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Ryanair will change baggage policy in 2018


Low-cost airline Ryanair has delayed the changes in their cabin baggage policy. From 15 January, regular ticket passengers will only be allowed to bring their smallest bag on board each. Any other baggage will have to be put in the hold, for



Ryanair cabin crew warn that more strikes will take place if demands are not met

Pilar Martínez

The USO and Sitcpla trade unions, together with representatives from Portugal, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Germany, have said that Ryanair cabin crews are considering calling further strikes before Christmas. First the trade unions will meet with ... representatives of the European Commission on 18 October in Brussels to discuss the conflict. "During this meeting, we hope that the European Commission will begin some sort of action to force Ryanair to immediately apply national legislation to its workers,"



Ryanair selling tickets for "flights that might not happen"


Michael O'Leary, chief of budget airline Ryanair warned on Thursday that should the UK leave the EU without an agreement in place, it would cause "chaos". "We're selling tickets for flights between the UK and Europe that may not even happen," he



Ryanair reported to the government by consumer group over hand-luggage plans


Consumers' group Facua has made an official complaint to the ministries for Infrastructure and Health over Ryanair's plans to change its hand baggage policy from 1 November. Facua, along with other watchdogs, says that the move by the budget ... airline contravenes Spanish legislation. Ryanair has said it will stop automatically storing hand luggage free of charge in the hold for non-priority customers. Instead passengers will pay around eight to ten euros to store a normal-sized piece of hand ... people's hand luggage on board in cabins except where weight or plane- size restrictions do not allow it. Ryanair has hit back saying that, "no airline allows passengers to carry all their suitcases into the aeroplane cabin".



Ryanair ground staff threaten to strike on 30 December

Spain's main trade unions have said that the Ryanair ground staff in Spain will go on strike on 30 December if the company does not meet their demands for salary increases and improved conditions. In a report submitted to the mediation body SIMA, ... the unions, which represent around a thousand workers, outline 12 demands, which include a three per cent salary increase, no more than 214 working days a year and a higher overtime pay rate. The news comes just days after Ryanair's Irish, German,



Ryanair to cancel 24 Malaga flights on 25 and 26 July

Pilar Martínez

Four hundred Ryanair flights to and from Spain are to be cancelled this Wednesday, 25 July, and Thursday, 26 July due to strikes from cabin crew. A total 24 of these were scheduled to take off or land at Malaga airport. Flight cancellations and ... of the 830 a day it was due to run, from Spain on each of the two days. Ryanair has denied that working conditions for its crews in Spain, Belgium and Portugal are bad and has said it has done all it can to avoid the strikes. Kenny Jacobs, the ... company's marketing chief, said that the protests wouldn't achieve anything "other than disrupt family holidays and benefit other airlines". Flight reduction On Monday Ryanair announced that it could be moved to reduce its fleet and number of European



Ryanair cancels 400 flights from Spain during strikes planned on 25 and 26 July

Pilar Martínez

Ryanair announced on Wednesday that it had emailed and texted passengers on 400 flights to and from Spain that will be cancelled next Wednesday, 25 July, and Thursday, 26 July. Airline cabin crews' unions in Belgium, Portugal and Spain are to ... will affect 50,000 of the 430,00 passengers carried by Ryanair. The airline hasn't given specific details of any cancellations from Malaga-Costa del Sol, explaining only that any passengers affected had already been informed. If a message hadn't been ... received, it said, then people should go to the airport as normal as the flight will be running. Ryanair has denied that working conditions for its crews in Spain, Belgium and Portugal are bad and has said it has done all it can to avoid the strikes.



Ryanair cabin crew in four European countries called to strike on 25 and 26 July


Ryanair cabin crew in four countries, including Spain, announced in Brussels on Thursday that they will go on strike on 25 and 26 July. The action comes after unions failed to obtain a commitment from the airline to apply the conditions ... established in the labour laws in the countries in which the employees are based - Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium - rather than the Irish legislation. Ryanair has responded, saying their demands "don't make sense", bearing in mind their current ... conditions. The stoppages will be carried out in all four countries, announced the unions Sitcpla and USO (Spain); SNVPAC (Portugal); UIL (Italy) and CNE (Belgium). The USO explained that more than 1,800 Ryanair cabin crew have been called to strike in



Malaga airport is not affected by the latest Ryanair cancellations

Pilar Martínez

The airport which serves the Costa del Sol has not been affected by the latest flight cancellations announced by Ryanair, although more passengers travelling to and from Malaga use that airline than any other. The cancellations will be from ... October to March, and only two Spanish routes will be affected: Las Palmas-Glasgow and Sofia-Castellón. Ryanair says 25 of its fleet of 400 planes will be grounded during that period. From April onwards, only ten aircraft will not be flying, “to eliminate ... the risk of future cancellations.” Ryanair could receive government fines of up to 4.5 million euros The airline says it has emailed “each and every one” of the 400 clients who had booked seats on these flights, and they are being offered