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Cosmetic surgery applications on the rise in Malaga

susana zamora

An unforeseen effect of pandemic restrictions is that more people in Malaga are opting for cosmetic surgery. From Botox to hair transplants, many have expressed an interest in procedures as we emerge from lockdown. For those who have had a chance to ... make savings over the past year, now is seen as the perfect time to make a change. Indeed, the Renova Body Laser clinic in Malaga has reported unprecedented numbers of surgery applicants. Clinic director Carmen Medina notes: “We began to notice an ... increase after summer, but demand tripled in December”. She adds that such has been the rise in interest that the clinic is short on surgery rooms and has a waiting list until March. Another cosmetic clinic director, Antonio Escamilla, suggests that the



Hospitals postpone operations to make more beds available to face the pandemic

Ángel Escalera

Hospital and the Clínico have said they will give priority to "urgent surgical operations and those of cancer patients or with heart ailments that must be resolved with surgery". Health sources consulted by SUR said that there has been no choice but to ... list for routine operations but sources said, "As soon as possible, the people who have been affected will be operated on." The postponement of non-urgent surgery also happened during the first wave of the pandemic, last March and April. But as of May ... the activity in the operating theatres was recovering. During the second wave, in October and November, surgery was carried out as planned, since the volume of admissions of patients with the virus was lower. Waiting lists In the last update of



The gastric band and bypass: techniques that reduce the size of a patient's stomach

Ángel Escalera

Bariatric or obesity surgery is the final solution for people whose weight is so excessive that it is causing different health problems. Once other slimming methods have failed, and after being seen by an endocrinology specialist, surgery is ... sometimes considered the best option to achieve a sufficient weight loss. César Ramírez Plaza, who is the head of General and Digestive surgery at the Quirónsalud Málaga hospital, explains that two procedures are used for obesity surgery. The first ... bypass can enable diabetes to be cured in obese patients. He also stresses that this type of surgery must only be carried out with very safe technology, and only by well-trained surgeons who have recognised experience in this field. "You have to



Mayor of Malaga discharged from hospital after surgery

Pilar R. Quirós

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, left hospital on Tuesday morning after undergoing surgery to correct a small brain haemorrhage on Saturday. Doctors said his good progress meant that he could be discharged, however he has been ... prescribed a month's rest at home. The brain injury suffered by the 77-year-old mayor was minor, said medical sources. Surgery was carried out by the Hospital Regional's Neurosurgery service, which has been moved to the nearby Hospital Chip during the



Surgeons warn of the risk of low-cost weight loss operations carried out abroad

Ángel Escalera

As the saying goes, something cheap can turn out to be expensive. Unfortunately that is often the case for patients who undergo bariatric surgery for obesity in countries where such operations cost three or four times less than they would in a ... private hospital in Malaga, where the complete process is likely to range from 14,000 to 15,000 euros. The problem is that bariatric surgery is complicated and should only be carried out by experienced surgeons who are authorised to carry out this type ... the reasons that morbidly obese patients go abroad for bariatric surgery is the long waiting list to have the operation on the health service in Malaga. The delay can be as long as six years, because these operations were not included in a decree which



Cancer patients are suffering a double pandemic: their illness and Covid-19

Ángel Escalera

...operation twice because of coronavirus" Life for 48-year-old Carlota Alexandre changed in March last year when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was due to have surgery at the peak of the first wave of the pandemic, but the operation at the Vithas ... the operating theatres were closed as a result of the pandemic. When they opened again and my surgery was scheduled, they cancelled it again because the results of one of the blood tests they did made them think I might have the coronavirus. Luckily, ... in both lungs. She had chemotherapy to shrink the tumour, then surgery on one lung and, some time later, on the other. After the operations she was cancer-free for five years, but then it came back and that is why, three years ago, she began to