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Town hall reveals plans to build a 67-metre pier


...metres in length and have a viewing point at the end. They confirmed that it is designed to be “fully accessible” and will be “made using sustainable materials.” The director of the environmental aspects of the project, Alberto Jiménez Madrid, said



Christmas spirit in the Sierra Norte

Javier Almellones

...year, there has been a special emphasis on the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. One of the attractions of this performance is the fact that there is interaction between those taking part and the audience. This makes it



Higuerón West: engineering with experience from the World Trade Center


...of sustainable parks, green sports facilities, dog parks and picnic areas. The quality control part of the project will be in the hands of the prestigious engineering firm Hill International, better known for supervising the reconstruction of the ... space where the World Trade Center once stood in New York. Managing partner of Urbania International, Mark Farber, said, “Higueron West 217 is a luxury, sustainable and innovative residential complex. It is a dynamic space that encourages its residents



Developers launch 250-million-euro residential complex in El Higuerón

Ivan Gelibter to the Reserva del Higuerón DoubleTree by Hilton Resort and Spa. Higuerón West: engineering with experience from the World Trade Center The new residential project, which has been described as “sustainable and innovative”, has been designed



Estepona, an island amid a sea of broken promises

Francisco JIMÉNEZ

...been completed. Most of them were funded by money reserved for financially sustainable investments, leftover from 2016, which had to be spent before 31 December. These included improvements to the Divina Pastora district and the Plaza de Paco Cantos.



Do we really care?


...a more intense taste, but we were told the same thing about organic varieties while the fact is that they have not really made much of a mark. Nor have so-called 'natural' or 'sustainable' wines. While in some countries, Germany for example, organic ... wines occupy a significant market sector, it has not been fully demonstrated that they are better or their consumption is more healthy. Is there any brand whose sales have increased by converting to natural, sustainable or organic? While there are many



Two artistic havens in Granada province

Jennie Rhodes

...indigenous plants of the area, such as olives, figs and citrus fruits and their art, with an end to everything they do being sustainable. The plans include using recycled materials and zero-kilometre, or homegrown produce. The project includes running art,



“We have seen an increase in British buyers in the last year”


sustainable? We are still very far from the production levels and the house prices of properties pre-crisis. And credit providers are being more demanding with buyers. At the moment it doesn't seem as if there's a bubble. We're convinced that we are making a ... sustainable investment. La Cala Golf is possibly the largest golf resort in Spain and has deserved prestige. Is there a lot of interest in the new properties? We are very happy with our current sales. The buyers are mostly northern Europeans: English,



BlueBay, with its sights set on Malaga CF once more


sustainable project for the future”. This deal was signed at a time when the club had amassed huge debt following its run in the Champions League and needed funds to rebuild the squad. However, Al-Thani and his representatives argue that the group failed



Councils with no debt ask for permission to spend more

Ivan Gelibter

...from being able to employ more staff to undertaking projects which would not be considered financially sustainable. Among these councils, Benahavís is exceptional. Its financial situation is better than any other in Spain, mainly due to the amount of



Town halls prepare for a spending spree with next year's local elections in mind


...coffers. Some councils do, however, have an advantage: those whose finances are in a healthy enough condition are being permitted by the government to use part of their surplus from 2017 on investments which are “financially sustainable”, and in many ... 100 million euros are available to town halls in Malaga province for projects considered to be financially sustainable The local authorities also have a longer period to carry out these projects: the decree which was approved by parliament on 23 March ... Stability and Financial Sustainability, which closed the tap on spending by all administrations and obliged them to spend every euro they had saved on reducing their level of debt. What are sustainable investments? The concept of financially



Pressure piles on Al-Thani as date is set for BlueBay case


...claiming “co-ownership of the 97 per cent shares in the club” and “control of the club to implement a viable and sustainable project for the future”. Al-Thani, for his part, says BlueBay never complied with the conditions of the contract, rendering it



Gibraltar's air quality criticised but government puts it into context

Debbie Bartlett

...type of pollution as well as others. Gibraltar also has a Sustainable Traffic Plan, explains the government, which includes steps to encourage people to use their cars less and to reduce speed (such as speed cameras). Further measures are to be



Life after the age of 60


...changes if the pension system is to be sustainable. Despite this, there are few workers over the age of 60 in many private companies: they replace them with two people in their twenties and thirties and pay them lower salaries. They leave the over-60s in



Six towns celebrate winning 50 million euros in EU funds and explain how it will be spent

jesús hinojosa

The saying 'third time lucky' can now be applied to six towns in Malaga which are finally to be granted European funds to promote integrated sustainable urban development under the EDUSI scheme. After their two previous applications were turned ... Torremolinos is to be given 6,210,041 euros, Cártama five million and Rincón de la Victoria 3,05,020. Three towns have been disappointed, however, and will receive no funding at all: Alhaurín el Grande, which applied for the money for sustainable tourism ... semi-pedestrian boulevard and make the area more attractive for tourists and shoppers. Torremolinos: These EU funds, the first the town has ever received, will be used to regenerate the poorest areas of the town, reduce carbon emissions, develop sustainable


What to do

Charity events

sur in english

sustainable means of transport around town. Former Prodigy drummer Chris Stewart is leading an organised tour around Alpujarra.SUR FOTA Fashion Show Fuengirola. 31 May from 1.30pm. La Farola restaurant. 18.50€. Tickets available from the FOTA


What to do

Charity Events

Denise Bush

...association Marbella ByCivic, are organising a special cycle ride event around Marbella. The association aims to raise awareness of the need for more cycle lanes and bike parking in Marbella, and promote cycling as a sustainable means of transport around town.



