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When you choose to live in isolation

ALEKK M. SAANDERS in any mega-city offers a lot. I managed to get higher education at the university and was successful by establishing my own business. But soon I felt myself being, as we say in Russian, like a "squirrel in a wheel". Daily work was already



Arrests made over Marbella villa bought with Russian public funds


A former senior official in the Russian Culture ministry has been arrested in Vienna (Austria), along with his wife, son and lawyer on the Costa del Sol, as part of Operation Hammer, looking into the purchase of a luxury villa in Marbella using ... funds set aside for the preservation of Russian cultural heritage. They have been arrested for laundering money with the purchase of the four-million-euro property.



Russian magnate's superyacht moors in Marbella until November

Héctor Barbotta

...huge vessel belongs to Viktor Rashikov, a Russian iron and steel magnate said to be worth 7. 2 billion euros. Despite its size (in addition to its extreme length, Ocean Victory is 28 metres wide), it only has room for 26 passengers, serviced by a crew


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Russian Museum puts Roerich's mystical humanism on display

Antonio Javier López

Shambala'. Location. Russian Art Museum. Duration. Until 1 March 2020. Opening hours. Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.30am to 8pm. Free entry. Under 18s and unemployed. Free for all on Sundays after 4pm. The new exhibition at the Russian Museum, however, ... idea that all peoples and religions share a connection, and the notion that humanity shares a common origin, despite migration and other changes'. His syncretic style led him to combine scenes of Russian military history, prominent in Guests from



The Russian visa - a travel obstacle

Andrew Forbes

Saint Petersburg is repeatedly recognised as one of the world's leading cultural city destinations, yet there remains an obstacle for many leisure and business travels - the need for a visa in order to legally enter the Russian Federation. Although ... accommodation - but for a fee of course, of around 25 euros. In addition, if you are living abroad as a foreign resident, then expect your visa to be more expensive and take longer to process. Dealing directly with a Russian embassy or consulate is cheaper but ... in Russia you must register your visa. Your hotel can typically do this for you - but, again, for a fee. So overall, the Russian visa application is time-consuming, complicated and expensive. Yet, once you have a visa, expect swift passage



Hotels on the Costa fall empty after government orders their closure

Pilar Martínez

...weren't happy, either. They were Americans who were very concerned about the difficulties they suddenly faced in getting home. President Trump had banned flights from Spain. Russian tourists occupying three bedrooms in another hotel in Malaga faced the


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The Russian Museum in Malaga brings an intense year to a close with Anna Ajmátova and Nikolái Roerich

Antonio Javier López

The collection at the Russian Museum in the Tabacalera building is entering the final stretch of its most intense year to date, with two exhibitions featuring two fascinating characters: the poet Anna Ajmátova and the Symbolist painter Nikolái ... Affectionately named 'the great lady of Russian poetry', Anna Ajmátova will star in a montage consisting of portraits of the author and other intellectuals she met during her life, as well as poems, books and personal objects. Eugenia Petrova, deputy director of ... the Russian State Museum of Art in Saint Petersburg, will be the curator of the exhibition scheduled to run until 1 March 2020. "Anna Ajmátova's life and poetry knew a before and after of Stalinist terror. Attracted by her irresistible magnetism,



The best Russian salad in Malaga is served in Verum

E. P. N.

Egg, tuna belly, Coín potatoes, homemade mayonnaise, prawns and shredded yolk are the ingredients of the 'ensaladilla rusa' (Russian Salad) with which chef Jorge Berzosa, from the Asador Verum in the Cerrado de Calderón area of Malaga, ... (, has won the fifth edition of the Malaga Russian Salad championships. The competition was organised by Media&Chef and backed by Cerveza Victoria. Eleven competitors took part, preselected by Media&Chef for the quality of their 'ensaladillas ... rusas', and fought it out in the final which was presided over by a large jury made up of professionals from the gastronomy sector. It was a hard battle; the Russian salads from Restaurante del Candado Golf, Matiz, Eboka, Yerbagüena, Jalar, QBO,



