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Travel is dead! Long live travel!

Andrew Forbes

...cases, and the impact this is having on our lives, work and of course, upon our travel dreams and plans. Resilience So, instead I'm taking a look at our region and how the travel and hospitality sector is gearing up for summer. In preparing for this ... in serving travellers and tourists. These are unprecedented times, but the sector clearly believes innovation, focus on clients' evolving needs, and a positive attitude will win through. In addition, the vaccine roll-out and the UK's 'lockdown ... great news, as the UK tourists are crucial to the revival of the Costa del Sol's hospitality sector, and all the employment and wealth it creates in southern Spain. What's more, the EU might catch up on vaccines. Here in the south of Spain, the Junta



Improvements to Costa homes surge during pandemic but big-build projects stall

Ivan Gelibter

With less than a month to go before the first anniversary of the state of alarm coming into force in Spain, the picture of what has happened in Malaga province, in terms of construction, seems clear. Although the sector has not plummeted there has ... rest of the provinces and the whole of Spain, apart from construction, where employment has increased. In other words, at the moment this sector is maintaining economic activity in Marbella," says Caracuel. "Marbella is doing well and continues to be ... a golf course and more than 3,000 homes, and in other areas such as El Morche and El Peñoncillo. "We have major possibilities in terms of urban growth and I hope that when all this is over the sector will quickly reactivate," he says.



Major airlines to launch a digital Covid 'health passport' in March

Pilar Martínez

Some of the world's largest airlines intend to implement a 'health passport' next month in an effort to revive the aviation sector and get passengers travelling again - and to do so safely. The Travel Pass is an International Air Transport ... without quarantines and reactivating the aviation sector. They say that currently the traveller is faced with fragmented and diverse Covid-19 testing requirements for entry and exit, as well as the variety of different types of tests (PCR, LAMP, antigen



Your property on the Costa del Sol in 2021

SUR in English

Owning a property on the Costa del Sol has been a dream come true for thousands of buyers over the last few decades. The area's ideal climate and excellent facilities and communications continue to attract people from Spain, Europe and the rest of



Joe Biden's ascent to the White House brings hope and scepticism to the Malaga olive sector


Carneros, the head of Corporate Relations at Dcoop, hopes so. The cooperative is a giant in the agricultural food sector and its situation is not comparable with that of small and medium-sized producers. Dcoop has been operating on the other side of the ... aircraft," said Carneros. "The consequence, and I'm talking in general for the sector, is that Spanish oil is no longer being bottled for the United States. The companies have looked for alternatives, such as building bottling plants there. This has negative ... consequences for Andalucía: a loss of productive capability and of jobs in the region." The arrival of Biden has led to hope of a change in this protectionist policy against the Malaga olive sector. For small producers such as Perfecto Matas, it would be a



Junta's Tourism chief announces the date he hopes things will start to 'take off' in Andalucía


The vice president of the Junta de Andalucía and the regional Minister of Tourism, Juan Marín, has said that he would love for the tourism sector to start 'taking off' at Easter, starting with mobility between regions. But he cautioned that we ... must be " very prudent" due to the situation of the pandemic. During a press conference in Seville, Marín pointed out that the possibility of mobility between regions during Holy Week would undoubtedly reactivate the tourism sector. However, Marín ... Andalucía is prepared so that as soon as mobility limitations are eased, its tourism sector can begin to "take off quickly". He stated that the growth forecasts in the sector this year are to welcome 22 million visitors to the region, compared to 13



Spain's tourism industry calls to be a vaccination priority sector

Pilar Martínez

...we understand that some municipalities may have difficulties when it comes to finding large and safe spaces to carry out vaccination." He added that the hotel sector has shown since the beginning of the pandemic that "establishments have always been ... common vaccination certificate that allows the recovery of international movement and tourism in a safe way. "Vaccination is key to regain mobility and allow the entire tourism sector to reopen,” he said. For his part, the Secretary of State for



Junta claims 'there are means' to promote safe tourism but criticises a lack of government 'will'


...code on a mobile phone that contains the "health history" of the person who carries it. He said an application like this could carry a certificate proving that the person is immunised, and argued that this "would be a great help" for a tourism sector in ... willingness on the part of the Government," Marín added. He said it is "a pity" because tourism is "an economic engine". He said that the Junta suggested "a rescue plan" for the sector but has received "a response of silence."



