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Campanillas under water again as heavy rain and storms batter Malaga province

ignacio lillo

Heavy rain and storms on Monday night into Tuesday morning deposited up to 80mm of rain in parts of Malaga province, causing flooding in some areas - most notably in the Campanillas area. In this outlying district of Malaga city, next to the PTA ... supply for three months Residents had been keeping a close eye on the situation throughout the night, nervous of a repeat of the devastation caused by rain and mud at the end of January. Many households still haven't recovered, with the damage estimated ... city, except two from Alhaurín de la Torre where streets were also flooded. Elsewhere in the province, the worst weather-related incident was that of a fatal car accident in Marbella, caused by the heavy rain, according to the DGT. Record rainfall



Week of rain eases concerns over reservoir levels in Malaga province


The so-called good type of rain fell over Malaga province last week, leaving no notable damage, instead supplying the area's reservoirs. Reserves increased by three cubic hectometres during last week, which is practically equivalent to Malaga ... city's average total consumption for three weeks. Following the downpours, the province's reservoirs are currently at 63.2 per cent capacity (616,85 Hm3). The rain cleared over the weekend, but yellow weather warnings have been issued for Monday night



La Concepción reservoir drained again as capacity is reached


Draining had to start on the La Concepción reservoir in Istán, near Marbella, which supplies the western Costa del Sol, on Tuesday with the infrastructure at almost 95 per cent capacity and with further rain forecast for this weekend. Following



Freak storm causes traffic chaos and leaves Malaga residents knee-deep in hailstones


Malaga was woken on Thursday morning by a fierce hailstorm that left unprecedented wintry scenes in the east and central areas of the city. La Malagueta beach.ÑITO SALAS At around 6.45am heavy rain and thunder and lightning gave way to hailstones ... also held up on the Guadalhorce A-357 motorway, especially near the exits for the university and the PTA technology park. City buses became trapped in the Cerrado de Calderón area, among others where roads were blocked. The heavy rain in the early ... Cártama Estación were reported. Calle Larios.ÑITO SALAS The amber weather warning issued by the state meteorological agency Aemet for heavy rain was in place for the Costa del Sol area until midnight on Thursday. At the time of going to press the



Yellow warning issued ahead of more rain this weekend

Spain's meteorological agency, Aemet, has once again issued yellow weather warnings across the Costa del Sol, Axarquía, Guadalhorce and the Antequera areas, for today (Friday) and tomorrow. The warning follows forecasts of further rain and storms in ... the region. Aemet indicates that up to 20mm of rain could fall in just an hour. Rainfall is predicted to subside on Sunday.



Clean-up continues after floods in Campanillas


Fire officers, municipal workers and local people have been working over the weekend to try to restore some sort of normality in the Malaga district of Campanillas, that suffered serious flash flooding on Saturday morning after the river of the same



Rain dampens Halloween fun


The persistent rain that fell on the Costa del Sol on Wednesday evening was enough to scare away hundreds of the ghosts, witches and zombies that normally take to the streets for Halloween. Numerous celebrations were cancelled or postponed until



The rain in Spain

Peter Edgerton

...any luck, some colder weather. When the rain lashes down outside, you just know intuitively that any arrangements or appointments you have made for the day are now deemed invalid. If you're meeting someone at eleven o'clock, for example, there's a ... took me about twenty years, but eventually I realised that for many people heavy rain around here is really a sort of code in itself; it means all bets are off and is understood as such by all parties. So, if you're woken in the morning by the roaring ... thunder and the rain battering your windows, you think "Aha! Everything I have arranged for today is almost certainly not going to happen." So far, so confusing. The key point, however, is that you also think "Aha! Everybody I have arranged to do something



Floods damage Navarra Towns

The streets of Tafalla and nearby villages in Navarra, northern Spain, were this week filled with damaged cars and debris swept along after heavy rains swelled the river Zidacos. The rain that fell in just three hours on Monday afternoon was



Braving the rain for Father Arnaiz


Many were hoping for a miracle but rain still affected the beatification of local priest Tiburcio Arnaiz at Malaga Cathedral on Saturday. While the cathedral was packed to the rafters for the mass, there were a number of empty seats outside where ... crowds were following developments on a big screen. The rain, however, couldn't stop the most devoted who came from far and wide and shared anecdotes about how Arnaiz had touched their lives.



Torrential rain strikes Malaga province again


Almost 28 litres per square metre fell in Archidona on Saturday, as a result of a cold front which brought torrential rain and flash flooding to the province at the end of last week. After more than 45 litres per square metre of rain fell in



Atlético rain on Malaga Femenino's parade


...scoreline, came out with a lot of credit, especially during the first half when the rain helped to level the playing field. The resistance faded almost immediately after the break when Ludmila bagged her second, seconds after the restart. Malaga keeper



More rain forecast as reservoir levels rise


Heavy rain over the past week and a half may not have been welcomed by holidaymakers, but has certainly gone some way to allaying fears of a possible drought this summer. Since 28 February levels have risen by over 60 cubic hectometres in the ... province's reservoirs, following last weekend's string of amber and yellow weather warnings followed by more intermittent rain over the last few days. The downpours provided a welcome relief to the area's farmers as well as authorities fearing that drought ... city Malaga, or six months for the whole Costa del Sol area. As a result, new drought restrictions, which were set to be put in place in April, will not go ahead after the week's rain reversed some of the effects of the previous five years, in which



