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More than 1,500 items of jewellery have been found among Costa household rubbish


People should be more careful when they dispose of their rubbish, says the western Costa's waste management service in Casares. The warning comes as the manager of the Casares plant, which serves the western Costa del Sol, revealed that they are ... in coins have also been found in the rubbish treated at the Casares plant. These are always sent to the Bank of Spain, however after a period of time the money is returned to the treatment plant, to be spent partly on charity work and partly on


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Popular three-day horticultural fair returns to Benalmádena

Tony Bryant

Benalmádena is preparing for the 14th edition of the Feria de Plantas de Coleccíon (rare plant fair) which will be held in La Paloma Park between 25 and 27 June. The show, which focuses on the promotion of little-known plants, attracts serious



Nerja residents facing unexpected water bill rise to pay off debt for sewage treatment plant

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja town hall has revealed that the central government has requested seven million euros to be paid back over a period of 25 years for the hand-over of the long-anticipated sewage treatment plant. Nerja mayor José Alberto Armijo described the ... announcement from the government as "an unexpected and unpleasant surprise". The additional money, which will ultimately affect Nerja and Maro residents' water bills, will be "damaging when the financial impact of the plant will already be noticed when it ... goes into service," Armijo said. The plant is expected to finish the testing stage in April.



The local couple using plant power to make eco beauty products

Jennie Rhodes

...two years. They produce and sell ecological, plant-based beauty products, using as many locally grown species as possible. Alicia explains that ingredients for the company's wide range of solid shampoo, conditioner and deodorants, as well as soaps, ... university, Alicia never lost the fascination for plants that her neighbour had ignited. Since then, learning about the power of different plants used in plant-based beauty products and treatments has come froma lot of self-teaching: reading books, online



Nerja sewage treatment plant enters testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas expected to last for six months, with Spain's ministry for the Environment expected to hand the plant over to Nerja town hall in April 2021. However, despite a meeting between the mayor, the secretary of state for the Environment and the director ... report, which will be used as the basis for open negotiations between the council and the Axarquía public water company, Aguas de Narixa S. L, who are expected to take over the management and maintenance of the plant. The wastewater station is capable of



Mercadona buys more than 7,000 tonnes of avocados from local producers

JUAN SOTO Vélez-Málaga (Málaga) and with Cultivar de Barcelona, a ripening company that has its own production plant in Malaga province. Mercadona says it supports the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food’s initiative for seasonal fruits and vegetables, and



Nerja's sewage treatment plant hit by further delays

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's new sewage treatment plant is still waiting to be connected to the electricity supply so that it can go into testing phase. The latest date set by mayor José Alberto Armijo was mid-October. The town hall has recently awarded a contract ... worth over 10,000 euros to Ingeagua SL to write a financial viability report which will be used in negotiations with Aguas de Narixa SL, who will manage the plant.



Iconic Coca-Cola bottling plant to close after almost 60 years in operation


Coca-Cola European Partners announced on Thursday that it would be closing its iconic bottling plant, close to Malaga Airport, which on 7 November would have been celebrating its 60th anniversary. The activity that this factory has been carrying ... be further expanded thanks to investment worth more than 44 million euros. Part of the 77-person workforce in the Malaga plant will relocate to La Rinconada but a number of early retirements are also likely to be finalised. New strategy The ... company says that the decision to close its historic bottling plant, beside the Cercanías train line which runs between the airport and Plaza Mayor, is due to its new strategy of concentrating production in larger factories that are capable of producing



Protesters vow to fight against construction of much-needed treatment plant


Residents in the Mestanza area of Alhaurín de la Torre have come together to form a new platform to fight against the location of the much-needed new Málaga Norte treatment plant (EDAR). Under the banner "Let's save the Guadalhorce. Sewage ... treatment yes, but not here", the protesters have collected more than 1,000 signatures from people who believe that, while the plant is necessary, the chosen location will "destroy this unique area". As well as having an "enormous visual impact" on the ... were away. The project has also been rejected by the town council which has asked the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development to provide technical justification as to why the alternative of extending the existing plant on the



