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Marbella steps up coronavirus response with large-scale disinfection

Héctor Barbotta

...inspection tasks across the municipality in pairs, informing those still on the streets that they must return to their homes and taking note of locations they deemed necessary for disinfection. For its part, Marbella town hall launched a disinfection ... The same measures have also begun inside the municipality's homes for the elderly, as they are considered to be the most vulnerable to the virus. Marbella's two large sports halls are also being used to house the homeless.



Judge tells Al-Thanis they face arrest if they don't attend April court date


...all on the board) attended, instead sending then chief executive, Richard Shaheen, in their place. Sheikh's roundabout to be renamed However, they have now been warned by judge María de los Ángeles Ruiz González, who is leading the investigation ... into the case brought forward by the club's minority shareholders (APA), that they face being arrested if they do not attend on this occasion. The APA accuses the Qatari sheikh of improper management and misappropriation of funds, but searches carried ... the investigations continue. The Al-Thanis intend to appeal and have already called for the reappointment of Shaheen so that he can oversee the work of Muñoz in light of what they consider a below-market fee recouped in the sale of Antoñín to Granada



Coping with confinement

Tony Bryant

The current lockdown enforced by the Spanish government in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus has left almost the entire population confined to their homes. Many believe that the isolation period will definitely be extended and they ... are showing concern about the financial implications this will create. SUR in English asked residents from different professional backgrounds how they were coping with the lockdown, and what they are doing to pass the time. “There are six in our ... questionable, but there is obviously a problem and a fear globally. “I have a number of overseas gigs coming up over the next few months, but I just have no idea if they are still going to go ahead. I can’t wait to get back into the studio when it’s over,



Local charities step up to help the vulnerable during coronavirus crisis

Tony Bryant

...many of them rely on the assistance and services of local charitable associations. Most of these charities are endeavouring to continue to help those in need during these difficult times, but the disruption is having a direct effect on the services they ... ensure its clients are looked after during the lockdown. The charity, which has closed its drop-in centre, has issued volunteers with identity badges and an official letter stating they are working on behalf of the charity to help the elderly. The ... groups that gather in our centres, but we are convinced that this is the only way we will be able to combat this contagious virus. We hope that the authorities have an alternative for the homeless, as they have become even more unprotected," Lux Mundi



What planet are they on?


I remember the excited trips as a child to the top of Merseyside County Museums in Liverpool to visit the planetarium. You could never tire of such a place. These days the same building is trendily renamed for the 21st century as World Museum and the



Gibraltar goes into "total social lockdown" from Tuesday

Debbie Bartlett

...the lockdown in Gibraltar are not as severe as in Spain, as people will still be able to go for a run or a walk, or exercise children, as long as they maintain social distancing. However, all retail shops which do not sell food will close and ... although offices can continue to operate everyone is asked to work from home if they can possibly do so. Construction sites will have to close unless granted a permit. Cases double The move came after a 100 per cent increase in the number of



Nerja residents urged to stay home by town hall amid coronavirus crisis

SUR in ENglish

Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus The decree obliges all residents to stay at home unless they have to go out for very specific reasons to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. "Many tourists and foreigners are ... left alone. Some establishments are limiting the number people inside the premises at any one time. Apart from shopping for essentials, residents are also permitted to be in the street if they are going to work, although employees are encouraged to



Help combat isolation among elderly people without taking any risks

SUSANA ZAMORA the shops. For them, this situation makes them feel especially isolated. This is one of the most vulnerable groups in this health crisis, because as well as the risk of catching Covid-19 they have to spend all their time indoors. With no visitors ... they are the most vulnerable section of society, they can have a more negative perception of the situation, which makes them feel even more afraid and anxious. The measures decreed by the government to stop Covid-19 spreading do allow people to go ... people as much as possible; that's why they have to be in isolation. However, if contact is essential, it should be for as short a time as possible and under the most hygienic conditions," he says. In the case of people who have to look after elderly



Not madness or period pains: it's called endometriosis

alberto gómez

...the interior of the uterus, affects more than ten per cent of women. Most are unaware that they have it. They grew up thinking that heavy blood loss and waves of pain were normal symptoms of menstruation. A lack of research and general lack of ... tissues and the treated organs can be preserved. Jessica, 33: “I didn’t say how much pain I was in because they didn’t believe me”She has had three miscarriages and undergone four ovarian stimulations and two embryonic transfers but has not managed to ... become a mother. “But I want to say that you do cope,” she says. Before being diagnosed, women with endometriosis normally go through endless consultations, tests and uncertainty. Their symptoms are often confused with other problems and they are treated



