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Sewage plant project to stop untreated waste flowing into Guadalhorce river by 2022


...allocated in the Andalusian budget for 2020 so that these works can begin. The sewage plant, which will be known as the Malaga Norte, will treat the waste from the other two towns who are still disposing of it into the river (Alhaurín el Grande and Cártama) ... and also that of Alhaurín de la Torre, which is currently dealt with by the plant on the Guadahorce industrial estate in Malaga. That plant has been working at its limit for years because it also treats all the waste from the Torremolinos area. The ... that it would have the capacity to treat 70,000 cubic metres a day, the equivalent of the waste produced by a population of 280,000 inhabitants. As a reference, this is just under half the capacity of the Guadalhorce plant (160,000 m3). Pending issues



Central government approves modification to sewage plant

Eugenio Cabezas

The central government's representative in Malaga province, María Gámez, announced via her Twitter account last Friday, that the modification to Nerja's long-awaited sewage treatment plant project has been approved. She tweeted (in Spanish): Good ... cent of the plant being complete since May, approval for the modification, which is for work omitted in the original plan and valued at an extra two million euros, is needed to be given by central government for the project to be completed. While SUR ... sewage treatment plant is three years behind schedule, due to financial problems with the company responsible for the project and the approval for the modification.



Full steam ahead for Costa del Sol's desalination plant

Nieves Castro

The tourism business which sustains the Costa del Sol brings with it high water consumption levels. The foreseeable extension of the tourist season into the first fortnight of September means that the Costa del Sol's desalination plant, based in ... Marbella, is working harder than ever, with six production lines. The aim of the plant is to guarantee the supply of water to the 11 towns in the region, bearing in mind the water shortage in the La Concepción reservoir, where levels are currently at less ... desalination plant needed to use all six of its turbines in August to produce 1,728 cubic metres of water each hour, equating to an energy cost of 13,200 euros each day. The plant will exert itself until rainfall, forecast to arrive with the new hydrological



Businesses lay off staff in Benaoján due to listeriosis crisis


Businesses in the meat industry in Benaoján are laying off staff due to the listeriosis crisis. The largest in the area, Icarben S.L., laid off six employees this week and reduced the working hours of six more. The listeriosis was first associa



Nerja mayor expresses "concern" and "surprise" over delays to treatment plant


Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has expressed his "concern" over the paralysis to work at Nerja's waste water treatment plant. His comments came last Thursday following a meeting with the central government's environment ministry. Armijo, ... added that the town hall would "take whatever action is necessary" for work to start again. Plans for a treatment plant in Nerja first came about in 1996 but a contract to start work wasn't signed until the end of 2013. Work should have finished by ... Gamez, said the plant was expected to be finished by the end of 2019.



Environmental checks carried out ahead of Brick Beach project in Mezquitilla

Eugenio Cabezas

...over the location of the rubble treatment plant, which will turn the building waste into sand to be used on the beach. The Socialist PSOE party want to situate it in the Taramillas areas of Torre del Mar. However, Torre del Mar's GIPMTM independent ... party argue that the site is too close to a residential area in the town and that the plant would cause noise pollution as well as create high levels of dust, which they say would have a negative impact on residents' health. The GIPMTM party wants the ... plant to be built next to Vélez-Málaga's existing sewage treatment plant instead.



More than 70 firefighters brought in to control blaze at San Roque petrochemical plant


Fire brigades from around the Campo de Gibraltar area have been brought in to fight a blaze that broke out at around 3pm at the Indorama petrochemical plant in San Roque on Tuesday. The fire at the plant located in the Guadarranque industrial ... Reinforcements were then sent in from Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera and Chiclana, with more than 70 firefighters at the scene. Gibraltar The first emergency calls reported the sound of an explosion in a storage warehouse at the Indorama plant. The factory



Additional funding confirmed to finish work on Nerja plant


Nerja town hall announced on Wednesday that central government has approved the release of an extra two million euros to complete the outstanding work on the town's sewage treatment plant. The announcement confirmed that Nerja mayor Rosa Arrabal ... funding will allow the Nerja project, which is the only unfinished treatment plant project on the Costa del Sol, to be completed. The project is currently running three years behind schedule, largely due to the fact that the company managing the project ... declared itself bankrupt in 2017. Once complete, the plant will be able to process up to 25,000 cubic metres of wastewater a day for 125,000 people, allowing for a significant growth in the population during the summer months.



