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What to do

Torremolinos dance school offers a free afternoon at the ballet

Tony Bryant

The Torremolinos Dance Centre will present an afternoon of ballet at the Príncipe de Asturias Auditorium tomorrow (Saturday). The show, which begins at midday, will be presented by students of the long-established academy and will offer a programme



Marbella students plea for new school from Three Kings in video message


Marbella students are asking the Three Kings for a very special gift this year - a new secondary school that they have been waiting more than ten years for to ease the current saturation of facilities. Last week the Junta de Andalucía announced a ... further delay to the project for the construction of a long-awaited school for the Las Chapas area of the town saying it would likely begin in the third quarter of 2021. But that means it would be not ready for use until the 2023-24 academic year even



The circus school with no big top

REGINA SOTORRÍO Pizarra. In fact, he was unsuccessfully attempting to repair the large tear in the canvas which has brought all activity at his circus school, the Malaga Escuela de Circo (MEC), to a halt. The association, which is non-profit-making, urgently ... needs a new big top if it is to continue bringing the art of the circus to the rural area of the Guadalhorce Valley. And the only way to get one is through crowdfunding. The school has opened a campaign on, hoping to raise at least 13,000 ... by Lauropark, says Anthony, and it has barely lasted four seasons. The sun, frequent use and its more than ten years of life have all had an effect. This school put the big top up for the first time in 2017, on a site ceded by the local council.



At least three dead in Madrid city centre explosion

MATEO BALÍN on fire so it is not “prudent” for firefighters to enter. A field hospital has been set up in the area to treat injured persons. The building is next to the Virgen de la Paloma church and the La Salle La Paloma school. The mayor said that ... the blast affected the upper four storeys of the building and that rubble had fallen into a school yard attached to the premises. Nearby there is also a care home, Los Nogales La Paloma. A spokesman for the residence has reported that "no resident or



Two bids received to build the new San Andrés marina in Malaga city


...right hand side of the river with a 100,000-square-metre area on water, plus a further 28,000 square metres on land. As well as the berths for yachts under 30 metres in length, the facilities will include a nautical complex with a sailing school



When can I move from one municipality to another?


...towns and villages across municipal boundaries is permitted in the following cases: - To attend health centres, hospitals and other healthcare services. - Work: to meet professional, business, insititutional or legal obligations. - School: To go ... to school, college, university and other educational centres, including infant schools. - Travelling home: to return to a habitual or family residence. - Carers: To assist or care for the elderly, children, people with disabilities, or those



30 October 1910: Birth of republican poet Miguel Hernández

Tony Bryant

...collective of artists known as the Generation of 27. He was also part of the Generation of 36, a later literary movement active during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). Hernández had no academic background other than a limited state school education. His ... father, who took the youngster out of school after primary education, is said to have physically abused his son for having a passion to further his studies. Hernández befriended Ramón Sijé, a young student from an educated background who encouraged him



Excitement helps overcome the nerves as kids head back to school


Hours before his first day back at school, to try the patience of his parents, Mateo had learned to climb tall furniture, touch his face while eating and pretend to be asleep when they told him off. Nothing is normal about the staggered return to ... primary schools started on Thursday this week. Secondary schools follow next Monday. Children line up before entering the school.Francis Silva A‘back to school’ marked by the (almost) hidden fear of the grown-ups and the excitement of the children, who ... were seeing their classmates for the first time in six months. At Mateo’s school, García Lorca primary, in Malaga, the more impatient ones started to line up at 8.30am. 'Go and play but stay apart' Among the few things unchanged was the row of



Secondary poems

...splintered showers soar But left in wrecked ruins stands the lonely mantlepiece. I free a cry and lift my thigh to bring my heel down on the beast. Jessica Newton, Age 17 Swans International School Selected as the best secondary poem. ... window, I leave, and feel tears in my eyes. Teresa Torres Holgado, age 12 Sunny View School Gazing Through the Window I'm trapped, Tap tap tapping on the glass, Waiting for a response, I try to speak, No one can hear, Gazing through ... memory here, Am I gazing through a window Freya Harrold, Age 13 Sotogrande International School It's funny how fate works It's funny how fate works. I had no idea that the cage I was developing all this time was a trap for me. And when I