The street is the new stage for Costa del Sol singer


Malaga-based New Yorker, who for years has been the voice of the Free Soul Band and the Lito Blues Band, has found salvation in the street from the standstill in the entertainment sector caused by coronavirus. Since November, Suzette Moncrief has been a



Local tourism figures paint a desperate picture after a year of pandemic

Pilar Martínez

An examination of Andalusian tourism after a year of the pandemic shows a sector on artifical ventilation which needs a drastic rescue plan to survive. Among other reasons, because behind every statistic there is a story, a company and a large ... number of workers and suppliers who have been badly affected. The worst crisis ever to hit this industry has already eradicated 12,000 small and medium businesses and self-employed workers in this sector, because they have been unable to carry on with ... Sánchez. The crisis is affecting all tourism segments. The figures speak for themselves. Hotel occupancy dropped by 80 per cent, travel agencies have lost 90 per cent of their business and the restaurant sector is down by around 70 per cent. In addition,



Tourism sector hopes measures will come with an aid package

Pilar Martínez

The Costa del Sol tourism industry hopes that the restrictions introduced on Wednesday by Andalusian president Juanma Moreno will come with an aid package for businesses. The president of the Costa del Sol hoteliers association (Aehcos), Luis Callejó



Madrid bans meetings of more than six people over Christmas holiday


Madrid has decided to reduce the maximum number of people who can meet during the most important festive dates (24, 25 and 31 December, and 1 and 6 January) from ten to six. In addition, these six people must belong to, at most, ‘two cohabiting nucle



Bar and restaurant owners hit out at new Covid-19 measures in Andalucía


...phase two of the easing of restrictions. The Horeca trade association has announced it is breaking its relationship with the Junta "because of the mistreatment of the sector" after the measures were published. During phase one from 12 to 17 December ... that argument is "ridiculous". The hospitality sector employs more than a quarter of a million Andalusians and represents more than seven per cent of the regional gross domestic product. Shopkeepers are a little happier with the new measures that



International recognition for Axarquía research scientists

Eugenio Cabezas

...investigation (CSIC), has become an international point of reference for research into horticulture and subtropical fruit. The main areas of research at the centre are genetics and biotechnology, the subtropical fruit sector, insects and microorganisms and



Costa del Sol hoteliers fight back against Covid business devastation

Pilar Martínez

...will be accepted and help enable the recovery of the sector that has suffered massively as tourists have stayed away from the coast in their droves. The report was prepared in collaboration with the consulting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the ... Technological Institute Hotelero. Luis Callejón Suñé, chair of Aehcos forecast, said, “These five major projects will bring benefits for employment, the tourism sector, society and the economy.” Cybersecurity In the report handed to the regional govrenment ... to create a cybersecurity centre of excellence for advice, development, support and response to cybersecurity threats and incidents against the hotel sector.



Feeding frenzy

Mark Nayler

...of Europe" by 2025. But one wonders whether private sector heavyweights should be receiving any of Brussels' €750-billion fund, which is supposedly for EU countries that have been especially affected by the virus and/or their governments' haphazard



Merger talks between BBVA and Banco Sabadell under way


...dampening some of the initial excitement earlier in the week. The Spanish banking sector has come under increased pressure from national and European regulators to consolidate, faced with reducing incomes due to the coronavirus crisis. As well as the



Bar and restaurant owners affected by forced Covid closures: 'The situation is critical'