Way being cleared for Coín sewage to pass through treatment plant


The Junta de Andalucía has said that it is doing all it can to speed up the start "in the next few weeks" of repairs to piping due to bring sewage to be treated at the Guadalhorce valley's new wastewater plant. Álora and Pizarra are already



Three held for taunting a disabled youth to gain social media fans


...same aim of increasing visits to their Instagram account, had been raffling a marijuana plant over social media. The operation to arrest the men arose out of another joint operation between Guardia Civil and Local Police into graffiti vandals in the



Guadalhorce sewage treatment plant starts working 20 years after first plans were made

francisco jiménez

...meets the Guadalhorce, the plant is currently operating in a test phase, treating the wastewater produced by the 22,000 residents in Pizarra and Álora. It is expected that in a few months' time it will also serve the municipality of Coín, taking the ... total catchment area up to 44,000 residents. TREATMENT PLANT Catchment area. Coín (21,716 registered residents), Álora (12,951) and Pizarra (9,118). Location. La Aljaima (Pizarra), where the rivers Grande and Guadalhorce meet. Capacity. 8,295 ... plant. Funding. The Junta de Andalucía has paid for the works, with 80% from European funds and the rest from the water treatment fee collected on water bills. It's now two decades since the Junta de Andalucía first envisaged building the treatment



A primitive plant form

Denise Bush the West Indies, and the genus includes shrubs, climbing plants and trees. Pereskia is the only cactus that has no succulent leaves and a plant like it is thought to be the ancestor of all cacti today. The first specimens were collected in the



Water and wildlife


It is always good to read something new, especially good news. I was delighted to read in the 10 May edition of SUR in English that the long-awaited sewage plant for the Guadalhorce valley is now operational to process effluent from Coín, Álora and ... chests and black bodies as are the all-black moorhens. They belong to the same family. All are rejoicing in the clean water of yesteryear, thanks to the new plant. My fascination with moorhens and coots goes back several years to when I had cause to



Current and former mayors to give evidence in sewage treatment case


...relation to the town's controversial wastewater treatment plant. The two politicians, who are top of their respective lists for the forthcoming local elections, will be appear in court in Torrox in June to testify, along with six other current and former ... Possible fraud The politicians are also being investigated for possible fraud, as Nerja residents have been charged for sewage treatment on their water bills since 2011, despite the treatment plant never having been completed. A former councillor and ... treatment plant, will be voting for them.



The peacock plant

Denise Bush

At certain times of the year garden centres seem to get flooded with one type of plant that you can then find everywhere you look. At the moment it is the turn of Calathea, a tropical plant found growing on the floor of the jungle in tropical ... the shades of green on the top. Many are man-made hybrids and not found in the wild. Usually grown as a house or office plant, Calathea, also called cathedral, peacock, zebra, rattlesnake and prayer plant, is not the easiest to look after. It needs



Sewage plant in Nerja to enter test phase by summer

Eugenio Cabezas

Work has started again after a break over the Christmas period to complete Nerja's waste water station, which will enter into a testing phase before this summer. Spain's Environment ministry has said that it wants to make sure that work is not furt



The Beefsteak plant

Denise Bush

The Beefsteak plant has several common names but is commercially listed as Magilla Perilla. It looks very similar to Coleus and there is some dispute between botanists and commercial growers as to whether it is a true member of the Perilla genus or ... not. It is said to be a clone of a Perilla plant which was discovered in the collection of a specialist grower in Japan. Unlike Perilla, which was extremely popular as a bedding plant during the Victorian era and is used as a herb in Asiatic cuisine, ... become invasive however the Beefsteak plant has few flowers and is usually sterile. It grows in to a mound of foliage about half a metre tall with sturdy upright stems and the leaves can be up to 15cm long. It loves the heat but is not drought resistant



The balloon plant

The botanical name for this plant is Gomophocarpus physocarpus but it has many easier to pronounce common names including balloon plant, balloon cotton bush, bishop's balls, and swan plant. It is a species of milkweed and was previously called ... Asclepias physocarpa. The balloon plant is a perennial shrub native to south east Africa but has been introduced to many countries around the world, becoming naturalised in most of them including the Mediterranean. Safe to prune Calling all ... gardeners When the balloon plant is fully grown it can reach two metres high. It has long narrow leaves and small white flowers with purple accents which appear all year round in moderate climates. The large, balloon-like seed pods form after the flowers



Aristea major / capitata

Denise Bush

...and it is known as Cetro azul in Spanish. Although drought hardy, Aristea will benefit from regular watering in the summer and is also suitable for planting at the edge of a pond. It is a big plant, reaching 1.5 metres tall by about one metre wide ... and spreads by its rhizomous roots to form a dense clump. The long, narrow leaves are evergreen and provide a stunning architectural element whether in a large pot or as an accent plant in the border. Calling all gardeners Fascinating facts