Malevich at the Russian Museum

Antonio Javier López

In Russian, 'krasni' means 'red', but also 'nice', 'important' and 'principal'. Nearly every sitting room in that country has an image of an icon on the mantelpiece, an exquisite piece of needlework and a dining table, in what is called the 'red ... divinity couldn't be represented as a person. God was beyond that, distilled until only a shape and colour remained, far removed from realism. THE EXHIBITION Title. 'Kazimir Malevich'. Where. The Russian Museum. Tabacalera. Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15, ... wanted to silence as he took refuge in painting in Renaissance style. This circular journey, the squaring of the circle of art of the 20th century, is now featured in an extraordinary exhibition at the Russian Museum in Malaga. This is its most



From Malaga to London with Kazimir Malevich

Jennie Rhodes

...collages, all of which feature a black square, similar to the most famous work of the Russian artist, before sending it to London for an exhibition. Worthington has been invited to exhibit this collection at the Chelsea Art Club, of which he is a member. ... he went to see the "Revolution" exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, which was showing Russian art from 1917 until the 1930 and included a section devoted to Malevich. "The collection represented Malevich's manifesto of 'Suprematism' of which he


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Russian opera stars


THREE CONCERTS IN MALAGA PROVINCE 6 February, 8pm. Antequera: Teatro Municipal Torcal, Calle Cantareros, 8. 7 February, 8.30pm. Granada: Teatro CajaGranada, Avda de la Ciencia, 2 8 February, 9pm. Estepona: Teatro Auditorio Felipe VI, Calle Juan



Russian collection sees visitors decline, confirms city museum annual data


Three top museums in Malaga run directly by the city council have reported their visitor numbers for 2018, and it is disappointing reading for bosses at the Russian Museum. Whereas Picasso's birthplace museum and the Centre Pompidou more or less ... held their visitor levels, the Russian collection saw almost 26 per cent fewer visitor last year. In 2017, 116,897 people visited the gallery, which is in the Tabacalera building on the outskirts of the city. It is part of the collection of the ... Russian State Museum of Saint Petersburg but run by the town hall. This number fell back to 86,506 last year, says the data. The Centre Pompidou Malaga, a branch of the Paris museum, saw 165,522 visitors and Picasso's birthplace 125,905. In the CAC



The first Russian Orthodox church in Andalucía is coming


Cranes and building sites are a common sight on the Costa del Sol but the construction of a Russian Orthodox church is not. Work has been going on for about two months now in the Las Cañas area to build the first orthodox church in Andalucía and the ... third in Spain. The highest religious authority in the Russian Orthodox church in Europe, Paris-based, Nestor Sirotenko, blessed the works which were instigated by the Fundación Iniciativa Ortodoxa Costa del Sol. The foundation have been looking for



Remembering the war, Russian style


The Russian community in Marbella got together on Wednesday for the annual Victory Day events to commemorate the end of World War II. Around 250 people took part in the Costa del Sol's own Immortal Regiment march - similar to those attended by ... dressed in uniforms from the period and carried old regimental flags. At this year's event the Russian community was joined by British World War II veteran, Harry Derrent, who has lived in the province of Malaga for the last seven years. The ... Medal from Russian authorities at his Costa del Sol home. The World War II veteran was part of the British forces who, faced with freezing conditions, guarded the convoys which transported food to Russian citizens. According to his wife, the Taiga



One day - different views


...topic of childbirth that is actually the most dangerous day in a woman's life. As for flowers, that day typical red roses were handed out, as usual," she said. Elena - Fuengirola Russian To understand Women's Day in Russia it's necessary to look ... Elena says the most popular ones are tulips and daffodils, as well as yellow mimosas. "Russian women always expect some expensive gifts," she adds. "The most important thing for any woman is on this day to feel like a princess and be treated as a diva."