Covid-19 cases continue to rise as Spain gets ready to go back to school


As the nation's children prepare to return to school in stages in the coming days, the government added another 8,959 to its national running total of coronavirus cases on Thursday, of which almost a third were in Madrid. This was equivalent to ... about 212 cases per 100,000 in the last 14 days. The government said that 594,000 PCR tests had been carried out nationally in the last week of August. With back to school imminent, in Madrid there were arguments as compulsory testing for teachers ... on Wednesday led to thousands of school staff waiting hours in a queue in the sun to be seen. On Thursday, the Andalucía region registered its highest number of new positive tests since the pandemic began. There were 1,038 new cases, up 154 on



Andalucía signs up to national deal to get kids back to school

francisco gutiérrez

Agreement was reached on Thursday between central government and the regional ministers of Education to get school children back into classrooms from next month. There had been increasing discontent with regional inconsistencies. In a route map ... at least five times a day; a Covid coordinator in each school; and a recommendation to create peer bubbles beyond Primary students. For children over 14, it is up to each school to decide the amount of remote learning. The Andalucía regional ... government, responsible for ‘state’ schooling in Malaga province, has signed up to the guidelines. Local schools get ready The regional minister for Education, Javier Imbroda, said after the virtual meeting with Madrid that going to school was a right and



The best primary stories

...on the planet… maybe something else will live on the planet one day? Elvira Floden, Year 5 International School Estepona The Beauty of the Sea As the sun slowly rose in the rich, royal orange sky, Conner woke up, put his clothes on, had ... Earth and he couldn’t destroy it. Conner hesitated and after a few seconds he lazily put the can in the bin. Juan Rafael Cabezas Rambla, Age 9 Swans Primary School



The best secondary stories

“HUMANITY.” The rain clinks against its hollow chest and rolls down the metal frame until it pools below its feet. Lola Martin Higueras, Age 14 Swans International School O2 My name is Irene and I'm 13 years old. I was born in 2206, at the end of ... school, so they selected me to write a card for the past. Please stop this before it's too late. All you have to do is walk to school some time or not waste too much water in a shower. It's up to you to make the future. Laura Meinesz Sanz, Age 12 ... distance, grime coats every surface. I grimace and step over smoking piles of debris - broken glass, blocks of cement and car doors are littered everywhere. I finally arrive at one of the only buildings still standing: a red brick primary school. I use all



Gibraltar cross-border worker dies from coronavirus

Debbie Bartlett

...pupils) from Westside School went into self-isolation after a second person tested positive for Covid-19 there. Other students at the school have been able to continue attending as usual, if they were not contacted and asked to self-isolate.


What to do

A creative use of wood, influenced by construction and the third world


Once he became a teenager, he fully embraced his creative side at the Padre San Millán arts school. He proudly describes himself as self-taught with a wide range of influences, from his experience in the world of construction and managing an extensive



Marbella's official language school set to be ready by next term

Héctor Barbotta

The new Official School of Languages (EOI) on Avenida Alfredo Palma in Marbella will be ready for use in time for the start of the next academic year, the town's mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has announced. The works, with a budget of 1.3 million euros, ... began in November last year and were funded by assets seized from Juan Antonio Roca, mastermind of Marbella's huge town-planning corruption scandal. The school, which has 12 classrooms, is already 95 per cent complete and will be furnished by the Junta



Government lays out its back-to-school plan for all pupils in September


...metres apart and wear masks in classes of up to 20. Bakc-to-school dates The Andalusian Education authority approved the dates for the coming school year this week. In the province of Malaga primary schools start back on 10 September and secondary



Drummer boys with a bright future


...the highest marks at the London Trinity Music School. He is now 11. The percussionists of the future already exist, and they are in Marbella. David García and Sergio Rodríguez, both of whom trained at the Rock Factory school in San Pedro Alcántara, ... drum solo included gospel, funky, rock and metal, "two of the things I can do best," he says. It was, he admits, the result of "team work" with his teacher at the school, Teo González. Teo is also behind David García's success, with his heavy metal ... DITS Sergio also spends hours behind his drums, in the classroom, at home and with the band DITS. He is the youngest member of a group formed at the Rock Factory school which has also played in concerts at festivals, recorded a single in the legendary