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Gangs in Malaga city have been 'renting' rooms to squatters to look after their marijuana crops


...particularly prevalent in poorer areas where the gangs can take advantage of individuals' financial situation to ensure that their plants are kept safe, are watered correctly and everything is in order for a successful crop. "They want their drugs to be ... controlled as much as possible, so it's a win-win situation," said one of the investigators. In many cases these plantations, typically of up to 300 plants, are initially set up by professionals, but in others, the installations are more rudimentary and



Latest vertical garden in Fuengirola opened on the Miramar bridge


...explained that this new addition, which spans the 90-metre bridge, is made up of more than 4,000 plants across 720 metres of containers, watered "in a totally sustainable way". This garden is in addition to the vertical gardens that already exist on the



An Andalusian wellness staycation


...nature (thanks to a living wall of oxygenating plants) alongside the urban edge of a boxing studio and evening DJ sets as you train, this is no regular gym. It's the epitome of the new trend of health and fitness as a lifestyle - stylish, fashionable and



Ten thousand marijuana plants discovered in three greenhouses in the Axarquía


A routine patrol looking for illegal workers has led to the discovery of one of the largest marijuana plantations ever found in Malaga province: almost 10,000 plants, some of which were five feet tall, distributed across three greenhouses. The ... well as a mattress with a pillow and a blanket, several mobiles and a walkie-talkie. The three greenhouses covered an area of between 10,500 and 10,900 square metres. In the first there were 1,640 plants between 40 and 80 centimetres tall. In the ... second they found another 6,340 plants, half of which were about 1.5 metres high. In the third, the mixed one, they found another 1,810 plants up to 90 centimetres. The plants, once cut, weighed 4,480 kilos. They had to use a scale for heavy



Work starts on new botanical gardens site in Marbella

Héctor Barbotta

The town hall has started work to prepare an area of land in Nagüeles for a new botanical gardens and nursery. The facility, covering 13,280 square metres of land near the pine woods, will serve to supply seasonal flowering plants for the beds ... million plants a year for the town, a supply that would have a market value of 1.3 million euros, according to municipal calculations, explained the local councillor for Public Works.



A celebration of G&T and its Andalusian connections

Alekk M. Saanders

Cuevas Bajas has been famous for its purple carrot, but since 2016 the taste of the unique carrot is also found in the gin Simbuya, produced by Esalui. Oxén Spiritus is produced in Ojén just behind Marbella. The aromatic plants growing in the Sierra



Ecologists warn that water treatment is "insufficient" at 17 plants in Malaga province


An annual report into sanitation published by Ecologistas en Acción has found that 17 of the 44 treatment plants in Malaga province fail to meet operational standards - around 40 per cent; the worst in Andalucía. The study, led by Antonio ... Amarillo, collected data in 2018 from plants which serve more than two thousand people. The biggest which didn't meet standards was that of Antequera where the organisation insists that an expansion is necessary in order to correctly treat wastewater and



Toughening plants up

Denise Bush

If you brought plants indoors over winter, or wrapped them up against the cold, then they can now slowly be hardened off. To do this the plant will need to be moved outside or uncovered, during the day and then moved back or wrapped up again at ... can just expose the plant to the spring weather and hope for the best, it probably will survive provided it doesn't get frosted, but will suffer a severe check in growth. Hardening off is particularly important when bringing plants home from a