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Turkish Airlines starts up again from Malaga

Pilar Martínez

Turkish Airlines has started up its flights again from Malaga Airport following their suspension at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. These are the only flights currently coming into the airport from outside Europe. From 1 August, Turkish is op


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Traditional song and dance at two-day flamenco festival

Tony Bryant

Malaga. Some of Andalucía's most revered singers, dancers and guitarists will perform at the forty-first edition of the Ciudad de Malaga Flamenco Festival in the Malagueta bullring this weekend. The two-day festival starts at 9pm tonight (Friday)



The secrets of the 'snoring' tuna


2.15 billion of fresh shellfish and 1.02 of frozen shellfish). The 'ronqueo' starts with the head, from which parts of the interior are used; the 'morro' and 'morrillo' are in the upper part of the head, and are very popular due to their high fat ... as the tuna is cut into pieces in the traditional way. The one before this weighed 200 kilos. Fernando starts by separating the roe, then continues with the four loins, the two upper and two lower. First he begins to remove the 'ventresca', or ... José Carlos García.SALVADOR SALAS Once the stomach is removed, Fernando starts to separate the upper loins from the lower ones and the 'tarentelo', which is the part between the stomach and the 'cola blanca' or white tail. In just nine minutes,



An uplifting experience over rural Malaga


...used before now. The cost of the flight and breakfast is 160 euros per person. The team starts to put the balloon up: they stretch it out and start inflating it with two big ventilators and gas bottles. Meanwhile, the passengers gaze expectantly at ... the scenery and film the process with their mobile phones. If help is needed, they are all willing to provide it. Spectacular views from the balloon.A. J. Once the balloon is ready, the pilot, Jesús, starts to explain the journey. "We know where ... the passengers on each side of the basket. The gas burner starts to make a noise and the balloon begins to rise. The balloon's gentle movement doesn't seem to match the speed at which it travels or its height: 400 metres above the ground and 33



An Andalusian retreat to wellness

Andrew Forbes and creating beautiful spaces, and fortunately I get to joyfully combine and share these passions under one roof." Each day starts with an early morning yoga class, led by an expert teacher, trained by Vidya. At 8am I took a Vinyasa 'flow' yoga



How to lose weight and keep it off


Therefore, initially a body loses glycogen and water, because every gramme of glycogen is tied to four grammes of water. Rapid weightloss in the beginning of any diet can be explained, therefore, by a significant loss of liquid from tissue. The body starts



The many myths about hair and how to care for it


...stronger. "It only gives that impression as it starts to grow, but exactly the same thing happens with beards," says Ángela Hermosa. Cutting our hair is purely cosmetic. It is not going to grow faster or any thicker afterwards. "Now, it's true that if we ... Experts believe this is because, as in the summer there is a great deal of sunlight, hair grows at a slower rate. And as hair starts to fall a couple of months after being allowed to grow, it could be that this is why we notice "a little more hair loss" in



Malaga collect a satisfying point in season finale

henry flynn sealed their Segunda status for another year, coach Sergio Pellicer fielded a much-changed eleven this time around with starts for goalkeeper Gonzalo Crettaz, Renato Santos, Esteban Rolón, Cristo Romero and Sergio Buenacasa. 0 Almeria



New season for Unicaja starts to take shape


The last season may only have just finished but Unicaja's attentions are already firmly on the new campaign as it slowly begins to take shape. Luis Casimiro's side will return from a summer break on 10 August for the start of preseason, it's been a


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Recreating the vibes of Camarón de la Isla and Paco de Lucía

Tony Bryant

...and Paco de Lucía, among others. The free concert, which starts at 9.30pm, will be held on the terrace of Bar Princesa in Plaza de Andalucía, Torremolinos. Because of audience capacity restrictions, and the trio's popularity, early arrival is