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Man admitted to Marbella hospital with four gunshot wounds to the legs

juan cano / Álvaro Frías

...undergoing surgery in the next few hours. The injured man, who is a foreign national, was driven to the hospital by a friend. On arrival at the accident and emergency department, staff discovered he had been shot four times in the lower limbs, hospital



Mayor of Malaga discharged from hospital after surgery

Pilar R. Quirós

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, left hospital on Tuesday morning after undergoing surgery to correct a small brain haemorrhage on Saturday. Doctors said his good progress meant that he could be discharged, however he has been ... prescribed a month's rest at home. The brain injury suffered by the 77-year-old mayor was minor, said medical sources. Surgery was carried out by the Hospital Regional's Neurosurgery service, which has been moved to the nearby Hospital Chip during the



Austrian man arrested for threatening health professionals in Torrox

Eugenio Cabezas

A 60-year-old Austrian man was arrested at his home in Torrox Costa on Wednesday of last week after allegedly insulting and threatening staff at the El Morche health centre. According to Local Police sources, staff at the health centre first called



British man arrested following brutal Mijas bar brawl faces extradition

fernando torres / juan cano

The Guardia Civil arrested six people who took part in a bar brawl in Mijas on Monday night. According to sources, about a dozen people took part, one of whom had to be taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital for emergency surgery after being stabbed



European trend inspires first clinic on the Costa exclusively for cats

Tony Bryant

A new trend in specialised pet care has inspired the opening of the first veterinary clinic on the Costa just for cats. It is also one of only two that exist in Andalucía, the other being in Seville. Clínica Felina Malagat, which opened last month



Doctors perform thyroid surgery using a new and less invasive technique


A patient has recently undergone thyroid surgery using a new technique. The successful procedure, which is known as 'transoral thyroidectomy' and is carried out via the mouth, was performed at the HLA El Ángel hospital by Thai surgeon Thanyawat ... transoral thyroid surgery. "In ten years or so, most thyroid operations will be carried out using this technique," said Dr Glückmann, who organised the workshop alongside Dr Jorge García-Alemán, in collaboration with the Clínico hospital's endocrinology



Spinal surgery is now available in Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

Patients with a painful spine condition caused by osteoporosis can now be treated in Gibraltar, thanks to a new surgical service launched by the Gibraltar Health Authority. Previously, patients and their families had to travel to the UK for the pr



King Emeritus Juan Carlos leaves intensive care after open heart surgery

sur / lucy newby

King Emeritus Juan Carlos I is recovering well following open heart surgery on Saturday. The 81-year-old former monarch had a triple heart bypass at the Quirón Hospital in Madrid. The decision was made following the results of a routine health check



Shorter waiting lists for surgery but longer ones for tests

Ángel Escalera

The waiting time for surgery under the health service in Malaga has improved and the province now has the third-shortest waiting times after Cadiz and Cordoba. In Malaga the average delay is now 68 days for surgery which is supposed to be carried ... collated at 30 June last year, showed that there were 5,550 patients waiting for surgery within 180 days, and the average wait was 68 days, which was four fewer than on 30 June 2017. The Andalusian Health Service says the waiting time in Malaga is better



A surgeon who sees medicine as a vocation


...patients there without resources. Dr Ramírez, who is the head of the general and digestive surgery department at the Quirónsalud hospitals in Malaga and Marbella, has just returned from Liberia, where from 28 January to 2 February more than 250 patients ... underwent surgery. If it had not been for the humanitarian team led by Ramírez, they would not have been able to have the operations they needed. The mission was organised by the Cirujanos en Acción and Bisturí Solidario associations. Impact of first ... first stay in Liberia, he promised a woman with a huge goiter that he would go back and operate on her, and he kept his word, performing the surgery in the town of Ganta, in the north of the country. That was the first operation he carried out on his



Juan José's new lifestyle

Ángel Escalera

...useful. On 15 September Juan José underwent surgery. In total he spent six months in hospital, during which time he lost weight by following a strict diet and taking exercise. This was essential because he wouldn't have been able to have the operation,



False cosmetic surgery doctor "practised from home for ten years"

Álvaro frías \ Juan Cano

A court has been hearing how a woman carried out minor plastic surgery operations for almost 10 years without being a qualified doctor or having a proper consulting surgery. The accusation of a customer who claims her face was disfigured has now



AECC volunteer underwent surgery after doctor identified mole as carcinoma

Mónica Pérez

...referred her immediately to the hospital for an examination and she underwent surgery days later. “It was a carcinoma. That had never occurred to me,” she says. She had never given a thought to the large number of moles on her body and didn't remember at ... first that her mother had had them as well. Last October she had another operation to remove a carcinoma on her back. Since first being diagnosed three years ago, she has undergone surgery four times. “The last one needed seven stitches,” she says.



