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The microbreweries taking hold in Malaga


2.20 euros approximately. On this company's website you can buy beers in crates of a dozen. Puente Nuevo The town of Ronda is home of an ecological craft beer carrying the name of one of the main monuments of the area. The range includes Pale Ale,



50 years of Ronda's history in print

MAría García

To celebrate half a century of printing for the town's inhabitants, Imprenta Galindo has organised an exhibition of antique printing materials and items such as fair posters and guides it has printed linked to the life of Ronda since it set up shop



Sierra beauty spot finally gets new access

Vanessa Melgar

The Cueva del Gato cave, a beauty spot in Benaoján, in the mountains of the Serranía de Ronda, has a new pedestrian access bridge over the river Guadiaro. The original bridge was damaged during storms almost eight years ago, making it difficult to



Seventy Legion soldiers go to Mali


Seventy Spanish Legion soldiers based in barracks near Ronda left for Mali this week to participate in a new mission in Africa. To mark the occasion, a military farewell ceremony took place in the Montejaque barracks last week. The troops will



New novel depicts Malaga of the 80s

Tony Bryant Malaga in the early 1980s in order to study. When her mother dies, Justine decides to confront her past and by asking the journalist to find the baby she gave away when she was a young student. Sandra, who lives for part of the year in Ronda ... Ronda an ideal place to write fiction. Sandra studied English at Goldsmiths College in London, before embarking on a 35-year career as a journalist and magazine editor. She taught journalism and creative writing at adult education colleges and became ... explains. A well as writing novels, Sandra also writes a blog - Notes on a Spanish Valley - which relates her life as a foreigner living in the Ronda mountains. “We live in a small community and the people are so friendly. We are the only English in the



Protesters in Ronda demand a motorway connection for the town

vanessa melgar

A protest last Sunday, organised by ‘Plataforma autovía para Ronda YA’, demanded that politicians “wake up” and improve communications for the region of Ronda and Sierra de Cádiz. They also asked for a new motorway to be built to better connect ... Ronda to the rest of the province, saying they were tired of the current “goat tracks”. Almost 5,000 people gathered for the march, which is fuelled by concerns that the area is depopulating and the economy suffering, and people could be heard ... shouting “a motorway to Malaga” and “end the isolation!” Only five mayors out of over 20 municipalities in the Serranía de Ronda area were in attendance.



The government approves a new phase on the Algeciras-Bobadilla railway


...and Ronda. The previous Ministry of Public Works team ruled out the high-speed stretch of line which had been proposed by previous socialist governments. Although there has been no new information about this stretch, it looks as if it will be the same ... phase since the end of 2010, which has meant that no works could be carried out. Finally, unless something unexpected happens, the contract put to tender for the stretch between Bobadilla and Ronda (69 kilometres) will only be for designing the ... double UIC-gauge track running the 64.4 kilometres between Antequera's Santa Ana station and La Indiana on the outskirts of Ronda, where a new station was due to be built. That project had a budget of 711.47 million euros. The parliamentary Public Works



The unhealthy Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda


The Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) in Ronda opened to traffic on 4 November 1787. It was a costly project, economically because different municipalities had to collaborate in its construction, and architecturally because an earlier bridge had collapsed ... where the aristocracy lived, and the Mercadillo district which was home to middle-class residents. Nearly 231 years later, the Puente Nuevo over the Guadalevín river has become an emblem of Ronda and Andalucía; it is one of the most-photographed and ... visited monuments and local people are proud of it. However, it is badly in need of maintenance. Controversy over the traffic restrictions A report commissioned recently by Ronda council shows that the structure is solid and the bridge is not going