Police hold couple over five-metre marijuana tree


Police in Molina de Segura (Murcia) have detained a couple on alleged drugs offences after a five-metre-high marijuana tree was found on their patio at home. National police sources said that the inquiry started after a strong smell was noted comin



Nerja sewage plant testing phase to start in July

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's sewage treatment plant is to go into testing phase in the first half of July, according to secretary of state for the Environment Hugo Morán. During last week's video conference, the secretary of state said that the remaining work should



Nerja sewage treatment plant on track to enter testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas

Despite initial fears that the current state of alarm would further delay work on Nerja's long-awaited sewage treatment plant, it is now thought that the project will be able to go into test phase this summer, as planned. Work has been able to ... station and underground collectors, which are located near the Ayo beach bar, as well as the 800-metre-long submarine sewage pipe which will pump treated wastewater into the sea when the plant is up and running. Work on the sewage plant itself is ... pumping station. Delays and setbacks Once the outstanding work is complete, the treatment plant will undergo a six-month test phase, meaning it won't be fully functional until early 2021. Nerja's sewage treatment plant should have been up and running



Invasive seaweed threatens to damage desalination plant

héctor barbotta

Local public water company, Acosol, will install filters on the suction points that lead to its plants that remove salt from seawater. The presence of fast-growing Rugulopterix okamurae (Japanese seaweed) in the sea just 150 metres away from them was



Bottling plant project near Antequera cancelled after pressure from local mayors


There will not, after all, be a new water bottling plant in the Sierra de Camarolos, in Antequera. The company, Inversiones Domago S.L., announced on Wednesday that it is cancelling the 15-million-euro project, which would have created around 100 ... water supply in their municipalities would be negatively affected. The company said this has given the bottling plant an incorrect and damaging reputation. Domago first embarked on this project in 2009 and in the 11 years since then the regional ... government, first in the hands of PSOE and then PP and Ciudadanos, has given all the authorisations needed. In fact, in 2016 the environmental report on the potential impact of the plant said that the amount of water that would need to be pumped was much lower



Mayors in Antequera area join forces against a"senseless" new bottling plant

ANDREA JIMÉNEZ / Antonio J. Guerrero

The controversy over the new bottling plant in the Sierra de Camarolos is continuing. Earlier this week, mayors from the area met at the site to make a stand against the project and to demand that it is stopped. "It is senseless," said the mayor ... legal action if they do not receive a full guarantee that their supplies will not be affected. They are also in discussion with a platform which opposes the plant. The company behind the bottling plant project, Inversiones Domago, responsed to the ... reports that show that these bodies of water are independent," said the company's manager, Ramón Martínez. He added that the plant, which is within the municipality of Antequera but just a kilometre away from Villanueva del Rosario, would create 100 jobs



Closure of Nissan plant in Barcelona leaves 23,000 jobs up in the air


The Nissan factory in Barcelona is to close with the loss of 3,000 direct jobs and up to 20,000 indirect jobs in the plant's supply chain. It follows a month of uncertainty that had led to an all-out strike and fresh statements by the government ... that it was working to secure the jobs. The plant, which has recently made the Navara and e-NV200 models among others, has been producing below its capacity for some time. The decision was made public as the Japanese manufacturer announced its first



No treatment plant for Alhaurín for some time

F. T. / Á. F. / J. C.

It will be some time before Alhaurín el Grande is able to comply with the regulations. It was promised its own sewage plant at one time, but this never materialised and the current plan is for the town to be connected to the one planned for the



Central government approves modification to sewage plant

Eugenio Cabezas

The central government's representative in Malaga province, María Gámez, announced via her Twitter account last Friday, that the modification to Nerja's long-awaited sewage treatment plant project has been approved. She tweeted (in Spanish): Good ... cent of the plant being complete since May, approval for the modification, which is for work omitted in the original plan and valued at an extra two million euros, is needed to be given by central government for the project to be completed. While SUR ... sewage treatment plant is three years behind schedule, due to financial problems with the company responsible for the project and the approval for the modification.