...president of Malaga's association of bar and restaurant owners, Javier Frutos, has said, "Such an important sector cannot be closed without enabling any direct help." Malaga mayor: 'The Covid-19 closure is bad news for the city's economy' Frutos ... explained that the situation for the entire sector is "very critical" and since last January the turnover has fallen by 80 per cent. Malaga forced to close all non-essential activity after exceeding a Covid-19 infection rate He claimed that the ... authorities are determined to hold the hospitality sector responsible when most cases occur in social gatherings. “We are very responsible; we have provided our clients and employees with all the necessary safety measures and yet we continue to be the ones



Malaga province sees its GDP sink the most of all mainland Spain


...the size of the country's economy. The six most-affected provinces in order are: Balearics, Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Malaga, Gerona and Alicante. The Bank of Spain says they are charaterised by "the importance of the tourist sector ... and the provinces in the Castilla-La Mancha region, as well as Zamora and Teruel. These areas also have a higher proportion of their day-to-day activity made up of sectors less affected by Covid-19, such as farming and the public sector, and their



The devastating effects of a Costa with no tourists

Pilar Martínez

...stayed open or the busiest resorts have been spared the Covid-19 crisis. The sector sees no sign of the decision to stop tourists coming 'sine die' being reversed. The times in which we are living make it more inviting to save companies and jobs than to ... Holland, Belgium and Denmark not to travel to Spain, and the UK's quarantine on travellers coming from Spain, have taken the sector to the limit. There is no activity from tour operators, no bookings from the clients who always come in winter, because ... of selling safety after the borders reopened, not when peak tourist season is over for most Spanish destinations; they are only trying to save this situation now with rapid testing at airports in the Canary Islands. The sector has felt abandoned



Costa estate agencies join forces to call for a code of ethics and regulation of the sector

Héctor Barbotta

García (Nevado Realty); Jesús García (Banús Properties), Wolfgang Schlesier (Casa Marbella); Sergey Sinichkin (Drumelia); Miguel Tobar (Villa Marketing). This was explained on Tuesday at the official launch in Marbella of the sector's first association ... initiative say the aim is to act as a lobby to defend the sector and protect its clients. The first positive move it wants to see is for the Andalusian government to develop the decree which was announced to regulate the registration and operation of all ... estate agencies in the region. José Carlos León said the Junta de Andalucía is already keen for there to be an obligatory Register of Property Mediators to ensure good practice in the sector, and this was included in the special decree announced in



Shares in Liberbank and Malaga-based Unicaja surge as merger talks resume

NURIA TRIGUERO / Neil hesketh Unicaja Banco closed the day with a rise of 14.55% and Liberbank with 13.58%. The rest of the Spanish banking sector also saw rises, as investors hoped for more mergers and acquisitions. The European Central Bank has been calling for a ... consolidation in the European banking sector, which is seen as vulnerable in the wake of a fall in profits due to the Covid-19 crisis. A merger is already under way between CaixaBank and Bankia to create Spain's largest bank and Banco Sabadell is viewed as



Fear of squatters showing signs of hitting sales of Costa properties to foreign buyers


Increasing news of squatters entering empty second homes across Spain is threatening to destabilise the already weakened demand for an extra property in the sun. The local real estate sector on the Costa del Sol is worried about the repercussion ... themselves," he says. The luxury property market, less prone to squatters The luxury property sector on the Costa del Sol does not appear to be affected by fears about squatters, however. José Carlos León, president of Leading Property Agents and owner of



Taxis are moving up a gear to face off the challenge from Uber and Cabify


sector in the region. The main new proposals will be that the user will have the possibility of sharing a taxi and also knowing, in advance, how much the journey will cost. Once the approval is given, the new regulations will come into effect after ... of the main features. There is also the option that the client can share a trip with other users so that it works out cheaper. "This decree will increase the quality of the service as demanded not only by the sector, but also by the users



