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Fast-moving spread of Covid-19 sees dramatic nationwide lockdown and life upturned


...general public were to stay at home, unless they needed to go out to buy food or medication, to go to and from work, to care for dependents, or go to the bank, among other exceptions. The Spanish Constitution includes three state-of-emergency levels ... to come forward. As people got used to their new home routine and visitors looked for a way out early last week, Interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, kept up the fast pace, saying land borders would be closed and only Spanish citizens or ... ministry explaining how it planned to repatriate 65,000 Spanish tourists trapped around the world. Not to mention the daily mid-morning televised press conferences to an empty room, where the country learned repeatedly that the victim numbers continued to



New historical memory magazine launched

Debbie BARTLETT quarterly, is in Spanish and English. "Gibraltar and the Campo area share a historical memory that can inspire both peoples to build a future in common," said Andrés Rebolledo, the president of the forum, about the Civil War and the repression



Police bust Spain's biggest speed lab


Álava and La Rioja. Substances, thought to have been obtained in Holland, that could have been used to produce between 150 and 200 kilos of the drug were seized. The suspects are Spanish and Colombian.



Barclay hopes strong links with Spain will continue after Brexit


...will continue after Britain leaves the EU. Brexit Secretary says UK government is committed to protecting healthcare Barclay described the meeting as "warm, positive and constructive" and said the meetings with Spanish business owners and ... British citizens had also been interesting. He thanked the Spanish government for approving a decree with contingency measures in case of a no-deal Brexit, saying that it showed support for British residents of Spain. He also said the UK government ... enormously values the contribution made by thousands of Spanish citizens in Britain, and he hopes they will stay. Borrell said Spain was confident that between now and 31 October it would be possible to reach an agreement which would allow an orderly



Picking up Spanish at the market

Mark Nayler

...stores. The former gypsy barrio of Triana, beautiful in the clean morning light, goes about its weekday business. This is hardly the setting for a typical language class. But then again, La Casa Sevilla (LCS) is not a normal Spanish school - as I'm about ... to find out. The company was launched by 35-year-old Cristina last summer and teaches Spanish by way of cultural immersion. It's an approach that taps into a new trend in tourism, generated by solo travellers unfulfilled by tours of architectural ... the Andalusian capital from all over the world and their Spanish ranges from non-existent to accomplished. What they share, though, is a desire to experience Seville and to use the local lingo, as opposed to being hunched over a textbook in a



An experiment doomed to fail?

Rob Palmer incredible sign of the times. The national team has always been dominated by players from the Spanish giants. When they won the World Cup in 2010 the only player who would never play for Real Madrid or Barcelona was Joan Capdevila. Two years ... to a halt until the emergence of Ansu Fati and Real Madrid's Spanish stars are not automatic picks. Moreno is certainly willing to give anyone a chance and in doing so I think he's muddied the waters. Not so long ago you could name nine of the Spain ... in defence. Maybe that's the answer? Have a lottery for the spare spot. It seems that your above average Spanish footballer has a better chance of getting a shirt number for the national team than he has getting a correct lottery ticket number.



Catalunya celebrates its 'Diada' regional festivities


September. The date marks the surrender of Barcelona in 1714 to French troops at the end of the War Of The Spanish Succession. As well as cultural events, there was a large demonstration by supporters of independence and marchers congregated around the



Madrid toughens up rules for kids travelling out of Spain without parents


It's an increasingly common situation; children leaving Spain to go away without parents, on a school trip or with friends of the family. With the rise in the risk to child safety, Spanish authorities have announced that from 1 September, the rules ... travellers from Britain, such as holidaymakers. uSpanish govt.'s new rules for kids on Spanish passport or ID(in Spanish ... ). From now on, a child on a Spanish passport or national ID card (DNI valid for travel in the EU) will also have to carry signed authorisation from both parents on a form administered by either a National Police or Guadria Civil station.



Homeowners can claim if their IRPH loans weren't explained, top Euro court says


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has given the go ahead for Spanish courts to rule against banks over unclear explanations on mortgage interest rates in certain loans. The ruling refers to mortgages which were sold in Spain using a rate known ... ECJ has upheld earlier judgements that say using the IRPH is only valid if the different way of calculating it is clearly explained in the contract. Spanish courts will now have to decide on a case by case basis if compensation is due from banks.



Family of Franco launch appeal to European Court of Human Rights over body removal


The government has "in effect expropriated the body" of Francisco Franco, violating the rights of his family to decide where it should lie. This is the viewpoint of the Martínez-Bordiú Franco family in a complaint against the Spanish State handed in ... wanted the coffin to go in Madrid's cathedral but were ignored. They claim that the decision to designate a resting place against their wishes has no precedent in Spanish law.



