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Health minister tells MPs that the Covid situation is "fragile and worrying"


. The national Health minister, Salvador Illa, appeared in Congreso on Thursday to defend the decision to declare a state of alarm in Madrid last Friday (9 October) in order to enforce restrictions on movement in the capital. After regional ... days].” He added that “it’s fundamental that we go back to a peaceful and harmonious relationship”. Consistent guidelines The national government’s extra restrictions are based on case rates over 500 in large towns, among other factors. This week ... imposing sweeping, although sometimes only recommended, restrictions on towns, limiting access, and social contact, including in the northern cities of Salamanca, Palencia and León in Castilla y León, and in Asturias. In Catalonia, the regional


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Autumn's cultural events around the province

denise bush

Music Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Music Concerts Chamber music, Malaga Malaga. Auditorio de Museo Picasso de Málaga. 17 November, 8pm Cuarteto Mainake. 1 December, 8pm Concerto Zapico. 12 January, 8pm Quinteto de Jazz OFM



More areas of the Madrid region set to face restrictions in coming days


...might extend measures to more neighbourhoods, although the possibility of closing the Madrid region's borders was also being mentioned. On Wednesday, the regional government said it was "evaluating putting restrictions on all the devolved region" ... that just local restrictions would come in in some 16 more areas from Monday, where the rate of contagion measured through tests was above 1,000 per 100,000 people in the last two weeks. This will be on top of the 850,000 people currently facing ... local restrictions in Madrid. Neighbourhoods have been divided, with residents affected only allowed out in their immediate area for good reason. The Madrid regional government said it doesn't have enough Local Police to enforce the localised



Health Minister calls for areas with more than 500 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to be isolated

Álvaro Soto / SUR

...the region of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who only announced new partial confinement measures for eight more districts of Madrid, as well as the 37 affected by restrictions on movement into other districts since last Monday. District restrictions ... The restrictions in place in the capital this week prohibited all non-essential travel outside the locked-down district, although residents have been allowed to go to work, school and attend to other commitments. The minister also called for eating



Ryanair to reduce flights to 40% this October

Pilar Martínez

...forward bookings by continuous changes in EU government travel restrictions and policies, many of which are introduced at short notice". The airline expects to fill more than 70% of its seats within the new reduced schedule. It said however, “If current



Bar, restaurant and club workers take to the streets to call for a rescue plan

juan Soto

...offices. After the march the business owners read a manifesto calling for direct help to be able to survive for the duration of the restrictions, for the IVA (value added tax) to be reduced to four per cent for the sector and for their 'autónomo' social ... the closing down of nightlife; or complaining of "unfair restrictions with no scientific justification". At the beginning of the march, the president of the association Mahos, Javier Frutos, explained that the situation is very complex for the sector ... de Noche, Juan Rambla, stressed that for the nightclub and disco-bar sector the restrictions are much greater. He complained of a lack of solidarity from the authorities and said that the closure of clubs and bars had left a lot of workers unemployed.



Gibraltar increases restrictions as coronavirus cases rise

Debbie Bartlett

The move to tighten restrictions comes as the number of Covid-19 cases in Gibraltar continues to rise. The authorities say many recent cases have been among young people who have been socialising on the Costa del Sol this summer. Local residents are



Torremolinos working to put on 'attractive' cultural agenda despite Covid restrictions

Tony Bryant

...and sometimes problems arise when people cannot gain access. Also, these events must be seating only, and there would be no bar, and smoking would also be prohibited, so we believe it will be better to wait a few weeks to see if these restrictions are ... "We understand that the local expatriate community is frustrated at the scale of events offered. We are working very hard, but everything is very difficult at the moment. Everybody is down and fed up, and now the new restrictions are making it harder



Gibraltar, Unicaja's back-up home for Eurocup matches


...matches. Among the obligations for participating clubs in the Euroleague and the Eurocup (in which Malaga-based Unicaja will compete) is to find an alternative country and venue for games should travel restrictions stop visiting teams from arriving. The



Andalucía tightens restrictions on celebrations, beach use and visits to care homes


The Andalusian government has announced new measures aimed at slowing the Covid-19 infection rate in the region. The restrictions approved at a regional Cabinet meeting on Tuesday reduce numbers and times for weddings and other events, prohibit the ... or more than three suspected cases. This ban will remain in force until 28 days after the diagnosis of the most recent case. Otherwise, relatives will be allowed to visit with restrictions and precautions in place, unless the cumulative 14-day


