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Coronavirus crisis throws the Costa's summer cultural calendar into turmoil

Tony Bryant

...the state of alarm; others are hoping to go ahead with celebrations that are scheduled for late summer and autumn, although with strict capacity restrictions. Malaga city hall has announced that this year's feria is for now still due to take place ... organise anything this summer". "Now we are having to work with a much smaller budget and a much-reduced capacity. We would have to use extra guards to control entry, and there would be extra health and safety measures. The overall expense to put on an



Airlines include the Costa del Sol on their new summer schedules


...pre-coronavirus situation, with experts from the aviation industry saying that levels of 2019 will not be recovered before 2023. Most airlines will be returning to work this summer with reduced operations, which will be stepped up gradually. Opening of ... would be around 40% fewer than originally planned, but the airline has opted to keep as many different routes open as possible and reduce frequency. This summer Ryanair has said it will be operated some 1,000 flights a day around Europe, where pre-crisis



Nautical tourism, a key to bringing Puerto Banús back to life

Héctor Barbotta

...that brings together the marinas of the region, believes that sailing will be a particularly popular activity this summer as it avoids overcrowding or sharing spaces with strangers and in Banús they are keen to join the group's initiative to promote



Junta set to employ 3,000 people to help with beach controls


The Andalusian government has launched an emergency employment plan for safe beaches this summer which will see the hiring of around 3,000 people to ensure the control and implementation of protection and security measures against the coronavirus. ... This initiative was described by regional president Juanma Moreno as "pioneering" and will "give the councils the possibility of having sufficient human resources to order and plan the enjoyment of the beaches across the whole coast this summer ... the beaches this summer along the 1,000 kilometres of coastline that Andalucía enjoys". The Junta president also stressed that this plan aims to "defend the good image and reputation of the tourism sector, as well as supporting these unemployed



Genalguacil won't let the virus get in the way of art

Antonio Javier López

Just over a month ago the cartoonist Albert Uderzo died, leaving orphaned the adventures of Asterix the Gaul and Obelix. However, the unyielding spirit of their French hamlet in its battle against the Roman empire lives on in places like Genalguacil,



Mobile apps, drones and controlled access to beaches, as the Costa prepares for summer


...accesses to make it easier to control numbers. Communal swimming pools unlikely to open this summer with controls "impossible" To lend the councils a hand, and depending on what the Junta ends up contributing after its president, Juanma Moreno, said ... will only be allowed if they can be done individually and with no physical contact. In other words, there may be none of the usual football or bat and ball games on the beaches this summer. Access: Those who arrive and those who leave, separated



A difficult summer

Mark Nayler

...try and further their divisive project. Catalonia is the most-visited part of Spain and accounts for around a fifth of the country's GDP, so it will be vital in driving the recovery of tourism this summer. But no matter how quickly the region returns ... pandemic, which was precisely the request made by its pro-independence government at the beginning of April. As a difficult summer gets under way, might further support from Madrid help Catalonia kick-start its stalled tourism sector? If so, Torra will be



Sunbathing at a safe distance in Vélez this summer


Vélez-Málaga town hall last week unveiled an "innovative" scheme by which a specially equipped tractor will not only smooth out the sand on the town's beaches but also mark a safe distance of two-and-a-half metres for sunbathers this summer.



Flamboyant former mayor of Malaga to appear on Celebrity Masterchef


(journalist and presenter) and David Fernández. The recording should take place during the summer, although sources at its production company, Shine Iberia, said there were no confirmed dates either for the start of recording or for the start of



Basketball camp celebrates 20 years with stellar line-up


Campus Wob, one of the most prestigious summer basketball camps in Spain, will, conditions permitting, host a spectacular 20th anniversary edition in Malaga from 5 to 11 July. Its founder and creative director, David Fernández, says that it will



Opening of Spain's borders to tourists in July could be staggered by region


"Spain will be waiting for you from July," the prime minister said at a press conference on Saturday, when he announced that the country would reopen its borders to international tourism this summer "in conditions of safety". Government ministers ... have since confirmed that the current two-week quarantine requirement for anyone entering Spain would be lifted before tourists started to arrive in July. Airlines include the Costa del Sol on their new summer schedules Foreign minister ... Reyes Maroto, said that the quarantine would only last as long as the state of alarm, which at present is in force until 7 June. She too, encouraged foreign tourists, especially French and Germans, to visit Spain this summer. This came in response to



Summer season still in doubt as tourism sector counts losses and plans recovery


...go ten months without income," said Miguel Sánchez, who represents tourism firms at the Andalusian Business Confederation, "They won't get through this." Fears of losing the vital summer season completely due to the coronavirus crisis were ... "hoped" that the summer season would be able to go ahead. And on Thursday, Andalusian regional minister for Tourism, Juan Marín, was more confident. "We are working on a plan that it will be reasonable to open certain activity in May," he said, adding ... as this summer," he said. Meanwhile the authorities have been counting their losses. Andalucía lost out on income to the tune of 4.7 billion euros between March and May due to the absence of tourism activity, Juan Marín said earlier this week. If



Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July, says PM

EFE the sector to "prepare for activity to resume in coming days" and for when Spain reopens its frontiers to international tourism in July. "There will be a tourist season this summer," said the prime minister, adding that the domestic market would



Work to connect two of province's reservoirs "to start before summer"

Eugenio Cabezas

During a visit to the Axarquía, Andalucía's regional minister of Agriculture, Farming, Fishing and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, said that work to connect the La Viñuela and La Concepción reservoirs would begin before the start of summer