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Marbella's official language school set to be ready by next term

Héctor Barbotta

...began in November last year and were funded by assets seized from Juan Antonio Roca, mastermind of Marbella's huge town-planning corruption scandal. The school, which has 12 classrooms, is already 95 per cent complete and will be furnished by the Junta



Chefs break with tradition at Madrid Fusión


...which sounds better". The theme for this edition of the conference was basic cuisine, something that the chef of Nerua (the restaurant in the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao) has been practising for more than a decade. Joan Roca's speech stirred the ... water, invasive species, the warming of the seas, wasted food and the environmental cost of producing animal protein. Roca's imagination transformed this ideology into a freeze-dried fungi broth, an Atlantic blue crab fritter and a beetroot, watermelon ... are too accustomed and no-one questions established practises. Speaking of introducing changes in a sequence of dishes, imagine the challenge for the El Celler de Can Roca team to meet the needs of customers with allergies or intolerances. As Pitu



Juan Antonio Roca released as luxury former homes are handed over for council use

Héctor Barbotta

A Malaga court has ordered the title deeds of two estates and a heliport that once belonged to Juan Antonio Roca, mastermind of Marbella's huge town-planning corruption scandal, to be transferred to the town hall. The move was announced just a ... few days before Roca was granted a conditional release from prison, where he has been serving a 20-year sentence due to end in 2023. The court said that as three quarters of the sentence were up and he had shown good behaviour, Roca could go free. ... Roca's former luxury homes, Finca La Caridad, which covers eight hectares, and Finca Siete Corchones (12 hectares) and the heliport were seized during the Malaya investigation. The town hall hopes to use La Caridad, which is valued at more than five



Home of corrupt former Marbella planning boss is sold by a court despite him still living there

Nieves Castro

...high-value assets frozen as now-released Juan Antonio Roca was sent to jail in the infamous corruption scandals that rocked the resort over ten years ago. The eight-bedroom property was put on sale on a court-supervised website for 2.6 million euros but in ... the end has gone for 1.8 million. However the sale comes with a possible catch as, despite having been found guilty, sent to jail, and still owing tens of millions in defrauded money to Marbella town hall, Juan Antonio Roca and his family are still ... It's not known what the conditions of the final sale are. Not the only one In other developments in the aftermath of the sentences of Roca and the many officials, politicians and business people who embezzled funds from the town hall, it has



Eating at Mamá Roca's for just ten euros


To understand the Roca brothers' success you only need to look at Montserrat Fontané, their mother, who still runs Can Roca, a restaurant which serves 200 menus of the day, every day. Their father, 85-year-old Josep, still opens the establishment ... Roca restaurant, where the menu of the day costs ten euros. She has often been urged to put her prices up, but she refuses: “It's not my clients' fault that my sons have become famous!” she says.



Marbella finally lays its hands on two rural estates confiscated from Malaya corruption boss

Nieves Castro

...valued at 6.5 million euros in total, were confiscated from former town-planning boss, Juan Antonio Roca, as part of the seizure of his assets by a court. As the court hasn't managed to find a buyer for them, Marbella council recently got permission to ... take them over for public use as part payment for the compensation due to be paid into council funds by Roca for the money he embezzled. The two properties that the mayor has signed the title deeds to are Finca La Caridad, covering 81,000 square ... lost to Roca, as well as the support of local people. One option being considered for Finca La Caridad, the property valued the most at five million euros and with the best access, is a large sports complex with activities not currently found



Marbella mayor asks for Roca's properties to be handed over for the town's use

Héctor Barbotta

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has asked the council to vote on her plan to demand that the national government give the town seven properties owned by former town-planning head, Juan Antonio Roca, who was the mastermind of the Malaya ... corruption scandal. Marbella is due significant compensation from the case generated from the ongoing sale of Roca's assets. However, to speed up the return of the money to the town, Muñoz wants 15-million-euros worth of property to be given directly to the ... council for public use. Among the properties is Roca's former country home, Finca La Caridad, near San Pedro and valued at 5.7 million euros, a heliport near Nagüeles (769,000 euros), a luxury apartment in central Marbella (2.6 million euros), and a



