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Removal of all sewage pipes from Costa del Sol beaches expected to cost 300 million euros


The Costa del Sol is embarking on an ambitious project to remove all the sewage pipes, pumping stations and manholes from its beaches. Some of these are less visible than others, but they have been there since the 1970s and 1980s, right by the shore ... to begin the first part of this plan which will completely restructure the sewage system on the Costa del Sol. Preliminary plans The regional government's Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development is preparing the contract to draw up ... the initial plans. These will lay out all that will need to be done to move the general sewage pipe which runs almost entirely along the beach in each municipality. These preliminary plans will work with recommendations from Acosol, which knows the



Nerja sewage treatment plant enters testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's wastewater station officially entered its testing phase on Tuesday, following a five-year delay. Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo said, "Today, 27 October 2020, is a historic day. Nerja starting treating sewage water." The testing phase



Nerja's sewage treatment plant hit by further delays

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's new sewage treatment plant is still waiting to be connected to the electricity supply so that it can go into testing phase. The latest date set by mayor José Alberto Armijo was mid-October. The town hall has recently awarded a contract



Malaga's water company is monitoring the spread of Covid-19 by tracking the city's sewage


Analysing virus levels in sewage flowing in pipes under the city of Malaga has been a useful tool for local officials fighting Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic in the spring, as faeces flushed away can carry the virus even before symptoms ... show. Now the municipal water company, Emasa, has been giving more details of the innovation it introduced in its sampling for the second wave; the testing of the city's sewage is now divided into 16 zones, which allows scientists to get a more precise



The Acosol local water company welcomes Junta's commitment


The public water management company for the western Costa, Acosol, has welcomes the willingness of the regional government to take a major step in improving the sewage infrastructure along the Costa del Sol. The Junta has already made progress in ... terms of the treatment plants, but these latest problems have arisen due to the age and location of the pipes. "We have been working on this dynamic for the past two years and all the money for sewage projects which are financed directly is to be used



Nerja sewage plant testing phase to start in July

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's sewage treatment plant is to go into testing phase in the first half of July, according to secretary of state for the Environment Hugo Morán. During last week's video conference, the secretary of state said that the remaining work should



Green campaigners accused of spreading fake news by Nerja council

Eugenio Cabezas

Environmentalist group GENA - Ecologistas en Acción has reported to both the Junta de Andalucía regional government and Nerja town hall what they claimed was the presence of raw sewage at the mouth of the Chillar river in Nerja. They said that the ... sewage was located in an urban area, near to the El Chucho and Playazo beaches. In a statement released last Friday, the Axarquía-based group stated that they had found "dark coloured water with a strong smell of sewage". The statement went on to say, ... "Without the need to run chemical or bacteriological tests, we can confirm that the water is contaminated." GENA has previously reported the presence of sewage in the Chillar river and other waterways in Nerja. Town hall reaction Reacting to GENA's



Sewage will not stop being released into the Guadalhorce river until 2023


The time when sewage is no longer released into the Guadalhorce river is getting closer, but it is still going to take at least three years before the biggest river in the province no longer receives waste from Alhaurín el Grande and Cártama. Once ... Coín is connected to the Bajo Guadalhorce treatment plant (which currently serves Álora and Pizarra) in the autumn, these will be the only two municipalities in the area with no sewage facilities. This problem will be overcome by the metropolitan ... treatment plant which is being constructed by the Junta de Andalucía. As well as treating the sewage from these two towns, this will also ease pressure on the one on the Guadalhorce industrial estate, as it will serve Alhaurín de la Torre and the Malaga



EU fines for lack of sewage treatment across Malaga has risen to 10.6 million euros in two years


The lack of action or even the historic laziness of the public administrations in providing adequate sewage treatment facilities has not only a high environmental cost but also an economic one. And it is very sizeable. In Malaga province alone the ... for the Junta de Andalucía's projects in Coín and Alhaurín el Grande. It could be worse, because Cártama was not included in this judicial process. It is the fourth largest municipality in Malaga with no sewage treatment, but the sentence was for ... the initial fine, the amount has built up to 2.8 million euros. The Junta de Andalucía says it plans to go to the Supreme Court to overturn the government's decision to make it pay three million euros of the fine for the lack of sewage treatment in



Nerja sewage treatment plant on track to enter testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas

