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Two arrested over suspected money laundering

Debbie Bartlett

...arrests came after officers from the RGP's Money Laundering Unit obtained a warrant and carried out a search of a property, during which they found a very large amount of cash. They also impounded a £200,000 luxury yacht which was berthed in Gibraltar,



Ten-man Malaga snatch another draw in relegation six-pointer

henry flynn

they once again held out for a draw against a team that created the better opportunities. After both qualifying for the La Liga promotion play-offs last campaign, each side went into the fixture with their objectives now fixed on evading the ... six - an uninspiring restart to the campaign even though they are unbeaten since losing to Huesca on 12 June. Next up is another bottom of the table clash, again at home, this time against Deportivo (Wednesday, 7.30pm).



People smoked considerably more during the lockdown period

Ángel Escalera 40 per cent of those who took part said they had smoked more since the pandemic began and the state of alarm came into force and obliged them to stay at home. Those who admit to being habitual smokers said they had been smoking twice as much as ... shown that when people have to convalesce and be immobilised in their homes for long periods after surgery, they tend to smoke more. These smokers use tobacco as a sedative and to combat the boredom of not being able to leave their homes. Dr de Oña ... believes something similar occurred during the weeks of confinement. "Being shut in has a negative repercusssion, because it causes feelings of anxiety, stress and anguish. To combat those sensations, people increase the amount of cigarettes they smoke,"



In all but name

Mark Nayler

...authorities can avoid the term "austerity" as much as they like, but it's hard to see how the government will be able to honour its costly welfare pledges at the same time as minimising Covid's economic impact.



Eight cross-border workers test positive for Covid-19 in Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

...showing how many people are currently infected and how many have had the virus and recovered. On Thursday, the figure for current positive cases was 11, of whom eight are cross-border workers. Because they were identified in Gibraltar, they are included ... in the figures there although they are now isolating at home in Spain. They are not included in the Spanish figures. There have been no deaths in Gibraltar from Covid-19.



"This is, and will always be, your home," Spanish secretary of state tells Brits living in Spain

Rachel Haynes

...questions from UK nationals about the new system. They made it clear that the green residency certificate (whether A4 or credit card-sized) remains valid proof of residency status and rights under the Withdrawal Agreement for the UK's exit from the EU, even ... as they remain living in Spain (this also applies to residents who claim a UK state pension in the future) and your UK state pension will continue to be uprated. That’s why it is so important that you register as a resident as soon as possible.” The



A real-time response

Rob Palmer

...our microphones. We are promised 'real-time response' during matches. Does this stretch to hurling abuse every time Gareth Bale touches the ball? Some players may thrive if they don't have fans on their backs, others may suffer if they can't surf ... will be allowed back into the stadia before the end of the season but until then there will be crowd recordings. If clubs are struggling, they may wish to keep the boo boys and girls out and pump up the volume of the positively programmed supporters



Malaga steady themselves with hard-fought away draw

henry flynn

Malaga battled hard to claim a point in Tenerife on Monday night, standing firm in the face of the dominant home side in a game made all the more difficult by midfielder Keidi Bare’s red card just before half time. Keidi, the second Malaga player t



What planet are they on?


I remember the excited trips as a child to the top of Merseyside County Museums in Liverpool to visit the planetarium. You could never tire of such a place. These days the same building is trendily renamed for the 21st century as World Museum and the



Judge tells Al-Thanis they face arrest if they don't attend April court date


...all on the board) attended, instead sending then chief executive, Richard Shaheen, in their place. Sheikh's roundabout to be renamed However, they have now been warned by judge María de los Ángeles Ruiz González, who is leading the investigation ... into the case brought forward by the club's minority shareholders (APA), that they face being arrested if they do not attend on this occasion. The APA accuses the Qatari sheikh of improper management and misappropriation of funds, but searches carried ... the investigations continue. The Al-Thanis intend to appeal and have already called for the reappointment of Shaheen so that he can oversee the work of Muñoz in light of what they consider a below-market fee recouped in the sale of Antoñín to Granada



UK police investigate case of Irish expat missing for 27 years

Tony Bryant

Army and a private investigation made by a lawyer. Her real name was Susan, but she always used her second name, Bernadette. Back then, they were searching for Susan, which was an error that I have only recently discovered." Bernadette, who will be 77



Michelin-starred chefs protest outside Congreso about Covid-19 money worries


Chefs from Madrid's Michelin-starred restaurants staged a protest outside the Congreso building in the capital this week. Many top names on the city's gastro scene wanted to draw attention to the precarious position they find themselves in. They ... say this is because of not only the closure of their businesses during lockdown, but also the plan to allow them to only reopen at 40 per cent capacity. They claim it will be unprofitable to run their high-end restaurants and want the government to do



When will we be able to play golf again?


