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A show of support?

Mark Nayler

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has dismissed a case against Spain brought by two Catalan citizens who were seeking condemnation of the Spanish government's intervention in the independence referendum of October 1st 2017 (1-O). Coming just ... break from Spain. The ECHR ruled that Spanish police violated no human rights in their treatment of voters throughout Catalonia on 1O. This seems to clash with the verdict of Human Rights Watch, an international monitoring organisation that conducted ... on-the-ground research immediately after the referendum and concluded that police had used "excessive force" - although one could argue that, depending on how "excessive force" is defined, it doesn't necessarily amount to a violation of fundamental rights. The



The final judgement


This week, the United Nations' Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) announced its decision that two 2012 trials against Spanish human rights judge Baltasar Garzón were arbitrary and lacking impartiality, thus upholding Garzón's claims that he suffered ... human rights violations throughout them. It's the first time that the Committee has condemned a state for criminally prosecuting a judge for doing his or her job, and reopens the debate about the politicisation of Spain's highest judicial bodies. ... impartial and in violation of fundamental human rights.



Triumphant athletes highlight diversity at the Copenhagen 2021 EuroGames


...delivered to the Hungarian Embassy in Copenhagen. The athlete has long been an activist for the rights of the LGBT+ collective and has supported Diversport, the first inclusive sports club in Andalucía, since its inception in 2018. He believes there is a ... "proud to be part of", supports a socio-educational policy and the defence of human rights among the LGBT+ collective.



'I've been able to flag UK nationals' concerns to the Spanish government'

Rachel Haynes

...ensure that the conditions of the Withdrawal Agreement are being adhered to after Brexit. Last week he heard some of the concerns of residents in Spain, the EU's largest British expat community. You took on the role of Head of Citizens' Rights in 2019 ... to feel welcome and enjoy the rights set out in the Withdrawal Agreement. Did you discuss Covid vaccines with the Spanish authorities and the concern of some British nationals about when they might get them? The commitment from the Spanish



British Ambassador and Spanish secretary of state send joint residency re-assurance message to UK nationals in Spain


...their rights protected and recognised in Spain. “I know that many of you have built your homes here and we want you to stay. You are part of the Spanish family. You are part of us. As I said in July, this is, and will always be, your home… my key ... message is, as long as you were legally living here before 31 December your rights will be protected, and recognised in Spain”. You can view the video message here. Reassurance The message was also to provide reassurance and clarity regarding the new ... certificate this document remains valid proof of your residency and of your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. It is not obligatory to exchange it. There is no hard deadline to exchange it either.” To assist UK nationals living in Spain before 31st



Border control


...of July this year, 7,531 migrants had arrived in the Canaries, more than double the amount during the first seven months of 2020. The Spanish government has already started sending unaccompanied minors back from Ceuta, although human rights



Animal rights and rescue association appeals for funds to overcome crisis

Tony Bryant of animals, is a charitable animal rights and rescue association based in Alhaurín el Grande. Over the last two years, the centre has been hit by a series of floods and has required heavy investment in emergency repairs to the land and the site's ... facilities. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has created even more problems, leaving the sisters unable to offer the usual standard of service due to the lack of fundraising and donations. The sisters have campaigned for animal rights in Spain for 20



1 May 1890: International voices unite for workers' rights

Rachel Haynes day to call for workers' rights. One of the principal demands at the time was for an eight-hour working day. This petition had also been behind the events that began on 1 May 1886 in Chicago and led the Socialists in Paris to choose that date for



What rights do passengers have if flights are affected by the coronavirus crisis?

Pilar Martínez

...cancelled or delayed, or you are denied boarding, in a different way for the Covid-19 situation. These are some of the most frequent questions asked by travellers, with answers from the Agencia de Seguridad Aérea (AESA). What are my rights as an airline ... warns that in addition to these cases, some other circumstances related with Covid-19 may also be considered extraordinary. What should I do if the airline doesn't comply with my rights? The first thing is to present the company with a claim. If it ... doesn't respond within a month, or the response is not satisfactory, you can claim free of charge to the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA) or take the matter to court if you consider that your rights have been contravened. AESA has also expanded



Family of Franco launch appeal to European Court of Human Rights over body removal