Malaya 'mastermind' granted day release from prison to work with charity


Juan Antonio Roca, the mastermind of the Malaya urban planning corruption ring in Marbella, is to be allowed to leave prison during the day to work for a charity after more than a decade behind bars. The privilege was granted by the penitentiary ... surveillance judge, José Luis Castro, against the criteria of the prison authorities. Castro cited a number of reasons for his decision: Roca will soon have served two thirds of his sentence, his conduct in jail has been “excellent”, he has assumed ... responsibility for the crimes committed and has shown regret in public. Roca has offered to work as a volunteer with the NGO Cáritas Málaga's Nuestra Señora de la Merced centre that works towards the reintegration of prisoners. Roca has been convicted of



Marbella corruption boss' farm valued at five million euros as town hall asks to take over

Héctor Barbotta

...that was home to Juan Antonio Roca, former town-planning head who was sentenced in the Operación Malaya trials. Up to now the property has been on sale for eight million euros on a website set up by the court to sell off Roca's assets and recover the ... town's PGOU master town plan. Some outbuildings were also illegally built. A separate heliport in Marbella and another farm, both once Roca's, have been valued at 2.7 million euros.



Juan Antonio Roca, mastermind of Malaya and other fraud cases, is freed

Héctor Barbotta

Juan Antonio Roca has been released from prison just short of 12 years after he was put behind bars. The man who was behind the corrupt network that siphoned off millions of euros from Marbella town hall coffers over a number of years has been ... Roca has chalked up prison sentences in numerous corruption-related cases which far exceed 30 years. The biggest sentence was handed down in the Malaya case, whose tribunal agreed in May 2016 to merge some sentences, fixing the maximum period behind ... bars at 20 years, the legal maximum. Assets seized from Roca are not enough to cover his debt with Marbella This merging (turning the sentences into one before calculating the proportion of the sentence served) allowed Roca to start to enjoy



Assets seized from Roca are not enough to cover his debt with Marbella

Héctor Barbotta

Despite the considerable assets of Juan Antonio Roca that were seized as part of his convictions in order to pay back money defrauded from Marbella town hall, sources say that these will not be enough to clear the debt. Roca was ordered to pay a ... Roca.SALVADOR SALAS As part of the judicial decision to release Roca, officials had estimated that the value of the embargoed assets still to be sold and disposed off, including an eye-watering array of luxury properties and goods accumulated by the disgraced ... Antonio Roca also owes over 233 million euros to the Spanish tax authorities for fines for money laundering crimes linked to operation Malaya. However the government is not first in line to receive any money. In a deal reached in 2012 with Marbella's



Marbella receives 12 million euros from the sale of more of convicted Juan Antonio Roca's assets

Héctor Barbotta

Ever since Marbella's corrupt former town-planning chief was handed his prison sentence, the local town hall had only been able to recover nine million euros of the 60 million embezzled by Juan Antonio Roca. However, last week, that figure went up ... by 12 million euros when a judge handed the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, a cheque. Roca's hunting trophies OK to sell, says court A court has said that the sale of 98 stuffed animals acquired by Juan Antonio Roca as hunting trophies can be ... sold after all. The sale of the items, featured on a website with 70-milion-euros worth of Roca assets, had been halted while the legality of the sale of the animals was investigated. Now a court has ruled they can go, although the 21,050 euros price is



Marbella recovers one million euros from Roca in civil liabilities

Héctor Barbotta Marbella

Marbella town hall reclaimed one of 70 million euros owed to it by Juan Antonio Roca on Wednesday. The provincial court in Malaga agreed that this sum would be taken for civil liabilities in the 'Saqueo 1' and 'Saqueo 2' cases. In the first, Roca ... was condemned to paying 24 millions between himself and three other convicted parties, with the figure rising to 61 million euros to include the 37 million from the second. Roca, who at the time paid 8 million euros for the first, still owes Marbella ... town hall 70 million euros for other cases he has been involved in. Given that is was only during the 'Malaya' case that assets were seized from Roca, it is the court of this case that is in charge of administering his assets and deciding where the