Costa water supply guaranteed for the summer season despite dry spring

Nieves Castro

Water supplies on the western Costa del Sol are guaranteed for the peak tourist season. The dry spring however has left reserves lower than they were a year ago, and the authorities are warning that if it doesn't rain later this summer and if demand ... if there is no rain it will be at emergency level in October. No restrictions The Costa del Sol, with its massive influx of tourists, needs about 33 cubic hectometres of water during the summer season. The authorities say there will be enough



The first storms of the season affected most of Malaga province

F. G.

Last week's storms affected the whole of Malaga province, with rain in all areas but most intense on the eastern coast and in some inland towns and villages. The Meteorological Centre issued an orange alert for Saturday 8 September (warning of up to ... 30 litres of rain per square metre in just one hour)and even forecast hail. However, in the end figures issued afterwards by the Hidrosur network showed that the amount of rain that fell differed according to location. The highest rainfall was in ... Torrox, with 27 litres per square metre, while in another town on the eastern coast, Torre del Mar, there was a reading of 15 litres. Malaga city and the nearby area experienced a big storm on Saturday but the amount of rain differed in the city's



"It would have been a disaster if the rain had fallen in the city"


The head of forecasting at the local Malaga branch of the state meteorological office, Aemet, has been answering questions this week about why the recent rain was so heavy and so difficult to predict. Fausto Polvorinos is due to retire next week ... and, by coincidence, he started his service at Aemet thirty years ago in 1989 with a great local flood, and ends it in similar circumstances. What would have happened if the rain last Sunday had fallen on the city? It would have been a total ... that temperatures in Malaga are on the rise but I'd hesitate to say this incident is down to climate change. Here it is caused by a pocket of cold air at high altitude, a cut-off low. Not all these bring flooding but almost all cases of severe rain are



Marbella escapes weekend rain but sees disruption from cloudburst on Tuesday

Mónica Pérez

There was relief in Marbella when the town missed the heavy rain that hit Estepona and inland areas last Sunday, as the clear-up operation is still under way here after storm damage two weeks ago. Fast-moving repair work had been going on to some ... local roads, access routes into the town and along the seafront which were most affected by rain earlier this month. The council has allocated one million euros of emergency funding for repairs which need to be completed in a month. Work is also going ... 30mm fell in that time, said meteorologists. Locals were taken by surprise as the intense rain hadn't been forecast and the council called a crisis meeting to deal with the waterlogged streets, which were in well-known flooding blackspots. Traffic



Clear-up continues after record rain in parts of Malaga province last weekend


A huge swathe of northern and western Malaga province was slowly starting to get back to normal this week after record-breaking rainfall fell between late last Saturday night, 20 October, and into most of Sunday. While heavy rain had been ... de Yeguas. His body was found later on Sunday swept along by the water some seven kilometres away. As the rain continued through the night, it was clear that more towns and villages were being seriously affected as the rain moved southwestwards. By daybreak ... Sunday alone with 309mm of that falling within just 12 hours. As Sunday continued the rain moved westwards and southwards, causing damage in Ronda. Here the river in the famous Tajo gorge was bursting with water and walls fell, including the retaining



Inland towns in Malaga province clean up after worst torrential rain in history


Areas in the north of the province of Malaga are attempting to clear up the mess after torrential rain caused serious flood damage in Bobadilla, Campillos, Teba, Casarabonela and Ardales, as well as the Ronda area and Estepona Sunday morning. An ... The Spanish met office Aemet issued a red weather warning for heavy rain from midnight on Saturday and emergency services from around the province were deployed in the area. The heavy rain persisted throughout Sunday morning and hundreds of ... century tannery as well as a wall in the gardens. Estepona In Estepona the heavy rain closed the A-7 road and flooded buildings include the Local Police station and the health centre. The River Guadalmansa broke its banks.



Rain returns to the area and is forecast on Saturday as well


After a few days of relative calm following last week's rain, the wet weather returned in force to the Costa del Sol and Malaga province on Thursday and more heavy rain is expected for tomorrow, Saturday, 20 October. On Thursday, up to 1pm, some ... 46mm of rain had fallen in and around Malaga city and the heaviest intensity of rainfall was measured in Estepona with 25mm in just one hour, Álora with 23mm and Marbella with 19mm on Thursday morning. From midnight on Thursday morning to lunchtime, ... locals outside Archidona.All reservoirs in the province were expected to have received a useful amount of water in the last few days. While the rain is forecast to hold off on Friday, a yellow warning was in place for Saturday for the province, as in



Costa dam opened for third time after rain


...metres of water was released from the dam per second, according to an official report which explained that releasing water was part of the normal procedure to lower the reserves “to a level in which there is still the capacity to collect further rain, but ... water needed elsewhere is lost. Forecasters say that there is a reduced likelihood of further rain over the weekend, with a probability of about 25 per cent across Malaga province as a whole. However, there is a high risk of strong winds exceeding 70



