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Gorham's Cave in Gibraltar is becoming famous worldwide

Debbie Bartlett

The Gorham's Cave Complex in Gibraltar, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, is becoming increasingly famous around the world thanks to recent high-profile TV coverage. A team led by the Gibraltar Museum recently began another season of



Roadworks finish on Mijas road


The work to resurface the main road which accesses Mijas has finished. The mayor of Mijas and various representatives from the Andalucía government visited the site this week. The A-368 is used by nearly 5,000 vehicles per day. Improvement work



Junta stalls multi-million-euro Arenas retirement home project

Eugenio Cabezas

...the Junta last summer, the regional government has since decided that the proposed site for the building is classed as land not designated for construction. Speaking last Friday, Martín said that the project would “contribute to improving the economic



Antequera given plot of land to improve area surrounding UNESCO site

A. J. GUERRERO antequera

The local council in Antequera has been given a plot of land next to the Tholos del Romeral, one of the three megalithic tombs that make up the Dolmens of Antequera. One of the conditions of being a newly-declared UNESCO World Heritage Site is that



A call for the site to be protected so nothing can be built on top of it

f. griñán malaga

“Nobody would dream of giving permission for a residential development to be built at the Alhambra in Granada because of its historical value, and this is just the same,” says Julián Ramos, the director of the site at La Araña, who wants the ... extensive archaeological area to be protected. “Part of the site has already been destroyed, when the road was constructed and the cement factory was built. There’s nothing we can do about that now, so there is no point in concerning ourselves with



Nerja cave 'romería' party cancelled due to vandalism in previous years

Eugenio Cabezas

Fernández wrote a letter to the council requesting an alternative site for the festivities due to damage caused in previous years. He said that vandalism and the consequences of alcohol consumption are ruining the area around the caves, as well as the ... botanic gardens which opened in 2017. Mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal, said that she had received the request in writing and that similar petitions had been made in previous years. “We have been looking for an alternative site for the party but



Creating a buzz at the landfill


...strategy in conjunction with the Bee Garden association to develop pollination mechanisms in order to protect and promote natural spaces. The initiative is based at Los Ruices environmental centre, the home of the city's recycling plant and landfill site



Council admits mistake in sending heavy digger to the site of a historical basilica in San Pedro


...century AD. The council plans to create a picnic site on the land. The ruined church is listed as of special cultural interest (Bien de Interés Cultural), and the land around it, which is unlisted, is believed to also have special archaeological ... especially when the digger became stuck in mud and churned up possible archaeological remains. All sides are now urgently asking the Junta to clarify where the legal boundary of the site lies. Marbella council has said it has been transparent throughout the ... process and will now continue any work on the picnic site manually.



Restoration of Marbella Roman villa mosaic gets under way


Experts have begun restoring the mosaic floor of the Roman villa near the mouth of the Río Verde in Marbella. The archaeological site was vandalised in January last year and the priceless mosaic head of Medusa was taken. Only some missing



Police raid on illegal cigarette factory unearths six suffocating workers

Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías

...running out of oxygen All that was visible when members of the UCO (the Guardia Civil’s elite division) arrived at the site, however, were stables. Nothing could be seen or heard, although four metres below their feet, six men were banging on the walls



New government to go ahead with moving General Franco's remains


...confirmed that they will push for legislation before the next election in 2020 to exhume the dictator from the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen) and turn the large site into a neutral memorial to victims of both the Republican and Nationalist sides



The rebirth of Teba castle


Measures. The Torre del Homenaja will become a visitor centre. There will be new paths, parking, structural restoration and archaelogical studies. The site also has a unique place in British history. In 1329, Robert Bruce, King of Scots, asked his ... The site has yet to be fully excavated by architects. When this work finishes, the next step will be to restrucutre the entrances, pave over some of the grass, and reinforce some of the weakest parts of the castle. The plan lays out three stages. The



H&M to close its Vialia and Féliz Sáenz sites in Malaga and reopen in a combined store


Swedish clothing retailer H&M is to shut its two stores in the centre of Malaga and open a new two-floor site in the city's revamped Centro Comercial Larios covered shopping mall. The sites that will close are in Plaza Félix Sáenz, near the city's ... stock at the two branches. The historic Félix Sáenz site will be refitted as Malaga flagship store for Druni, a Valencian perfumery chain which is new to the Costa.