British people could have to pay more tax on properties they rent out on the Costa

Héctor Barbotta

...reached to the contrary, from next year Brexit will result in fiscal modifications which will affect British citizens who live in the UK and earn money from renting out properties they own in the EU. Around 50 per cent of the properties sold on the ... care or revaluation of pensions they receive from their country of origin. "About 300,000 British people have registered, but every one of them knows someone who hasn't," she said. The consul said British tourists will still come to Spain after ... Brexit, and pointed out that the relationship between the two countries dates back to long before the EU was created. If a UK resident in Spain does not have a green credit-card-sized certificate (or A4 paper in older cases) by 31 December, they will not



If you have to leave the house, you must go alone, warn the Guardia Civil

A. N.

Due to the apparent confusion about how many people are permitted to travel in a car during the State of Alarm in Spain, the Guardia Civil has issued this clarification: “Whether or foot or in a vehicle, people must travel alone if they leave their ... a car unless they can prove that they have a justifiable reason to be accompanied.” This also applies to essential shopping. It doesn’t matter whether you walk or drive - you can only go alone. Fines between 601 and 30,000 euros for those ... exercise outdoors, even if their doctor has told them to do so. Nor can they take exercise on stairways or in communal areas of apartment blocks. The law is absolutely clear: people need to stay inside their homes.





The Plaza de la Constitución, with its famous Café Central, has always been a meeting point for respectable Malaga society: families with children in matching outfits, and heavily made-up ladies in their quite unnecessary furs. Now they sit sipping ... thong during a raunchy dance routine right in front of them. Except, that is, once a year. Carnival time means that for a couple of weeks everyone can be something they're not, or for once be what they really are. They can bring out the fancy dress, ... hide behind masks and be naughty; they can commit all the sins in the book before Lent brings them back down to earth with a bang of sobriety. And the men who dress as women are allowed out of the seedy clubs to perform on the stage in the Plaza de la



The sweetest killer


Sugar is the main enemy in our diet. Thousands of people die in Spain every year because they have eaten too much sugar. Diabetes, which is the main illness associated with sugar, but not the only one, is responsible for no fewer than 25,000 people ... in the giant American nation when they discovered that in just over 20 years (between 1980-2002) excess weight had become a health problem affecting one in every three citizens. That is more or less what is happening in Spain today, where excess ... the ‘Medicina Clínica’ journal by Javier Martín, the head of General Surgery at the Severo Ochoa hospital in Madrid, shows challenging figures. Obesity and sugar cause three deaths every hour in Spain. In total, they are responsible for 15 per cent of



Marbella knocked off top spot after draw away in Huelva


Marbella were knocked off the top of their Segunda B group on Sunday after a goalless draw against Recreativo de Huelva gifted the momentum back to Cartagena in the title race. Despite an optimistic start from David Cubillo's players, performance l



Keeping hypochondria at bay during a global pandemic


...fears, he says a sense of humour helps: "The most important thing is to remember that thoughts are not facts. I usually say to these patients that thinking they are going to win the lottery does not mean they are going to win the lottery, especially as ... most of the time they don't even buy a ticket. It is just the same with illnesses". The problem with hypochondria is that these negative thoughts "lead to equally negative emotions, with people thinking they are predicting what will happen. That ... ask for professional help. They also advise keeping in regular contact with others, and planning things to do for every day. For those who live with children, remember that they do not have the same resources as adults, so you should give them



Errors cost Malaga dear as they twice surrender lead to Mirandés

Daryl Finch

It was certainly a case of two points dropped as Malaga twice took the lead against Mirandés but were pegged back as a result of unforced errors during their 2-2 draw on Sunday afternoon. Captain Adrián, who made his return to the team after a long



Coronavirus crisis: emergency decree bans all non-essential movement

Paula de las Heras / Melchor Sáiz-Pardo

The Spanish government has taken drastic measures to curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 and declared a 'state of alarm', restricting the movement of its citizens. Measures, confirmed by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Saturday evening, include