The government has "in effect expropriated the body" of Francisco Franco, violating the rights of his family to decide where it should lie. This is the viewpoint of the Martínez-Bordiú Franco family in a complaint against the Spanish State handed in ... on Wednesday to the European Court of Human Rights. The family believes that ministers ignored their wishes by moving the dictator's coffin from its ceremonial resting place at Valle de los Caídos to a simpler site near Madrid. His relatives had



3 July 2005: Same-sex marriage law comes into effect in Spain

Jennie Rhodes

...couples the same rights as heterosexual couples in terms of pension, inheritance, tax, residence and nationality as well as maternity and paternity leave. The change of law would also guarantee the rights of minors living with same-sex couples, by giving



Ricardo Horta, another potential source of income for Malaga


He may not have played for Malaga for almost four years, but the club still owns a large portion of the property rights of tricky Portguese winger Ricardo Horta. The 25-year-old has played for Braga since 2016, joining them permanently a year



Collectives vow to keep fighting to protect citizens' rights in Brexit deal

Jennie Rhodes

Three Million issued a joint statement in which they stated, "We will renew our campaign for both the UK and all the EU27 to automatically guarantee our rights." While Sue Wilson, chair of Bremain in Spain, which is part of the British in Europe ... Brexit but stands to protect people's rights, said she was personally "resigned" to Brexit but added, "With all my determination to get the best possible outcome for us as citizens in the EU." Hernández said, "We shall be needing the support of Spain and



Extra payout planned for when jobless benefits have run out


...union has pointed out that those who were officially unemployed or had run out of rights to benefits during the crisis were at a disadvantage, compared to those that were on ERTEs, as the latter haven't had to have paid a minimum amount into the system ... to benefit and largely haven't had their payments taken from the pot of benefits they are entitled to. A spokesperson also stressed that there are another estimated 1.6 million people who had used up all their accumulated benefit rights before the



Anti-Brexit demonstrations in UK and Spain

Jennie Rhodes

...about their future rights as the Brexit debate continues. Rumours of a general election intensify as parties are unable to agree a timetable for the UK's departure, which had been set for 31 October.



Enough is enough

Ivan Gelibter

...taking a new swipe at our rights as citizens. The first state of alarm brought in due to the pandemic - and perhaps the second - had a justified reason and saved thousands of lives, whatever the Constitutional Court - whose members should have retired ... have been unable to reduce the waiting time for a PCR test. The administration is covering up its own shortfalls by attacking our rights. Enough is enough.



Ambassador stresses the need to register as resident in new message to Brits in Spain

SUR in English

...relationship between the UK and the EU, the ambassador said: “I want to reassure you that your rights as UK nationals living in Spain are already protected under the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU. And that both the UK and Spanish Governments ... are fully committed to implementing the citizens’ rights provisions in the Agreement.” Appointment problems In his message the ambassador reminds UK nationals of the need to register as a resident as soon as possible, but acknowledges that there



Just one more thing


...jealousy and then our scruffy, cigar-chomping hero shuffles onto the scene to pick away doggedly at their defences until they're left banged to rights and are ceremoniously carted off the slammer with their hitherto smug expression wiped cleanly from their



Women's Day march - fewer voices, same message

Ana Pérez Bryan / juan Soto

Last year there were 50,000 people in the streets of Malaga for the annual International Women's Day march; this year 15,000 joined the March, but the message was delivered with the same energy and motivation. Under the central slogan, that can be



Brexpats accuses Theresa May of denying basic human rights

Tony Bryant

Brexpats in Spain, the organisation set up to defend the rights of European expat residents in the lead-up to the forthcoming Brexit, has written to British prime minister, Theresa May, to express the group's disappointment concerning the treatment ... in February that the rights of citizens (of the EU in the UK and of the UK in the EU) should be agreed and were taken out of the equation, leaving them to negotiate the exit deal. But Theresa May categorically declined, leaving us to continue thinking



Spain's first coronavirus home lockdown was illegal, rules top court


...has decided that the government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez suspended fundamental rights rather than just bringing in a limitation of them, as allowed by the state of alarm. In March 2020 Sánchez declared an "estado de alarma" which is a milder ... movement such as the one established by the Sánchez government in March 2020. A measure of such significance, according to the Court, is a full-blown suspension of fundamental rights. The strict home lockdown that the Constitutional Court considers



Gibraltar marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Debbie Bartlett the Greenwich Village in New York. During this raid the police roughly mistreated and removed patrons from the club. As a result, there were six days of violent clashes with the police. This event proved to be a catalyst for gay rights movements ... those would remain in place for the time being to raise awareness among the local community. On 28 June the chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, was presented with the Equality Rights Gibraltar official diversity flag, by Felix Alvarez and



Anti-Brexit demonstration is to take place in Malaga city centre later this month

Jennie Rhodes

A group of British residents on the Costa del Sol are organising an anti-Brexit demonstration to show their opposition to the UK leaving the EU. The event, Demonstration Against Brexit - Protect Our Rights, will take place on Sunday, 22 ... For further information visit the Facebook page; Demonstration Against Brexit - Protect Our Rights.



