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The extravagant requests made by stars on their visits to the Costa


...entire floor of the Hilton to be closer to the venue. Other requests are more prosaic, such as for ginger, which is fashionable among singers for its properties against hoarseness and sore throats. Clockwise from top left: Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan,



"We're not ruling anything out regarding irregular properties"


...making them legal as has been done in other regions such as Valencia. He says his Ministry has no preconceived ideas about the matter. What is the priority for Decree 3/2019 regarding illegal properties? The environment and people. We are ... fine. We are not legalising these properties with this Decree, but the owners have to bear the cost, that is totally clear. They cannot go on damaging the environment. What does the new regulation do? It recognises that some homes were built years ... future, so much the better. The decree also applies to properties classified as 'outside regulation', but so far not many people have taken up that action. Few people applied because there were a lot of obstacles. The law permitted it, but not for



Junta takes big step towards regularising many more of the 327,000 illegal homes in Andalucía


The Junta de Andalucía regional government approved on Tuesday a decree to regularise homes built with illegal planning permission. There are an estimated 327,000 properties in this precarious position in Andalucía, with thousands owned by foreign ... normally expires after six years from construction, so as not to fall foul of the court system. The decree offers a range of possibilities for town halls to regularise properties from larger housing developments through to more isolated homes, a ... illegal property has rights to services and utilities and can be entered on the official land registry, as well as letting owners make improvements. Up to now only standalone rural properties built illegally could be regularised this way, but now the rules



Promoter to invest 100m in 228 homes in Torremolinos

ALBERTO GÓMEZ of between one and four bedrooms. The homes will also boast a large garden area, as well as swimming pools and a children's play area. Properties will cost between 258,000 and 837,500 euros. The project was launched at a presentation at Hotel



Foreign residents among those evacuated as fire breaks out in Almuñécar

J. R. / P. G. T.

...fighters arrived to evacuate us." The home owners were allowed back to their properties at 6pm, accompanied by police. Mayor of Ítrabo, Antonio Jesús Carrascosa, said, "Thanks to the quick response from emergency services the fire caused only material



Town halls are 65 million euros better off thanks to undeclared changes to properties


...cent of the infractions. Another 21.5 per cent were renovation work and changes of use (such as enclosing terraces with windows, or restoring an old house). The remaining 5.9 per cent of properties had swimming pools that did not figure on the ... authorities' database. Place to place By municipality, Malaga city stands out with 13,050 properties being regularised, of which half were extensions or rehabilitation. Nevertheless, in relative terms, it is striking that the inspectors detected



Casares forest fire damage limited by sudden wind change


...direction prevented the destruction of more properties. Other locals seemed more angry than relieved, however; Puerto de la Cruz resident Benito Trujillano questioned the Junta's approach to forest fires, demanding fire breaks and other preventive



The Directory: Caribbean all-inclusive resorts

Andrew Forbes

Beach near Punta Cana has recently undergone a make-over, restoring its status as one of the flagship properties for Bahia Principe. New for 2019 are swim-up pool suites, and the new Escape Experiences from Bahia Principe -signature gastronomy and



Quabit starts work on 700 new properties in La Cala de Mijas

Ivan Gelibter

Urbanisation work has now started to prepare for a development with 700 properties to be built in La Cala de Mijas by the firm Quabit. The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, and the Planning councillor, Andrés Ruiz, announced the start of the ... the project, which will start, alongside the urbanisation works, with the construction of a first phase of 240 properties. While the majority of the 700 properties in Las Lomas del Flamenco are aimed at foreign residential tourists, part of the area ... is reserved for young people. A sum of 12 million euros is being spent on 79 properties in El Lagar de Quabit, reserved for first-time buyers. A discount of five per cent will be applied to purchases of the two and three-bedroom properties in this



Marbella cocaine bike delivery gang is caught by police


Police have arrested five people in connection with a network of motorcycle riders who distributed cocaine on demand. As part of recent searches of properties in the Marbella area, 17 kilos of cocaine were found. More than 1.2 million euros of



Casares begins process to seize abandoned homes in historic centre

Charo márquez

Casares council has started the process of the expropiation of properties in the historic centre which have been abandoned and whose state of disrepair is affecting adjoining properties. Around 60 properties are estimated to be in this state and



Sewage connection for rural properties

Ivan Gelibter

Rural areas of Mijas (which account for almost a quarter of the population after Mijas Pueblo, Las Lagunas and La Cala) should begin to receive more services in the next few years. Town Planning councillor Andrés Ruiz met recently with representati



Marbella villa among world's ten best holiday properties

sur in english

Just one property in Spain has made it into the top 10 of TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice Awards 2018. Located in the Bello Horizonte region of Marbella, near the Carlos Cabezas sports centre, 'VillaCasa Marbella' boasts eight bedrooms and six bat



