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International Song Festival on 12 October

Debbie Bartlett

The Gibraltar International Song Festival is taking place on 12 October at the Tercentenary Hall with a record-breaking number of entries from over 27 countries. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the GISF is one of the most important


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Art, music and culture during the lockdown

Denise Bush

...need to register with Spotify to access the material. You Are The Champions, Queen Members of Queen and Adam Lambert perform a tweaked version of the famous song. Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert perform ‘You are the Champions’ in



Gibraltar International Song Festival postponed

Debbie Bartlett

The Gibraltar International Song Festival, which is open to composers and authors worldwide and was due to take place at the Tercentenary Sports Hall on 18 May, has had to be postponed. The organisers say the decision was regrettably necessary but



Gibraltar International Song Festival entries

Debbie Bartlett

Entries for the Gibraltar International Song Festival, which takes place on Saturday 18 May this year, can be submitted until the end of this month. Composers from all over the world are invited to submit previously unpublished works, and further



The Seine old song

Peter Edgerton

Demis Roussos came up in conversation down at The Shakespeare the other day so we put his biggest hit Forever And Ever on the jukebox (oh, alright, the computer) and I was immediately transported back to halcyon days of my childhood - Toast Toppers (



Local Cubs and Beavers go camping at home

Rachel Haynes

...or two nights in a tent or a shelter, to know how to lay out their camp bed, to know how to build and light a fire, to cook a meal on the fire or in the kitchen, to play a wide game and to sing a camp fire song," explained 'Akela' Dianne Peel.



Christmas song for butterfly children

Tony Bryant

A British expat singer is to release a charity Christmas song to raise funds for the 'butterfly children'. Composed and performed by Rashpal Singh, the song is called Sack of Dreams, a catchy festive composition produced by John Springate, former ... months ago and I was so inspired by the work that they do, I decided to record a song to raise funds to help them continue their work. The music for the song was recorded in Wales and the vocal track was added at a studio on the Costa del Sol earlier this ... she has recorded a song for charity, although she is already making plans to continue her support of the butterfly children. "The good thing about recording a Christmas song is that it can be re-released each year, but I have decided to sing part of



Knocking really matters

Peter Edgerton

...sound of my song coming from an open window of a car stopped at traffic lights. Good old Oscar had come up trumps. Subsequently, we became friends and, as a result of that first meeting and quite a bit of air play, I was offered work singing live on



'I miss a normal day at work on set or even just going for a coffee'

Ash Bolton

...also one of Itziar's passions - she writes her own music on the piano and has also worked as a part time DJ at several clubs in Madrid. She said: "I play the piano every day at home and each day a different song comes out. There are so many different ... feelings we are all going through at this moment that it is easier to be more connected and inspired." In fact, Itziar said that she listens to music "24/7" and the song she's been playing constantly recently is Heal the World by Michael Jackson and ... Lionel Richie. "I think that song is very related to what's happening right now," she said. "Music is very important in moments like the present one for the soul." But music is not the only thing that's helping Itziar get through the lockdown. She


What to do

A song to life

Tony Bryant MALAGA

...under the banner of, A Song to Life - Cudeca's Palliative Care Eliminates Suffering. Malaga pianist, Cristina Alba Padial, who performed with the Malaga Symphony Orchestra at Cudeca's twenty-fifth anniversary concert at the Cervantes Theatre in April,



One hit wonder

Mark Nayler

...theatrical posturing. Sánchez's administration really is starting to look like an ailing pop group with just one song, churning out the same number every time it takes to the stage, to dwindling and increasingly hostile crowds. Overwrought though some of



Spain, nostalgic over its bar culture


...literature and been the subject of songs like 'El calor del amor en un bar', from Gabinete Caligari back in the 1980s. "When I wrote that song in 1985, I knew what I was talking about," says the leader of the trio from Madrid, Jaime Urrutia. "I had read that ... Spain was the country with more bars per inhabitant than anywhere else in the world and I used to spend a lot of time in bars with friends and girlfriends, and the waiters who could be nice or grumpy. The song is about bars I have known all my life,



Date set for next year's Song Festival

Debbie Bartlett

The Gibraltar International Song Festival 2018 will be held on Saturday 2 June and the closing date for entries is 12 January. The organisers say that although they have only just 'opened for business' they have already received some great songs



6 April 1968: Spain triumphs at the Eurovision Song Contest in London

Tony Bryant What Happened today?

