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Emergency funds for areas especially affected by this week's heavy downpours on the Costa


...local road network in Marbella and San Pedro, including some trunk roads, collapsed on both days drew criticism. The drive to work on Wednesday was difficult for many commuters in the Marbella area after the early-morning downpour. On top of causing ... to debris on the road near La Cañada shopping centre. Traffic wasn’t back to normal until almost lunchtime. That traffic jam caused a bottleneck and tailbacks on the AP-7 toll road as drivers tried to find an alternative route. Nor was access into ... and water everywhere” Behind the rainfall data and details of road holdups, there are stories of local people who have had their lives turned upside down by the water. The Guadalhorce valley and Sierra de las Nieves areas have seen some people severely



Name of "Nazi suspect" to be removed from square in Ojén

Héctor Barbotta

Ojén town hall has decided to change the name of Plaza Juan Hoffmann, which is opposite the German school in the La Mairena area. It comes after information came to light alleging that Hoffmann, founder of the school, was linked to Nazism. The mayo



Individual errors cost Malaga Femenino on Basque road trip


Malaga's women's side's return to the top flight is not going to plan. After a 4-0 defeat to reigning champions Atlético Madrid on the opening day, the Costa del Sol side lost again on Sunday in San Sebastián against Real Sociedad. The Basque side



Marbella to reduce road tax for low-polluting vehicles

Mónica Pérez

With the seemingly unstoppable rise in car numbers in Marbella, the town hall is attempting to incentivise the purchase of 'greener' vehicles with the introduction of discounts of up to 75 per cent on road tax (Impuesto de Circulación). As part of



Up to 20,000 residents to have their roads adopted by Mijas council at last at no charge

Ivan Gelibter

Mijas council's most ambitious project for this legislatative period has taken an important step forward. Last week it was announced that about 70 per cent of the more than 200 apartment and house developments that do not currently get road ... accumulated of some 95 million euros. "Very soon residents will have a complete road map to follow to ask to be adopted. Residents on the 'urbanizaciones' are celebrating, as for the first time in the history of the municipality an administration has taken



'The Zone', a safe space for young people

Debbie Bartlett

A pilot project for young people is due to open on Tuesday at the Youth Centre in Line Wall Road. "The Zone" is a safe space where they can talk about issues which may be affecting them and explore solutions and coping strategies to enable them to



Four Malaga tourists die in a road accident on safari in Tanzania


A group of tourists on safari in Tanzania died on Sunday after being involved in a road accident which saw the 4x4 in which they were travelling struck by a lorry. Three women from Malaga, two of whom were nurses at the Hospital Clínico, plus a



Riogordo to Venta Baja road project approved

Eugenio Cabezas

...improving the road surface and filling in a number of potholes, is due to start in early 2019 and is expected to take 12 months to complete.



Oh, Canada!


road trip. But before we hit the road, I spent a couple of days in Vancouver wandering around the city on foot and on bicycle. Vancouver struck me as a clean, modern and bustling city with an abundance of skyscrapers for a city that size - all set ... Canadian males under the age of 40 to wear a baseball cap. Something else I noticed, not just in Victoria, but all along the road trip, is the sheer volume of independent breweries everywhere. The local beer was very popular among the locals in each place



Survey to assess demand for a new road between Chilches and Fuengirola


Although it is not directly within his powers, the mayor, Francisco de la Torre, wants to progress a project for a new stretch of fast road to link Chilches and Fuengirola, going around the metropolitan area of Malaga and making use of the city's ... analysis. Its fee will be 56,870 euros and the study will take about three months to complete. The firm's mission will be to determine the demand for such a road and also the model for a toll motorway, which would be run by a concessionary company for a ... determinate period. A study carried out earlier by the ARCS company indicated that the new road would cost about 764 million euros. This sum would include two new stretches of dual carriageway. One, 28 kilometres in length, would link the eastern motorway



Marbella council to spend extra 2m on road resurfacing

Nieves Castro

Marbella council is to spend two million euros on resurfacing worn-out and damaged road surfaces on 45 streets and roads around the town. The work will be finished in next spring and comes on top of a plan to repair 41 other streets due to start