Marbella mayor asks for Roca's properties to be handed over for the town's use

Héctor Barbotta

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has asked the council to vote on her plan to demand that the national government give the town seven properties owned by former town-planning head, Juan Antonio Roca, who was the mastermind of the Malaya ... council for public use. Among the properties is Roca's former country home, Finca La Caridad, near San Pedro and valued at 5.7 million euros, a heliport near Nagüeles (769,000 euros), a luxury apartment in central Marbella (2.6 million euros), and a



Spain-Holiday removes 275 illegal tourist properties from its holiday let platform

Pilar Martínez

Holiday rental platform Spain-Holiday, based in Malaga, has removed 275 rental properties within the region that were not on the Andalusian Tourism Register from its database. "Ever since the regulations for tourist properties came in in 2016, ... our clients have had a lot of difficulties getting onto the register but we are very grateful that they have made the effort," he said. Removing properties from the database, however, has a major impact on portals such as these. While conceding that ... it has affected business, Petersen said that he hoped to be able to get these 275 properties back on the database "little by little".



Rincón de la Victoria plans drastic action to restrict the number of tourist properties

Eugenio Cabezas

The battle is heating up between the hotels, who claim that holiday lets are creating unfair competition, and owners of properties which are rented for tourism, who say their business helps to create wealth and employment in the province. Some ... action has already been taken by the authorities, such as two years ago when the Junta de Andalucía began to insist that all properties used as holiday accommodation are registered and regulated, but there are still calls for more to be done. ... Websites now to insist that holiday rental properties are legally registered Holiday accommodation websites are also now tightening up their rules and insisting that properties in Andalucía which are used for tourism must comply with the regional



Regional government of Andalucía reassures worried owners that a solution will be found for their irregular homes


...having their houses demolished, not being able to connect to mains water and electricity supplies, being unable to get mortgages for their properties or being able to sell them easily. In his view, it is also impeding the development and growth of towns ... properties that aren't individual properties but established housing developments," she added. Carazo pointed out the need for town hall support to issue local, sectorial planning guidelines for these housing estates, as many smaller councils don't yet



The price of luxury properties in Marbella has doubled since 2011

Héctor Barbotta

...the market from Panorama, Marbella's longest-established estate agency. The price increase in some of the most exclusive areas reflects a lack of supply compared with the growing demand from would-be purchasers. The sale of properties costing more ... especially on the Golden Mile, south of the main road. Another highly-coveted area is the Casablanca residential development beside the Meliá Don Pepe hotel. The lack of land has meant that many investors have purchased properties in these areas in order to ... process. In 2017 the College of Architects of Malaga approved 4,895 plans for new properties, but this was only 10.88 per cent of the 45,000 which were approved ten years previously. The segments of the market which are the strongest and most solid at



Landowners plead for their rural property to be rezoned


A group of neighbours on a piece of rural land behind Torremolinos are fed up that the legal status of their properties is still in limbo over ten years after a promised development in their area never materialised. 30 families who live in the



Bank ordered to pay back deposits on unfinished properties


A Malaga court has ordered Banco Popular to pay back the deposits paid to developers Aifos by buyers of a property in Hacienda Casares. Aifos went into administration in 2009, leaving construction unfinished. The claimants put more than 81,000 euro



Scandal over suspicious Mijas property auctions widens

Ivan Gelibter MIJAS

...asked for files going back to 1980. “We have serious suspicions that the so-called ‘express auction’ case is just one part of the story,” said the councillor. He added that he believes that properties bought by the council for “the people of Mijas” ... were given to others to use. The problem arises as the council has no accurate inventory of the properties it owns. “This municipality has made a real mess of this,” he continued. The case of ‘express auctions’ in Mijas came to light almost a year ... ago. Former PP mayor, Ángel Nozal, and his councillor for Finance, Mario Bravo, are being investigated over the auction of property at below market rates without following proper timescales. The council was selling the properties it had gained from



Manilva will reduce IBI tax on property as of 2018


The mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, has announced that the local property tax (IBI) will be reduced by an average of 0.123% as of next year. The change will lead to almost 17,000 homes getting a lower IBI bill, although around 9,000 bills may go up,



Airbnb deletes 18,000 unregistered Andalusian holiday rentals from its site

Pilar Martínez platform has deleted 18,000 Andalusian entries, leaving the Airbnb community in the region reduced to 40,800 properties, according to the company. The move is a serious blow to the illegal rental properties in the region, which now no longer ... platform does not provide data by province, the statistics of the Tourism Registry of Andalucía indicate that a large proportion of the affected properties are on the Costa del Sol, a destination that accounts for more than half of the rented tourist ... accommodation in the region. However, half of the 18,000 properties removed had not had a booking in the last year, explained Airbnb in a statement. The rest operated normally, despite not complying with the regulations. The removal of the illegal properties



Tourism properties now outstrip hotels in Malaga and Marbella

Pilar Martínez

The unstoppable growth of holiday rentals in the region has now seen numbers surpass those of hotels in both Malaga city and Marbella. Figures show that tourism properties, which have been regulated since 2016, have more than doubled in the past ... meanwhile, remains a stronghold for the hotel sector with holiday lets struggling to get a foothold in the town (only 725 properties have been registered so far, adding barely 3,000 beds).