Experts predict a low risk of jellyfish affecting bathers this August

Ignacio LILLO

Costa, known as the Alboran Sea, behaves differently to the main Mediterranean sea basin, the swarms reported further to the east shouldn't get this far. Bathers can download an app in Spanish, Infomedusa, to keep up to date on local jellyfish



Spanish government approves decree giving rights to British residents in a no-deal Brexit


While the British parliament gets ready for a series of make-or-break votes next week, contingency plans continue to be put in place by both Spanish and UK authorities in the event that Britain leaves the EU with no agreed deal. If Westminster MPs ... hard Brexit? Meanwhile, the some 400,000 British citizens living in Spain are waiting to see what their future legal position will be. The nervous situation was calmed last Friday when Spanish ministers agreed that rights for UK nationals who are ... Britons would need to apply for a new foreigners ID card by January 2021. The Spanish government's contingency move still has to be approved by the Madrid Congreso in the coming days and is dependent on the UK government returning the favour for



Spanish football chief announces the end to Monday night La Liga games


From next season on, there will no longer be televised La Liga matches on Monday nights, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF), Luis Rubiales, has announced. "Business is important, but the fans are more important," he said, after



Spanish government approves contingency plans for no-deal Brexit


...on Wednesday that the Spanish government "would not oppose a delay". He stated, however, that the extension would need to come with "a real chance of a solution" because it is not reasonable nor desirable to "prolong the uncertainty". A delay would


What to do

The Irish International Music Festival returns to Marbella


Thousands of revellers will pack a Marbella park for the town's annual Irish International Music Festival from 20 to 22 September. During the three-day popular event a number of Irish and Spanish performers will take to the stage at Parque de la ... celebration of Irish, Spanish and international culture. We also aim to integrate ourselves with the people of Marbella. "Our goal is to give the Irish a reason to come out and enjoy themselves, but also to get all the nationalities and the cultures here to ... Irish folk music, Finbar Furey is a huge name in the Irish industry." In addition to Irish music, there will be a number of Spanish bands playing blues, jazz and rock throughout the weekend. The event starts at The Claddagh Bar on Friday 20 September



"Radiotherapy can expect to cure 40 per cent of cancer patients"

Ángel Escalera

The new president of the Sociedad Española de Oncología Radioterápica (SEOR) is Jorge Contreras, a doctor from Malaga. He says his top priority is to give greater visibility to radiotherapy and ensure that every patient who needs this type of treatme



BA and Iberia owner, IAG decides plan to be Spanish


IAG, which owns British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling, has said it will limit the percentage of its shares held by owners outside the EU to 47.5%. The move is aimed at convincing Brussels that Spanish-registered IAG is an EU airline and



Open to revision

Mark Nayler the Spanish economy in the medium-term future, chief among them a hard Brexit and the apparently insoluble deadlock between Spain's leading politicians. Arce is an accomplished economist and it's obvious that a hard Brexit poses certain risks to ... the Spanish economy (as well as to the economies of the UK and the EU as a whole). But given how complicated things became this week, after the UK's Supreme Court ruled against Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament, one wonders how he can be so



The early morning pain

Peter Edgerton

A paedatrician going by the rather marvellous name of Gonzalo Pin claims that bucketloads of Spanish children are in a permanent state of jet lag. This, asserts Señor Pin, is because the little tykes are obliged to start their school day at 8am and ... thousand yard stare and intermittently dribbling down your blazer. "Edgerton! Wake up! What's the capital of Uruguay?" "La plume de ma tante, sir? 45 degrees? Er, 3.142? Je ne sais pas. Zzzzzzzzz." The really cruel twist in the Spanish system is that,



Spanish doctor reconstructs face of man attacked by a hyena


"I heard a woman screaming, I got closer and saw that she was being devoured by a hyena. I tried to defend her but it attacked me too and tore off my face and my fingers. I survived because I fell into a spot where it couldn't reach me." This is the



Coping with confinement

Tony Bryant

The current lockdown enforced by the Spanish government in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus has left almost the entire population confined to their homes. Many believe that the isolation period will definitely be extended and they ... free-time to extend his knowledge and catch up with some chores around the house. “I think the Spanish government was correct to enforce the state of alarm, and so I am not going out at all. I am not overly concerned with catching the virus because I’m in



First aid

Mark Nayler

2020 is likely to consist of only nine or ten months as far as the Spanish economy is concerned. Spain, he said, will need "reconstructing" after the curve has spiked. Talk like this contrasts sharply with the government's insouciance at the ... from the last crisis. In other words, it's questionable whether the emergency package will be enough, by itself, to cope with the fallout from a pandemic that has temporarily silenced Spanish villages, towns and cities. Sánchez is doing what he can to



Ex-Malaga coach Joaquín Peiró dies, aged 84

Daryl Finch

Joaquín Peiró, one of the most outstanding Spanish footballers of his generation and a charismatic coach who made a name for himself at Malaga, died on Wednesday at the age of 84. Peiró coached the Malaga first team for five seasons from 1998 to