Malaga fans hold pre-match 'funeral' for the club


...groups), left the La Roca neighbourhood at 7.30pm before forming a procession to the stadium. The procession was made up of a coffin, a drummer, candles, masks and people dressed in black clothing. "Sit down and you'll see the body of your badge come



The loot is trickling back, a drop at a time


...their responsibilities to the town. In fact, only two have paid significant amounts and they have only done so because it would be beneficial to their situation in some way. One is Juan Antonio Roca, who was recently conceded third-grade imprisonment ... after 12 years in jail, and the other is lawyer José María del Nido, who was found guilty in the 'Minutas case'. Roca made payments to meet his responsibilities in the 'Saqueo I case', when he was applying for his first leave after spending over a ... decade behind bars; Del Nido made most of his payments because he had applied for a pardon and thought, at that time, that he stood a good chance of obtaining it. He was, however, disappointed. Roca, who has been sentenced to pay 62 million euros plus



Marbella council finally receives full compensation after the Saqueo 1 court case

Héctor Barbotta

Ten years after the court judgement was given, Marbella council has finally received all of the compensation to which it was entitled following the case known as Saqueo 1. The court decided that Juan Antonio Roca, lawyer José Luis Sierra and ... especially as most of Roca's wealth was frozen for his role in the Malaya case.



In the family footsteps

JULIÁN MÉNDEZ food and drink

The Japanese couple had booked a table for three at El Celler de Can Roca, which was classified as the best restaurant in the world that year, but when the great day arrived, the day for which they had been waiting 11 months, only two people came. ... seat. “It was a little teddy bear,” says Joan Roca, sounding as surprised now as he had been when this unusual event occurred. The couple asked for the teddy bear to be served the whole menu, and that’s exactly what the waiters did. No questions were ... explains his younger brother, Josep ‘Pitu’ Roca. They are quiet for a moment, and then ‘Pitu’, the sommelier of the Roca family, relieves the tension by recalling another unusual visit, which also involved a toy. On that occasion it was a doll, and was



Marbella receives more than eight million euros from 'Malaya case'


...spearheaded by Juan Antonio Roca. The further 5,315,236 euros has gone to the tax agency in unpaid IVA and corporation taxes. Many of Roca's possessions were put up for auction on an online portal and raised just more than five million euros - a "phenomenal



More Malaya corruption assets to be put on sale on new website

Héctor Barbotta

...are now long over, large compensation payments due from those sentenced are in most cases still outstanding. The raising of funds from the sale of seized assets belonging to the ringleader, former town-planning boss, Juan Antonio Roca, has been ... helped by the publication of a special public website displaying his multi-million-euro property and assets, with money from sales going towards paying Roca's debt. Now a judge, seeing how slowly the money is being paid back by the rest of those ... sentenced, has decided to launch a second website dedicated just to selling their assets. Among those who will see their seized items put on public sale are former mayor, Marisol Yägue, former councillor, Isabel García Marcos, Roca's brother-in-law, Antonio



From Julen to Franco, a review of some of the year's news stories

Debbie Bartlett

Sánchez had looked increasingly likely as relations with Catalan separatist MPs, whose support was need in the vote, had soured. Locally, it was revealed that Juan Antonio Roca, the 'strong man' at Marbella town hall during the ransacking of municipal ... coffers, was now a free man after serving 13 years. Legal sources said that never before had a person found guilty of financial crimes been held permanently in jail for such a long period. Roca received jail sentences for different cases including 'Malaya'



A coffee: 0.000135606 Bitcoins


The Hermanos Madrid bar in the La Roca neighbourhood of Malaga now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. The owners, the Madrid brothers, are convinced that it will soon be commonly accepted, and that their bar will have been the first in the



New glasses allow the blind to read and recognise faces


...what the glasses read self destructs," in order to maintain the privacy of the user, so it is safe for bank paperwork, for example. Currently, the main problem is the price: 'MyEye' costs 4,500 euros. The glasses are only available in Malaga's Roca



