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Spain-Portugal border set to reopen on Wednesday


Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China, though in the latter's case only if the arrangement is reciprocal. Notable omissions from this list are the United States and Russia.



Costa man arrested for using images of politicians for shooting practice

J. CANO / Á. FrÍas

Victoria, was identified and arrested last Friday, accused of making threats to institutions of the State. However, the man has insisted that he only sent the video to one friend as a joke and apologised for it going viral and any offence caused. He has been



Congreso approves a sixth and final extension of Spain's state of alarm until 21 June


Congreso approved a sixth and final two-week extension of the Spain's state of alarm, first declared in the middle of March at the start of the coronavirus crisis, on Wednesday. Prime minister Pedro Sánchez gained a new period, from 8 to 21 June, ... to decide whether or not to allow travel between provinces within that region in Phase Three. In addition, whole regions could come out of the state of alarm before 21 June, said the government. Women's Day controversy The prime minister was



Malaga Airport welcomes first visitors as Spain's borders reopen

nuria triguero

After 99 days under the state of alarm, Spain's borders with the European Union (including the UK, but not Portugal) reopened on Sunday, bringing with it the arrival of foreign tourists, vital to the Costa del Sol's economy. On Sunday about thirty



Distancing and masks to stay in the new normal


Madrid. The government has published the details of the "new normal" decree that will come into force when the final stint of Spain's state of alarm comes to an end on 21 June. Measures to prevent infection with Covid-19 will remain mandate until


What to do

The Russian Museum shows a taste for realism

Antonio Javier López

...the impressive pieces by Dmitri Gretski that welcome visitors to the Russian Museum Collection which, maybe like these children, has decided to be true to life. This is the trend to which this branch of the State Museum of Russian Art of St



Andalucía updates rules as region prepares for 'new reality' from Sunday


The Junta de Andalucía regional government has approved 400 health regulations as the region prepares to enter its "new reality" after the nationwide state of alarm ends this Sunday, 21 June, at midnight. These measures were announced following a ... to 75%. Cinemas, theatre and concert halls will be able to fill to 65%. End to state of alarm The Spanish government's final extension of the current state of alarm, declared on 14 March as an emergency measure against Covid-19, comes to an end ... weekend that without a state of alarm it was legally impossible to restrict the fundamental right to freedom of movement. In the case of a new outbreak, he said, regional authorities could only restrict movement with a court order. From Sunday the only



Government looks to renew state of alarm for another month


On Sunday, 24 May, the latest extension to Spain's state of alarm expires and the government is looking at ways to get enough MPs' support to renew it. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Saturday that he would ask Congreso to back a new period ... however, has recently seen the parliamentary majority for the emergency measure under the state of alarm fall away and the next renewal is not guaranteed. Oppostion parties on the right still say that the state of alarm should be replaced with less strict ... Ciudadanos (Cs) said that the PM hadn't mentioned wanting to extend the state of alarm to a month when he spoke with their leader, Inés Arrimadas, earlier in the week. Catalan nationalists ERC have also said they will vote against an extension unless they



Masks are now compulsory in Spain during the state of alarm


...hygiene [fabric] or surgical kind." Scarves will not be able to be worn as substitutes. The measure will be in force throughout the state of alarm (currently to 7 June) and "its possible extensions". Offenders can be fined. Common sense, the key



Top Guardia Civil chiefs fired amid Women's Day march report crisis


...the government had tried to see the contents of the report, although the Interior minister strongly denied this. Fresh state of alarm While ministers sought to defuse the row over the Women's Day report, they were announcing plans to extend the ... state of alarm for one more two-week period. This would run from 7 to 21 June. Deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo said that any extension would have "important changes" and that regions virtually recovered from Covid-19 may come out of it earlier. ... The government is fearful it won't have enough MPs' votes to win another state of alarm extension to control movement between provinces. It believes it may have to publish a softer, alternative decree instead.



Protests grow in parliament and on the street over government’s pandemic handling


PM Pedro Sánchez failed to get majority support to extend the state of alarm for at least a further month this week. Negotiations with other parties ahead of Wednesday’s debate in Congreso didn’t secure him enough MPs’ votes. In the end, it was ... another two-week extension, until 7 June, that was presented to parliament for approval instead. The prime minister said in the debate, as in previous ones, that the state of alarm is needed to keep restrictions of movement during the phased end of



Royal British Legion still on duty during state of alarm

Tony Bryant

The Spain South district of the Royal British Legion has recently issued guidelines and information to help its members cope during the current state of alarm. INFORMATION Royal British Legion website.


What to do

Malaga's arts hubs, all set for a grand reopening

Antonio Javier López

The majority of Malaga city's largest and most popular museums and galleries, including the Carmen Thyssen museum, the Russian Museum, the Centre Pompidou and Museo Picasso Málaga will reopen for the first time since the start of the state of alarm ... representatives of the Russian State Museum of Art in Saint Petersburg are usually present during the installation process but haven't been able to be due to the health alert. The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC), having inaugurated its latest temporary



Permission given to Banús businesses to expand restaurant terraces

Héctor Barbotta

...overall capacity. It has done so by reducing the number of parking spaces available so that space reserved for pedestrians is not reduced either. Management is also allowing some businesses to pay 50 per cent of their usual rent during the state of



New coronavirus cases and deaths hit record low in Spain

melchor sáiz-pardo / ángel escalera

There was encouraging news as Spain entered its tenth week of lockdown: the number of new infections and coronavirus-related deaths hit a record low since the beginning of the state of alarm. On Monday, for the second day in a row, the number of



State of alarm - what does this mean?

