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What planet are they on?


I remember the excited trips as a child to the top of Merseyside County Museums in Liverpool to visit the planetarium. You could never tire of such a place. These days the same building is trendily renamed for the 21st century as World Museum and the



The sweetest killer


Sugar is the main enemy in our diet. Thousands of people die in Spain every year because they have eaten too much sugar. Diabetes, which is the main illness associated with sugar, but not the only one, is responsible for no fewer than 25,000 people ... in the giant American nation when they discovered that in just over 20 years (between 1980-2002) excess weight had become a health problem affecting one in every three citizens. That is more or less what is happening in Spain today, where excess ... the ‘Medicina Clínica’ journal by Javier Martín, the head of General Surgery at the Severo Ochoa hospital in Madrid, shows challenging figures. Obesity and sugar cause three deaths every hour in Spain. In total, they are responsible for 15 per cent of



British people could have to pay more tax on properties they rent out on the Costa

Héctor Barbotta

...reached to the contrary, from next year Brexit will result in fiscal modifications which will affect British citizens who live in the UK and earn money from renting out properties they own in the EU. Around 50 per cent of the properties sold on the ... care or revaluation of pensions they receive from their country of origin. "About 300,000 British people have registered, but every one of them knows someone who hasn't," she said. The consul said British tourists will still come to Spain after ... Brexit, and pointed out that the relationship between the two countries dates back to long before the EU was created. If a UK resident in Spain does not have a green credit-card-sized certificate (or A4 paper in older cases) by 31 December, they will not



All-night queues now the norm as foreigners face long wait to get nationality


...are already 14 people ahead of him. They arrive wrapped up warm, some with thermoses, others with chairs and blankets. They know the night will be long. At 10.50pm, 24 people are already there. Every day, this number is reached earlier. So when ... managed to be among the first 24. In Malaga city, as in all provincial capitals, there is an electronic appointment system in place. In Marbella, however, that’s not yet the case. Most in the queue complain that they are literally losing sleep and that



Reforming the reforms

Mark Nayler

...for taking sick leave and means that employees no longer have to fear for their jobs if they become unwell. Previously, an employee could be - and many were - fired for prolonged absence due to illness, even if they produced a note from their doctor. ... companies, not to consolidate the stability or rights of employees. They were also backed last October by Spain’s Constitutional Court, which ruled that employers could sack ill workers even if they produced a medical note from their doctor. Rajoy’s 2012



Errors cost Malaga dear as they twice surrender lead to Mirandés

Daryl Finch

It was certainly a case of two points dropped as Malaga twice took the lead against Mirandés but were pegged back as a result of unforced errors during their 2-2 draw on Sunday afternoon. Captain Adrián, who made his return to the team after a long



Farmers' tractor protest disrupts motorways in Antequera area


A large protest by farmers cut off a motorway in the north of Malaga province on Thursday. Agricultural workers were staging a demonstration to draw attention to the low prices they receive to sell their produce compared to the much higher prices ... A-45 Malaga to Cordoba motorway before it finished at the Antequera showground. They also had permission to take the protest through the centre of Antequera. Some 1,000 tractors had registered to take part, said organisers. A spokesperson said, "Our ... problem is the prices. We're below production costs and we can't put up with it anymore. They are paying us two euros per kilo for extra virgin olive oil and the large supermarkets sell it for 4 to 4.20 euros a kilo. "Society needs to know that we are



Puerto Banús firms fed up with landlords' price hikes


Owners and tenants of business premises in Puerto Banús have met again in their ongoing dispute with the company that owns the concession to operate the luxury marina. They are angry at what they see as price hikes in fees to operate outdoor ... terraces, permits for vehicle access and use of other facilities. They want Marbella council to take over the operation of the public spaces in the port, which so far the town hall has refused to look into, saying it is the concession holder's



Villa Padierna joins the world’s biggest association of luxury hotels


...whole experience from the moment they arrive to the time they check out. At the end of their stay they identify themselves and interview the manager about the internal functioning of the hotel. They then examine the results of client satisfaction



Farmers protest in Madrid over low prices affecting their livelihoods


Several hundred farmers and growers staged a noisy but peaceful protest outside the Agriculture ministry in Madrid on Wednesday. For a time the traffic was halted. The protesters were complaining about what they say are prices for their produce ... below the cost of production. They claim that others in the supply chain, including the large supermarkets, are making excessive profit at their expense. "Agriculture workers don't want politics. We've been in a crisis for 40 years and we want fair ... prices," said their spokesperson, who is a member of a farming cooperative. Farmers want the government to fix a price for perishable produce which is linked to the cost of production and for selling at a loss to be banned. In addition, they are