Help from the heart for young Palestinians

Ángel Escalera

They went to look after Palestinian children who needed surgery for a congenital heart condition, and came back happy to have been able to help and satisfied at a job well done. In September, pediatrician Antonio Morales and nurse Cristina Arcos, ... to carry out international cooperation missions. The aim of this particular project was to carry out heart operations on Palestinian children between three months and four years old, who would otherwise not have been able to have the surgery. In ... underwent heart surgery on this occasion would not have been able to have had their operations if the team from HLH had not travelled to Nablus, not because the doctors aren't trained but because they don't have the resources needed to carry out highly



New surgery to enable transsexual women to sound more feminine


For transsexual women, it is very important for their voice to sound as feminine as possible. This can be achieved through surgery: the operation is called Wendler glottoplasty and it increases the tension, alters the consistency and reduces the ... straightforward way. The book contains several chapters which help people to understand the process of this type of operation and other aspects of becoming a transgender woman, such as hormone treatment, facial feminisation surgery and sexual reassignation ... surgery. “Many patients are worried that their voice doesn't match their appearance, in other words it doesn't sound feminine enough,” he says. ENT specialists and speech therapists also play an important part in the process.



Local police in Ronda pay for operation for dog that was run over

vanessa melgar

...the bone sticking out and required emergency surgery. Within 24 hours, the force managed to raise the required 500 euros and the operation was carried out at the San Antón veterinary clinic, where she is now recovering and awaiting a new home.



A blood pact


...restrictions and designed a specially-adapted procedure which was carried out in September 2016. At the time, only the Complejo Universitario hospital in La Coruña had done the surgery without a blood transfusion and they had carried out several operations on ... Jehovah's Witnesses. “The likelihood that a blood transfusion will be needed during kidney surgery is around 40 per cent. If the surgeons are skilled and you are able to establish specific measures to minimise the need for blood, then the risk is reduced to ... cells. “So, we raise the level of red blood cells so that during the surgery, if blood is lost, we remain within the safety margins for the patient.” Over the course of the operation, the medical team also uses a machine to raise the production of red



Federico Ricca out for the rest of the season


Malaga left-back Federico Ricca will not play again this season after undergoing surgery on Tuesday. The Uruguayan has been troubled by an injury in his left shoulder all season and it is hoped that surgery will repair it for good. Ricca's ... surgery was postponed to allow him to play against Real Madrid on Sunday in the absence of the suspended Luis Hernández. The 23-year-old has been under the knife last summer and in October but still has problems with movement. He is expected to recover



Teenager recovers in hospital after Campillos school scissors stabbing

F. T. / Á. F. / J. C.

surgery, before being transferred to Malaga. The public prosecution department has called for the alleged attacker, also 15, to be admitted to a youth reform centre. The Guardia Civil investigation into a possible case of attempted homicide revealed no



Not madness or period pains: it's called endometriosis

alberto gómez

...contraceptive pills or a hormone-releasing intrauterine device (the Mirena IDU). More severe cases need surgery, and this has historically been aggressive, removing the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Now, new technologies mean there is less damage to healthy ... that she had "slight endometriomas". The doctors didn't recommend surgery, but she insisted. "I went into the operating theatre thinking I was mad," she says. Although she didn't expect it, they also removed her fallopian tubes and the left ovary ... "endometriosis" on her certificates. And friends and relatives still say "Endo what?", even though she has lived with the illness all her life. She had surgery for the first time when she was 16. Since then they have removed her fallopian tubes, left ovary, almost



Urinary incontinence, the silent condition that affects millions of people worldwide


Urinary incontinence is a condition that occurs when a person can't stop urine escaping from their urethra, the tube which transports it outside the body from the bladder. Age, surgery, weight increase, neurological disorders, pregnancy and the ... toxin (botox) in the bladder, or surgery. One of the most traditional and effective treatments is physiotherapy, which solves the problem in a high percentage of cases, but other very effective therapies include the application of suburethral mesh, ... to those used in the case of prolapse of pelvic organs and therefore, when considering the risks, it is important to distinguish between the minor ones associated with the surgery using mesh for stress incontinence and those associated with surgery



Atajate pays tribute to its women

susana zamora

...afternoon, a child riding a scooter up and down Calle Nueva, pushing with one leg to get up the hill. Nearby, Paqui’s mother also has a plaque. She is Anita la Jubriqueña. “When there was no doctor’s surgery or chemist in Atajate, my mother used to let the