Putin awards city of Malaga with Pushkin medal in recognition of support for Russian Museum


The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, was in Moscow last Sunday to receive the Alexander Pushkin medal on behalf of the city from Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The ceremony at the Kremlin is an annual event to celebrate Russia's National ... Unity Day. The president acknowledged Malaga's support for Russian culture and congratulated the city on the success of the high-profile branch of the Russian State Museum from St Petersburg, which opened on the Costa del Sol in 2015. Since then, it ... has had over half a million visitors through its doors and has showcased 18 exhibitions. De la Torre expressed his gratitude on receiving this award for the Russian Museum in Malaga, saying that the museum itself is a "home for Russian art in the


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Socialist realism at the Russian Museum

Antonio Javier López

...future'. Dates. Until February 2019. Opening hours (all three exhibitions). From Tuesdays to Sundays, 9.30am to 8pm. This weekend the Russian Museum is offering two open days to announce its new exhibitions. Entry is also free every Sunday from 4pm ... onwards. The history of this small piece is given in the first room of the new annual exhibition at the Russian Museum. It places the focus on art of the Soviet period, from the October Revolution of 1917 to the dawn of 'perestroika' in the 1980s. ... However, this new exhibition is more light-hearted and one of the most 'rounded' of those seen so far at this museum in the Tabacalera building. The vice-director of the State Museum of Russian Art of St Petersburg, Evgenia Petrova, who curated the



Estepona gives land for first Russian church


The town hall in Estepona is to give over free of charge a piece of land worth 700,000 euros for the construction of Andalucía's first Russian Orthodox church. The total project, when previously presented for construction in Marbella, was due to



The Costa del Sol continues to attract Russian tourism

Pilar Martínez

The Costa del Sol has seen an increase in Russian tourists by 11.3 per cent in the last year. Figures from the Costa's tourist board have shown that around 90,000 people from Russia visited the Costa del Sol last year. Russian visitors are


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The Tabacalera's new exhibition of Russian art

sur in english

The Russian Museum in Malaga is in the process of changing its annual and temporary exhibitions which means that until 10 February the art gallery part of the museum is closed. INFORMATION Where. Colección Museo Ruso San Petersburgo, Tabacalera ... building, Malaga. New main exhibition. 'Radiante Porvenir. El Realismo Socialista Soviético'. Soviet Socialist realism. 10 February 2018 to February 2019. Temporary exhibitions. Russian Artists around the World and Mikhail Schwartzman. 10 February to 26 ... temporary exhibition is also being changed and from 10 February until 26 August the space will feature works by Russian artists around the world. The collection 'La Mirada Viajera. Artistas Rusos Alrededor del Mundo' will consist of 105 pieces including


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Jawlensky fills the Russian Museum with colour

regina sotorrío

...will be filling the space vacated by his friend in Malaga's Russian Museum from now until February next year. Mystical head. John the Baptist.SUR The exhibition sets out to explore his role “at the vanguard of the twentieth century”, in the words of ... José María Luna, director of the Malaga branch of St Petersburg’s State Russian Museum. Andreas and Katia (1905).SUR Respected by the experts but unknown to the public at large, the city’s Tabacalera building makes clear the importance of this



Four sent to prison in ongoing investigation of Russian mafia


Four of the 11 people arrested in Marbella two weeks ago as part of a massive operation against a suspected Russian-mafia money-laundering group have been sent to prison. The other seven are on probation, having to follow strict precautionary



Work to start soon on new Russian Orthodox church near Estepona


The town hall in Estepona has recently approved the use of a council-owned plot of land for the Costa's first purpose-built Russian Orthodox church. The building, which will also have a cultural centre alongside, will be put up in the Arroyo ... The council says that the foundation has a month from when the building licence was granted (11 January) to start work and that construction has to be finished within 18 months. A statement by the group of Russian-speaking residents and businesses ... backing the church said: “We are doing all we can to implement the project.” The church and cultural centre, which will be built on the 5,844-square-metre plot of land, will also arrange special events to promote Russian and Orthodox cultures and host



Marbella gains 5,000 new foreign residents in 2017

Eugenio Cabezas

...that a quarter of the local registered population is now foreign. The real figure is expected to be higher however, as not all residents join the census. Of the total registered foreigners, four nationalities make up nearly half: British, Russian