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Popular Mijas music venue reopens with weekend of live concerts

Tony Bryant

...will appeal to fans of the legendary super-group fronted by the late Freddie Mercury. Tickets for both gigs, which start at 10pm, cost three euros. Capacity restrictions will be enforced and organisers strongly recommend table reservations. Masks



Further new Covid-19 restrictions now in force in Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

...authorities plan to hold talks with the UK. If any action is deemed necessary, it will be announced later on. News of the new restrictions coincided with Germany issuing a travel warning for Gibraltar. However, in a BBC radio interview chief minister Fabian



Andalucía restricts more places which have excess Covid case rates


The Junta de Andalucía government announced extended restrictions and lockdown measures on more areas of the region this week. Faced with high case numbers in certain communities, regional ministers agreed to order on-site classes to be suspended ... at the University of Granada for the following two weeks to avoid contacts, and student halls of residence had restrictions on movement imposed. Regional case rates reach 229 per 100,000 in the past fortnight The Andalucía region saw 1,971 new ... notification rate per 100,000 inhabitants of 501, above the level to activate more restrictions. However, Junta spokesperson Elías Bendodo explained that a city lockdown was not needed. He said that only nine per cent of local hospital beds had Covid-19



New restrictions on nightlife and smoking now in force across Andalucía


Smoking is now banned in the street and public spaces in Andalucía wherever the smoker cannot guarantee a distance of two metres from other people. This is one of the new restrictions published by the Junta de Andalucía on Sunday, and in force ... from Monday, as a result of Friday's Interterritorial meeting between central and regional governments. The new order also establishes PCR lab tests for Covid-19 for all new healthworkers or those returning from holidays and brings in new restrictions ... capacity restrictions of 75% indoors, and 60% in specific hostelry establishments with music. Bars, cafeterias and restaurants must ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between customers or groups of customers at the bar or at tables or groups of



Government declares state of alarm in Madrid and locks down city

MelchoR sáiz-Pardo

...measures and impose lockdown restrictions on the Spanish capital and surrounding towns. Tougher lockdown in Madrid is illegal says regional court The decision brings an end to 24 hours of legal limbo after the top regional court declared the ... restrictions on movement imposed two weeks ago in the region to be illegal on Thursday. These restrictions were ordered to be reinstated from 3pm on Friday. The lockdown measures will prevent people from leaving their districts or municipalities, apart from



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Rachel Haynes

restrictions brought in around the world, prove that these daily routines are once again in danger. We'll still need a few more pages in our Covid-19 photo album yet. Meanwhile though we can be reassured that some things are carrying on as normal pre- and



What is meant by 'selfish' face masks and why are we being told not to wear them?


The most recent restrictions applied in Spanish regions to fight against coronavirus include, among others, a ban on smoking if two metres social distance cannot be maintained, and the closure of nightclubs. However some areas, such as Madrid and ... decided that the latest restrictions imposed by the regional government are invalid because they were not issued during a state of alarm and a national government order was not published in the Official State Bulletin. And with this decision, the



Gibraltar delays Unlocking the Rock due to Covid-19 situation

Debbie Bartlett

The Gibraltar government will not go ahead and 'Unlock the Rock', marking the end of the restrictions in force because of the coronavirus crisis, on 1 August after all. At a briefing on Monday, chief minister Fabian Picardo announced that ... Gibraltar will remain in Phase 6 of the easing of restrictions for the time being. On Friday Picardo confirmed there would be no modifications to the existing restrictions in Phase 6. Where masks are required, he said, this will be more strongly enforced.