Malaga Femenino back to winning ways on trip to Valencia

pablo piqueras. adg

...just after the break. Malaga, on the back of a two-match losing streak, faced off against a Valencia side who conversely had won their last two matches. What they both had in common, however, was injury problems. The game started with both sides ... her chipped shot spectacularly coming back out off the crossbar. María Ruiz then squandered the rebound. The victory ends Malaga's losing streak and puts them two points away from the top four in the Grupo Sur de Reto Iberdrola. They face



Frigiliana resident captures fox on video

R. M.

A Frigiliana resident was able to capture the moment a fox ran down one of the village's streets last week. While foxes are not uncommon in the area, actually sighting one is rare. It is believed that the animal had come down from nearby mountains



Court orders Sheikh Al-Thani out of Malaga CF and puts administrator in charge

antonio góngora / borja gutiérrez

...funds, the public prosecution requested the club be put in the hands of judicial administration for six months. They also demanded a 5.4-million-euro deposit from the Al-Thani family which, if not paid, can be recouped through the seizure of assets they ... time-sensitive nature of the case, however, they only have five days to launch their appeal. Potential money laundering It is believed that the search carried out on the club’s offices at La Rosaleda stadium on 22 January proved key in the judge’s decision ... unnecessary and premature, considering the preliminary state of the investigation,” they wrote in an official statement following the hearing. In response to the ruling, the APA’s lawyer, Francisco Valverde, said:“This was a real David versus Goliath battle



Nerja mayor to appear in court over raw sewage entering sea

E. CABEZAS Andalucía for not complying with EU rules which state that towns with populations over 15,000 should treat their own water. They also accuse Nerja town hall of fraud for charging residents for water treatment in their bills, despite that fact that none of



Marbella win ensures they remain only unbeaten side in Spain

julio rodríguez

...double their lead, Arribas slicing at the ball when it fell to him in the box. The hosts were stirred into action when they were again let off the hook as Ricardo Carvalho hit the bar. The equaliser came when Óscar plucked a searching ball from Redru



Things are seldom what they seem


As an investor and wealth manager, I increasingly hear from investors and advisors alike that they 'fancy' or 'like' a specific country to invest in. Over recent years, the huge growth in capital in emerging growth economies in Asia and Latin



Police in Malaga investigate sex video blackmail at a rate of one case a week


...although these rarely hit the headlines; if the photos are published at all they are usually limited to the victim's environment and end up being a drop of water in the wide ocean of the internet. In Sánchez's case, however, as he is a public figure, the ... are, and they threaten to send them the video if you don't pay up. If you are famous, they don't even need to know that; they just threaten to post it on social media. Payment in Bitcoin The sum demanded can vary. It is often between 1,000 and 2,000 ... money. Sextortion includes fraud, extortion, revelation of secrets and crimes against privacy, and the offenders are usually difficult to identify because they are abroad and have ways of making sure their computers cannot be traced. Collaborating



The Kings on the Costa

The festive period finally drew to a close in Spain on Sunday night with the arrival of the Three Kings from the East. While Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar brought Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, the good children of the Costa del



Alcaucín mayor faces vote of no confidence over lack of dialogue


Tuesday after Ciudadanos spokesperson and previous mayor of Alcaucín Mario Blancke claimed that there had been very little dialogue with the PSOE since it took the mayor's office in last year's local elections. He claimed that they had only met "three ... the vote was "very unfair" and that it had "been planned for months". Ciudadanos has the support of the two Partido Popular (PP) councillors in Alcaucín and should they win the vote, control of the town hall would pass to a Ciudadanos - PP



The inbetweeners

Peter Edgerton

A huge lorry inched noisily past the cafe window yesterday, just as I was burning my tongue for the second time on what used to be known a white coffee but no doubt has a faux exotic moniker these days. Anyway, said vehicle happened to be transportin



An emergency, of sorts

Rob Palmer

Just when Manchester United thought they’d cornered the market of bizarre winter signings, Barcelona turn up and blow them out of the water. Odion Ighalo’s unexpected transfer from the Chinese Super League to the Premier League appeared to be the ... could sign a striker any time you wanted? Clearly the answer is the legal eagles at FC Barcelona. When the club declared that injury had ended Ousmane Dembélé’s season and Luis Suárez may struggle to return before May, they consulted the rule book and ... decided they would activate a clause that allowed an emergency signing. Of all the desirable strikers, Braithwaite was probably just behind Ighalo. You can imagine the fans up in Middlesbrough saying “Funny, we used to have a striker called Martin