Foreign residents help to plant trees in the Axarquía

Jennie Rhodes

CreceT Organiser and founder of the collective, Enrique Díaz, who works as a secondary school teacher in Periana, explained to SUR in English that among the participants they had "exceeded the original plan to plant 1,500 new trees" and in fact 1,924 ... He said that the objective is to plant enough trees to stretch across Andalucía "like a wall from Huelva to Almeria". While Díaz pointed out it is "impossible" to literally build a wall of trees, they hope to "fill Andalucía with forest". The



Fujitsu plant in Malaga working to avoid temporary layoffs as a result of coronavirus

NURIA TRIGUERO, has 336 employees. Bosses believe that some of its production lines (the firm assembles electronic components) could grind to a halt in the next few days as parts are not arriving from China. Plant director, Blanca Hermana, recognised on ... further at risk the amount of work available at the plant. The company currently has 449 people working on the site, however the layoff can only affect 336, as the rest are on temporary contracts. These will be the first to stop work before permanent



Vélez-Málaga town hall reveals plans to plant 1,000 new trees

Jennie Rhodes

Vélez-Málaga town hall last week unveiled a new environment plan which aims to plant over 1,000 trees in the town this decade. Under the slogan 'One Child, One Tree' the town hall and local schools aim to have planted 165 trees by the end of



A primitive plant form

Denise Bush the West Indies, and the genus includes shrubs, climbing plants and trees. Pereskia is the only cactus that has no succulent leaves and a plant like it is thought to be the ancestor of all cacti today. The first specimens were collected in the



Three killed and six injured in Catalan factory explosion


At least three people died this week after an explosion at a large petrochemical plant outside Tarragona (Catalonia) on Tuesday evening. Six others were injured. The first victim identified was three kilometres from the site inside his home. A ... metal panel, believed to be the lid of the reactor that exploded at the plant, had travelled at speed through the air, crashing through the wall of his flat. The second victim was a boss at the factory whose remains were found on site. A further ... employee died in hospital on Wednesday. The explosion caused shock waves over a wide area and fire broke out at the plant. Initially local residents were told to stay indoors because of fear of toxic gas. However emergency services later said that it was



Full steam ahead for Costa del Sol's desalination plant

Nieves Castro

The tourism business which sustains the Costa del Sol brings with it high water consumption levels. The foreseeable extension of the tourist season into the first fortnight of September means that the Costa del Sol's desalination plant, based in ... Marbella, is working harder than ever, with six production lines. The aim of the plant is to guarantee the supply of water to the 11 towns in the region, bearing in mind the water shortage in the La Concepción reservoir, where levels are currently at less ... desalination plant needed to use all six of its turbines in August to produce 1,728 cubic metres of water each hour, equating to an energy cost of 13,200 euros each day. The plant will exert itself until rainfall, forecast to arrive with the new hydrological



Sewage will not stop being released into the Guadalhorce river until 2023


Coín is connected to the Bajo Guadalhorce treatment plant (which currently serves Álora and Pizarra) in the autumn, these will be the only two municipalities in the area with no sewage facilities. This problem will be overcome by the metropolitan ... treatment plant which is being constructed by the Junta de Andalucía. As well as treating the sewage from these two towns, this will also ease pressure on the one on the Guadalhorce industrial estate, as it will serve Alhaurín de la Torre and the Malaga ... functioning in 2023. The plans will remain on public display until 9 September, and then the project will be put to tender. The contract is expected to be awarded by the end of this year. Details The sewage plant, which will be called Málaga Norte, is