María EugeniA Alonso

Spanish Constitution includes three state-of-emergency levels that a government can resort to in exceptional circumstances. The first, to be brought in today, is the "estado de alarma" (state of alarm); the second, "estado de excepción' (state of ... government could also use materials and premises of private facilities. Rations and supply. The government could ration the acquisition of basic goods and bring in measures to guarantee supply. Time limit. The measures taken under the state of alarm can



Nerja sewage plant testing phase to start in July

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's sewage treatment plant is to go into testing phase in the first half of July, according to secretary of state for the Environment Hugo Morán. During last week's video conference, the secretary of state said that the remaining work should



Pedro Sánchez to extend state of alarm in Spain until 26 April


The Spanish government has announced its plans to extend the state of alarm currently in force to curb the spread of coronavirus for two more weeks, until 26 April. The country has been in lockdown since the middle of March with all non-essential ... lowest this week - 809 - making the total 11,744. The previous day's increase in deaths was 932. The government now has to seek the support of opposition groups so that the extension of the state of alarm, allowing an extension of the lockdown, can be ... approved by MPs in Congreso. The decision to extend the state of alarm is expected to be formalised in a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday and voted by MPs on Thursday.



Driving licences in Spain will not expire during state of alarm


The Spanish government has said that it will automatically extend the validity of driving licences that expire during the state of alarm. "Driving licences and permits, as well as other administrative authorisations to drive, whose period of ... validity runs out during the state of alarm, will be automatically extended as long as this lasts and up to sixty days after its end," says the resolution published by the Ministry of the Interior in the Official State Gazette on Saturday. The measure



Malaga Airport reopens T3 as July begins with more than 100 flights

Pilar Martínez

...reduced frequency. Car park and VIP lounge Until now, and since the state of alarm was announced in mid-March, all of the airport's activity had been concentrated in the older Terminal 2, with all shops and services closed, including the main car park.



No clear rules yet on getting 3.4 million furloughed staff back to work


...sectors on the Costa, such as hotels and restaurants, even if a state of alarm ends sooner. Government loans via banks to help those struggling with rent There are fears that up to 30 per cent of those furloughed will not get taken on again this ... hotels in the Canaries, and not other areas, may be allowed to extend their ERTEs for 'fuerza mayor' beyond the end of the state of alarm. Unions say that some companies have been preparing to move staff off forced furloughing to more flexible ERTEs ... negotiated with staff. No news for autonómos What similar, adjusted measures might be available for autonómos (self-employed) as well, if the state of alarm ends during a phased lockdown, wasn't clear this week. Over a quarter of people who were working



Spanish state of alarm to be extended for two more weeks


The state of alarm that began last weekend to curb the spread of coronavirus in Spain is to go on at least until the middle of April. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez told the presidents of Spain's regions during a videoconference on Sunday morning ... that he intended to ask Congreso to approve an extension of the lockdown for two more weeks. The current two-week period of the state of alarm was decreed last Saturday, 14 March, when the freedom of movement of the general public in Spain was first ... restricted. According to the law governing the declaration of states of emergency in Spain, the government can only enforce a period of 15 days. After that time any extension and its conditions must be approved by MPs in the Congreso. The current decree



Coronavirus crisis. Spain to declare 'state of alarm'

Paula de las heras

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called a cabinet meeting for Saturday in which the government will declare a "state of alarm", among other emergency measures. The move comes after cases in the country reached more than 4,200 on Friday lunchtime. ... State of alarm - what does this mean? The "estado de alarma" regime gives the government the power to restrict movement of citizens for up to two weeks. Pedro Sánchez said on Friday that the measure was designed to protect the population. "The



Restaurants as law enforcers


states, for example, customers must always wear face masks except while actually eating. Not an unreasonable request if social distancing cannot be enforced. Unsurprisingly, in this crazy gun culture, there have been cases of extreme violence. In



Opposition calls Maro golf complex plan "an abomination"

Eugenio Cabezas

A spokesperson for the opposition Adelante Andalucía and Izquierda Unida (IU) parties, Guzmán Ahumada, has accused Nerja town hall of "taking advantage" of the state of alarm to push through plans for a golf course, hotel and housing development on ... administration, which included the IU. The party went on to say that no further steps would be taken during the state of alarm and that councillors would seek to get approval for the next phase at a town hall plenary session once the lockdown is over.



Most of Spain gets ready to move to Phase One of lockdown easing


...of easing of lockdown conditions In addition, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez struggled this week to get support to extend the state of alarm official decree, which has been in force since 15 March, for a further two weeks until 24 May. On ... state of alarm to push though other measures by stealth. Ministers maintain that the state of alarm is simply the most effective way available to restrict the movement of people. Moving to Phase One The government is expected to announce today



Pets cannot spread the coronavirus, insist local vets

emilio morales

Pet owners should keep calm and not worry about catching the coronavirus from their pets, say veterinary surgeons, and they are allowed to take them for veterinary appointments despite the state of alarm. They point out that many dogs and cats



Animal charities face hard times as shops and shelters close

Jennie Rhodes

...abandoned animals since the state of alarm was declared. Secretary Jan Weimer said, "Unfortunately, we are unable to help people outside Triple A as we cannot travel by car," and adds that with reduced numbers of volunteers "it is pretty hard to take care of



Eight out of ten calls to the police are about lockdown breaches


During the state of alarm, the general public has become the eyes and ears of the police in the enforcement of the lockdown. According to SUR sources, 80 per cent of the calls received at the 091 (National Police) and the 092 (Local Police) call ... centres during this period have been to report others breaking the conditions of the lockdown. This is not only occurring in Malaga, though. The National Police in Madrid have received nearly 100,000 calls since the state of alarm came into effect, ... (Valencia), where a man was stabbed in the neck after arguing with his roommate. He was attacked because he had tried to prevent him from going out with his partner given the state of alarm and because she also had a cough.