Citizens' rights campaigner to stand for Mijas council in municipal elections

Tony Bryant

A Mijas-based expat known for her continuous efforts to protect the rights of British citizens living in Spain has decided to stand for election in the municipal elections in May. Anne Hernández was approached to stand for a seat on the council ... became disillusioned with the services offered to residents in Mijas and identified the need to respond to their demands. Anne, who is originally from Hertfordshire, is also the president of Brexpats in Spain, a platform set up to defend the rights of ... been giving this serious thought and with the way Brexit is unfolding I genuinely believe that I will be in a better position within the council to continue my fight to defend our rights than as an outsider. We have no MEP to support us, we are really



30 July 1789: Malaspina expedition sets sail from Cadiz


...indigenous Nuu-chah-nulth peoples, who had been distrustful of the Spanish since their assertion of territorial rights there in the 1770s, as well as to Yatuka Bay, Alaska, where they conducted studies of a native matrilineal tribe. Malaspina journeyed to



Spanish government approves decree giving rights to British residents in a no-deal Brexit


...hard Brexit? Meanwhile, the some 400,000 British citizens living in Spain are waiting to see what their future legal position will be. The nervous situation was calmed last Friday when Spanish ministers agreed that rights for UK nationals who are ... resident in Spain would be broadly kept the same as now in the extreme case of no deal with the EU. This vote of confidence from Spain, along with the EU's draft Withdrawal Agreement confirming citizens' rights if there is the opposite outcome and an exit ... deal is signed, brings more comfort to British residents. Rights to healthcare, UK pensions, residency, work and in other areas would continue with or without an exit deal once Britain eventually leaves the EU. In the decree, in the event of no deal,



8 March 1977: The UN day for women's rights and world peace

Debbie Bartlett

The United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day in 1975, which had been designated International Women's Year, but it was in 1977 that the General Assembly invited member states to designate 8 March as the UN Day for women's rights ... Many of us remember the 1970s as a time when the term "women's lib" was first used, but in fact there were already calls for equal rights for women in the early years of the 20th century, and a 'National Women's Day' was organised by the Socialist Party ... granted women the right to vote. In some countries, International Women's Day is marked as a public holiday. Spain is not among them, but in 2018 millions of women all over the country went on strike to defend their rights, resulting in schools and



Flight cancellations and delays: what are your rights?


European regulation 261/2004 regarding Rights of Passengers. What happens if a flight is cancelled? Passengers have the right to be properly informed; the company must provide them with a printed document showing the assistance and compensation to ... people claim? Any passenger who believes their rights have not been respected can make an official complaint to the airline by filling in one of the claim forms which should be available from the information desk or ticket office at airports, or online



UK parliament votes to ringfence citizens' rights, regardless of deal

Jennie Rhodes

The House of Commons has passed the amendment to the UK Withdrawal Agreement that seeks to ringfence rights for Britons living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK, regardless of the circumstances under which the exit eventually occurs. The ... the son of Italian immigrants, said that citizens "should never have been used as a bargaining chip" and that "ringfencing" their rights "should have been done at the outset" of Brexit negotiations. His amendment, which calls for the part of the ... withdrawal agreement that includes citizens' rights to be implemented at "the earliest opportunity", regardless of the outcome of negotiations, gained cross-party support. Costa thanked the umbrella group British in Europe, which represents Britons living



Protests held across Andalucía in defence of equal rights and gender laws


...the first day of the debate on the investiture of Juanma Moreno. The demonstrators were protesting against perceived risks to equal rights and gender violence laws in the incoming PP-Cs coalition, and most had arrived on coaches hired by the outgoing



Ryanair set to reach deal with unions over Spanish workers' rights


...which has angered many workers. The union statement also said that they have secured, "a guarantee of stability and improvement in working conditions." "We are convinced that Ryanair staff in Spain will soon be able to enjoy their full rights as