Despite initial fears that the current state of alarm would further delay work on Nerja's long-awaited sewage treatment plant, it is now thought that the project will be able to go into test phase this summer, as planned. Work has been able to ... station and underground collectors, which are located near the Ayo beach bar, as well as the 800-metre-long submarine sewage pipe which will pump treated wastewater into the sea when the plant is up and running. Work on the sewage plant itself is ... pumping station. Delays and setbacks Once the outstanding work is complete, the treatment plant will undergo a six-month test phase, meaning it won't be fully functional until early 2021. Nerja's sewage treatment plant should have been up and running



Triple A animal shelter to get long-awaited drainage and water supply infrastructure

josé maría martín

Marbella town hall, in collaboration with Hidralia, has confirmed it is undertaking work to provide sewage and drinking water supply infrastructure to the facilities of the Triple A shelter on the road to Ojén. The councillor for Public Works, ... sewage pipes, a pumping station and a regulating tank. "This is a major intervention in an area where around 600 people work and where the animal protection organisation carries out very important work." "Until now tankers were required to supply the



Notable increase in wet wipes in Malaga's sewage systems since lockdown began

Francisco JIMÉNEZ

Sewage plant operators in Malaga province have reported an increase in wet wipes present in waste water systems since the coronavirus crisis began. Malaga's provincial authority, the Diputación, which manages a number of sewage plants in smaller ... causes of blockages, faults and leaks in sewage systems and 90 per cent of the 400 tonnes of non-organic waste which are removed from sewage systems each month is wet wipes.



Central government approves modification to sewage plant

Eugenio Cabezas

The central government's representative in Malaga province, María Gámez, announced via her Twitter account last Friday, that the modification to Nerja's long-awaited sewage treatment plant project has been approved. She tweeted (in Spanish): Good ... sewage treatment plant is three years behind schedule, due to financial problems with the company responsible for the project and the approval for the modification.



Nerja mayor to appear in court over raw sewage entering sea


Four of the nine current and former councillors from Nerja who are due to give evidence related to the release of untreated sewage into the sea of Nerja have been summoned to do so over the next two weeks. Mayor José Alberto Armijo who also held ... the towns have operating waste water treatment plants. The organisation claims that the council has been doing so as far back as 2011. Nerja businessman Jorge Narváez has joined Ecologistas en Acción in their complaint as he claims raw sewage is ... sewage discharged in Alhaurín el Grande currently stands at the equivalent of 10,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.



Eight public officials under investigation in Alhaurín el Grande over raw sewage disposal


...being investigated for environmental offences. The investigation began in 2017 after the Ecologistas en Acción Andalucía group reported "serious irregularities" in waste treatment, with untreated sewage flowing into the sea, rivers or streams. The ... investigating the present mayor, Toñi Ledesma, former mayor Juan Martín Serón and a further six people who have been councillors after 2007. Seprona ascertained that untreated sewage is flowing from the town centre, some outlying distances and La Rosa industrial ... been treating its sewage since January 2001. In fact, in July 2018 the EU Justice Tribunal fined Spain 12 million euros plus an additional sum of of 10,950,000 for each six-month period of failure to comply, for the delay in meeting its obligations



Sewage plant project to stop untreated waste flowing into Guadalhorce river by 2022


The end is finally in sight. After decades during which time raw sewage has been flowing into the Guadalhorce river, urgent action is being taken to resolve this problem in the province once and for all. At the moment ten million euros have been ... allocated in the Andalusian budget for 2020 so that these works can begin. The sewage plant, which will be known as the Malaga Norte, will treat the waste from the other two towns who are still disposing of it into the river (Alhaurín el Grande and Cártama) ... year 2022, a decade after the initial plans were drawn up, is the target date for the Guadalhorce to stop being used as a dump for raw sewage from the area. Discussions are under way between the Junta de Andalucía's ministry of Sustainable Development



A Mijas beach has been closed again due to a broken sewage pipe

Ivan Gelibter

A beach in La Cala de Mijas had to be closed to the public again this week due to a break in a sewage pipe. This was the second time in two weeks that Los Cordobeses beach had to be closed for the same reason. Sources at Mijas town hall say the ... pipe runs along the coast from La Cala to Marbella, so the sewage leak is "quite major". The problem began a fortnight ago when the first break in the pipe was discovered. Technicians from the Acosol water company created a 'bypass' but this failed ... the other day and a large amount of sewage emptied out of the pipe, which is why the beach had to be closed again. Although at present only Los Cordobeses beach is still affected, the authorities initially had to close all the beaches from El Bombo