Malaga to introduce new brown containers for organic waste in 2020


...trial basis next February before being introduced across the city. The objective is two-fold: recycling organic waste to create compost which will then be sold on and to reduce the strain on the landfill site at Los Ruices which has just a decade left



A new way of looking at the Gorham's Cave complex

Debbie Bartlett

A new viewing platform for the Gorham's Cave complex was inaugurated on Wednesday by the Minister for Heritage, Professor John Cortes. Gorham's Cave is the last known home of the Neanderthals and it was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site ... in 2016. The new viewing platform offers unique perspectives of the whole site, which covers 280,000 square metres, or three per cent of Gibraltar's land area, from the sea all the way up to the highest point of the Rock at O'Hara's Battery (which ... of enabling people to learn more about this important part of Gibraltar's history without causing any damage to the site. The viewing platform will be managed by the Gibraltar Museum, which also runs the UNESCO World Heritage Office on behalf of



Gorham's viewing platforms to open soon

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

Last summer the Gorham's Cave complex was classified as a World Heritage Site and now new viewing platforms are being created for those who want a good look at the place which was the last known home of the Neanderthals. The platforms will have ... room for a large number of visitors and they have spectacular views of the caves and an impressive view of the World Heritage Site all the way to the top. The caves can only be visited under certain circumstances to avoid damage to the site. The



Unfinished building on A-7 could be Marbella's new courthouse

Héctor Barbotta

An unfinished building near the Hospital Costa del Sol alongside the A-7, east of central Marbella, could be home to a new court complex. The town currently has its court operations spread across three separate buildings and urgently needs a new base



New law courts will be in building seized in Malaya corruption case


The building, alongside the A-7 near the Costa del Sol hospital, is a familiar site to locals due to its sorry state of repair. If all goes to plan, it will be given to the council as part of compensation for money defrauded by the disgraced former



Archaeological dig set to get under way in Malaga's Plaza de la Merced


...prepared for redevelopment but first, as is usual in Malaga with its 3,000 years of history, an archeological dig will have to take place. Municipal engineers want to find out if a project for the site is viable. A group of business people from Cordoba ... want to include an underground theatre space, with a depth of up to 10 metres, in their plans for cultural and restaurant use for the site. Several floors above will house bars and restaurants and space for the Fundación Picasso birthplace charity. ... Urban Planning councillor at Malaga city hall, Raúl López, said this week that excavations should begin in the next few weeks once the final pieces of debris from the old cinemas is removed from the site. Some underground pipes may also need to be moved



Dr Hoskin brings his family to see his dolmens

regina sotorrío antequera

...of the tholos of El Romeral and the “interesting” construction of Viera. And it was this discovery that helped put the dolmen site in Antequera on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Hoskin and the mayor in front of his bust.A..J.Guerrero This



A year of ups and downs at the dolmens

Antonio Javier López

UNESCO World Heritage Site a year ago this week. Since then, in fact, visitor figures in general have increase by 114%. In the specific case of the prehistoric dolmen complex, the number of visitors has increased by 57.8% gaining 79,460 visitors in a ... this service has yet to be awarded. The Junta is also still going through the process of commissioning the works to totally revamp the site museum, one of the conditions laid down by UNESCO for the complex to be awarded the world heritage listing. ... Heritage Site. UNESCO also put forward another request that is taking the authorities a while to get organised: to tidy up the area around the dolmens. This is especially important in the area of the El Romeral tholos structure which is surrounded by an



The enigma of the Roman theatre

Antonio Javier López

...norms and customs of the Roman era. The original inscription referring to the ex-slave were found hidden on the base of one long-destroyed column during the excavations of the site. “Two inscriptions appeared that said the same thing; however the



