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Woman trapped in Malaga riverbed by torrent of water from reservoir


A woman had to be rescued by firefighters on Wednesday morning (3 February) after being trapped in the usually dry Guadalmedina riverbed in Malaga. It happened after the Limonero reservoir opened its flood gates and there was a sudden rush of water ... Limonero reservoir opens its flood gates to check their operation and this is why, suddenly, there was a torrent of water that trapped the woman.



La Concepción reservoir drained again as capacity is reached


Draining had to start on the La Concepción reservoir in Istán, near Marbella, which supplies the western Costa del Sol, on Tuesday with the infrastructure at almost 95 per cent capacity and with further rain forecast for this weekend. Following ... the recent downpours, supplies measured 58.6 cubic hectometres, eight more than in the same week of the previous year, according to the data provided by Hidrosur. A relatively small reservoir in relation to the area it serves, its maximum capacity is ... subtropical crop industries, where La Viñuela reservoir is at just 40 per cent. The Ciudadanos MP for Malaga, Guillermo Díaz, said: "Once again today we are throwing away water that we will miss tomorrow". He blamed a lack of commitment from central



Andalusian government warns of drought risk to the Axarquía area

agustín peláez

Andalucía's regional government, the Junta, has warned of drought in the Axarquía as the end of the hydraulic year approaches. La Viñuela reservoir currently contains 54 square hectometres of water; five less than this time last year and just 33 ... per cent of its capacity. The situation is especially worrying for the subtropical fruit sector, as mango picking and avocado growing seasons get under way. Some growers have already consumed their annual quotas of water from the reservoir and



Expansion of Costa reservoir requires further study, says government

ignacio lillo

Increasing the capacity of La Concepción reservoir in Marbella will have to wait a little longer, central government has announced. An initiative to expand the reservoir that supplies the entire western Costa del Sol was first mooted two decades



Week of rain eases concerns over reservoir levels in Malaga province


The so-called good type of rain fell over Malaga province last week, leaving no notable damage, instead supplying the area's reservoirs. Reserves increased by three cubic hectometres during last week, which is practically equivalent to Malaga city'



Recent rainfall does little to change local reservoir levels

Agustín peláez

Despite last week's heavy rainfall, which provided some relief for farmers and growers in the Axarquía, La Viñuela reservoir's water levels are largely unchanged and remain at less than 30 per cent of its full capacity. Checks at Malaga province's ... largest reservoir reported a minor increase from 49.06 cubic hectometres on Thursday 21 November to 49.24 on Tuesday 26 November.



A Place in the Sun in the Axarquía

Jennie Rhodes

reservoir during filming on Tuesday. Danni Menzies and Periana resident Angela Karlsson during filming in the village. Chloe Gavin She has also spoken to British residents in Periana and Su Derrick of La Vaquería café in Benamargosa.



The Costa del Sol no longer under threat of drought following recent downpours


The wet weather front that rolled over the province before Christmas has increased the reserves in the La Concepción reservoir to 24.4 cubic hectometres, meaning that it is now at 40 per cent capacity according to Red Hidrosur of the Environmental ... Department. The reservoir serves 11 municipal areas on the western Costa del Sol, from Torremolinos to Manilva. This increase in water caused by the storm front Elsa has removed the threat of drought for the time being and especially as the reservoir is



Axarquía growers face 25 per cent cut in water from La Viñuela


The Axarquía's agricultural community was told in a communication from Andalucía's regional government, the Junta de Andalucía, on Monday, of a 25 per cent cut in their water supply from La Viñuela reservoir as of November. The restriction is due ... to a severe lack of rainfall in the previous hydraulic year, leaving the reservoir at just 51.5 cubic hectometres; less than a third of its 165.4 cubic hectometre capacity. In real terms this means a cut from 4,000 to 3,000 cubic metres per hectare



Junta lifts water restrictions on irrigation in the Axarquía


...hydrological year (until 30 September). La Viñuela reservoir has received some 11 cubic hectometres during this recent wet weather spell - an amount that represents more than half of the area's irrigation needs throughout the hydrological year (18.8 hm3).



