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Holy Week processions cancelled throughout the province

Antonio M. Romero / JesÚs Hinojosa

There will be no Holy Week processions in Malaga this year. The organisation that represents the city's religious brotherhoods that organise the Semana Santa has agreed with the city hall and the Diocese of Malaga to call off the events to prevent ... the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. The decision comes after cities such as Seville and Cordoba suspended their processions on Saturday following advice from Spain's Episcopal Conference. "We have discussed the situation generated by the ... cancellation applies to the entire diocese, that is, all the towns and villages in the province of Malaga. "All three consider it responsible and necesary to suspend the Holy Week processions, as well as all the planned events leading up to them," it reads.



A Semana Santa with no processions - but plenty of charity


Occasionally rain has caused the cancellation - or interruption - of one of Andalucía's Holy Week processions, causing tears of disappointment among participants. In Malaga we have to go back 84 years to 1936, however, to find the last time that ... not a single procession left its church. This year, faced with the cancellation of the entire week of public celebrations due to the coronavirus lockdown, the brotherhoods that organise the processions have turned their energies to the immediate



Fears for Holy Week processions as major events are postponed


...was likely to be severe as the country braced itself to see if early April’s Holy Week religious processions would be affected. On Tuesday, organisers took the decision to suspend the Malaga Film Festival which was due to start today, Friday 13. The ... brotherhoods in Malaga are starting to change their usual preparatory processions and rehearsals. The head of one brotherhood that put off an event this week said, “It’s a big responsibility and we prefer to cancel everything that brings together a lot of



Beaches, parks and markets closed on the Costa del Sol


...region. Semana Santa In Andalucía, where all schools and other education centres are to be closed for at least two weeks, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, announced the cancellation of next month's Holy Week processions in


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A pagan festival to mark the beginning of Lent


...following Tuesday. Although Carnival probably arose from a pagan festival, it is celebrated throughout the world in mainly Catholic cultures. In Spain it is a very popular event with gaudy and ostentatious processions, satirical songs, drag queens and ... Manuel. The burying of the sardine takes place at around 5.30pm. Benalmádena The Carnival festival in Benalmádena has two big processions, the first is on 22 February starting at 5.30pm and will pass through the streets of Benalmádena Pueblo. It is



Semana Santa brotherhoods put finishing touches to their annual week of processions


All eyes in the last few days have been on the weather forecast for next week ahead of Semana Santa celebrations. The most important period in Spain's cultural calendar starts this weekend with processions, run by the Confradías (or brotherhoods), ... on Palm Sunday (14 April). In larger towns in Malaga province there are religious processions throughout much of next week, especially in Malaga city, Marbella and Vélez-Málaga on the Costa. More places join in as the week goes on and by next ... different processions spread over six days will wind their way through the streets, staggered from mid-afternoon to the early hours of the next morning. This Sunday the processions start a bit earlier at 10.15am with the Pollinica, a representation of


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The fiesta of the Virgen del Carmen remembers those lost at sea

Tony Bryant

The Virgen del Carmen festivities will be taking place all along the coast on Tuesday 16 July, and this colourful, religious event is one of the most popular summer activities on the Costa del Sol. Processions in honour of the much-loved Santa María



Carmen bathes the coast in emotion


Residents in seaside towns and villages flocked to the shoreline on Tuesday evening for the annual processions of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (or the Virgen del Carmen), the images of the Virgin Mary traditionally seen as watching over seafarers. The ... had been booked weeks ago. More to come on Sunday On Sunday, 21 July, three important processions will take place in Malaga city, attracting many visitors and locals. On the central La Malagueta beach at about 11am, divers will bring up an



Vélez mayor says work will not affect Holy Week

Mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, has given his assurances that the town's Holy Week processions will not be affected by plans to pedestrianise Vélez town centre. Speaking last week, he said that the traditional routes used by the



Easter devotion hits the streets of Malaga


Holy Week processions and other events have brought crowds into Malaga this week, as dozens of brotherhoods carry their images of Christ and Our Lady through the streets in their annual processions. Early in the morning of Holy Monday, thousands ... of people gathered outside San Pablo church to see the images of Jesús Cautivo and María Santísima de la Trinidad brought from their chapel. That evening, processions of Jesús de la Columna, María Santísima de la O and 'Los Gitanos', the joyful gypsy



