average return on bonds. Bonds cannot continue to provide returns in decades ahead as they have in the past. As interest rates have fallen, bondholders have benefited from previous high coupons (interest) and ... the exact opposite is true! The safest long-term investment has clearly been a diversified portfolio of stocks. One of the greatest mistakes that investors make is to underestimate their holding period for securities, as they tend to focus on a



Thirty years of sound pet advice


...about looking after their pets in southern Spain. Both Peter and Erny, who later began penning her own columns on her speciality - cats, stress they are not vets and therefore cannot offer veterinary advice, but over the years their column in this ... their fourth-floor apartment they had previously used for holidays in Marbella. "It was all right for holidays but not to live," says Erny. "We brought our dog with us; he was used to Dartmoor where he had his own hill." Their move to find more space, ... therefore, was inevitable and they settled for a property in Alhaurín el Grande where they opened the Petcare kennels. The couple recall how it was SUR in English's then advertising manager, Eve Browne, who gave them the idea of writing a column. After a



Fundación CLC World celebrates 20 years in style

SUR in ENglish

...many associations the foundation has worked with throughout the province. They were joined by authorities - including mayor of Mijas Josele González - as well as representatives of the media, sponsors, collaborators, partners, and CLC World, as well as



9 August 1995: ETA terrorists arrested over plot to kill king


Sertucha. According to neighbours, several shots were fired during the raid. The Spanish police had been tipped off by their French counterparts, who were monitoring Rego Vidal and alerted them when he left France by yacht the previous month, and they had ... aroused by the location of the apartment in which they were staying, the fact that they had weapons with them and documentation which suggested that they had been following the movements of the king and his family. The Spanish authorities said later



"People need to be sure of whose hands they are placing themselves in"


There are two sides to every coin. In the case of cosmetic medicine, the downside is practicioners who are not properly qualified and do not have the knowledge needed. "People need to be sure of whose hands they are placing themselves in," says ... you are dealing with," says Fernando Urdiales. "Make sure they are qualified and registered." The president of SEME, Petra Vega, says all clinics should have authorisation from the regional government, and patients should only be seen by qualified



Costa councils say they approve of banning smoking on some beaches


Most municipalities on the Malaga coast agree with the regional health authorities' proposal that there should be smoke-free beaches. However, they think the matter needs further study, especially regarding how the ban could be enforced. They would ... includes smoke-free zones beside the sea, so they would be prepared to test it on one of the city's beaches. "We are in favour of smoke-free beaches, but we would want to try it out first because there is no sense in implementing things and then finding ... they don't work," she says. She also says the council will have to determine how the no-smoking ban will be monitored to ensure that people comply. Her counterpart at Marbella town hall, Manuel Cardeña, thinks it is "a good idea" for people not to



Catalan 'rebels' told they can be in Euro vote


...ministers, Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí, can now stand in the 26 May vote. Both the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court have said that, as they haven't been found guilty of anything, it is not up to them to stop the candidacies.



Jony and Javi Ontiveros edge towards the Malaga exit door

SERGIO CORTÉS / Antonio Góngora

...from the club. However, with his contract set to expire next summer, Malaga will effectively be giving the player away for free. One player they will be loath to lose is Ontiveros. The 21-year-old became a key player at the end of last season,



Two found dead and unconscious in square in San Pedro


...instead and taken to the Costa del Sol hospital. The men were described as in their 30s or 40s and it is thought that they may have overdosed, although investigations are still ongoing.



Patient goes on rampage in San Pedro health centre because of 15-minute wait


...people came to their rescue and managed to get the aggressor to leave them alone". Before leaving the centre, the man allegedly threatened to kill everyone there and said that, if they reported what had happened to the police and he was arrested, he'd ... "come back to finish them off". San Pedro health centre has also been in the spotlight recently after a doctor was assaulted. The union has called for more security in San Pedro and also at Las Lagunas health centre, Mijas Costa, which they say both



Three held for taunting a disabled youth to gain social media fans

JUAN CANO attract more views of their music videos. The three men, all in their 20s, are being investigated for offences against "moral integrity". In addition, they are also being investigated over public health offences, as one of the three, with the



Gibraltar marine police arrest three men at sea


Following a tip-off from the Guardia Civil, the RGP arrested three Spanish men after a high speed chase at sea in the early hours of Monday morning. They are charged with dangerous navigation, importing prohibited items and obstructing police.



Heroes to the very end


After months carrying him in their arms up and down the stairs from his home, where there was no lift, they have now paid for his funeral with the money they had been collecting to improve his living conditions. That was why the alarms sounded at the ... to visit the apartment to see how they could assist and immediately offered to go every day. His colleagues agreed to help and they set up a system to carry him downstairs at 10am so his mother could push him in a wheelchair to the Santa Teresa ... had to leave in a rush because there was a fire somewhere, but then we went back later so he never missed school. And he used to laugh at us," he recalls. During those three months they began collecting money so the family could move into an



Looking for peace


As creatures of habit we shop regularly on Fridays at the same time and at the same supermarket and consequently bump into the same people. We were surprised to bump into one couple we had not seen for some time recently and commented on it. They ... told us how for weeks they have been kept awake by "those wretched dogs in our neighbourhood, barking and howling all night long". We have suffered the same but only for three nights when our neighbours had visitors who were dog owners and left the ... natural world. They live in our world and are the better for it with regular good food and water, visits to the vet, acomfortable place to sleep, safety from predators and with the company of humans. But as we have to adjust to pet ownership so do dogs



Spain reach the World Cup Final with late win over Australia

sur overtake the Boomers in two overtimes. Argentina await on Sunday after they saw off France 80-66. The Spaniards, ranked number two in the world, have their sights firmly set on their second world title, 13 years after their first and seven ... years since they last played for a global title (at the London Olympics in 2012).



