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'Skin needs to be clean and hydrated so the mask doesn't cause damage'


The scientific community generally agrees that masks are essential to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, and so do politicians and most people. However, it is also the case that prolonged or incorrect use, combined with previous skin ... When outbreaks start occurring you have to step up protective measures. Masks protect, but they can also damage the skin. What are the main problems with them? We are seeing two things. One is the consequence of irritation, when it harms or ... damages the skin. We're seeing that in people who wear a mask for long periods of time and in areas where there is most friction, such as the bridge of the nose, the ears and sometimes on the cheeks. It is damage caused by rubbing, just like a shoe can rub



The best secondary stories

...cut down her children, the trees. Nature did not wail when man burrowed underneath her skin, polluting her for gold, diamonds and coal. The rain stops. Water falling through empty buildings, echoes like the voice of forgotten workers. The breeze ... housing.” We sit in silence, how could I possibly reply. Anissa Nilsson, Age 12 Laude San Pedro International College The Desolated Streets of Earth I sit on the rubble and wait for dusk. The heat is unbearable, scorching my skin. My once new



Feeling desperate for a hug? Science can explain why


...compared with others. Known as 'skin hunger', it is a neurological episode that reveals why we all need contact and how we deteriorate without it. "Not touching a single living being has been the hardest part of lockdown. As the days go by, it becomes ... both a primary need and a luxury" Humans are "programmed by nature" to touch and be touched. The skin is the organ charged with receiving a large amount of valuable information about life. "Through the somatosensory system, we transmit to the brain ... the different qualities of contacts there are with our surroundings. From the skin, that information travels through complex systems which end in the cerebral cortex and it is our brain that processes all that information," explains Pablo Eguía, a



Sun protection is key in protecting bald heads from skin cancer this summer


You can either become bald naturally or choose to shave your head, but, whatever the case, having no hair on your head is considered to be a high-risk factor for the development of skin cancer. Throughout the summer months, we are bombarded with ... population sectors most affected by skin cancer is people who are bald. This claim is supported by statistics. People who are bald are the most affected by actinic keratosis; pre-malignant growths which appear as thick crusty scabs on the head, and can ... years that this disease appears. According to statistics from the hospital's dermatology department, between six and ten per cent of bald people who are diagnosed with a keratosis go on to develop skin cancer. We tend to associate sunburn with being



Hydration and protection: the keys to keeping your skin healthy in the summer


Despite the climate of Malaga allowing us to enjoy open-air activities practically all year round, there is no doubt that summer sees an increase in those pastimes which expose the skin to external agents and the sun's rays, both potential enemies ... of the skin. It is estimated that 80 per cent of skin ageing is triggered by damage caused by the sun, alongside water loss, which increases during the summer months. It is important to highlight that healthy outer skin is not only necessary from an ... aesthetic perspective. On the contrary, preventing the harmful effects of the sun, protecting the skin, and ensuring good hydration are key steps towards avoiding various dermatological diseases. It is essential to remember that the skin acts as a shield,



Local candidate for Miss Mundo to raise awareness of butterfly skin disease


'butterfly skin disease' (Epidermolysis Bullosa). The beauty competition will determine who will represent Spain at Miss Universe, and all the candidates are asked to champion a charitable cause. Noemí, who is from Benahavís, has chosen the DEBRA butterfly ... skin association, which began in Marbella and is still based there. "Few people know about butterfly skin disease and I really want to help those who suffer from it, by encouraging funding for research to improve their lives," she said. The painful ... disease, which is genetic, makes the skin and mucuous membranes blister very easily.



Marbella hospital warns about skin cancer and the importance of prevention


Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer in existence. The Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella recently organised a special Sun Protection Campaign to make more people aware of the disease and of the importance of early diagnosis as this ... aggressive tumours there is, and it is increasing at a faster rate than any other type of malignant neoplasia. However, it is also one that we can deal with if it is detected in time, because it appears on our skin in the form of a mole and is easily spotted. ... the Costa del Sol Health Agency. The skin's memory The provincial delegate for Health and Families, Carlos Bautista, also warned that "the skin has a memory" and talked about the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation over the passage of time in



Commentator Michael Robinson announces he has skin cancer

R. C.

Former footballer Michael Robinson, 59, has announced that he has a malignant melanoma which has metastasized. He shared news of the diagnosis on his own programme on the Movistar sports channel, where he is a highly-regarded analyst and commentato



Annual skin cancer screening day is on Saturday at the Primary Care Centre

Debbie Bartlett

The Gibraltar Health Authority is holding its annual skin cancer screening day on Saturday (13 April), from 9am to 1pm at the Primary Care Centre. Anyone interested in having moles or growths on their skin checked is asked to use the entrance via ... the front of the ICC building. Users should also remember that these checks are only to detect possible skin cancer and not for advice on other skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema. The GHA says these screening days are important as they



