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Trial begins of Camino de Santiago local man who killed US woman

M.B. león

Denise Pikka Thiem, a 41-year-old American, disappeared without trace while walking the popular Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route through northern Spain in April 2015. Following disagreements between police forces and attempts by US Senator John ... McCain to offer FBI assistance, it was in September 2015 when detectives were led to Miguel Ángel Muñoz who lived alongside the route. He confessed and is now on trial facing twenty years in jail. Over 200 people from 20 countries were interviewed in the



Minute grains of flavour and history


India via the first commercial routes. Later, in the first century AD, Pliny the Elder wrote: "Some foods attract us by their sweet taste, others by their appearance whereas pepper has nothing in it that can plead as a recommendation to either fruit ... routes, circumnavigating the African continent to reach Calcutta, Ceylon, Java, Borneo and the Maluku Islands; the latter being where pepper originated. Today, although pepper (Piper nigrum) is also grown in South America, Africa, India or Brazil, most



The mysterious Apostle of Ireland


...first began in North America in the eighteenth century and did not spread to Ireland until the twentieth century. The first parade was held in New York City on 17 March 1762, and today it still uses the same route as it did more than 250 years ... previous. However, not every city goes all-out in its celebratory efforts. The Irish village of Dripsey once held the title of the shortest St Patrick's Day Parade in the World. The route was just 26 yards; the distance between the only two pubs in the



A sensory trip along the Caminito


...visually impaired. The project, which uses touch and smell to offer a sensory experience of the famous daredevil walkway around El Chorro gorge for those unable to see it, was first proposed by the site's management. The tailor-made route is the first of ... walk, the ten blind participants and their companions met with a guide, who helped to familiarise them with the route and the terrain, using a scaled-down model of the gorge. There, the guide described the Caminito for the walkers, comparing it to a



Route 7 added to Bus Tracker application

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

The number seven bus route has now been included on the government's Bus Tracker Webapp, as part of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan. This route goes to Mount Alvernia, via Europa Road from Orange Bastion on Line Wall. The



Another record year expected for Malaga airport and tourism on the Costa del Sol

Pilar Martínez MALAGA, 11.5 per cent more than last year, linking the province with 126 destinations worldwide. This year four more destinations have been added, including Tel Aviv, and in total the companies are operating 242 routes. Salvador Merino was reluctant to ... flying start: 1,782,303 people have already travelled on 14,650 flights in January and February. Of the 242 routes this year, 210 are in Europe, although there is also a rapidly increasing demand for the USA and Canada.



Madrid in springtime

Andrew Forbes tRAVEL

...pavilions, and historic sculptures. The traffic free routes are perfect for jogging and cycling. I'd not really discovered this famous park properly before, but instead of using the treadmill in the gym, the hotel suggested I take one of their jogging maps



Roadworks end on main route into Fuengirola town centre from the A-7

Ivan Gelibter FUENGIROLA

The lower part of Avenida Alcalde Clemente Díaz Ruiz, one of Fuengirola's main access roads from the A-7 motorway and Mijas Pueblo, reopened on Saturday after the completion of a 2.6-million-euro facelift. The mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula, announc



Norwegian Airlines offers three new routes to keep pace with competitors

Pilar Martínez Malaga

Low-cost airline, Norwegian, will start three new routes from Malaga airport next month as well as increasing their onboard capacity by just over 20 per cent for the summer period, adding nearly 230,000 extra seats for passengers in total. The ... airline will now fly to the German cities of Düsseldorf and Hannover as well as Rome Fiumicino airport in Italy. One of the new routes involves the use of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, the largest aeroplane using Malaga airport, with capacity for 344 ... passengers. Altogether, the company will be offering 23 routes to and from Malaga this summer, three more than last year, with five Norwegian and German destinations and four UK airports included. Other companies have also increased the number of flights