Green light finally given for two new sewage plants in Malaga

francisco jiménez

...the province. It was planned over 10 years ago and the initial project was drawn up in 2012, but it has been delayed for two reasons: the site was included in the Guadalhorce flood risk area, and the regional government’s environmental ministry decided ... initial site to the north of the airport, but a series of measures will be put into effect to protect it if the river floods. Should that not prove viable, then plan ‘B’ will be put into effect - the existing plant next to the Guadalhorce industrial estate ... that he headed straight to the site to see it for himself.



The AirBnB of motorhome rentals launches in Spain

Pilar Martínez

...have built a community of motorhome lovers and have some 1,700 Spanish vehicles listed on its site. "The aim is to help owners in Spain of caravan homes to earn between 10,000 and 20,000 euros a year," explained Camplify. CEO, Justin Hales, said he ... wanted to help spread "caravanlove" in Spain. In its four years since the launch, the company has gained 46,000 registered users and had 3,500 vehicles added to its site, with 450,000 motorhome-nights sold "under the stars".



Historic mine sealed off to protect ramblers and encourage bats

Nieves Castro marbella

...seen increased numbers of visitors. The mine is accessed by a mountain walk behind the Nagüeles area and in recent years the town hall has also been encouraging school groups to visit the site, which has been cleaned up. A bat inside the mine.J-L



Work is progressing well on Gibraltar's new power station and LNG plant


The minister for Energy, John Cortes, visited the site of the new power station and LNG plant earlier this week and said he was extremely pleased with the way the project is proceeding. Accompanied by the CEO of the Gibraltar Electricity ... Authority, Michael Caetano, deputy CEO Ian Payas and GEA member and former City Electrical Engineer Tony Aguilera, he toured the whole site, including the new engines, control rooms, office accommodation, the sites for the LNG tanks and all the civil



Chance to volunteer at Gorham’s Cave

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

The Gorham’s Cave complex will soon be celebrating its first year as a Unesco World Heritage Site and the Gibraltar Museum has decided to mark the anniversary by giving local people the chance to help with the excavation this summer, which will take ... apply in writing to Dr Geraldine Finlayson, Gorham’s Cave Complex World Heritage Site co-ordinator, The Gibraltar Museum, 18-20 Bomb House Lane, Gibraltar, or by email to



A sensory trip along the Caminito


...visually impaired. The project, which uses touch and smell to offer a sensory experience of the famous daredevil walkway around El Chorro gorge for those unable to see it, was first proposed by the site's management. The tailor-made route is the first of ... "giant balcony that stretches along a vertical wall", and also spoke about the varieties of rock that can be found at the site. In addition the participants had the chance to touch replicas of items found in the area, such as clay pots and wicker baskets.



Nature Protection Service investigates disruption at Vega del Mar basilica

Héctor Barbotta MARBELLA

This week the Guardia Civil's Nature Protection Service (Seprona) is looking into any possible damage done to the Vega del Mar paleochristian basilica site in Marbella, after complaints from residents in the area. According to the complainants, ... forest of eucalyptus trees outside the basilica where the majority of the damage is said to have been done. Marbella's head of Culture, Gema Midón has since defended the council's decision to send the works vehicles to the site, claiming that "no ... "decontextualised." However she did confirm that in order to prevent further damage, from now on all work at the site will be done manually.



Finca Cortesín golf course in Casares is crowned the best in Europe

Leandro Pavón Casares

Leading Courses, a reviewing website used by hundreds and thousands of golfers, has placed the Casares golf resort, Finca Cortesín, at the top of its European rankings this year. The golf resort has been promoted from third to first place after ac



Record number of operations at Hospital Costa del Sol in 2016

Mónica Pérez Marbella

...the constructor. "Local people can rest assured that even though they may see a half-finished construction site, this isn't a half-working hospital," added Romero. The medical conditions with the most number of operations in 2016 were eye complaints,