It's a very simple question. When will people be able to play golf again in Andalucía, a region with 100 courses and 45,000 federated players? The answer is that it depends on where they are. Golf courses have been able to open again from this week ... after receiving the health and safety protocol to put it into effect. "They are going to need more time to ensure that they are complying with the new rules," he says. Some keen to reopen It comes as no surprise that some golf clubs are very keen to



"I just love acting, so I don't mind what type of series or film it is"

Tony Bryant

...was a little confused with the storyline at first. "I was given some lines to learn, but they were a bit strange because I didn't really understand the story. I did my best to figure out how I should play the part; I pretended to be sad, because the ... his lines with his mum. "The production company were great: they would let me know when Lope was needed on set and they tried to avoid long waits," Rachel said. Lope, as himself.SUR Lope added, "The other actors were great, especially the ... to the role if the chance arises, and he longs to return to special effects and makeup. "I loved having my makeup done because they sprayed my face white to make me look ill. I also loved it when they made me glow blue, because I look like someone



Local authorities make concessions to help local businesses


Some local councils, such as Malaga, Marbella, Vélez-Málaga and Nerja, among others, have said that they will authorise bars to occupy more space than usual if possible. Coín and Antequera are among the local authorities that have said they will



A bad idea

Mark Nayler

...derogation" of labour market reforms made by Mariano Rajoy's Conservative administration in 2012. Generally speaking, these handed more freedom and power to companies, but at the cost of workers' rights and stability. As soon as they took power, the Socialists ... least, this stealthily-made pact highlights, once again, the government's readiness to promise anything to anyone so long as they receive much-needed votes in return.



British people could have to pay more tax on properties they rent out on the Costa

Héctor Barbotta

...reached to the contrary, from next year Brexit will result in fiscal modifications which will affect British citizens who live in the UK and earn money from renting out properties they own in the EU. Around 50 per cent of the properties sold on the ... care or revaluation of pensions they receive from their country of origin. "About 300,000 British people have registered, but every one of them knows someone who hasn't," she said. The consul said British tourists will still come to Spain after ... Brexit, and pointed out that the relationship between the two countries dates back to long before the EU was created. If a UK resident in Spain does not have a green credit-card-sized certificate (or A4 paper in older cases) by 31 December, they will not



Workers missing out on full furlough entitlement speak out against fraudulent employers

Tony Bryant

Thousands of employees who were laid off from work because of restrictions enforced by the coronavirus pandemic have claimed that they have suffered financially because they had not been working on the correct employment contracts. Many full-time ... employees claim that their social security payments were greatly reduced because they had been forced to work on part-time contracts. Staff that were furloughed because of the state of alarm could apply for the ERTE, which allowed them to claim ... thereafter. However, many people did not receive as much as they expected and most put the blame with their employers. Sue (not her real name) has worked in restaurants on the Costa del Sol for many years and she claims that her current employer is one of



Cool runnings

Peter Edgerton

...distancing rules. It was quite clear that some friends and neighbours hadn't seen each other for weeks, judging by the joy of their mutual greetings and yet they all maintained a couple of metres between them as they gesticulated, gurned and beamed their way ... through what, let's face it, were very unnatural conversations indeed. Meanwhile, groups of teenage girls who'd clearly InstaChatFaced a meeting (strictly speaking against the rules) promenaded together, yet not together, as they all kept a respectful ... gap and chuckled and giggled their way to wherever it was they were going. Likewise, the young lads, albeit with considerably less giggling and rather more moody staring. Sporadically, during these weeks of confinement, photographs have appeared in



Frying pan or fire?

Ángel Escalera

They say that when a man had been given a death sentence by a judge, he was asked if he would prefer to die by hanging or being garotted. His answer, which was completely ignored by the insensitive executioner, was: "I want to live!" Which of ... havoc in two ways. On one hand, the medical aspect (in the form of deaths and seriously ill patients who have needed to be admitted to hospital) and, on the other, the economy, with workers who have been unable to work and don't know when they will be ... able to again or, which is even worse, whether they will have jobs to go back to, and businesses which are facing ruin. That's why I said it is a choice between the gallows or the garotte. Between the virus killing you, or dying of hunger. Although



Gibraltar plans to test entire population for Covid-19 antibodies

Debbie Bartlett

...the virus, bearing in mind that many people will have suffered very slight symptoms and been unaware that they were Covid-19 positive. The tests may also help the authorities to know when coronavirus first appeared in Gibraltar, as some people



Errors cost Malaga dear as they twice surrender lead to Mirandés

Daryl Finch

It was certainly a case of two points dropped as Malaga twice took the lead against Mirandés but were pegged back as a result of unforced errors during their 2-2 draw on Sunday afternoon. Captain Adrián, who made his return to the team after a long



Communal swimming pools unlikely to open this summer with controls "impossible"


Saturday of a new limit of 30 per cent capacity, as well as a shift system, that must be implemented if they are to be used. Pestaña believes that for most residents associations, this will prove to be very difficult to put in place as "most of them do ... However, the final decision will be up to the individual residents associations which during the state of alarm haven't been able to meet. If, however, they are willing and able to meet the requirements, pools can reopen from Phase Two, expected in Malaga