Femenino show they've still got the fight to remain among the elite

marina rivas

Malaga's women's team chalked up their first win in 16 games on Sunday when they took on visitors Albacete on the Federación ground. 4 Malaga 2 Albacete Despite the rain, the mud and the poor turnout of just 250 spectators, Malaga ... proved they’re not ready to throw in the towel just yet and can still fight to lift themselves up from the bottom of the first division. After 15 games without a win, their reaction came at a crucial point when they faced their direct rivals in the ... danger zone, Fundación Albacete. And they did it in style - scoring four goals in the same game for the first time this season. The first half began with the visitors in control, all out to get an early goal, but Malaga were quick to take the reins.



In case of fire


...simple fact is fire is real and is a threat to every household. Everyone should have a fire plan, especially if you have pets, as they rely on you for their guidance. Circumstances vary but a few basic rules apply. I believe it is vital to keep a collar



On a heavy metal wave


Alex has cerebral palsy, but that didn't stop him flying over thousands of heads at a heavy metal concert. This occurred in Viveiro, in Lugo province, Galicia, at Resurrection Fest, one of the most famous heavy metal festivals, which attracts the bes



Home form key to salvation for Femenino as they face the drop


It is now 15 matches without a win for Malaga's women's team after losing 1-0 in the capital to Madrid CFF on Sunday. Estela's penalty in the 23rd minute was enough to seal all three points for the hosts and to pile the pressure on the Costa side who



Island games


...surprise this week, then, when we received not one, but two messages of a quite different nature. They were both asking the same thing. "Hi - will you be showing the Love Island final tomorrow night?" When the first message arrived, I thought it must be ... wide range of exquisite tapas and several glasses of wine on a rooftop terrace on a balmy July evening, they would prefer to watch some reality TV in a pub. Each to their own, I suppose. "Love", "Island" and "final'" are three very odd words to see ... in a sentence together, aren't they? I've never watched the programme but presume that it does actually take place on an island - Anglesey? - but that there isn't much love involved at all and that for it to be a final, the people on the show must



STD prevalence is increasing sharply among young people

Ángel Escalera

...that many teenagers copy what they see in the porn videos they watch on their mobile phones and tablets, and in those films it is rare for a condom to be used. This imitative behaviour, and a lack of sex education, brings with it some dangerous ... "pornography is causing a lot of damage" among young people and is also leading them to change their sexual practices. In some cases they use violence during sex or force non-consensual intercourse; in others, they feel unhappy if they can't do what they see in ... underdiagnosis of these illnesses, in other words the real number is higher than the official figure. According to the Junta de Andalucía's Health Ministry, in Malaga there are 10.92 diagnoses per 100,000 inhabitants, although they recognise that this number



A senseless sacking

Rob Palmer

...influence of a certain agent and a history of awful mistimed decisions. They sacked Ronald Koeman shortly after winning their last trophy and replaced Unai Emery because they didn't feel that two successive third-placed finishes were good enough. Years of ... The relationship continued but any love that did exist had dissipated. Love was on the rocks and the players, caught in the middle, made it clear that they were on the side of the manager. This clearly infuriated the man who called the shots. In ... acted as assistant to Julen Lopetegui for the national team and briefly at Real Madrid. Like Ayestarán, he's never managed a major club despite a reputation as a promising coach. The factor in all three men is that they were all going to say 'yes'. As



The challenge is equality


...later, thanks to new regulations, nine females registered for the marathon alongside 1,210 men. They were fewer than one per cent. Last year, 11,639 women finished, which was 43 per cent of the total. But why are women not 50 per cent of the total? The ... director Alejandro Aparicio. The strategy is to be more welcoming to female athletes, with measures such as setting up a marquee where they can change after the competition, opening a nursery for the children of couples who both compete and presenting them ... with a flower when they arrive. It is easier to achieve parity in short races than half marathons (21.097 kms), marathons (42.195 kms) and the longer ultra-marathons. The physical demands and commitment are greater over long distances. "It isn't



Police swoop on drug villa in Cancelada


Guardia Civil officers raided a house in Mirador de Costalita, Cancelada, on Thursday morning. Inside they found the whole ground floor turned over for use as a drug warehouse, laboratory and space to grow marijuana. Two Spanish nationals were



Hatty Japes

Peter Edgerton

As the sun hammers down without mercy upon our poor benighted bonces, the thoughts of balding ginger people turn inevitably to how they might protect themselves from the pitiless beast without losing too much dignity. It's mighty difficult. The ... themselves look ridiculous in a titfer but for men it's almost inevitable that they will, no matter what lengths they go to. It's a well known fact that nobody over the age of twenty-two should ever be allowed to wear a baseball cap and anyone who does ... should be condemned to a life sentence in prison. With hard labour if they're wearing it back to front. Unless they're six. And even then... What else? What about those fedora-style beige summer hats? Trouble is, we tend to picture ourselves in the role