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Rodrigo spares Spain's blushes and secures spot in Euro 2020


Spain sealed their passage to the 2020 European Championships with a late equaliser in Stockholm on Tuesday night. Sweden had taken the lead just after half time through Marcus Berg before substitute Rodrigo Moreno tapped home Fabián's cross from ... close range in stoppage time. This was Spain's second draw in Scandinavia in a week after Saturday's clash in Oslo which followed much the same pattern. Saúl's volley gave Spain the lead after the restart before a Joshua King penalty in the closing



Brits in Spain get ready for Brexit, with one eye on the UK's new deal with Brussels

Rachel Haynes / Jennie Rhodes / Europa Press

The announcement on Thursday of a last-minute deal between the UK and the EU came as many British residents in Spain rushed to complete their paperwork to prepare for Brexit. Consulate pop-ups CoínFriday 18 October from 11am to 1pm at ... Boris Johnson’s handshakes with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and other EU leaders in Brussels do not mean that British residents in Spain can stop fearing a no-deal exit. Spain’s acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez shakes hands ... with Boris Johnson at the EU summit.AFP As Sue Wilson, chair of the organisation Bremain in Spain, points out, the deal still has to be passed by parliament. “The only way this will gain support in Westminster is if it is attached to a confirmatory



"I appreciate people are anxious but my message would be one of reassurance"

Rachel Haynes

Hugh Elliott may have only presented his credentials as ambassador to King Felipe in September, but he is no stranger to Spain. He met his Spanish wife while he was an English teacher in Salamanca and both his children were born in Madrid when the ... family lived there in the 1990s. He also used to come down to the Costa del Sol when he worked as a tour guide in Spain "many years ago" and remembers visiting Gibraltar to play hockey at the age of 20. Now, however, his task is a more serious one; he ... represents the British government in Spain at a time when uncertainty still reigns over how and when Britain will leave the EU. He is optimistic that this will be on 31 October, with a deal, and that both countries have identical interests in protecting their



The AirBnB of motorhome rentals launches in Spain

Pilar Martínez

The largest online platform for matching owners of holiday motorhomes with potential renters has set its sights on growing in Spain. Camplify, which was started in Australia and also operates in the UK, is to spend 1.2 million euros entering the ... Spanish market. It plans to add a lot of content on Spain to its website and educational information on responsible motor-caravan tourism for its new market. First dubbed "AirBnB for caravans" by Australian media, the firm hopes by the end of 2021 to ... have built a community of motorhome lovers and have some 1,700 Spanish vehicles listed on its site. "The aim is to help owners in Spain of caravan homes to earn between 10,000 and 20,000 euros a year," explained Camplify. CEO, Justin Hales, said he


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Orientalism recovers its splendour at the Thyssen


...described the display as a "journey in time" through 19th century orientalism, which Francesc Quílez, joint curator of the exhibition with Lourdes Moreno, described as having been "unfairly treated" in later years. Proof of this is that , in Spain, 30 years ... the bourgeoisie in Spain.



An experiment doomed to fail?

Rob Palmer

Spain have made it to the Euro 2020 finals but it's not the national team we know or anyone recognises anymore. When they scraped the equalising goal to clinch qualification, not one player from the big three clubs, Barcelona, Real Madrid or ... to a halt until the emergence of Ansu Fati and Real Madrid's Spanish stars are not automatic picks. Moreno is certainly willing to give anyone a chance and in doing so I think he's muddied the waters. Not so long ago you could name nine of the Spain ... rest is a lottery. Most would argue that Spain's best team would include Isco, Koke, Marco Asensio, Saúl, Ramos and Jordi Alba. None of the aforementioned were included in the side for Sweden. Isco, Koke and Alba didn't even make the squad! The



Andalusian president meets Michel Barnier in Brussels to talk Brexit fallout


...that Mr Barnier has a wide knowledge of Spain and Andalucía," added Moreno. Apart from Ireland, Andalucía is the only part of Europe with a land border with British territory at La Línea de la Concepción. "This is a critical week and we ask for ... caution; hoping, wanting, and trusting that the negotiation will be positive for Spain and Andalucía," said Moreno. The regional president also handed Barnier a copy of the Junta de Andalucía's 112-point action plan to inject extra economic stimuli and



Walking footballers raise almost 3,000 euros for La Viñuela woman with cancer


Walking Football Spain joined Smiles WFC in travelling to La Viñuela for a fundraising tournament to help a local young family who have had a difficult year. The matches were very competitive with Smiles set on remaining number one on the Costa. ... this league as it will be the only Walking Football league in the south of Spain.