Orthodox Christians plan Easter in isolation


Gulf islands of Spetses and Hydra where I grew up they celebrate Easter in their own way, which is not unlike the Costa del Sol's Virgen del Carmen processions and sea celebrations. "The most emotional moment is on Good Friday with the ... Epitaphios processions. On Hydra, in the picturesque fishing village of Kaminia, at Easter there is something similar to what happens in La Carihuela, Torremolinos, in the middle of July. The seafaring Epitaphios literally enters the sea in order to bless



Official seating added to Marbella's celebration


A thousand seats will be put out on the ceremonial part of the route of the Holy Week processions in Marbella this year. The seating, which will be free of charge, is designed to give the formal section of each of the parades a more impressive feel



New app to help follow a historic tradition


Marbella council has launched a smartphone app so spectators and participants can keep up to date with the movements of the Holy Week processions through the town. The app is called Semana Santa Marbella 2018 and as well as the routes also includes



Vélez-Málaga mayor accused of "improvised" Holy Week safety measures

Agustín Peláez

The leader of the opposition party at Vélez-Málaga town hall, Francisco Delgado, has asked for a report on the training volunteer security staff were given before last week's Holy Week processions in the town. He has accused the current mayor,



Extra care taken amid Holy Week safety fears


Organisers of Malaga's huge Holy Week processions this coming week have been taking extra precautions over crowd safety after a late-night stampede last year narrowly avoided serious injuries. Police have been told to stop spectators setting up ... makeshift seating on the pavements in key areas and blocking the flow of pedestrians viewing or following the processional thrones. In addition the committee organising the many processions has agreed to let some divert their route from one stretch of road



Silent Friday in silent Malaga

ALEKK M. SAANDERS this moment that we have the Stabat Mater sung in tribute. This year due to the Covid-19 war there will, unfortunately, be no dinner or processions. The silence of the day will be broken up at eight o'clock in the evening as many people in Spain



Rincón school's Holy Week exhibition open to everyone


Week processions was started by Sister Mercedes Fernández and has grown over the years with teachers and pupils adding their own contributions. Guided tours are available to anyone who goes along to the school during Holy Week.



Pioneering initiative allows visually impaired people to touch Holy Week


As preparations for Holy Week reach a climax, a pioneering initiative organised by the Cofradías association of Vélez-Málaga allowed around 50 visually-impaired people to touch 33 images that will form part of next week's processions in the town. ... processions. “Although I can't see the images, I can feel the sound of the processions, the noise of the people and smell of the rosemary and orange blossom,” he said. Another participant, Raúl Ruiz, 20, only has sight in one eye. He also said that he enjoys ... Holy Week. “I like El Cautivo and the legionnaires who take part in the processions,” he explained.



Seaside devotion to Carmen


Last Monday, 16 July, was the feast day of Our Lady of Carmen, patron saint of seafarers and the Spanish navy. As every year, in the late afternoon the normal summer beach scene of umbrellas and sunbathers was replaced by the processions of the ... places. Some processions will be held this weekend instead; in the Malaga city districts of Parque Litoral, Huelin and El Perchel and in the city centre, at La Malagueta beach, a submerged image of Our Lady will be spectacularly surfaced by divers in a



The passion of Holy Week in Andalucía


Nowhere lives Semana Santa, the week leading up to Easter, with as much energy as Andalucía, and visitors can observe the rituals in every corner of the region Huelva In Huelva the Holy Week processions begin on Palm Sunday. It is a very ... interesting city to visit at this time of year, and nobody should miss the chance to try some of the traditional Easter cakes, as well as enjoying the religious aspects of the occasion. One of the most special processions takes place in the early hours of Good ... Borriquita' on Palm Sunday, the solemn 'Santo Entierro' on Good Friday and the processions of the Virgins of La Victoria and La Esperanza on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the province of Huelva, Ayamonte is also a good place to visit at Easter, as its processions



Holy Week around the region


During Holy Week in Almeria thousands of people take part in or watch the processions which the religious brotherhoods hold around the city, and many of those who carry the floats or walk behind them are dressed in Nazarene costume. The processions in ... Friday. Some of the brotherhoods were not created until the 20th century, such as La Macarena, which goes out in procession on Holy Monday. Thursday is an especially popular day, because three of the processions meet in the Plaza Emilio Pérez, and the ... Cristo de la Escucha procession begins at the cathedral in the early hours of the morning. Elsewhere in the province, the processions are recommended in the towns of Cuevas de Almanzora and Huercal-Overa. Cadiz In Cadiz, Holy Week is a major festi



Good weather is forecast for next few days as tourist industry gets ready

Pilar MARTÍNEZ / Ignacio LILLO

It wasn't just the thousands due to take part in the religious processions that have been watching the skies ahead of next week. Bosses in the tourism sector were hoping for a dry start to the peak season this year with high occupancies expected in