Six fixed speed cameras are now in operation on Gibraltar's roads

Debbie Bartlett

Two more fixed speed cameras have been installed in Gibraltar, bringing the total to six. The latest additions are in Queensway and Waterport Wharf Road. All six fixed speed traps are now equipped with rear facing cameras which will capture any



New road improves traffic flow in Estepona

Charo márquez

Estepona council has completed works in the northern part of Huerta Nueva by the Ramos Cazorla pavillion on a new 80-metre-long two-way street with 40 new parking spaces. The new road connects Calle Ortega y Gasset and Calle Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez, ... which will improve the flow of traffic in one of the busiest parts of the town. The road is already open to traffic, although one of the pavements will remain closed while the old fire station is extended.



Post office tours on World Post Day

Debbie Bartlett

Tuesday 9 October is World Post Day and to mark the occasion the post office in Bishop Caruana Road will be offering two guided tours of its facilities, at 4pm and 6pm. World Post Day, which has been celebrated for 49 years, raises awareness of



Police building set to be completed on schedule

Eugenio Cabezas

...the Christmas 2018 deadline. The new building is situated in the Cuesta del Visillo area on the outskirts of the town, near the A-7 motorway slip road.



Renovations to take place on last stretch of main road into Fuengirola

Ivan Gelibter

...euros will be invested in the project, which will "modernise" the street, according to the mayor Ana Mula. This avenue is one of Fuengirola's main arteries as it links the town by the station to the A-7 road. The council has set out with the new design ... to make sure that pedestrians will be a priority. The lower stretch of the road, nearest the station, was remodelled last year. 29 companies bid to carry out this last section.



Junta hands Mijas council control of Coín road through Las Lagunas

Ivan Gelibter

The busy Coín road through the Las Lagunas area of Mijas Costa is set to be improved in the coming months after Mijas council took over its maintenance from the Junta de Andalucía regional government. All 5.7km of the road from the junction with the ... road. According to local councillors, controlling the road, which is officially known as the A-7053 from Alhaurín el Grande to Fuengirola, is important as it is now largely built up and part of the Las Lagunas urban area and can be fully connected to ... other road improvements being carried out in the area. Mijas council has also asked the Junta to cede control of the road up to Mijas Pueblo from Fuengirola and the road from Mijas Pueblo to Benalmádena.



Road link to Carvajal 'ready in a year'

Ivan Gelibter

The mayor of Fuengirola has given an update on ongoing works to build a new link road from Carvajal to Torreblanca. Work on the complicated link, which has to run under the railway line, started in February and is expected to go on until April



Contract award to improve inner ring road

Charo Márquez

...seating areas and green spaces, as well as improved street lighting, rubbish bins and cycle parks. In addition some underground drains and utility cabling will be replaced on the busy road which loops round the north of the Old Town.



Elephant dies in road accident in Albacete


One elephant died and four others were injured on Monday when the lorry that was carrying them overturned. The accident happened on the A-30 motorway towards Murcia in Albacete province. The animals were being transported by a circus troupe after



New road link makes life easier west of Estepona

Charo Márquez

A new road bridge over the Enmedio stream bed, west of Estepona centre, is set to make life much easier for locals. Now the Santa María and Valle Romano areas are linked at last, meaning a longer drive via the busy A-7 coastal road can be avoided. ... In addition the road over the bridge provides access to Estepona's new hospital, which is under construction nearby.



Work to connect two suburbs of Estepona


A new road that will join Bel Air with Casablanca, east of Estepona, has a budget of 463,000 euros, and will save residents having to join the A-7 motorway to travel between the two areas. Work will include new green space and is expected to last



Work starts on busy road by Fuengirola's fairground

Ivan Gelibter

The renovation of Calle Romería del Rocío, near the Fuengirola showground, began this week. The works on this busy residential street include a complete revamp of the street and all of its infrastructure, including drainage, sewers, services, drink



Salares to Árchez road repairs to take one month

E. C.

Diputación president Elías Bendodo announced on Monday during a visit that repair work to the MA-4108 Salares to Árchez road will take another month to complete, “as long as climate conditions permit”. Work has already started to repair the ... section of road which collapsed earlier this month due to the heavy rainfall. The total cost of the repairs will be around 250,000 euros.