La Viñuela is on verge of drought as low water levels cause concern


Despite last weekend's rainfall, according to data from the Junta de Andalucía's automatic hydraulic information system (Hidrosur), La Viñuela reservoir will finish this water year (October to September) on the verge of drought. It is five cubic ... reservoir is on alert. Before summer the level was at 69.9 cubic hectometres, compared with 72.39 for the same time last year. Water is destined for agriculture and human consumption. However, farmers have seen restrictions on the amount of water they are ... authorised to use in a year and some saw their supplies being limited due to using more than their permitted limits. Farmers have said that they don't understand why there isn't more water in the reservoir as a result of the rainfall. However, a number of



Seven arrests in Cártama acid attack investigation


200km/h. A Guardia Civil officer was almost run over at a roadblock but managed to fire a round that pierced the coolant reservoir and the car was found abandoned in Mijas. It was believed that the driver of the car was El Melillero – but sources now



Full steam ahead for Costa del Sol's desalination plant

Nieves Castro

Marbella, is working harder than ever, with six production lines. The aim of the plant is to guarantee the supply of water to the 11 towns in the region, bearing in mind the water shortage in the La Concepción reservoir, where levels are currently at less



Recreational use of La Concepción reservoir banned after death of several dogs


The Junta de Andalucía regional government has ordered the prohibition of recreational use of La Concepción reservoir in Istán, near Marbella, after the discovery of algae which has been linked to the death of a dog. Though a ministerial order ... preventing personal use is already in place (as it is a reservoir for the sole purpose of drinking water), the Junta wanted to reiterate the message after a woman, whose dog died, took a sample of the water to a laboratory for testing. There it was found that



Coín has dumped enough polluted water to fill a reservoir, inquiry says


...polluted water to flow into its local rivers to fill the equivalent capacity of Malaga city's El Limonero reservoir. Junta boss: sewage gives shameful impression of Costa Eleven former and current local politicians and officials have been quizzed by ... that, from 2001 to 2018, 32 million cubic metres of waste was dumped by Coín, more than the 25 million cubic metres stored in the medium-sized El Limonero reservoir behind Malaga city. Despite the pollution, the regional government had only ever issued



Fairy tales and dolls' houses for grown-ups


Los Romanes resident Angie Huzzey is exhibiting her fascinating collection of dolls' houses at El Pantano restaurant by La Viñuela reservoir until the end of August. The collection of 12 houses, which Angie explains, she has made from scratch, will ... Los Romanes, 'The Shack', which she gave to Paco, the owner. "He was really surprised and got quite emotional when I gave it to him," Angie reveals. The exhibition runs until 31 August at El Pantano restaurant at La Viñuela reservoir, on the A-356. The houses



More rain forecast as reservoir levels rise


...rainfall has been below the long-term average. The current restrictions placed on farmers will also be reconsidered. Healthier reservoir levels Over the last week the reservoirs have filled to over 250 cubic hectometres. As often happens in periods of ... One of the main beneficiaries of the rain has been La Concepción reservoir, a relatively small reservoir behind Marbella that serves the municipalities of the western Costa del Sol from Torremolinos to Manilva. Local public water provider, Acosol, ... has said it is pleased that the reservoir is now back up to over 70 per cent of its capacity, however the company's head has been explaining this week that it cannot be complacent. Manuel Cardeña recalled that the capacity of La Concepción is quite



Search operation ongoing for pilot of gyrocopter which plunged into Iznájar reservoir