National tour with BBVA: teaching the profession

food and drink

Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca have been ambassadors for BBVA since 2014 and they have done three international tours in the summer months. This year they will be visiting seven regions of Spain and will choose 21 students, three from each area, who are ... studying at local catering colleges. These students will receive grants from BBVA and will have the chance to work as stagiaires in Girona for four months. This week, Josep Roca is heading for the Basque Country on a familiarisation trip, visiting txakoli



12 years

Héctor Barbotta

Events in recent years have given us reason to agree with those who say that very few politicians are ever put behind bars. Twelve years ago however, when Juan Antonio Roca and a large number of Marbella councillors were sent to prison, the scene ... new era in Spanish political culture. Juan Antonio Roca has just got his freedom back. There will be some, perhaps quite rightly, who consider that this isn't long considering the damage caused. But if we take into account that in all this time we ... biggest and longest financial depression on record, the appearance of smartphones and the invasion of social media in our everyday lives, and that all this time Roca has been in prison, perhaps we could conclude that in Marbella there has been no impunity.



Unfinished building on A-7 could be Marbella's new courthouse

Héctor Barbotta

...base. The 15,000-square-metre property was never completed and was embargoed as part of the wave of corruption scandals linked to Marbella council known as Operation Malaya that came to a head a decade ago. Juan Antonio Roca, former town planning ... up, is currently in the hands of the government but could be given to the town hall as part compensation for the council assets that were stripped by Roca.



New law courts will be in building seized in Malaya corruption case


...head of planning at the town hall, Juan Antonio Roca, in the infamous Operation Malaya corruption case. Last year the council said it wanted to hand over the building, originally destined to be a hotel but built illegally, to the Junta. Courts in ... seized from Juan Antonio Roca in order to write down council debt with Madrid. The central government still needs to approve the final transfer of the building to the council.



Marbella aims to recover further 30 million euros from corruption cases

Héctor Barbotta central Marbella and two parking spaces) - together valued at 1.4 million euros. With these figures, Marbella town hall expects to have recovered 43.5 million euros before the end of the year after the sale of Juan Antonio Roca's belongings



The Michelin stars pay tribute to Arzak


...together some of the greatest names in world gastronomy: Martín Berasategui, Joan Roca, Quique Dacosta, Ángel León (three Michelin stars) and Ferran Adrià. Also there were Andoni Luis Aduriz, Paco Roncero, Toño Pérez, Diego Guerrero, Ramón Freixa, Paco ... favourites such as hake in green sauce, prepared by Joan Roca; paté of scorpionfish from Andoni Luis Aduriz and suckling pig in orange sauce which was prepared by Ángel León, who is normally known for his seafood dishes. The guest of honour was almost



The magic of smoke


...famous glass bell connected to a smoke pipe that the Roca brothers popularised in 2005 allows to smoke and aromatise any food instantaneously. Sawdust from different woods, spices and aromatic herbs are placed in the pipe and the aromas of their



Former Marbella councillor and Malaya fugitive arrested in Argentina

Héctor Barbotta

...escaped a second roundup of suspects in the massive local corruption scandal known as Malaya. The first raids in March that year had seen the arrests of the Malaga ringleader Juan Antonio Roca, the then mayor, Marisol Yagüe, and deputy mayor, Isabel ... García Marcos, among others. Fernández was suspected of distributing cash handouts, received by Roca in the form of bribes from business owners, along with Yagüe and García Marcos. Both were found guilty and sentenced to three and a half years in



Listing again


Best’ serves no such purpose. The latest list features, as usual, top Spanish restaurants El Celler de C’an Roca, Asador Etxebarri, Mugaritz, Arzac and Azurmendi high up the list. But you need to dig deeper to find out that Valencia’s Quique Dacosta



Andalucía's most expensive catches


...ones measure up to 15cm. In fourth place, after sardines, anchovies and horse mackerel, is the common or rock octopus (pulpo de roca), with 563, 436 kilos caught last year. Average price at market last year was 7.65 euros a kilo. The unusual red



Women grab the pan by the handle


...chefs whose names may be more familiar, such as Joan Roca, Dani García and David Muñoz. Many of them discovered cookery thanks to their mothers, who traditionally toiled over a hot stove and from whom they learned the skills that have made them famous.