Ronda plans to create footpaths at the foot of the famous Tajo gorge


The Puente Nuevo and the Tajo gorge are well-known symbols of Ronda, and nearly always photographed from above. The council wants to change this and is trying to encourage visitors to experience the view from below by creating a circular walking ... that the council is planning to recover a further two paths, one of which will be paid for with funds from the regional authority and the other from the council's own budget. “Ronda is always seen from above and we'd like it to be viewed from below ... too,” said the Tourism councillor. She explained that as well as the works on the footpaths, the council plans to supply infrastructure such as viewpoints, rest areas and places suited for photography. “Ronda has a natural theme park for us to exploit -



Erasmus scheme unites Spanish, Norwegian and German teachers in Ronda

sur in english

The official language school (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) in Ronda recently received teachers from Norway and Germany as part of their Erasmus+ K2 programme, which they started two years ago in Oslo. Taking part alongside the Ronda school are the ... Voksenopplæring Sinsen in Norway and the School of Second Chance Education Dahme-Spreewald, in Germany. While in Ronda the visitors took part in a series of activities based on their project, which involves designing and implementing provision for enhancing ... basic skills and key competences, along with strengthening the profile of the teaching profession. Outside the classroom, however, there was time to visit the local monuments and enjoy wine-tasting at one of Ronda's wineries.



Controversy over traffic restrictions on the Puente Nuevo


Many Ronda residents are up in arms about the decision to restrict traffic on the Puente Nuevo bridge to six and a half hours a day, from 10am to 1.30pm and from 5pm to 8pm. (The restriction does not apply to people who live in La Ciudad district).



Ronda bridge partly closed to traffic


A controversial new scheme to partly close Ronda's Puente Nuevo to traffic came into force this week. Cars are banned from this, the main bridge across the gorge, every day from 10am to 1.30pm and 5 to 8pm, unless their drivers live in the oldest ... part of the town, La Ciudad. The move has divided the local population. Some agree that the bridge needs to be protected, but others are concerned that the southern side of Ronda is now almost completely cut off.



“Someone from America doesn't come to Ronda to order saki”


This is Benito Gómez's year. In just a few months, the dishes he has produced at the Bardal restaurant have brought Ronda back into the 'Michelin firmament', and he is the only chef from the province to have been invited to hold a cookery ... case distribution is easier, there is more availability.... Yes, but the sea isn't very far from Ronda, and in the Serranía we have practically everything we need. There are a lot of products to be discovered here, raw materials as well as ... America to Ronda and decides to eat at Bardal is not going to order a saki and yuzu cocktail. What would be the point? And I, as a chef, feel more comfortable with this style because I really like my sauces, my stews, my 'sofritos' of onion, tomato,



Motorist dies on San Pedro-Ronda road


A 45-year-old man died last Sunday lunchtime after swerving off the San Pedro-Ronda road at kilometre 29. The man, who was in the car alone, was seen leaving the main road by other motorists while driving towards Ronda. Emergency services



Ronda's bridge closes for repairs to smelly pipes

Vanessa MELGAR.

The iconic bridge over the gorge in Ronda, known as the Puente Nuevo, will be closed to traffic for the next five weeks while repairs are carried out. The 230-year-old structure is leaking due to problems with drains, sewerage and piping. White



‘Ronda Romántica’ reenactment

sur ronda

The latest ‘Ronda Romántica’ reenactment took place in Ronda last Friday, taking it back to the time of bandits and romantic travellers.



Malaga celebrates another Michelin star, this time for Bardal in Ronda


The Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal 2018 was officially presented in Tenerife this week and, as expected, Malaga province can boast another star, this time for Bardal, Benito Gómez's restaurant in Ronda which was previously the prestigious



Malaga surrounded by white peaks after snowfall


Monday 8 January On Monday morning the Spanish meteorological agency Aemet raised the yellow warning to amber in the Ronda area with yellow alerts for snow in force in the Antequera area. The warnings had been lifted by 6pm although new yellow alerts ... by a dramatic fall in the temperature to as low as -1ºC in Ronda and Antequera. At the weekend it snowed across the entire mountainous strip that borders the province from the Ronda mountain range and the Sierra de las Nieves to the peaks of Tejeda, ... Alhama, and Almijara. On Monday morning, the province saw further snow and rain, when temperatures in Antequera, Ronda, and Axarquía ranged from below freezing up to about 5ºC. In the city of Malaga temperatures ranged from 7 to 11ºC, in Vélez from 4 to



