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The supply teacher

Rob Palmer

Cast your minds back to the time when a supply teacher took over the classroom from the regular tutor. At first, he's welcomed for his laissez faire attitude which gives the kids freedom to express themselves but after a few weeks, and, especially



Teacher and pupil die on training flight


A military flight instructor and his pupil died on Wednesday after their light aircraft crashed into the Mar Menor on the Murcia coast. The dead pilot was named as 50-year-old Daniel Melero Ordóñez, a very experienced Spanish air force pilot. The



Teenager recovers in hospital after Campillos school scissors stabbing

F. T. / Á. F. / J. C.

...initial indications that bullying may have been behind the attack. The fast actions of staff at the Campillos school, especially PE teacher José Sevilla, saved the boy's life, said the provincial health delegate Carlos Bautista on Tuesday. The victim is



Sharing a lifelong passion for opera

Tony Bryant

...he calls home for six months of the year. "I fell in love with Spain in the mid-80s when I stayed with a friend in Madrid. I first came to Fuengirola about ten years ago because a fellow teacher from Tokyo had bought a flat here and I came to



Suspended prison sentence for student who assaulted teacher

Francisco GUTIÉRREZ.

A student from a secondary school in Mijas has been given a six-month suspended jail sentence and told to pay damages and legal fees after being found guilty of assaulting and wounding her English teacher. The sentence concluded that the girl had ... tried to boycott her test, undermined her teacher's authority, then kicked a chair at her before saying "I haven't done anything yet".



Mother splits teacher's lip with a headbutt at Churriana school


...child's grandfather had already come into the school earlier in the day to complain, but the mother arrived at the end of the school day to confront the teacher at Miguel Fernández primary school in Churriana. Teachers' unions have leapt to the victim's



Mother gives town a defibrillator after son dies from a heart attack


The son of Ana María Peña died at the age of 19 after suffering a heart attack practising his favourite sport. He died four years ago at the skate park at the El Carmen sports centre which from now on will be equipped with a defibrillator. This is



Hand-made shade comes to Alhaurín de la Torre


...many years, but this time resident and visitors won't be able to help notice a difference. Seven women, plus their crochet teacher, Eva Pacheco, have spent months weaving new sunshades for the town centre. The idea originated from the council's ... wanted to "change the concept of single-use decoration" and therefore set out to find a crochet teacher and set up a municipal workshop especially for the project. Eva Pacheco, who normally gives classes at the Kinkalla haberdashery, says: "They got in



Marbella teacher investigated for possession of child pornography

Juan CANO / Álvaro FRÍAS

A teacher in the Marbella area is being investigated by the police after it was discovered that he had paid approximately 6,000 euros for child pornography. The man, aged between 50 and 60, who was arrested in March, had also made contact with



A passion for Andalucía inspires debut novel

Tony Bryant

...was entranced. It was a combination of my love of the Andalusian region, coupled with my passion for the dance, that inspired me to write the book," Julie explains to SUR in English. The book's central character is an English school teacher who,



Picking up Spanish at the market

Mark Nayler

...both as a teacher and administrator. But her experiences as a student taught her that classroom courses don't necessarily equip you for real life. "When I finished university," she tells Min and I outside a noisy fruit and veg stall, "my mark [in



Language teachers to meet for conference

Jennie Rhodes malaga

Over 100 English language teachers will be meeting for the ACEIA Málaga 3rd Annual English Language Teaching (ELT) conference on Saturday 4 February. The conference, at the Hotel Puerta Málaga, offers the opportunity for English language teachers fro



Teacher arrested accused of abusing a student for three years since she was 12


A teacher has been arrested for abuse allegedly suffered by a pupil at the school he used to work at. Guardia Civil sources have said that the victim, who was 12 when the events began, had allegedly suffered repeated sexual abuse for three years. ... The investigation started when the girl's mother reported the teacher to the police. The detailed information given by her daughter led to further investigation and the arrest of the teacher, who was at the school in the Guadalhorce valley area on a ... temporary placement and is no longer teaching there. The man allegedly abused the trust of the girl and his superiority - in the teacher-pupil relationship - to achieve his aims for three years. Sources said that the relationship between teacher and pupil