The 13th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Royal Albert Hall on 6 April 1968, was won by the Spanish singer and actress, María de los Ángeles Félix Santamaría Espinosa. Better known as Massiel, the Madrid-born artist was just 21 ... when she triumphed with the song, La La La. However, she was only given nine days' notice that she was to represent Spain in the contest. The Catalan singer, Joan Manuel Serrat, was originally selected to represent Spain, but Serrat had intended to ... sing in Catalan. This was considered an affront to the Francoist regime which insisted that the entry be performed in Castilian. Serrat refused. At the time, Massiel was on tour in Mexico, but she returned to Spain in time to learn the song that would



A bridge between two distinct musical genres

Tony Bryant

...charts. Born in Northampton, Wendy is now based in Marbella, where she has been working on her debut CD. The first song from the new disc was written by her partner and was released on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify in January. The song received



From Lizst to Radiohead and Mozart to Yes

Jennie Rhodes length to the average rock or pop song. Difficult to memorise Daniel says that rock pieces are, “very hard to memorise and play”, and that the compositions are “some of the hardest things” he has ever learned. However, the pianist adds that



Don’t speak

Peter Edgerton

Being a pop star must be a discombobulating experience. One minute you’re miming into a hair brush in front of your bedroom mirror and, next thing you know, you’re miming into a microphone on national television. What comes next is the worrying bi



Going 'loca' for a pastry

Esperanza Peláez

Eduardo Rubio loved to experiment and he decided to fill two discs of puff pastry with crème pâtissière and coat them with icing adding a cherry-red dot on the top. Locas were born although they were originally called locos after a song by Luisa Linares



Amaia and Alfred will represent Spain in Eurovision


Alfred and Amaia will represent Spain in the next Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Lisbon between the 8 and 12 May. The duo gained 43 per cent of the audience’s vote at a special edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’, a music reality



20 March 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono wed on the Rock

Daryl Finch one period. [...] It was like the Gateway to the World. So we liked it in the symbolic sense." The lyrics in his song, The Ballad of John and Yoko (the Beatles' last UK number one single), captures the lead-up to the big day: Finally made the



A blast from the past with Sting

txema martín

Legendary British singer, songwriter and occasional actor Sting made a stop-off in Fuengirola on Tuesday as part of his tour to promote his new album 57th & 9th. However, there was very little reference to the new record as he took the mostly foreign



Supporting Unicef's schoolchildren campaign


One of Magnet Man's greatest achievements to date was writing Eskape to the Muzic, a song used for the 'Support Unicef-Bremen Schools for Africa' campaign in 2008. The song was also used for the official 90th birthday party of Nelson Mandela, a



Cities belong to the birds now

carlos benito

...anomaly of our presence ended all of a sudden and that news just has to be celebrated with a good burst of song. SparrowOmnipresent. Adaptable, undemanding and undoubtedly the most widespread bird on the planet. Of course, if in this whimsical



Bossed in translation

Peter Edgerton

By contrast, translating literature, poetry or song lyrics is quite difficult to do but extraordinarily stimulating and satisfying if you manage to do it well. Last week an old friend and well known Spanish pop star called to see if I could translate ... a song of his into English for a new project. He also wanted some backing vocals done and, of course, I was delighted to offer any help I could. This is where the fun began. Luckily, the song is a good one (there's nothing worse than spending hours ... de pocos amigos". You'll be pleased to hear that neither of these gems is in the song because that would mean it was really rubbish but they do serve as examples of the point I wanted to make: artistic translation is really quite difficult. So, we've



Set in stone

Peter Edgerton

...away. Whatever song you thought you’d have them singing along to from the off, gets relegated to the middle order and you open with an inconspicuous number to ease yourself - and them - in gently. Actually, you’re saving your best songs for late



Torremolinos, home of Pride

Tony Bryant

Around 40,000 people packed into the Plaza de la Nogalera in Torremolinos over the weekend for the town's Pride festival that has become the third most important LGBT event in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana ... highlight of the festival was a performance on Saturday night by transsexual singer, Dana International. Dana won the Eurovision with the song Diva, in Birmingham in 1998. She has enjoyed international fame following her victory in the competition and she



Women who wear grey hair and wrinkles with pride


Argentinian song: ‘Viejo, mi querido viejo, ahora caminas lento’. “So the word ‘viejo’ [old] is rather lovely, don’t you think?” she says. Benedicta Sánchez.SUR She poses the question and her words seem to remain in the air (they have floated above all



Bocelli delights fans as part of Gibraltar National Day celebrations

Ash Bolton

...stadium throughout the concert and there was no shortage of applause after each song. His final song, Nessun Dorma, put the hairs on the back of my neck up before the much-loved tenor received a final standing ovation lasting several minutes.