The search for a 55-year-old gyrocopter pilot continues after the aircraft he was flying crashed into the reservoir at Iznájar. Pablo Benthem, who is from Madrid but lives in Moclinejo, set off from Antequera airfield at 10am on Tuesday morning ... but police received a number of calls at around 11.20am that what was reported as a helicopter had plunged into the reservoir. The principal line of enquiry at present is that Benthem, who is also a diving, paragliding and paramotor instuctor, was ... both helicopters and drones, as well as bringing in specialist divers to survey the floor of the reservoir which is in some parts 60 metres deeps. Antonio Quijano, in charge of the operation, said that the aircraft involved was a "two-seater



Search operation ongoing for pilot of gyrocopter which plunged into Iznájar reservoir

E. Cabezas / a. j. guerrero

The search for a 55-year-old gyrocopter pilot continues after the aircraft he was flying crashed into the reservoir at Iznájar. Pablo Benthem, who is from Madrid but lives in Moclinejo, set off from Antequera airfield at 10am on Tuesday morning ... but police received a number of calls at around 11.20am that what was reported as a helicopter had plunged into the reservoir. The principal line of enquiry at present is that Benthem, who is also a diving, paragliding and paramotor instuctor, was ... both helicopters and drones, as well as bringing in specialist divers to survey the floor of the reservoir which is in some parts 60 metres deeps. Antonio Quijano, in charge of the operation, said that the aircraft involved was a “two-seater



Extremadura boasts its own Stonehenge


A stone circle dating back thousands of years, which recently emerged from the depths of a drought-hit reservoir, has helped to put two villages in the region of Extremadura on the map. Over the last few weeks, Peraleda de la Mata and El Gordo in ... millennium B.C. is now known, has become the tourist attraction of the late summer. The dolmen's climb to fame follows its unexpected appearance in August, when the reservoir almost completely dried up. The group of stones had been submerged there since ... meantime, the site continues to attract tourists, showing the enormous potential of the Guadalperal dolmen for the region. This adds weight to the argument for removing the stones from the bed of the reservoir. One association, Raíces de Peraleda, is



Father Christmas takes to his paraglider over Periana

Father Christmas paid an early visit to Periana on Saturday afternoon, choosing a paraglider instead of a traditional sleigh and nine reindeer. He flew over the village, which overlooks the Viñuela reservoir, providing photographers with some



Costa water supply guaranteed for the summer season despite dry spring

Nieves Castro

...remains as expected, water will have to be diverted from Malaga from October onwards. La Concepción reservoir, which supplies Mijas, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, Benahavís, Istán, Ojén, Casares and Manilva, is currently at ... 94.8% full and contained nearly 59 cubic hectometres, 16 more than now. Since then it has rained very little. Since the start of the hydrological year the reservoir has collected 426 litres per square metre, compared with 603 in the same period last ... year. The Marbella treatment plant has collected 322 litres per square metre, compared with 533. The main problem with La Concepción is that it is a small reservoir and since May it has been in a situation of pre-alert. According to the latest reports,



Marbella forced to open reservoir dam twice in a month

Monica PÉREZ marbella

The dam at La Concepción was forced to open its floodgates twice in December to release water after reaching its capacity. The need to empty the reservoir came about after the recent torrential rain in the province and is the first time the event



Mystery of naked reservoir couple that met a violent death while out kayaking


Two bodies found in the water of a reservoir in Girona province this week are believed to be those of a young couple who disappeared in late August. The couple, named only as Marc (23) and Paula (21) from Barcelona province, had set off on 24 ... August on a kayaking trip to the Sudgueda reservoir in the foothills of the Pyrennes. They were reported missing when they failed to return. Initial investigations found their empty car underwater at the end of a ramp, suggesting it was pushed there,



Junta admits that the levels in Costa's reservoirs are “pretty bad”


...reservoirs is “pretty bad.” The Guadalhorce reservoir, which has been on alert since August with levels currently at 44 cubic hectometers, is only one quarter full. Alerts and emergency systems are set by the Andalusian Mediterranean basins' special



Malaga province ends the summer with more water than last year


...guaranteed for one year because of the limited capacity of La Concepción reservoir in Marbella. On Monday afternoon in Nerja a heavy downpour of rain and hail took residents and tourists by surprise. Some premises and basements were flooded.