Five local restaurants recognised for promoting Malaga wines


The Pedro Romero restaurant in Ronda, Arte de Cozina in Antequera, La Cava in Torre del Mar, Hotel Vincci Selección Posada del Patio in Malaga city and Éboka, also in the city have been awarded 'Premios Puerta Nueva' by the Denominación Origen



Speed camera to be installed on the A-397 Ronda-San Pedro road


Work has begun to make the A-397 mountain road between Ronda and San Pedro Alcántara safer, especially on the stretch between kilometres 20 and 31, which is a black spot for accidents. New road markings are being painted and signs are being



Benaoján celebrates the festival of 'chacinas'


An old Spanish saying goes “Donde hay grasas, mejor te lo pasas” which roughly means that where there's fat you'll enjoy it more. This was reiterated by television chef Enrique Sánchez at the XV Feria de Chacina in Benaoján last weekend. Benaoján



Cold snap covers inland areas in snow


...out to enjoy the unusual weather. It was the harshest spell of weather seen so far this winter. At the weekend it snowed across the entire mountainous arc that borders the province from the Ronda mountain range and the Sierra de las Nieves in the ... west to the peaks of Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara in the Axarquía to the east. The strange sight on a Fuengirola beach The snow was also accompanied by a dramatic fall in the temperature to below zero in Ronda and other mountain towns and villages. ... On Monday morning the Spanish meteorological agency Aemet raised the yellow warning to amber in the Ronda area and there were yellow alerts for snow in force in the Antequera area as more than 10 cm of snow fell, restricting road access and trapping



Enjoy a glass of wine and live music in the vineyards this summer


...the hills of Ronda. In 2012 it held its first concert in a unique venue with a bar. This year the annual event will be on 23 June, the night of San Juan. Tickets can be bought at Bodegas Bentomiz in Sayalonga, is in a beautiful



Ronda, Marbella and Benalmádena miss out on EDUSI funds


Ronda, Marbella and Benalmádena received the news that their applications for EDUSI funding had not been successful at the same time as Vélez-Málaga was told about their 10-million-euro payout. In Ronda and Marbella the opposition Partido Popular ... (PP) parties were quick to blame the current leaders of their respective town halls for missing out. Marbella councillor, Félix Romero, said, “There are few towns in Andalucía that are more deserving of this type of grant than Marbella,” while Ronda has



Ronda mourns as five die in horror bus crash on group humanitarian trip to India

vanessa melgar

The town of Ronda has been in mourning this week after the horrific minibus crash in India that killed four travelling companions from a humanitarian group from the Malaga municipality and a local driver. Six of the remaining nine from the group ... expectation the group had had on setting out from there a week earlier. Hit by an oncoming truck The group, mostly from Ronda, had set out to visit humanitarian projects in southern India linked to the Fundación Vicente Ferrer, aSpanish charity. The trip ... dangerous driving. Organised by a yoga centre The group trip to India was organised by a popular yoga centre in Ronda. The owner of the Centro Baba, Vicente Pérez, who was one of the four fatalities on Saturday, was also the local Ronda coordinator for



Algodonales woman is first patient at new Ronda hospital


Activity began at the new Ronda hospital on Tuesday morning with five outpatients surgeries open: General Surgery, Dermatology, Anaesthesia, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Paediatrics, after a wait of more than 20 years. Mayte Flores, a young woman ... health district, José Antonio Ruiz; the mayor of Ronda, Teresa Valdenebro; and the councillor for Public Works, Francisco Márquez. The facility has cost nearly 50 million euros. The first stone was laid in October 2008 by the firm FCC Construcción.