The silver lining in the Covid-19 cloud

Debbie Bartlett

...years old. His grandfather, Elliot Federico, says Jake has always received encouragement from his family, friends and his teacher at St Joseph's Middle School, Mrs Serena Lopez - who has told him he will be a famous author one day - but he has always



British school celebrates 50th anniversary

Tony Bryant

...children. A speech was given by the school's owner, David Noble, during which he praised the foresight of the college's founder, Patricia Goold, a music teacher, who, after moving to Spain, saw that there was a demand for British education on the Costa del ... ages of three and eighteen. A number of students have entered into successful careers and these include Olympic swimmers, top class chefs and international models. Head teacher at St. Anthony's College, Richard Sutcliffe, explained to SUR in English ... schools in the UK, which is down to the hard work of our students and the dedication of our teachers." Richard, who has been teaching at St Anthony's for seven years, also praised the school's founder. "As head teacher of St Anthony's College, it is



University teachers held over ‘false cancer drug’

Five people, including two teachers at the Universidad de las Islas Baleares on Mallorca, have been arrested on suspicion of fraud involving the sale of a supposed cancer drug. The accused allegedly benefited from the 600,000 euros income from the me



The end of 17 years of penance


The start of this school year is very special for Resurrección Galera, who is returning to teaching religion again after being banned from doing so by the Catholic church 17 years ago. The reason? A few months earlier she had married a divorced man,



Combining World Cup fever and a traditional interactive pastime

Tony Bryant for football and playing board games with his family. Ian and his wife, Angela, and two children, Carmen and Max, enjoy walks on the beach, playing and watching sports, reading and watching movies together. As a primary school teacher and parent,



Former mayor of Marbella goes back to school

Mónica Pérez

Today, former mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, will return to his old teaching job. In 2004, he started teaching history at IES Victoria Kent, but put this post on hold in 2009 when he was named CEO of Acosol, the district water company, by the Man



Exploring the forests of consciousness

Tony Bryant spirituality and has studied meditation and consciousness since he was young. It was while in India that Matt became a yoga teacher and today he runs yoga classes in Tarifa. He also runs reiki and soul writing courses, all aimed, he explains, “at



British man suspected of abuse bailed by judge

A. F. / J. C.

A 64-year-old British man being investigated for alleged child abuse has been allowed free by an Estepona judge but must sign in at court twice a month. The man, who was an English teacher, was accused by parents of girls of inappropriate



A teacher from Marbella, now a US university associate dean

Mónica Pérez Marbella

She moved there in 1986, when she decided to apply for a place as a Spanish teacher at the State Education Department in California. She arrived on American soil on 12 October that year, a symbolic date for the conquest of a new personal and ... teacher and, specificially, to teach Spanish literature. She has always loved poetry, something that was in evidence during her first classes with her teacher, Miss Conchita, at the Río Verde school. This love continued when she disembarked in the United ... States at the age of 26 and also while working as a teacher at schools in Oakland and during four years at Honolulu university in Hawaii, where she carried out research which made her the greatest expert on Spanish poetry in the USA. Under professor



Science teacher leaves school for six-month run across Europe

Jennie Rhodes vÉLEZ-MALAGA

Aleks Kashefi, a science teacher from Buxton in Derbyshire, passed through Vélez-Málaga last Friday, on the final leg of his 6,200-kilometre solo adventure to run the entire length of Europe, a distance of almost 150 ultra-marathons. He completed



Aloha College pupils run for Cudeca

Primary and secondary children from Aloha College, along with parents and teachers, recently took part in their annual Charity Run to support Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice. This year they raised a total of 2,300 euros, which will go towards Cudeca’s w



Teacher is held after confessing to child abuse at town school

ÁLVARO FRÍAS / JUAN CANO torre del mar

A primary school teacher has been arrested in Torre del Mar after confessing to the abuse of five children at the school where he taught. The 40-year-old man has also been suspended from the Custodia Puga school, where he gave classes in a variety ... of subjects. Suspicions about the teacher's behaviour arose in mid-December when the school received an anonymous phone call from a mother alleging that her child had been abused. School officials immediately activated established protocol, ... alerting the school inspectorate, while placing the man under daily observation. When the teacher was found with a girl alone in a corridor acting strangely while the rest of his class was inside the nearby library with the door closed, police were