Spanish Cancer Association puts helpline number on water cartons for patients


One of the aims of the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) is to make the services it offers available to patients and their families at any time of day, any day of the year. With this in mind, the Malaga headquarters of the association has reached an ... agreement with Ly Company Malaga. The Spanish Cancer Association will put their 24-hour cancer care line on the Ly Company's cardboard water containers. The cardboard water container has already been distributed in the Costa del Sol Hospital, and over the ... when they arrive at the hospital is buy a bottle of water. Our volunteers distribute the water for free so that patients have our contact number and can get in touch any time." explained a spokesperson for the Spanish Cancer Association. The manager of



Strikes loom at Ryanair over closure of Canaries bases


Spanish-based cabin crew at Ryanair have carried out their threat and announced planned strike action for several days in September. As yet, it is not known which flights into Spain from other countries would be affected. The planned dates are; 1, ... working conditions. Flights operated to the UK by Spanish-based flight crews would likely be less affected, and passengers were advised this week not to change travel plans in case strike action was cancelled.



State of alarm - what does this mean?

María EugeniA Alonso

The Spanish government is due to declare an "estado de alarma" across the country this Saturday after a special Cabinet meeting. The mechanism unlocks a range of drastic measures the government could use to curb the spread of coronavirus. The ... Spanish Constitution includes three state-of-emergency levels that a government can resort to in exceptional circumstances. The first, to be brought in today, is the "estado de alarma" (state of alarm); the second, "estado de excepción' (state of



15 March 1999: Carlos Moyá becomes first male Spanish tennis player to top the world rankings

Daryl Finch

Mallorcan tennis star Carlos Moyá made history on 15 March 1999 as he became the first male Spanish player in the Open Era to reach number one in the world rankings. It was during a period in the late 1990s when a crop of young Spaniards entered ... defensive as he was on offensive, Moyá was one of the first of the modern Spanish tennis players who could hold their own on the hard courts, paving the way for future generations for whom his two-week stint as number one, as well as his decisive point to



Valle takes Pastrana's crown in first event at new Marbella Arena


Costa Rican boxer Yokasta Valle snatched the IBF women's mini flyweight world title on Monday from Spanish reigning champion Joana Pastrana. The Marbella Arena in Puerto Banús became, for the fight's 45 minutes duration, the women's boxing



An epic night with Jennifer Lopez

ash bolton

...before J-Lo was due to take to the stage, tickets were still being sold at the stands for 250 euros. Due on at 10pm, J-Lo walked onto the stage in typical Spanish style — 30 minutes late — then went on to give a high-octane performance for the next hour ... rise to fame. The singer, whose parents are Puerto Rican, gave a bilingual performance in Spanish and English during the show. However, she jokingly told off the crowd for laughing at her bad Spanish on a few occasions. Her daughter Emme, whose father



Spanish government reiterates message of reassurance in new Brexit web resource


While Westminster tries to pull a 'Plan B' out of its hat by Monday, the Spanish government says it is continuing to work on its contingency plan for a no-deal Brexit. On Wednesday the deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo, confirmed the ... official Moncloa website. Published in English and Spanish, the information states: "In the case of withdrawal without an agreement, the contingency measures the Government of Spain is working on seek to safeguard the interests of British citizens who, ... come, both British and Spanish governments have committed themselves to protect the rights of citizens, be they British nationals in Spain, or Spaniards in the UK, because we want people to continue living, studying and working broadly as they have done



Ryanair set to reach deal with unions over Spanish workers' rights


...approval of Ryanair's Spanish staff in the coming days, Among the measures said to have been agreed by Ryanair is that local labour law will now apply to Spanish-based cabin crew. In most cases until now, contractual terms have been based on Irish law,



The so-called Cuban rice, a Spanish invention


Just like the argument about whether a potato omelette should or should not contain onion, gastronomy also divides Spanish people into two different types with regard to 'arroz a la cubana', or Cuban rice, and whether or not it should have fried ... banana. I must confess that in my house we never ate it with that garnish, but maybe in Bilbao it was considered a bit too exotic to be decent. Still, some Spanish believe that Cuban rice without banana is like Christmas with no turrón,and that a version ... 'Spanish style', and people there believed it was very typical of our country. If you don't believe me, ask any Cuban about the legendary episode of 'Con las manos en la masa' in 1985, when Alaska was trying to convince Elena Santonja that in Cuba, there



Spanish golfer Celia Barquín murdered on Iowa golf course


A man has been charged with the murder of Spanish golfer Celia Barquín Arozamena, who was found dead on a golf course in Ames (Iowa) on Monday. The body of Barquín, 22, was found in a pond on the Coldwater Links golf course with stab wounds to the ... Barquín's death, in an attempt to make contact with her family. In shock The family of the young golfer, who live in Torrelavega (Cantabria), have been in contact with the Spanish authorities in Washington and are waiting for the autopsy to be completed