Summer season still in doubt as tourism sector counts losses and plans recovery


...heightened by Employment minister Yolanda Díaz, who spoke last week of two phases of getting back to business in the country. The first was for the productive sector in June; and tourism, culture and leisure were included in the second phase, reserved for the ... Facebook drop-in session on Wednesday. Since then, however, Finance minister, Nadia Calviño, admitted that central government has no "official calendar" for the restoration of the tourism sector. After last Tuesday's Cabinet meeting she said that she ... that are estimated to have a positive impact of 243 million euros on the tourism sector and 740 million euros on Andalucía's economy as a whole. These measures include employment incentives, credit and liquidity plans for businesses and tax incentives,



Lockdown estimated to cost the Costa del Sol's restaurant sector 270 million euros

juan soto

...season for the hotel and restaurant sector. Buri, one of the owners of Casa Lola, a chain of five restaurants between Malaga and Marbella, is aware that nothing will be the same when this health crisis is over, especially in his business. The absence ... of tourists and the need for social distancing measures which will have to be implemented before normality returns, are going to make recovery especially difficult for a sector which is already predicting losses of millions of euros on the Costa del ... Sol. IN FIGURES 80% About 80,000 people work in bars and restaurants in Malaga province, which is around 80% of the sector. The hotels employ about 17,000 personas. 270 million eurosThe losses to be suffered by the restaurant sector in



Cancellation crisis hits the tourism and travel sector as government offers support

P. M. / H. B. / N. H.

...and April had been cancelled. With the spectre of imminent financial problems in a sector worth 13 per cent of the Spanish economy, industry groups nationally were calling for urgent measures. This cry for help was met to some extent on Thursday ... afternoon when Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced relief measures for small and medium businesses (SMEs) and the self-employed, as well as the tourism sector in general. As part of a stimulus package worth 14 billion euros, all self-employed and SMEs ... will receive a six-month grace period to pay taxes due, up to certain amounts. Specifically for hotels, tourism and the transport sector, there will also be a 400-million-euro state loan service. In addition, some social security quota rules will be



Álora's bars and restaurants choose not to reopen - although the Covid data allows it


...situation." Although most businesses will reopen on a staggered basis in the coming weeks if the infection numbers continue to decline, the hospitality sector said that several establishments will resume their business on Saturday to serve key workers. "We ... understand that as a service sector we must make a great effort to serve workers from essential sectors who come to our town such as transport companies, delivery men, doctors etc.", they said. They added it is an exercise "of responsibility and solidarity



Stricter rules on nightlife come into force in Andalucía


...close the sector but to be tougher on the "main route of contagion". However club and bar owners have demanded that the Junta change its mind, claiming their premises aren't the cause of any outbreak. Besides nightclubs needing to log customer



Hotels on the Costa say they have been only 40% full and many will have to close in the winter


sector will repay them many times over." The sector is waiting to see what happens with prime minister Pedro Sánchez's promise to consider a possible extension to the furloughing measures (ERTEs) for employees of tourism companies. These end in ... more in the hotel, but we have still had unexpected costs such as the Covid protocols." A cash injection is essential to pay the bills for which payment has been postponed. But so far, there is no rescue in sight for the hotel sector and its agony



Sales of contact lenses and ‘de-misting’ products soar in Malaga

susana zamora

Spanish Optical Sector Federation noting a 72.9% rise in contact lens sales in the third trimester of 2020. On top of this, the usage of de-misting sprays and wipes has also been on the rise. Manuel Gómez, a spokesperson for popular contact lens



Malaga province exceeds the 200,000 unemployed barrier


...end. However, this time the January slope is steeper than ever due to the pandemic activity, which keeps the tourism sector in a coma and the hospitality sector in a semi-vegetative condition. Unemployment has risen in all sectors of the Malaga ... economy except in construction, where it decreased by 79 people. The greatest increase occurred in the services sector (+4,317), followed by agriculture (+290) and industry (213). The unemployed divided between sectors are 146,034 in services, 21,771