The sun, from ally to enemy


...abused. SUR talked to specialists in dermatology about the benefits and dangers of the sun and asked them for recommendations to prevent burns or, which is more serious, skin cancer which, if not detected in time, can cause a patient's death. This is ... especially the case with melanoma, which is twice as prevalent in Malaga than elsewhere in Spain; there are 20 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants per year. The incidence of basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers is also higher than average in Malaga. ... Skin tumours are the type that is increasing most, but 90 per cent of them could have been prevented if exposure to the sun had been controlled. "It's a matter of common sense," says Leandro Martínez, the Andalusian president of the Andalusian section



Malaga Cathedral draws up plans for new roof


Designs are under way for a new cathedral roof, following recognition that the 'second skin' of bricks, laid ten years ago, has failed to prevent leaks. Architects plan for a pitched roof, closely copying architectural drawings sketched by



Butterfly Skin reference centres open


Wednesday 25 October was International Butterfly Skin Day, a day which aims to raise awareness about a fairly unknown condition. Epidermolysis bullosa, commonly known as Butterfly Skin, is a rare and incurable disease characterised by extremely ... fragile skin which can be wounded or blistered by any physical contact. It is estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 people in Spain suffer from this condition and approximately 10 babies a year are born with it, yet very little is known about the illness. ... of the reference centre, Dr. Raul de Lucas, opened the presentation by explaining the current situation and characteristics of Butterfly Skin. He believes that “it is fundamental that the patients receive multidisciplinary support and that it is done



Running a marathon to show solidarity with 'Butterfly Skin' children

Mónica Pérez

...sufferers of Butterfly Skin disease". "When you meet these children you can't stop thinking about them, about their eyes, their smiles, their wish to live the same way as other children. So you decide to do whatever you can to help them," says Mora. He ... to help, while others can do their bit by making a donation. "Between us we can give them the wings they need to have a better life," he says. Butterfly Skin disease, otherwise known as Epidermolysis bullosa, is a rare and incurable genetic ... illness. Its sufferers have extremely fragile skin, and even the slightest scrape can cause it to blister, scar or flake. It is extremely debilitating, as injuries can easily occur during everyday life.



Seven thousand euros for Butterfly Skin


The Debra Butterfly Skin Association raised 7,040 euros during their 2017 Christmas campaign. Volunteers from the charity wrapped presents in the FNAC shop in the La Cañada shopping centre to raise money. “The saying 'strength in numbers' has never



A printer that makes skin


Spanish researchers have designed a 3D bioprinter which can recreate "totally functional" human skin and will be a major breakthrough in the treatment of patients who need skin grafts, such as those suffering from major burns. Bioprinters are ... hospital in Madrid and the BioDan Group, which in July last year became the first Spanish company to create 100 per cent human skin. Dr Jorcano says "it all comes down to the bio-ink" in 3D bioprinters which can be used in many types of dermal research ... as well as in testing cosmetics. "Now we have gone one step further. We want the process of creating human skin to be automised, on a larger scale and at a lower cost," he explains. The deposition of these bio-inks is controlled by computer. The



'Rock & Law' raises over 60,000 euros for the Debra charity


...concert will help the charity Debra to improve the quality of life for children and adults suffering with 'butterfly skin', a rare condition which causes the skin to become very fragile. A cheque for 60,304.47 euros was presented to representatives of



Common problems for women's skin


...most frequent skin problems which affect women. Society is changing and fortunately women are playing a greater role in the medical profession nowadays. As an example the AEDV has 2,478 specialist dermatologists, of whom 1,378 are women. The presence ... of women in this field has been progressively increasing and in the last few years more women than ever before have held top jobs, at the AEDV and at universities. Skin problems Some skin conditions affect women more than men, and Dr Paloma ... dermatological problem is rosacea. This is an inflammatory illness of the skin which affects the central facial region in the form of reddening, papules and pustules with a burning sensation and feeling of tightness. Sufferers can often not tolerate cosmetics.



A prize for pupils’ skin protection initiatives

Mónica Pérez MARBELLA

...themselves and prevent skin cancer. This conference was specifically aimed at schoolchildren, and it has formed part of this ongoing campaign for the past nine years. It is known as ‘Creciendo Soludable’, a play on words which refers to growing up ... campaign, which operates under the theme of ‘Enjoy some sunshine without damaging your skin’. The Marbella-Coín Teachers’ Centre also collaborates with this programme to raise awareness among schoolchildren. The meeting was organised to promote the idea ... of schools educating pupils about the need for sun protection. Overall, the campaign aims to improve children’s knowledge and attitudes and help them to develop healthy skin protection habits, and to promote the idea of these subjects being taught in