Plaza rejects lucrative offer to coach Russian side


Unicaja’s head coach Joan Plaza has rejected an offer from Russian side Unics Kazan. An offer of 1.5 million net was said to have been made to Plaza, which would have made him one of the best-paid coaches on the continent. However, despite the ... ambitious offer, Plaza is believed to have declined the offer for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Unics Kazan will not be competing in next year’s EuroLeague. The Russian side did compete in last season’s tournament, but finished second last with just eight ... victories from thirty matches. Unics Kazan received heavy investment last summer, but following their EuroLeague disappointment they were beaten in the quarter finals of the Russian league play-offs by Lokomotiv Kuban. Plaza has also not warmed to the



“The concept of Finnish national identity was born under Russian rule”


Finland's independence begin? “The essence of independence does not lie in self-recognition” The establishment of the [Russian] republic in 1917 [after the abdication of Grand Duke Nicholas II] was a significant impetus for the establishment of Finland's ... noted that Finland had a special status in the Russian Empire. The head of the Grand Duchy of Finland was a grand duke. And indeed, he was a Russian tsar himself. It is important to note that in Russia, the tsar was an absolute ruler; in Finland a ... end to the Russian era, all those good and liberal beginnings stopped. The subsequent tsars, including the last monarch Nicholas II, pursued the policy of Russification of possessions. This affected the Poles and Finns. For example, Finland had always



Model arrested over falsely accusing footballer Theo Hernández of rape


The 24-year-old Spanish-Russian model Luisa Kremleva has been arrested on suspicion of fabricating rape allegations against former Real Madrid footballer Theo Hernández. Kremleva, who starred in several Spanish TV shows, had accused Hernández of



Spanish language students honour the works of 'Generation of 50' poet

Tony Bryant

...attended by Ana Scherman, Benalmádena councillor for Foreign Residents. A group of more than 20 Spanish language students, including British, Russian, Danish, Polish and Iranian, took part in the event, each reading one of the poet's most popular works.



Marbella FC president released from jail after paying 750,000 euro bail


Alexander Grinberg, the president of Marbella Football Club, left Alhaurín de la Torre jail last week after paying the 750,000-euro bail set by the Malaga provincial court. The Russian was arrested along with three others in September as part of a ... Russia or Spain. “He shouldn't be suspected just because he's Russian,” said Carvajal, who described the bail sum as “excessive”. Similar arguments were given by the defence lawyer representing Arnold Tamm, who is considered by the Guardia Civil as one ... of the top members of the Russian mafia group known as Solntsevkaya. Tamm, whose real surname is Spivalovski, is allegedly “closely linked” to Semion Mogilevich, the leader of the organisation and one of the FBI's most wanted criminals since 2009, in


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Around the galleries

Denise Bush

...entitled Au Cirque. A selection of these prints will be on display until June. Russian Museum Malaga. Edificio Tabacalera, Avda Sor Teresa Prat. The annual exhibition is entitled ‘Saints, Queens and Workers. The temporary shows ‘Nikolai Roerich.



Young hiker arrested for fire in Marbella


A 19-year-old Russian man has been arrested in connection with a forest fire that destroyed 5.9 hectares of scrub and woodland in Marbella and Ojén last weekend. The young man, who is a student in Marbella, was hiking in the Cruz de Juanar area



Marbella FC president released from jail after paying 750,000-euro bail


Alexander Grinberg, the president of Marbella Football Club, left Alhaurín de la Torre jail on Wednesday after paying the 750,000-euro bail set by the Malaga provincial court. The Russian was arrested along with three others in September as part of ... that he has no criminal record in Russia or Spain. "He shouldn't be suspected just because he's Russian," said Carvajal who described the bail sum as "excessive". Similar arguments were given by the defence lawyer representing Arnold Tamm, who is ... considered by the Guardia Civil as one of the top members of the Russian mafia group known as Solntsevkaya. Tamm, whose real surname is Spivalovski, is allegedly "closely linked" to Semion Mogilevich, the leader of the organisation and one of the FBI's most