Gibraltar continues to ease the lockdown restrictions

Debbie Bartlett

With the number of active Covid-19 cases down to low single figures for some time, Gibraltar is now taking further steps to 'Unlock The Rock' from the strict restrictions which have been in force for over two months. Phase 2 of the plan began on ... attend events, but only to a level which allows organisers to properly apply social distancing protocols. During Phase 6, which is expected to start on 15 July, the government and health authorities will review the restrictions still in force and



Nerja cave and museum reopen with restrictions and temperature checks

Eugenio Cabezas

The Nerja cave reopened to the public on Monday, with restrictions including a 70 per cent reduction in ticket sales and temperature controls for visitors. Hand sanitizer and gloves have been placed around the site and a distance of five metres


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Art, music, culture and more

Denise Bush

Exhibitions José María Córdoba Fuengirola. Until 20 September. Museo de la Ciudad, C/María Josefa Larrucea. The exhibition Odiseo consists of paintings and drawings created by José María Córdoba and influenced by James Joyce’s books. Stu



Madrid given until tonight to bring in tighter lockdown rules


The regional government in Madrid was this week given 48 hours from Wednesday to put in place new tougher restrictions in the capital and surrounding area, imposed by central government. The move comes amid the increasing bitterness between ... ministers and the opposition-controlled regional authority. This week, their disagreements have spread an argument over how far to go with lockdown restrictions in the capital to other regional governments. By the middle of this week, over 40 per cent of ... all the regional governments' Health ministers to agree tougher national restrictions for larger towns with 100,000 people and more than 500 Covid-19 cases in the previous 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants. The move was seen as an attempt by central



Junta lifts water restrictions on irrigation in the Axarquía


Following widespread calls from agricultural organisations and producers, the regional government announced on Wednesday that it will lift water restrictions in the Axarquía, which had been in place since November, for the remainder of the



Flights cancelled due to travel restrictions

Debbie Bartlett

Easyjet cancelled its flight from Bristol to Gibraltar on Thursday, apparently because of a lack of demand for the service. The airline also contacted passengers due to fly to or from Gatwick and Manchester to say their flights have been cancelled


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Open air concerts and exhibitions during the summer

denise Bush

Museums Museo del Patrimonio Municipal Malaga. Tuesdays to Sundays 10am - 8pm. Avda de Cervantes 4. With art collections from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century as well as artifacts, documents etc. relating to the economical, social and c



Malaga and Granada provinces move to Phase Two of lockdown easing


The provinces of Malaga and Granada will move into Phase Two of Spain's lockdown easing plan on Monday 1 June. The announcement was made by the Health Minister, Salvador Illa on Thursday evening, a day earlier than expected. The regional authoriti



Refunds, a further ordeal for travel agencies already in crisis


...the commission the agency normally receives. "The losses are incalculable; we don't know how all this is going to end, because of the restrictions," he says. However, he is confident that the agencies will come out of this crisis stronger, because



The phases of Spain's plan to wind down Covid-19 restrictions


...from 12pm to 7pm. Timed restrictions do not apply if the municipality you live in (not your ‘urbanización’) has under 10,000 inhabitants. Public transport: Use of face masks compulsory. Private transport: Two people per row of seats in vehicles ... authorised journeys under lockdown restrictions: supermarket, pharmacy, appointments, to go to work when home working is not possible, etc. Commerce: Small shops only, open by appointment. Bars and restaurants: Only for takeaway food. House ... Phase Two In Phase Two, the restrictions will be relaxed even more, although for all phases (0-3), activity can only be within the province where you live (e.g. Malaga or Granada). Among other measures in Phase Two, you will be able to travel to a



Bars and restaurants prepare to reopen with restrictions, without knowing when


...sector is clear about is that, in the new post coronavirus lockdown era, their business will be subject to restrictions. Aware that extra space will have to be left between tables, bar owners have called for the local authorities to allow them to occupy ... that they are right at the back of the reopening queue, have asked not to be subject to distancing restrictions, when they are eventually allowed to reopen. "No one is going to go to a club to dance by themselves without being able to go near to anyone



Malaga and the Costa del Sol stay in Phase Zero of government's plan to ease lockdown restrictions


The Costa del Sol and the rest of the province of Malaga remain for the time being in Phase Zero of the government's staged winding down of Covid-19 restrictions. This means that the province will have to wait for a new assessment of conditions ... phases of Spain's plan to wind down Covid-19 restrictions The head of the government's health emergency committee, Fernando Simón, said on Friday that six of Andalucía's eight provinces would see their restrictions eased from Monday, however Malaga ... Seville, Huelva, Cordoba, Jaén and Almeria. Around half of Spain's population is able to move into Phase One of the government's staged winding down of Covid-19 restrictions, said the Minister for health, Salvador Illa, on Friday. The situation in