Partido Popular demands urgent repairs to A-7204

agustín peláez

Members of the Partido Popular (PP) political party in the Axarquía have demanded that the regional government, the Junta de Andalucía, carries out “urgent repairs” to the A-7204 road which links the villages of Periana, Riogordo and Colmenar. ... Speaking last week, PP spokesperson, Natacha Rivas, said that the road was “one of the worst in the province” and “important for agriculture”.



The road to salvation for Malaga

Daryl Finch

"In the second half of the season, we have to do what the recently promoted teams did in the first,” said new coach José González a few hours before his appointment. His first task as boss has been to convince his players that safety is not such an u



Improvement works to take place on three major streets in Fuengirola this October


...euros and will include the installation and renovation of drainage and mains water pipes, telephone lines, mains electricity, street lighting and road signs. Each project has a different time scale set, varying from 28 to 35 days. The town's mayor, Ana ... Mula, said that this was a "significant" investment and that it would be key to improving the "quality of life of residents in the area". "Accessibility, the road surfacing, the lighting [will all be improved]," she said. "We expect everyone here to be



Devil's Tower Road still closed after rock fall

Debbie Bartlett

Devil's Tower Road is still closed after last week's rock fall, but the damaged area is now being inspected by specialist geo technical engineers and it is hoped that the road will be open again by early next week. Meanwhile, a fence has been



Belgian dies after car comes off N340 road

Eugenio Cabezas

A 48-year-old Belgian man from Vélez-Málaga was found dead when his car came off the N340 road, near to the Cantarriján beach and Cerro Gordo west exit on Saturday. Officers believe that the man had suffered a heart attack or was asleep at the



Roadworks finish on Mijas road


The work to resurface the main road which accesses Mijas has finished. The mayor of Mijas and various representatives from the Andalucía government visited the site this week. The A-368 is used by nearly 5,000 vehicles per day. Improvement work



Fuengirola starts a link road from Carvajal to Torreblanca homes

Ivan Gelibter

The area of Torreblanca in Fuengirola is set to see significantly improved links with the rest of the municipality and the Costa under new plans explained by local mayor, Ana Mula, this week. Work has already started on a new link road inland from ... the plans. Previously road communication between Carvajal and Torreblanca has been hampered by the rail tracks. Highlighting the complexity of the building work being undertaken, Mula explained how the first phase of the work is under way; this ... involves the construction of a tunnel-type structure and supports under the rail route. This will be followed by construction of the road itself and landscaping. The town hall expects to award the contract for this second stage in March or April. The



A Joshua Tree road trip

Andrew Forbes

...and offer a captivating flavour of this glamorous era. The typical road-trip view you can only get in the States.SUR The low desert valley area has now grown to encompass nine desert interconnected communities, south of the Interstate 10 motorway - ... Desert Willow Villas has a wealth of knowledge about the area. He suggested to me that the best way to enjoy the Joshua Tree National Park was to take a road trip from the north, driving south. All American It was just light when I left Palm Desert ... amazing road trip views, the kind you can really only get in the States – the open highway stretching to the horizon, surrounded by wilderness, framed by mountains. Before leaving the park, as you enter the Colorado Desert, make a point to stop at the



British man who left passenger badly injured in car hands himself in


...the road. It appears that the driver was able to jump free of the vehicle before it landed at the bottom of the embankment in the river bed. A while later the driver knocked on the door of the Ciudad Jardín hostel on the Casabermeja road asking for



Road bridge over A-7 in Las Lagunas planned

Ivan Gelibter

Mijas council has carried out a feasibility study into swapping the pedestrian bridge that runs over the A-7 linking the two sides of Las Lagunas for a road bridge. It says that the increasing population in the area means driving around the



Central Marbella road repairs 'over by Easter'

Charo marquéz

...explained that the repairs are part of a 900,000-euro investment in road resurfacing in Marbella by the Diputación in 2018 and that the total spend reserved for the town is 4.2 million euros, including a new gourmet market in San Pedro.