The Three Kings bring joy to the Costa del Sol

Daryl Finch

...sweets to those that turned out and lined the streets, with children making the use of upturned umbrellas to try and collect as many as possible. The largest of these processions took place in Malaga city where the route took in some of the most



Spain eagerly awaits arrival of Three Kings

Tony Bryant

Gaspar and Balthazar, followed a star that led them to baby Jesus and upon arriving, they offered gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh on the Twelfth Night. 5 January processions Malaga. 6pm. Town hall in Avenida Cervantes, Calle Larios, Plaza de la ... thrown from the elaborately-decorated floats, accompanied by an array of cartoon characters. Costa del Sol The processions embark on their journeys through the main streets of each town or village from late afternoon on Saturday, 5 January. Malaga's ... Three processions will take place in Mijas at 5pm: Parque María Zambrano in Las Lagunas, Plaza Virgen de la Peña in Mijas Pueblo and from the Centro Cultural de Mijas in La Cala. Three airborne kings will arrive at the Elola Sports Complex in



Obituary: Judith Price

PEDRO LUIS GÓMEZ Judith was an extraordinary woman. She will be missed at the tourism congresses, at the events she organised, at La Rosaleda or the Hotel Larios from where she watched the Easter processions, although this year she only managed to see her


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Get ready for the emotion of Semana Santa in Andalucía


processions across Andalucía, while hundreds of thousands more are finalising their holiday arrangements to make the most of the Holy Week events as spectators. From the smallest brotherhoods in the region's many white villages to the huge operations in the ... provincial capitals, the Semana Santa processions attract the crowds; a mixture of devotees, hardened enthusiasts and astounded first-timers. A day to queue to make three wishes A stage for Passion The streets and squares of Andalucía are soon to



Marbella celebrates past and present

Nieves Castro

Middle Ages,” He added. Fifty people took part in the recreation of the event on Sunday. The following day, as happens every 11 June, the local people of Marbella celebrated the town's patron saint, San Bernabé. The event included processions in the


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The Wise Men are coming

Tony Bryant an array of biblical and Disney characters. All of the processions begin in the afternoon and embark on a three or four hour journey through the main streets of the town. The procession in Nerja will begin in the Parque Verano Azul at 5pm and ... start at 5pm in Calle Manuel Azuaga, while Malaga's grand parade begins in Avenida Cervantes at 6pm and finishes in Plaza de la Merced. Two processions will take place in Mijas. The first will leave the Campo de Fútbol de Las Lagunas at 4pm and another


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All the fun of the fair

N. C. / H. B. / M. H.

...flooded onto the Paseo de la Alameda and the Avenida del Mar, where more than 20 bars and stalls have been set up. Weekend visitors can expect to see a variety of stunning performances from local dance troupes and choirs, as well as religious processions



The first Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Spain

Jennie Rhodes

...event. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception has been the patron saint of Guaro in Malaga since 1854 and every year on 7 and 8 of December there are processions through the town and other religious acts. There are also processions in Arroyo de la



Isolated incidents prompt false security alerts in a generally safe Holy Week


...despite best laid plans, human nature got the better of security forces in a few isolated incidents of false alarms and scares. On Wednesday of Holy Week in the centre of Malaga, spectators watching the processions near the market were alarmed to see a




Rachel Haynes

processions next week, while you're waiting to hear the on-time drum beats in the distance, try to think how this devotion-fuelled precision might be applied across the board.



Wave-battered beaches need fast action to be ready for Easter

IGNACIO LILLO period, when thousands flock to the city to watch processions and enjoy the sunshine. Axarquía The sea meets the N-340 In the Axarquía the areas of Valle Niza and Chilches were worst hit. The sea came up as far as the main N-340 coast road,



Thousands support Women's Day strike and demonstrations


...attracted thousands more than expected. The spectator stand being set up for the Holy Week processions, which fills most of the central square, was the scene of an incident when a group of women climbed onto the steps. There were tense moments when they



A sea giant, unveiled in Malaga

Pilar Martínez

...were particularly surprised by the Easter processions and the unique ambience of Malaga at this time of year. The focus of all attention Malaga became the focus of attention for everybody in the cruising world when Royal Caribbean chose the port



What life was like in Franco's women's prison in Malaga


processions freed 19 women as well as the usual male prisoner, although in fact most of them had already been granted their release . "They chose the women who looked in the best condition", says Barranquero. "It was a way of whitewashing over what was