Getting indie at Ojeando festival

...appearance, performing their popular song 'Bisexual', with the hit sounding more powerful than ever on Pride day last Friday.



The Hokey Cokey

Jennie Rhodes

...of the song we used to sing as kids - the Hokey Cokey - in out, in out, shake it all about. I certainly feel like I have been shaken all about since waking up on 24 June 2016 to the final result of the referendum. Cast your minds back to that balmy



The inbetweeners

Peter Edgerton

...bad. No one ever wrote a great song on Christmas Day, I'll bet; but on a wet Wednesday in January? No doubt. Soon, it'll inevitably be time for more celebrations of some kind but, in the meantime, let's raise a glass to these, the inbetween days,



Costa town halls support fight for elimination of gender violence

Tony Bryant

...gather in Plaza Blas Infante for a minute's silence in honour of the victims of gender violence. This will be followed by a flash mob performed by students of IES Playamar. The song chosen for the occasion is Manuel Carrasco's Woman of a Thousand Battles.


What to do

Christmas traditions from 15 countries on show in Benalmádena

Tony Bryant

...organisations will also participate, including the popular Banana Studios, which will present an energetic display of song and dance from the 1970s until present day. The Welsh Society will be serving typical Gaelic gastronomy and offering a choral



Fast backward

Peter Edgerton

Come to think of it, it's already happening on those Voice Factor's Got Talent shows. Whenever I've been unlucky enough to come across one while zapping, the truncated song, missing out all the best bits, is very much secondary to the tragic backstory ... involving a one-legged grandmother bereavement issue or some such. The singer screeches a long, high note and the audience performs the compulsory standing ovation while granny sheds a tear from on high. The butchered song is just a pawn in the emotional



Thousands cram into Malaga city centre to see the Christmas lights

Juan Soto city and I'm going to work for it with all my heart." The switch-on was followed by a performance by Blas Cantó, the singer who will represent Spain in next year's Eurovision Song Contest. Different spectacles This year the city's light have



Battered and bluesed

Peter Edgerton

...those little dark clouds that sit permanently atop the head of cartoon characters who can't shake the blues. The blues - that's another example; a whole musical genre born of the same source, albeit just the one song rehashed ad infinitum. Taking ... all of this into account, then, I imagine you're thinking that having been blessed with a sprinkling of autumnal melancholy yesterday, I was able to channel some of its mysterious magic and produce a song of extraordinary, yearning beauty. Actually,



24 May 1956: Eurovision is born in Switzerland


On 24 May 1956 seven countries got together to launch an event that would end up being an annual spectacle with an audience of millions. The first Eurovision Song Contest, known then as the Eurovision Grand Prix, took place in Lugano, Switzerland, ... in the Teatro Kursaal: Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Italy. The winner was the song Refrain, performed for hosts Switzerland by Lys Assia. The next year Austria, Denmark and the UK joined the competition, ... Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel, Spain was represented by Miki Núñez, with the song La Venda. It wasn't expected to do tremendously well, but the final result, 22nd, was disappointing. The first winner, Lys Assia, attempted



Destination 2020

Andrew Forbes

...stations of Tashkent; and tuck into the delicious Uzbek cuisine that reflects centuries of cultures colliding. OCTOBER Israel Lifeguard station in Tel Aviv.TOURISTISRAEL.COM The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 was hosted in Tel Aviv - just in case



A Chorus Line gathers wind in its sails prior to opening at Soho theatre


...original song lyrics in English, with American actress and choreographer Bayork Lee (who performed in the original show in New York in 1975). The actor has said that anyone who wants to see him on stage will have to go to the Malaga theatre as he will move


What to do

Mijas welcomes the return of the Celtic Night festival

Tony Bryant

Welsh, Scottish and Irish song and dance, followed by a River Dance show performed by the Celtic Dancers. The event, which is free, will begin at 6pm with the Celtic market held in the upper square. The live music will begin in the auditorium at 9pm and