Malaga make life difficult for themselves with two games left to go

henry flynn

Sporting Gijón Unai Medina (3'), Álvaro (31') 1 Malaga Keidi (90') As for Sporting, they controlled the tempo of the match and were the more productive side in possession throughout against their comparatively disjointed opponents. This showed ... Almeria. With Racing Santander and Extremadura already down, Malaga are one of seven teams fighting to avoid the last two relegation spots in what is set to be a nail-biting conclusion to the campaign. Fortunately for the Blue and Whites, however, they



Love wins


...when they pass near us in the street. We wear gloves in the supermarket, primarily so that any virus we might have (even asymptomatically) will not pass onto the surfaces that others touch. Love for humanity has put carers and health service workers, ... and many others, at great risk which they could avoid, but choose not to. Some even returned from retirement to help in care homes, hospitals. Many in ordinary homes care for others who have to self-isolate. Where normally families find it difficult to ... co-exist, the lockdown has required them, for love of one another and their own sanity, to keep a special calm and so support each other. We are making contact in new ways. Zoom, Skype, Teams, phones, internet, WhatsApp have boomed as people talk like they



A town and a river for April Fools - in Huelva


...were known for their foolish ingenuity. In Denmark, they tell stories of an entire village of fools who live on the peninsula of Mols. The Germans laugh at people from Schildburg and the Dutch make jokes about inhabitants of Kampen. In Spain, the ... "tontos" and had no sense. Instead of refuting all insinuations that they were village idiots, the residents of Lepe decided to transform the unflattering fame into something useful. Riotinto, where a colourful river attracted "fools" from around ... the world Accepting the notoriety, they decided to launch an annual comedy festival and even started creating their own funny stories in which they appeared as naïve. Some stories became very popular, especially with help of famous comedians. Among



Sports stars donate trophies to help Red Cross Covid-19 response


Karateka Sandra Sánchez, footballer Amanda Sampedro, canoeist Saúl Craviotto, motorcycle racer Maverick Viñales and basketball players Marta Xargay and Javier Beirán have donated some of their most important medals or trophies for an auction whose pr



“If this situation goes on for a long time, the future of Triple A will be at risk”

Charo Márquez

...basically consists of providing a shelter for abandoned animals and finding them a new home. Since the state of alarm came into force, the association has received more than 40 requests from people who want to adopt an animal. However, they were wary. The ... Weima said there has indeed been a great deal of recent interest. “We haven’t agreed to any of them yet, because our main concern is the wellbeing of the animal. If they were brought back to the shelter after the lockdown has finished, it would be very ... traumatic for them,” he explained. Nevertheless, the association is still processing the requests by email, sending a questionnaire to the people who expressed an interest, to speed things up once the lockdown is over. They are also able to arrange



Things are seldom what they seem


As an investor and wealth manager, I increasingly hear from investors and advisors alike that they 'fancy' or 'like' a specific country to invest in. Over recent years, the huge growth in capital in emerging growth economies in Asia and Latin



Local rugby, unaffected by the coronavirus


...category (in group C of the Division of Honour B) are facing serious difficulties in these months without matches. Neither have much at stake in terms of competition; they have both achieved mathematical safety this year and will continue following their ... can't be resolved because the seasons haven't been completed. Many teams are waiting on this to know if they can keep hold of players and sponsors," says Cabrero. He thinks the solution would be to allow teams to move up but not down, but this would lead ... more matches this season, and using what they save to maintain players. In any case, Cabrera is sure that they won't be affected much. "Our club isn't based on sponsors, unfortunately. We are self-sufficient in order to be competitive. We have



Marbella win ensures they remain only unbeaten side in Spain

julio rodríguez

...double their lead, Arribas slicing at the ball when it fell to him in the box. The hosts were stirred into action when they were again let off the hook as Ricardo Carvalho hit the bar. The equaliser came when Óscar plucked a searching ball from Redru



The sweetest killer


Sugar is the main enemy in our diet. Thousands of people die in Spain every year because they have eaten too much sugar. Diabetes, which is the main illness associated with sugar, but not the only one, is responsible for no fewer than 25,000 people ... in the giant American nation when they discovered that in just over 20 years (between 1980-2002) excess weight had become a health problem affecting one in every three citizens. That is more or less what is happening in Spain today, where excess ... the ‘Medicina Clínica’ journal by Javier Martín, the head of General Surgery at the Severo Ochoa hospital in Madrid, shows challenging figures. Obesity and sugar cause three deaths every hour in Spain. In total, they are responsible for 15 per cent of



Despite the beaches

Héctor Barbotta true that this is not a normal season by any means. The pandemic has obliged the authorities to put strict safety measures into effect so potential visitors can be reassured that if they come here on holiday they will be safe. Or at least as safe ... as they can be in their own countries, or the cities in which they live. Perhaps even a bit safer. It is precisely this exceptional situation that has focused all eyes on our beaches and obliged us to really think seriously about them for once. ... ought to be, but it is how they are. The sea water off beaches in this province is often affected by layers of scum, there have been invasive town planning measures and chronic delays in building functioning sewage treatment plants, and there are algae