Drought draws closer for the Axarquía as reservoir levels drop due to summer demand

agustín peláez

The threat of drought in the Axarquía continues to loom as the area's population increases in the summer months. The Viñuela reservoir is hovering above its minimum levels at 54 square hectometres, but the Axarquía has been on alert for two years ... dropping at that rate would mean the reservoir would reach the 45 threshold by mid-September. The agricultural sector would feel the impact first as restrictions would be put in place, prioritising water for domestic use. The last time a drought was



Subtropical fruit growers will see their water cut by 60%

La Axarquía is to be the first area to suffer water restrictions due to the drought situation. Levels in La Viñuela reservoir have fallen significantly, to just 23% of its total capacity with no more than 38 cubic hectometres. After a meeting



The Costa del Sol has ended the peak tourist season with more water than last year

Mónica Pérez

The months when the highest amount of water is used on the western Costa del Sol are over now, and the reservoir levels are higher than they were in September last year. With only a couple of weeks to go before the start of the new hydrological year ... supplies 11 municipalities on the western Costa del Sol, the heavy rain filled it in just 20 days in March, and water had to be released from it on several occasions. The first storms of the season affected most of Malaga province That reservoir was ... than normal consumption over two months in this area) during the three busiest months of the year. Last year at the same time the reservoir contained nearly three cubic hectometres less. Looking back at previous figures from Hidrosur, the average amount



The Guadalhorce reservoirs are at drought level due to the lack of rain so far this year


Viñuela reservoir, the largest in the province, has been in the same situation since July. The scarce reserves of water are causing concern among the authorities. “If we don't have enough rain to raise the water reserves above 128 cubic hectometres, the ... inland reservoirs are currently at the 117 hm3 level. To be specific, the Guadalhorce reservoir contains about 55 hm3 of water; the Conde del Guadalhorce 24 and Guadalteba 38. There is an additional problem: the water quality diminishes as the levels ... drop, due to increasing salinity in the Guadalhorce. This is because the salt waters of the Meliones stream run into this reservoir, and this causes a major problem for farmers as it means the water cannot be used to irrigate crops such as avocados. A



Costa dam opened for third time after rain


It had not rained for days, but La Concepción reservoir, behind Marbella, was judged to be over capacity on Monday. Officials there opened up the dam to release some of the water stored inside into the nearby sea. Mid-morning on Monday the reservoir ... reached 102 per cent of its technical capacity, but by 6pm it had fallen back to 99.98 per cent. This is the third time this year that staff at the facility have had to release excess water from the reservoir. In the most recent purge, over 20 cubic ... where there is also enough water in the dam to operate it as normal”. La Concepción reservoir supplies the western Costa del Sol but the infrastructure in the area has been criticised as the reservoir is relatively small and fills up quickly, meaning



Junta says there won't be a drought order until autumn at least

M. D. TORTOSA / A. PELÁEZ place for the rest of this hydraulic year. However Fiscal gave assurances that there would be enough water for two years of domestic use as long as the situation “does not get worse”. La Concepción reservoir in Sierra de las Nieves near Marbella ... stands at 89 per cent full, while the Limonero reservoir north of Malaga city is at 50.29 per cent capacity and with enough water for two years. The Campo de Gibraltar reservoircurrently has 41.6 cubic hectometres with enough water to supply the area ... for two years, while La Viñuela has risen from 35.5 to 54.7 cubic hecometres. Meanwhile major infrastructural works to guarantee the area's long term water supply remain on hold. These include a new channel to take water from the Iznájar reservoir to



The Axarquía is currently the only area in Malaga at risk of drought


Tapia Ruano, said the 2019 to 2020 water year (the 12-month period from October to September used to measure precipitation totals) had been "dry", with rainfall 18 per cent lower than average in the province. La Viñuela reservoir, which supplies the