Over 87,000 undeclared new and altered properties found by taxman in the province


(extensions, reforms or changes of use) on urban and rural land, which had not been declared. The overall aim is to guarantee that the official description of the properties is factual, whether or not they were ever granted a works licence and occupancy ... appeal. Everybody who has to regularise their property has to pay 60 euros to cover the costs of the inspections. Consequences. The properties' rateable values will be increased and this will affect other taxes which are determined by this variable. ... images and personal visits to almost every part of the province. With only Benahavís and Campillos still remaining to be inspected, of the 1.42 million properties checked in four phases of the plan, 87,143 (6.1 per cent of the total) were found to have



Half Manilva's 3,000 unfinished homes have been vandalised


...residents have had the chance to comment and it has been approved by the Junta de Andalucía. The plan states that the number of empty properties in the area, unfinished when developers pulled out or went bankrupt during the financial crisis, is now 3,000,



Costa property prices have risen most in Manilva and Marbella

Mónica Pérez MALAGA

...proven to be correct so far. The Tinsa report shows that the Costa del Sol is in a leading position in the recovery of the property market. Front line properties on the coast in Marbella are now costing about 6,000 euros per square metre, and in ... property is selling well in Marbella but the stock of residential property is one of the lowest in the country. The most popular properties are two-bedroomed houses or apartments, about 100 square metres in size. New builds are mainly good quality two or



Malaga province can accommodate 250,000 tourists a day


"People are buying properties just for holiday lets". This is something you often hear now in the property sector, which is already talking about a new bubble and one with a difference on the Costa del Sol and in other major cities and tourist ... resorts: holiday rental properties. The regional government's Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Fernández, asked the government a few months ago to regulate this type of business, because it is now becoming increasingly difficult to find properties to ... is that this goose with its golden eggs is damaging the market. The phenomenon is not new in Andalucía: the Junta has been regulating this type of rental for a few years now, demanding that properties meet certain standards such as air conditioning



Three of the most expensive streets to home buy in Spain on are on the Costa del Sol


...the address with the most expensive houses for sale in Spain. The owners of this exclusive development want an average of 6,758,961 euros from those who want to buy one of these ostentatious properties, according to a survey by the Idealista real ... de Aldama in La Moraleja (Alcobendas), which takes third place with 5,700,000 euros. There are two other streets where properties cost more than five million euros in the same development in Madrid: Camino del Sur (5,485,192 euros) and Camino Ancho ... addresses where properties cost over a million euros: Comunidad Valenciana (2,377,667 euros), Basque Country (2,012,545 euros), Canary Islands (1,208,545 euros) and Cantabria (1,119,127 euros). The cheapest region is Extremadura, where the most expensive



Seminar planned for property professionals


...event at La Sala Banús aims to help professionals give their clients the most up-to-date advice based on changes in laws and practices affecting the sale of properties. Subjects also include irregular properties, finance options, German and Scandinavian



Three arrested after two properties full of marijuana plants found near Casares

Charo márquez

Police have arrested three people after discovering marijuana being cultivated in two houses near Casares. Suspicions over the two properties arose after it was discovered that they were using excessive amounts of electricity, which was being ... illegally tapped from the mains electricity supply. Neighbours' complaints of strong smells coming from the houses added to the local police's suspicions. After six months of surveillance of the two properties, the local court issued a search warrant. ... It was at 7am on Monday morning when members of the local police and Guardia Civil stormed the property. They discovered that the two properties were being used entirely for the production of cannabis, with a total of 1,245 marijuana plants.



The cost of renting a home has increased by over 50% in five years


...that cloud the figures. The central bank said that the percentage of rental properties of the total number of homes in Spain rose from 19.4 per cent in 2005 to 23.9% in 2018. The main groups of residents who rent in Spain are foreigners and young ... the total for that age, up from 19 per cent in 2018. The Banco de España suggests that changes in tax breaks have stimulated the rental market, both in terms of properties being bought to rent and people preferring to rent. The proportion of



New construction projects confirm recovery of the property market after the crisis

jesús hinojosa

...and June this year and refer to both flats and houses. They show that the college approved the plans for 2,442 properties in Malaga province; that is twice as many as in the same period of 2016. Developers announce the construction of 1,500 homes ... Housing developer Neinor Homes is to invest 100 million euros in several new construction projects in the province of Malaga. These first schemes involve more than 625 properties although the firm has plans in the pipeline for a total of 1,500 new homes ... six months of the year. The greatest investment by property developers continues to be in Malaga city, where the plans for 644 properties have been approved, and on the Costa del Sol, with over 1,000 in the past six months. The increase has been



Permission given for six-million-euro Club la Costa work

Ivan Gelibter

Mijas council has approved a building licence for the construction of 50 new holiday properties on the Club la Costa resort in Mijas Costa. The owners are expected to spend six million euros expanding their holiday ownership complex and have