Ronda's new hospital receives its first patients today


It has been a long wait - the construction of the new hospital was approved 15 years ago and started nine years ago - but on Tuesday the new hospital in Ronda opens its doors to its first patients. Five outpatients surgeries are now in operation ... general surgery, dermatology, anaesthesia, gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics. With a budget of 140,000 euros to finalise the move, it is that the transfer from the current Regional Hospital to the Hospital de la Serranía de Ronda will be complete ... Health Department, Ana Isabel González. The new hospital, in which nearly 50 million euros have been invested, will provide health care for over 85,000 people in the Ronda region. It has 152 individual rooms (compared to the previous 18 single and 55



The regional government adds 11 natural monuments to its list


Three more places in Malaga province are to be designated as ‘natural monuments’: the gorge in Ronda, Monte Jabalcuza in Alhaurín de la Torre and the Hundidero cave in Montejaque will now be afforded the special protection which accompanies this ... Ronda The Ronda gorge has been accepted because it is an extraordinary geological feature formed by erosion from the Guadalevín river. From an environmental and biological point of view, it is home to communities of birds who nest in its steep rocky



Footbridge over Ronda road in San Pedro moves a step closer


The Junta de Andalucía is preparing to put out to tender the contract to build a footbridge over the A-397 to Ronda near San Pedro. The long-awaited link is designed to avoid a dangerous road crossing near the town's industrial park. The Junta has



Ronda's new hospital will be fully open for business by early April


The president of the regional government for Andalucía, Susana Díaz, officially opened the Hospital de la Serranía, which will serve 85,000 people from 39 municipalities in the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz, in Ronda on Monday morning. The town ... has been waiting for over 20 years for this new hospital, something which led Díaz to describe the inauguration as "a very important day" for Ronda. The event signalled that the move from the old district hospital to the Hospital de la Serranía was



“In Ronda I’m going to create the most incredible object of my life”

Antonio Javier López RONDA

In Malaga on Wednesday Philippe Starck spoke of the other project that links him to the province of Malaga, the oil mill in Ronda. “I’m going to create the most incredible object of my life in Ronda,” said Starck, referring to the 18-million-euro ... building designed for the Ronda firm La Almazara LA Organic S.L., that could be complete by 2020. The designer explained that he was “in shock” when he visited Ronda for the first time. “I felt that I was in one of the most powerful places in the world,”



Craft beer in a champagne bottle


...though, are grown locally. Heredia is a member of the Asociación de Mujeres Empresarias y Emprendedoras de Ronda y la Serranía (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Ronda and the Serrania), which is run by another Ronda businesswoman, Yolanda Moreno. ... Moreno is organising a national convention for businesswomen in Ronda in November. Heredia never imagined that her beer was going to be so popular. At the moment, there are only two types in production, but she has another in mind that she is keeping



Car hire firms bring welcome road tax windfall for small villages


Anyone who has ever strolled through the peaceful streets of Montejaque would find it difficult to imagine a traffic jam in this small village in the Serranía de Ronda. In fact, they would think it could never happen, unless they were looking at ... charge practically the maximum. The closest to the maximum is Ronda, where the most common vehicles are charged €59.64 or €139.56, followed by Malaga city (€65.80 and €138.90), Nerja (€60.10 and €134.30), Benalmádena (€61.34 and €129.49), Antequera


What to do

Festivals and events

Denise Bush

...and Picasso. Ronda Romántica Ronda. 23-27 May. Streets and plazas of the town. Town’s people dress in costumes from the 19th century and recreate events from Ronda’s past. There is a procession and historic fair and everyone joins in to bring ... back the time when Ronda was home to the ‘bandoleros’. Ronda RománticaÁLVARO CABRERA Seasonal clothing one day sale Fuengirola. 24 May , 10am-12.30pm. Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre. A sale of clothing for all seasons at the Lux Mundi shop in