The peacock plant

Denise Bush

At certain times of the year garden centres seem to get flooded with one type of plant that you can then find everywhere you look. At the moment it is the turn of Calathea, a tropical plant found growing on the floor of the jungle in tropical ... the shades of green on the top. Many are man-made hybrids and not found in the wild. Usually grown as a house or office plant, Calathea, also called cathedral, peacock, zebra, rattlesnake and prayer plant, is not the easiest to look after. It needs



Forty per cent of the western Costa's water supply comes from the desalination plant

Nieves Castro

The Costa del Sol's desalination plant, which backs upthe local water supply by making sea water suitable for human consumption, is running at full capacity due to the low reservoir levels. 2019 was the driest year in Malaga province since ... records began Operated by the public water company Acosol, the plant is now providing 40 per cent of the water supply to homes and businesses on the western Costa del Sol, from Torremolinos to Manilva. A similar amount is supplied by the ETAP plant ... that converts reservoir water into drinking water and the rest comes from underwater reserves in Fuengirola or is pumped in from the Campo de Gibraltar. The desalination plant has a capacity to convert 42 million litres of water a day, enough to fill



The Beefsteak plant

Denise Bush

The Beefsteak plant has several common names but is commercially listed as Magilla Perilla. It looks very similar to Coleus and there is some dispute between botanists and commercial growers as to whether it is a true member of the Perilla genus or ... not. It is said to be a clone of a Perilla plant which was discovered in the collection of a specialist grower in Japan. Unlike Perilla, which was extremely popular as a bedding plant during the Victorian era and is used as a herb in Asiatic cuisine, ... become invasive however the Beefsteak plant has few flowers and is usually sterile. It grows in to a mound of foliage about half a metre tall with sturdy upright stems and the leaves can be up to 15cm long. It loves the heat but is not drought resistant


What to do

Estepona's Orchidarium announces the first blooms of the torch ginger

José María Martín

...ginger lily and porcelain rose, the flowering stem can reach up to five metres in height. According to the curator, Manuel Lucas, the large blooms are a mixture of reds and pinks and it is not a difficult plant to cultivate although it needs,



Sewage plant project to stop untreated waste flowing into Guadalhorce river by 2022


...allocated in the Andalusian budget for 2020 so that these works can begin. The sewage plant, which will be known as the Malaga Norte, will treat the waste from the other two towns who are still disposing of it into the river (Alhaurín el Grande and Cártama) ... and also that of Alhaurín de la Torre, which is currently dealt with by the plant on the Guadahorce industrial estate in Malaga. That plant has been working at its limit for years because it also treats all the waste from the Torremolinos area. The ... that it would have the capacity to treat 70,000 cubic metres a day, the equivalent of the waste produced by a population of 280,000 inhabitants. As a reference, this is just under half the capacity of the Guadalhorce plant (160,000 m3). Pending issues



Additional funding confirmed to finish work on Nerja plant


Nerja town hall announced on Wednesday that central government has approved the release of an extra two million euros to complete the outstanding work on the town's sewage treatment plant. The announcement confirmed that Nerja mayor Rosa Arrabal ... funding will allow the Nerja project, which is the only unfinished treatment plant project on the Costa del Sol, to be completed. The project is currently running three years behind schedule, largely due to the fact that the company managing the project ... declared itself bankrupt in 2017. Once complete, the plant will be able to process up to 25,000 cubic metres of wastewater a day for 125,000 people, allowing for a significant growth in the population during the summer months.



The balloon plant

The botanical name for this plant is Gomophocarpus physocarpus but it has many easier to pronounce common names including balloon plant, balloon cotton bush, bishop's balls, and swan plant. It is a species of milkweed and was previously called ... Asclepias physocarpa. The balloon plant is a perennial shrub native to south east Africa but has been introduced to many countries around the world, becoming naturalised in most of them including the Mediterranean. Safe to prune Calling all ... gardeners When the balloon plant is fully grown it can reach two metres high. It has long narrow leaves and small white flowers with purple accents which appear all year round in moderate climates. The large, balloon-like seed pods form after the flowers