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Junta to limit private gatherings to six people in Andalucía


...heightened, said Aguirre. Mass testing Further measures focus on towns and villages with contagion figures of more than 500 per 100,000 inhabitants over a 14-day period. Mass testing will be carried out, announced spokesman and regional minister, Elías ... Bendodo. Highly reliable rapid tests will be used, said Bendodo, and the measure will affect the small towns of Sierra de Yeguas and Villanueva de la Concepción in the province of Malaga. In the rest of the region the testing will be carried out in



Ten sports for ten psychological problems


...expense of energy are helpful during testing times. Panic attacks - Pilates If panic attacks are the problem, practising pilates could be the solution. Pilates commands us to master our bodies, giving rise to closer concentration and control over our



Johnny Depp: 'I really don't consider myself an artist'


...this?" He keeps testing you, he wants to assure himself that you're someone from within his circle. And yes, it irritates you. He can be very sweet, and he can also stick a needle in you and you ask yourself what you have done to deserve that. If he has



Tourism industry in Spain and UK calls for airport testing to recover safe travel


The Costa del Sol tourism authority has called for the Spanish government to introduce Covid-19 testing at airports to restore confidence in the travel industry that is still trembling from the blow dealt by London on Saturday night when it ... countries. The call for testing comes after the Spanish tourist accommodation confedertion, CEHAT, offered to start giving foreign guests tests as they leave their hotels. Heathrow backs testing Meanwhile Covid-19 tests at airports are among the ... emergency meeting with Johnson. "Not an alternative" The UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture and Sport, Oliver Dowden, said that there was currently “no viable alternative to the 14 days of quarantine” and that the testing system suggested by



Nerja sewage plant testing phase to start in July

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's sewage treatment plant is to go into testing phase in the first half of July, according to secretary of state for the Environment Hugo Morán. During last week's video conference, the secretary of state said that the remaining work should



New Covid-19 outbreak reported on the Costa del Sol with four cases

Ángel Escalera district with four cases on Monday. Tracing and testing of contacts is now under way. Also still under investigation is another cluster of eight cases in the Marbella area, that was first reported on Friday. The number of positive tests related



Nerja sewage treatment plant on track to enter testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas

Despite initial fears that the current state of alarm would further delay work on Nerja's long-awaited sewage treatment plant, it is now thought that the project will be able to go into test phase this summer, as planned. Work has been able to contin



Malaga players undergo coronavirus testing ahead of return to work

antonio góngora / borja gutiérrez

...delegate Daniel Bendodo on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the controversial coronavirus testing took place. Players, coaches and other staff members underwent both PCR and antibody testing, though results can take up to 72 hours to come through. Players and ... staff arrived one at a time throughout the day, disinfecting their hands on arrival at the stadium before following a marked-out route from one testing room to another, before undergoing a physical examination. Disinfection taking place at the club's ... the antibodies that could prevent them contracting the disease in the future. Start of training Testing is the fundamental element for La Liga’s plan to work. Once the results are known (and all being well) a very atypical type of preseason will



Leonte death still unsolved one year on from her disappearance

Eugenio Cabezas

June 22nd marks the first anniversary of the disappearance of 31-year-old Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, whose case has remained a mystery since she went missing from her home in Arenas. Although DNA tests have linked bones located in land around th



The devastating effects of a Costa with no tourists

Pilar Martínez

...are being called off. The Costa has entered a tunnel which, at the moment, appears to have no end. Experts say the authorities should have anticipated this situation and carried out massive testing before departure and upon arrival as the only way ... of selling safety after the borders reopened, not when peak tourist season is over for most Spanish destinations; they are only trying to save this situation now with rapid testing at airports in the Canary Islands. The sector has felt abandoned



Marbella council starts testing on workers who continued operating during the lockdown

Héctor Barbotta

Marbella town hall has started carrying out coronavirus testing on workers whose activities were unaffected by the lockdown. Some 4,000 quick tests are being carried out on staff at pharmacies, veterinary and other clinics, opticians, funeral ... directors, kiosks, tobacconists, municipal markets and retail shops in the town, mainly food stores. This is the second phase of the town's testing plan.



No new Covid-19 deaths registered on Monday in Spain


...figures, 239,638 people have tested positive for coronavirus (by PCR testing) in this country. Malaga figures In Malaga province just one new case was reported on Monday, with no new hospitalisations. The total number of Covid-19 infections in this ... province is now 2,788 (by PCR testing), and 287 people have died after catching the virus, according to official figures. There are 17 Covid-19 patients in hospitals around Malaga province, three of them in intensive care.



Spain passes 200,000 Covid-19 cases, as mass testing is introduced


...positive for coronavirus. Monday's daily increase is higher than usual due to the recent introduction of mass testing, explained the director of the Emergency commission, Fernando Simón on Monday. Of the new cases reported, he explained, 1,385 are "old ... or recovered cases", that have now come to light through testing. The government has gone from doing an average of 200,000 tests a week in March, to 700,000 a week now, explained Simón. In terms of confirmed coronavirus-related deaths, the figure



Hopes increasingly rest on testing plan to get life back to normal


...of its controlled testing plan of 62,400 people, which will start next week and last three weeks. The tests will also show to what extent a "collective immunity" to the virus may have built up. It has acquired five million 15-minute tests and is



La Liga's plan to restart gets boost as government outlines easing of lockdown restrictions


2019-20 season can be completed. Delay in testing One major obstacle that La Liga must still overcome is that of testing. A key pillar of the plan to resume Spanish football was ensuring players received coronavirus tests before being allowed to rejoin ... group sessions. These tests, according to the plan, were supposed to be administered on Tuesday - a move that was blocked by the Ministry of Health. Health minister Salvador Illa said on Sunday that his ministry was against mass testing of asymptomatic ... right mind can think of restarting their activity," the organisation says. With the question of testing in the spotlight, it rejects "any project to restart the competition by exposing participants to illness, using medical resources that are essential