A taste of Menorca

Andrew Forbes

Menorca' in collaboration with Chef Silvia Anglada and her partner Toni, both passionate advocates for sustainable farming, and healthy, tasty, seasonal food. Travellers are coming to Menorca not simply for the island's Mediterranean climate, pristine ... to become engaged with the rural economy of Menorca, one that is being protected and developed by associations and cooperatives that recognise the value of the island's sustainable way of life. Menorca: The Insider Guide Chef Silvia



Revamp of main San Pedro square to take six months

Nieves Castro

...project from ten to six months. The works will be carried out as part of the financially sustainable investments plan - funds assigned in 2016 - and will begin in the coming days, once the act to confirm the works is signed. This is the most ambitious



Green light to repair roads on unadopted estates in Marbella

Héctor Barbotta

...exceed spending caps where the money is for a long-term, sustainable investment and does not increase day-to-day running costs. The report justifies the decision to intervene in badly maintained private roads on the 'urbanizaciones' by stating that the



A generational change at the Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting clinic


Buchinger was always called by patients, friends and admirers) from the increasing management tasks and slowly started changing the clinic, in a decisive and sustainable way, though never straying from Otto Buchinger's original concept. A new spa area was



The government approves a new phase on the Algeciras-Bobadilla railway


...service while the works are under way. This part of the project does not include the electrification, as that will be done separately. The works are being financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Feder 2014-2020) for sustainable transport.



More Redibike stations now in use in second phase of rental scheme

Debbie Bartlett

It is now one year since the Redibike scheme was launched as part of the Sustainable Transport Plan, enabling people to pick up a bicycle in one part of the town and return it in another. The most popular bicycle stations have proved to be at Market



Marbella to reduce road tax for low-polluting vehicles

Mónica Pérez

...council spokesman Félix Romero on Monday. "This is a key part of our new sustainable movement strategy to create a pleasant town for everyone." Romero added: "To that end, we must motivate the public to adopt this type of vehicle to greater respect the



Valle Niza beach declared an EcoPlaya

Eugenio Cabezas

Valle Niza beach, which belongs to Vélez-Málaga, is the seventh in the district to receive the internationally recognised 'EcoPlayas' flag. The award was picked up in Mallorca earlier this week and is given to beaches which meet sustainable and



Andalucía's first eco-friendly boutique hotel opens in Torrox

Eugenio Cabezas is made from wood from sustainable forests and the decor is either recycled or ethically sourced. "Our textiles either come from Spain or from places we know have a fair trade policy," explained Mayte. Hot water comes from solar energy and



Cuisine from the Amazon


Sometimes, even without intending to, people end up going back to their origins. In the case of Diego Gallegos, who has just retained his Michelin star for his sustainable cuisine based on freshwater fish and home-grown vegetables at the Sollo



Developers celebrate phase two of Mijas project


...told the developers at the event. "We are proud of this invitation as it really means a lot to us, because you are in line with what we want for Mijas: an ideal place to live where there is sustainable urban planning."



No pain, no gain

Mark Nayler

...question is whether this planned "Agenda for Change" will ever see the light of day. Sánchez's plan, which be rolled out during the rest of this month, contains a number of policies designed to ensure the Spanish economy grows in a sustainable way - or,



Diputación to increase funding for improvements to Caminito del Rey


...municipalities that form part of the European Project of the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy (DUSI): Álora, Antequera, Ardales and Valle de Abdalajís. Investment at provincial level will rise from 57 million euros last year to 70 million



Torre de Benagalbón residents opt for new sustainable promenade

Eugenio Cabezas

...promenade, known as 'Salacia', after the Roman Goddess of the sea, would be "100 per cent sustainable and act as a driving force for an abandoned area of the town." Salado also praised the voting system, which allowed residents to vote online. Just 387 ... areas and will be made using entirely sustainable materials, including wood.



The 'new Costa del Sol' is launched in Madrid

Pilar Martínez

'new' Costa del Sol is attracting increasing numbers of tourists from within Spain which was proving "more profitable and sustainable" - a trend he hoped this campaign would encourage to continue.



A diet for the Earth


...exploit its resources to feed ourselves. The solutions for these problems are connected, say scientists, and they are now talking about a 'planetary health diet'. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SUSTAINABLE FOOD 1 Foods which are not healthyor sustainable are a ... premature deaths a year which are caused by poor nutrition could be saved by 2050. 7 Extra land should not be used to feed these 10 billion beings. The key is in respecting diversity. 8 Achieving a sustainable transformation requires a reduction of ... says Celsa Peiteado, the head of Agriculture, Rural Development and Sustainable Food for the WWF in Spain. Many lives are also at stake. If this can be achieved by 2050 it could save up to 11 million deaths a year caused by food-related illnesses.