What to do

A messy centuries-old celebration for carnival


they throw flour; in Tolox they throw talc. This strange festival has its roots in an old custom: young men who wished to declare their love to a girl would lie in wait and cover her with flour. Many girls chose to stay indoors that day to avoid being ... a legend tells the story of a dispute between an Arab girl and a Christian girl, both in love with the same man. They worked in a bakery in Tolox and the argument got out of hand with both women throwing handfuls of flour at one another. In Tolox it



A self-employed office party


Christmas party but who force themselves to go to avoid being labelled antisocial. Then there are the others who circle the date on the calendar with red exclamation marks because it's their chance to get tipsy, and they're keen to do it again, despite the ... fool they made of themselves the previous year. However that's just the problem of those who can say they work for someone else. Then there are the self-employed; and I'm not talking about small, medium or large companies, but about people who work ... for themselves, often in professions that are, I won't say liberal, but creative. Those hard workers who can also be called "freelance", that is, they are free of all ties, some because they like it that way, and others because they have no choice.



Owners welcome measures but say they still fall short of what's needed

A. PELÁEZ / H. BARBOTTA Mijas say that this is a major step forward, they agree that it still falls short in many regards. "We are very happy for those who will now be able to access basic services," said SOHA president Phillip Smalley, "but we still have a fight on our



Processionary caterpillar removal service launched in Rincón

Eugenio Cabezas

Rincón de la Victoria town hall has set up a special service, run by EMVIRIA, which the public can contact for the removal of processionary caterpillars. The cycle of processionary caterpillars normally culminates in spring, when they leave their



Spaniards living in the UK share concern at Boris Johnson's new points-based entry system


...but they haven’t replied to me yet. I think it’s bad and unfair that they treat us Europeans like this.” Some see the benefits Marcos from Madrid, who works in the City and didn’t want to give his full name, was more supportive. “I think it’s ... brilliant that they require people to speak English and show that they are suitable for their job.” In contrast, Silvia González, a Spanish campaigner for the rights of EU nationals in Britain, said the new rules “don’t take into account what immigration



21 February 1980: 100 British couples become Costa celebrities


...status, being serenaded by singers and guitarists from a local ‘tuna’ group (a university music group that play in tourist areas) before they were quickly ushered away on their holidays. The BBC then prepared to snap the other 100 tourists who arrived ... anniversary in the off-peak season. The new arrivals, who came to the Costa del Sol for a full month, stayed at Hotel Fuengirola Park where they joined a total of 800 fellow Brits enjoying their holidays. Saga Holidays organised dances, dinners and drinks ... to congratulate these couples, who married in 1940, when their country was at war. It not only looks like they proved Saga Holidays’ point, but they also set an example for others to follow. The Costa del Sol is today at record-breaking levels of



Collectives vow to keep fighting to protect citizens' rights in Brexit deal

Jennie Rhodes

...up, collectives including Bremain in Spain, British in Europe and The Three Million, which represents EU citizens in the UK, issued statements to assure followers that they will be continuing to campaign on their behalves. British in Europe and The ... Three Million issued a joint statement in which they stated, "We will renew our campaign for both the UK and all the EU27 to automatically guarantee our rights." While Sue Wilson, chair of Bremain in Spain, which is part of the British in Europe



Some owners of illegal homes still ignored by new law, says SOHA

Eugenio Cabezas

...annulled". While the campaigners said that they would "always support any initiative taken by the Junta to help legalise homes," the latest ruling "makes the same mistake as previous ones," with respect to the annulled licences. "This time is no



Forty per cent of children in Malaga province weigh more than they should

Ángel Escalera

...approximately 40 per cent of children weigh more than they should, says paediatric endocrinologist Juan Pedro López Siguero, who works at the Materno Infantil Hospital in the city. This specialist says that despite the measures put into effect in recent years ... they also have a sedentary lifestyle, they are vulnerable to excess weight or obesity. That is why experts insist they take more exercise in their everyday life instead of spending so many hours in front of the television, video console, tablet or



Malaga looking up the table after third win on the bounce

william holmes

...volley from David Barral, completely unmarked in the area, they came nowhere near troubling Munir. In the end, his effort flew past the post. Tete Morente scored Malaga's first goal.Ñito Salas Malaga, in fact, were far more likely to bag a third.



Six girls held for biting a bus driver after they insulted passengers


A bloody bite mark, scratches on different parts of his body and bumps on his leg after being kicked; that was the result of an attack last week on a Malaga bus driver by six girls. The driver had asked them to get off the bus after they had been ... bothering other passengers with abusive behaviour. The events took place last week when the girls, who were apparently on holiday, got on the number 3 bus after a visit to the fair. They sat at the back and began to hurl insults at a couple and their two