Reality bites

Mark Nayler

...phase based on dialogue and the rule of law... [S]o that Catalonia can play its role as a motor for growth in [Spain]". Calviño was talking, of course, about the Supreme Court's sentences for leading Catalan secessionists, finally handed down on Monday ... after a lengthy trial earlier this year. In connection with their roles in organising the independence referendum of October 2017 - in which 92% of a 43% turnout voted to split from the rest of Spain - nine men and women received sentences of between ... Certainly, the secessionists did act illegally in organising the October 2017 referendum, which was declared unconstitutional in advance by Spain's Constitutional Court. Some kind of punishment, you could argue, was necessary. But what about a lengthy ban



British education in Spain still a benchmark despite uncertainty

Daryl Finch

Representatives across the education spectrum delivered their verdict on the state of British education in Spain at a seminar organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in Malaga on Thursday morning. Despite the uncertainty over Brexit, there ... was consensus overall: a British education is still very highly valued in Spain. As president of the Nabss (National Association of British Schools in Spain) executive committee and keynote speaker, Adrian Massam, explained: "There are 128 schools with ... over 60,000 children in total and more than half of those are from Spanish families. There's been a 60 per cent increase in the number of British schools in Spain in the last ten years." Jane Cooper, former Chief Inspector of British Schools



18 October 1997: Guggeinheim Museum Bilbao opens

Jennie Rhodes

...that industry. The aim was also to refresh the image of an area of Spain that had erstwhile been known mainly for its links to Basque separatists and terrorist groups such as ETA. The creation of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao was seen as mutually ... the same name during Spain's bloody Civil War. However, Madrid's Centro de Arte Reina Sofía said that the painting was in too bad a condition to be moved. The Bilbao building has been hailed as "the greatest building of our time," by architect Philip


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The CAC Malaga reopens with an exhibition of figurative works by Sean Scully

Antonio Javier López

...natural. I thought it was like riding a bike, you never forget" said Scully in his perfect Spanish, the result of his long relationship with Spain that has led him to have one of his studios in Barcelona. "Originally I was thinking of painting, I don't ... Spain, for many years. In painting in Spain you can see there is a great sense of the body, a great sense of weight. I have the same sensation in my work. It's also important to note that it would be more or less impossible for a figurative painter to



"British schools have established themselves as a strong, reliable and attractive option in Spain"

Rachel Haynes

After 30 years working in Spain, 16 years on the executive committee of Nabss (the National Association of British Schools in Spain), and four years as president, Adrian Massam, shared his experience as keynote speaker at the BCC event on Thursday. ... Speaking to SUR in English prior to the event, Massam, who is head teacher at Morna International College in Ibiza, explained the main reasons why he thinks British education is so successful in Spain. "The first attraction is that families want their ... children's education to be delivered in English," he said, pointing out that more than half of pupils at British schools in Spain come from Spanish families. Secondly they like the style of education: "The British education system lends itself to some very



Lance Henderson, the teenage genius


...history of Spain. PROFILE Personal details: Full name: Lance Henderson de la Fuente. Date and place of birth: 19 May 2003, Marbella. Everyday life: Studying his Baccalaureate at Swans International School in Marbella. Chess background: ... top player in Spain. It's true that I do have plenty of free time in the evenings, so reaching 2,600 would be a good achievement," he says. To give you an idea, an idol in the history of chess, American Bobby Fischer, reached 2,785 points and the ... Lance needs to decide. Should he dedicate himself entirely to chess or train for a career? "It's more of a problem in Spain than elsewhere. In countries like China, Russia and India, the children stop going to school and focus completely on chess,