Guardia Civil receive fraud allegations against ex-head teacher of European Sixth Form College


The parents of several students, whose futures are in jeopardy due to apparent malpractice, have reported the head teacher and administrator of the former European Sixth Form College in Mijas Costa for fraud. The parents, who filed the official ... report with the Guardia Civil in Mijas at the end of November, have accused the school's former head teacher, Debbie Leigh Campbell, of fraudulent practice that includes obtaining money under false pretenses and falsifying GCSE and A-level results. ... Cambridge could not issue exam results due to regulatory breaches The angry parents claim in the report that is now in the hands of the Guardia Civil - and to which this newspaper has had access - that the head teacher accepted money for school fees after



A barking mad fundraiser

Ash Bolton

...since the lockdown came into effect over a month ago, local fundraising initiatives and clients for his main job as a Thai boxing teacher have dried up. The shelter currently looks after 36 dogs so Russ decided to don the dog cone in order to raise



Erasmus trip helps prevent discrimination


teacher training counsellors, are taking part in an EU-funded Erasmus+ project aimed at studying the similarities and differences in other countries' educational systems and how they deal with bullying and discrimination. The group from Malaga and their


What to do

Recreating the work of the Grand Masters, in the lounge

Antonio Javier López

School's Graphic Design teacher, Lula Linares, who recreated The Arnolfini Portrait (1434), a work by Jan van Eyck that represents the merchant Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife Giovanna Cenami. Lula Linares' example was followed by illustrator and



A product which is helping men with urinarary incontinence

AGUSTÍN PELÁEZ vélez-malaga

Pedro García Berruezo was a 50-year-old language teacher in Torre del Mar. In 2005 he started to suffer from urinary incontinence after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer, and began to feel desperate because none of the products on the market



New pedestrian crossing at St Anthony’s

Ivan Gelibter MIJAS

St Anthony’s College will have a new pedestrian crossing by the end of next week. Until now parents, pupils and teachers have had to put themselves at risk when crossing the road near the school, as the nearest pedestrian crossing was two kilometres



Ericsson bans its 200 staff from PTA tech park over coronavirus fears

francisco gutiérrez / ángel escalera

...back,” said the head teacher at Santa Rosa de Lima school, which had 78 pupils and three teachers in Italy. “We’ve been coming to Italy for 17 years, and this time we’ve been surprised by fewer people than usual in the streets of Rome,” said a teacher ... with worried parents. On Tuesday, student Curro Marfil said from Malaga Airport, “Because of fears the borders could be closed, I’ve decided to come home.” The University of Malaga said it has 138 Erasmus students in Italy. However a teacher at Europa



New technologies allow students to keep learning during the lockdown

Jennie Rhodes

...exercises for their students in an attempt to keep up with the curriculum and some are even providing online classes thanks to video conferencing facilities like Skype and Zoom. Joanne Murray, a secondary school English teacher in Malaga said, "Education ... adopted similar measures; teacher Rory O'Meara said it was "business as usual" but via the web. With the demand for English qualifications high in Spain, private language academies have proliferated in recent years. The sector has also had to adapt



Drawing leads to arrest of 'abusive' mother

Álvaro Frías

A woman of Moroccan origin was detained last week after her daughter, 11, presented a diary to a teacher at her school in Marbella which contained a series of drawings which show her alleged mistreatment. For her part, the mother denied that a



Student instigates change in Torremolinos school's environmental policy

Tony Bryant

...the devastating impact of plastic in the oceans. On average, the school used around 13,000 plastic water bottles each year, so their teacher asked them to submit ideas for reducing the use of plastic. Martina had observed that during lunch in the ... serving. She had seen water sold in paper-based cartons and even brought one in to show her teacher and classmates. Paper-based cartons are 100 per cent recyclable and the materials and processes result in around 70 per cent less harmful emissions