The sweetest killer


...the ‘Medicina Clínica’ journal by Javier Martín, the head of General Surgery at the Severo Ochoa hospital in Madrid, shows challenging figures. Obesity and sugar cause three deaths every hour in Spain. In total, they are responsible for 15 per cent of



The Costa del Sol hospital can now implant prostheses to replace vocal chords


...the technique. These operations are being carried out by the Marbella hospital's department, on patients whose larynx has been removed due to cancer. This type of surgery enables them to recover their voice. The phonatory prosthesis is an ... eliminates the social stigma which is suffered by many of the patients who have had this surgery," say sources at the hospital. The operation has been performed on three patients at the Costa del Sol hospital, who are now being monitoredThis new device, ... patients, with careful daily hygiene care as well as monitoring by the hospital. After a period of six to 12 months, depending on its condition, the device needs to be replaced but this does not involve surgery as it can be done easily as an out-patient.



Carolina Marín ruled out for six months with injury


Olympic badminton gold medallist Carolina Marín is a doubt for the World Championships in August after suffering ligament damage to her right knee during Sunday's Indonesia Masters final against Saina Nehwal. The Andalusian underwent surgery in



Early detection and more effective therapies are curing nearly 90 per cent of breast cancer cases

Ángel Escalera

...aggressive treatments. Dr Alba says there is conservative surgery which retains the breast and avoids having to remove the axillary lymph nodes from under the arm; the new radiotherapy techniques, which are much more precise; and the use of genomic ... cancer', at which several experts explained the way this illness is being tackled through medical oncology, surgery, radiotherapeutic oncology and nursing care. Beforehand, when the day started, the inauguration took place of an exhibition of photographs



Kidney transplant patient returns home

Debbie Bartlett

The first patient from Gibraltar in 15 years to undergo a kidney transplant in the UK has now returned home after recovering from the surgery, which was carried out at the Hammersmith hospital. Once the patient, who has not been named, was told a



Spain is the biggest fan of Black Friday

LUCÍA PALACIOS practically ever sector: fashion, books, music, personal care, and sometimes even cars, weddings, bank loans and cosmetic surgery can be acquired at a fraction of the normal price! Black Friday is more popular in Spain than almost anywhere



Regional hospitals to start carrying out operations on Saturdays to clear backlog


The new regional minister for Health, Jesús Aguirre, said this week in Almeria that a new plan will come into force on 1 April to reduce waiting lists for surgery in the region's hospitals, with some operating theatres opening on Saturdays . He ... their targets they would outsource, which is something the previous PSOE government had also done. The specialist areas with most people waiting are traumatology, ophthalmic, general surgery and urology. The outgoing Junta de Andalucía had said



British comedian Freddie Starr dies in Mijas, aged 76


...suffered a heart attack, the autopsy confirmed on Friday. A previous heart attack in 2010 led to major bypass surgery. Freddie was born on 9 January 1943 in Lancashire. He moved to Spain in 2015 after losing his High Court claim for damages against a



Mamadou Koné could miss the rest of the season after going under the knife


The season looks to be over for Malaga forward Mamadou Koné. The Ivorian underwent surgery to repair damage to a torn quadriceps muscle on his left leg on Wednesday. Koné initially suffered the injury on 17 November during the first half of the ... be to send him for surgery. The club haven't officially stated the severity of the injury but it is unlikely that Koné will feature for the club again this season. Lacen out too Kone's surgery capped off a bad week for Malaga's medical team who



The Hospital Civil welcomes Da Vinci, the robot surgeon

Ángel Escalera

Greater precision and safety, faster recovery of patients, fewer scars and the possibility using flourescence-guided surgery (using an imaging technique to examine the lymphatic system) are the main advantages of the new surgical robot 'Da Vinci'. ... more than 140 surgical procedures per year. Minister of Health, Marina Álvarez, recently visited the operating rooms where the robot is kept. She emphasised how the robotic surgery uses the most advanced technology to perform minimally invasive ... moment, three departments have access to the robot: urology (60% of all operations are performed by urologists), gynaecology and general and digestive surgery. All of these departments operate on various types of cancerous tumours, as well as other



Malaga could take a dip into the transfer market for Mamadou Koné replacement


Malaga are looking at all of the options available to them after receiving the news that on-loan striker Mamadou Koné will miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery to repair damage to a torn quadriceps muscle in his left leg last week. ... La Liga rules say that players can be signed outside the transfer window (from other Spanish clubs only) to replace players who have been ruled out through injury for five months or longer. However, at this moment in time, with the surgery having



Chris Froome to be awarded 2011 Vuelta a España title


...near Roanne (France) last Wednesday. The 34-year-old was using the event as a test in the run-up to this year's Tour de France which will start on 6 July in Brussels, when he hit a wall. He was airlifted to hospital where he underwent surgery.