The empowered woman takes on the rain in the name of fashion


The rain may have threatened to stop play, but the show went on. The eighth annual Pasarela Larios, part of Malaga Fashion Week, took place last Friday and Saturday, with around 80 models strutting their stuff in designs from haute couture and ... rain for much of Friday but the show ultimately had to be cut short with two collections yet to be shown. Commercial designers The show resumed on Sunday with collections from commercial designers, such as big retailers El Corte Inglés and Dunnes



Emergency funds for areas especially affected by this week's heavy downpours on the Costa


rain fell in 24 hours, while Ojén had 174mm in the first half of Wednesday. In Coín, rainfall was 174mm in just twelve hours, with other high numbers registered in the hills behind Malaga. A wall collapsed on parked cars by a sports hall in central ... Marbella on Wednesday.Josele-Lanza Marbella and San Pedro were especially hard hit as the rain falling before breakfast time on Wednesday came just as the area was recovering from the effects of Tuesday lunchtime’s downpour. The ease with which part of the ... floods and landslips which blocked access roads for a time, the rain damaged street furniture and the resort’s beaches. A-7 gridlocked for 20 kilometres There was a 20-kilometre holdup on the A-7 coastal motorway westbound from La Cala de Mijas due



García takes centre stage at Valderrama


Sergio García finished the first day of the Andalucía Masters at Valderrama as joint leader alongside Joost Luiten on five under par. The tournament, unaffected by the rain, is hosted by the Masters champion's charitable foundation and is back on



Stormy weather returns to the Costa del Sol

Jesús hinojosa / María García

An orange weather warning was issued for the province of Malaga on Sunday and resulted in 50 litres of rain per square metre falling during the morning and early afternoon and around 60 incidents registered by the emergency services, many of which ... Yunquera, the rain caused a landslide, carrying earth and debris onto the road. The Los Llanitos and El Herrizo areas were cut off, affecting more than a dozen families for over three hours. Lightning strikes The majority of the calls to emergency



Rain fails to dampen carnival spirits


Carnival season continues around the region with celebrations coming to a climax this weekend in many areas. The calendar in the city of Malaga is packed after some of the events planned for last Sunday being postponed due to the storms. Last week



CYD Santa Maria horse sanctuary asks for help following heavy rain

Fernando Torres

The CYD Santa Maria horse sanctuary is in difficulty. The recent rain, which has been beneficial for the countryside and agriculture of the province, has not proven as useful for this rural sanctuary in Alhaurín El Grande. The ground has become very ... ask for help and donations from the general public, however small they may be. “The animals that we treat require a large commitment due to the difficulty of transporting them, cleaning them and feeding them,” she said. The rain has been falling



Vandals blamed for damage Moorish castle lighting

Debbie Bartlett

...discovered that someone had gained access to the Old Prison from the area known as 'the Jungle' and interfered with the equipment. The door had been left open and the rain had made the cables wet, but these were dried with heat blowers and the lighting



Rain increases reservoir levels and removes threat of drought restrictions on the Costa


The missing winter rain on the Costa del Sol and across Malaga province made a sudden appearance last week, bringing welcome relief to the area's gardens and farms, as well as those worried that lower-than-average levels in reservoirs could mean ... drought restrictions over the summer. Experts have said that the rain that has fallen over the last few days is the equivalent of a year's worth for Malaga. New drought restrictions, which were set to be put in place in April, will not go ahead. The ... recent rain was gone a long way to reverse the effects of the previous five years, in which rainfall was below the regional average. The current restrictions placed on farmers will also be reconsidered. Weather forecasters are expecting the wet weather



Heavy rain disrupts Andalucía Day celebrations along the Costa del Sol

Tony Bryant

...the Andalusian electorate voted for the statute that made Andalucía an autonomous community of Spain- had to be rapidly changed, although the rain did hold off long enough for some towns to proceed with their events. Continuous rain in Coín forced ... although the rain stayed away long enough for around 500 people to enjoy a programme of flamenco music and dance. The town also proceeded with the inauguration of a new tiled plaque inscribed with the words of the Hymn of Andalucía. The town paid tribute to ... the town were abandoned due to the rain.



Aemet extends yellow weather alert across the whole of Malaga province

Ignacio Lillo

Aemet, the Spanish Met Office, today extended its yellow weather alert to the whole of Malaga province after more than 45 litres per square metre of rain fell in Ronda on Thursday, causing flash flooding. The heavy rain, which started at around ... Axarquía initially the only area set to be affected. From 8am till 8pm the areas of the Axarquía, Malaga, Costa del Sol and the Guadalhorce valley will be susceptible to heavy rain, while Ronda and Antequera will be on alert rom 2pm to 8pm. On Sunday, ... the possibility of rain will still persist, however, with lower intensity.



Amber weather warning for heavy rain in Malaga province


Spain's meteorology office Aemet raised its severe weather warning from yellow to amber on Friday morning due to the heavy rainfall expected throughout the day in the province of Malaga. The areas expected to be most affected are the Costa del Sol