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Blame it on the boogie


We should have seen it coming, we really should. It wasn't so much written in the stars but rather in the pop songs that the stars were singing. Hits like Free by Ultra Naté from 1997 offered a potted life philosophy worthy of Paolo Coelho at his ... days of the twentieth century were littered with narcissistic pop songs, encouraging listeners to get with the programme and make the world their playground. This ill-advised fashion was a precursor to our present, unenviable predicament. Vast swathes ... luck we'll soon witness a plethora of more healthy songs with more humble titles. To start the ball rolling, I suggest Don't Mind Me, Pretend I'm Not Here and No, No, Please, After You, I Insist. Ten years or so of hits with names like these and we'll



Songs sung true

Peter Edgerton

It won't have escaped many people's notice that Liverpool made a remarkable comeback against an over confident Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final this week. It's universally agreed that it was a stunning performance and wholly-deserved vict


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Rudolf Schenker: "Meditation helped me create great songs"


"We were lucky. We could play in Asia and Russia so we didn't have to suffer," he explains. It was a project with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, says Schenker, that made them realise just how good their songs were. "We said, 'we have to go back ... have, so this is why we changed our minds," says the guitarist. "The friendship is still there, the chemistry is right, we have everything we need to give the people the optimum." Many of the classic songs the Scorpions produced over the years are the ... result of a different side to Rudolf Schenker that he admits does not fit much with the image of a heavy metal guitarist. Songwriting "Meditation helped me create great songs like Still Loving You, like Lady Starlight, like Rocking Like a Hurricane,"



International choirs, football in France and breakfast at Rosie's


...several languages, including English, Danish and Spanish. Each choir sang songs in their own particular style and it was lovely to hear the intricate a cappella arrangements of The Ballerup choir in songs from all the Scandinavian countries, USA and ... Spain. TIMS presented British songs, plus opera, musical theatre and Zarzuela. Inge Hartvig from TIMS and Natalie Bianco from Ballerup sang a duet. At the end of the concert the two choirs sang a song by Elgar a capella and closed the programme with


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A touch of music hall and satirical fun

Tony Bryant

A Touch of Class will present its latest production at St Andrews Church in Los Boliches today (Friday, 8 March). All Aboard, which features Ken Knowles, a former member of The Hollies, will present popular hit songs along with satirical sketches


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A pagan festival to mark the beginning of Lent


...following Tuesday. Although Carnival probably arose from a pagan festival, it is celebrated throughout the world in mainly Catholic cultures. In Spain it is a very popular event with gaudy and ostentatious processions, satirical songs, drag queens and ... flower battles, but ends with the solemn burning or burying of a giant anchovy, sardine, gecko (and even a mollete in Antequera). Malaga city In Malaga city the satirical songs competitions (songs that poke fun at prominent members of society) have



Living under the rule of women

ALEKK M. SAANDERS the community centre to play games and for almost non-stop dancing and singing traditional songs. That is mainly why 17 years ago Unesco proclaimed the island Kihnu as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Kihnu is often


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What to do - music and more

Denise Bush

Ntra Sra de la Caridad. Johan Stengård Nerja. 7 March, 7pm. Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja. World class saxophonist Johan Stengård will be in concert playing popular songs such as Dancing Queen, Georgia On My Mind, My Way etc. Piano ... International Music Society are performing some well loved songs. Tickets: 654891790 or on the door. Malaga Baroque Orchestra Frigiliana. 21 March, 8pm. Casa del Apero. 15€. Classical chamber music played on historical instruments. The