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First phase of Covid-19 vaccination campaign reaches two per cent of the population in Malaga


The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) has administered more than 38,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine in Malaga province since 27 December, when the first shipments of the Pfizer jab arrived in the region. The first phase of the vaccination, ... apart, respectively. This first phase has focused on care homes, especially for the elderly, and on health personnel. Both groups are currently receiving the second dose. It is expected that the next phase will begin between the end of February and



Construction kicks off again at the Malaga Academy in Arraijanal


...years stopped due to lack of financing. The severely scaled-back plans for phase one of the ambitious project will focus on building the playing fields and the bare minimum of facilities necessary for the 'sports city' to function. The 'mini Academy'



Cártama to welcome centre for digital commerce with new logistics hub


...formalities necessary for the handover, from the signing of the contract to the provisional reception certificate. Once the construction phase is completed, the logistics park will generate 480 permanent jobs with "very diverse" qualifications, as these



Nerja sewage treatment plant enters testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's wastewater station officially entered its testing phase on Tuesday, following a five-year delay. Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo said, "Today, 27 October 2020, is a historic day. Nerja starting treating sewage water." The testing phase



Andalucía announces two-phase relaxation of Covid measures ahead of festive period


The president of the regional government, Juanma Moreno, has announced new measures that will come into force across Andalucía after the current rules end on Saturday. The restrictions will be eased in two phases, from 12 to 17 December and 18 ... December to 10 January. Phase one In the first phase, people will be able to move between municipalities within the same province. Shops will be able to open until 9pm, but bars and restaurants will have to close at 6pm as now. The night curfew remains ... at 10pm during the first phase. Phase two From 18 December until 10 January, movement from province to province across the region will be permitted. The curfew will be put back to 11pm (until 6am) and shops can go back to their normal opening



Care home residents and staff to get Covid vaccines from January, says minister


...details beyond March are sketchy until the availability of the vaccines becomes clearer. The government unveiled its three-phase plan for the vaccination, which would start in the new year with some 2.5 million people who are either resident in care ... homes or work in them. Costa health professionals worry about local vaccination capacity This first phase, running to March, would also then include frontline health workers, followed by other health and social care workers, and finally patients ... needing high levels of care at home for a disability. Only a limited number of vaccines are expected to be available at his stage. In the second phase, which is less precise at present, starting in April and running to June, more vaccines would be given



Andalucía clears up confusion over new Covid-19 rules for Christmas


...until 10.30pm. The rest of the hospitality establishments will continue to adhere to the guidelines set last week by the Junta, so in this second phase they will continue to close at 6pm, although with the possibility of opening again between 8pm and



Nerja's sewage treatment plant hit by further delays

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's new sewage treatment plant is still waiting to be connected to the electricity supply so that it can go into testing phase. The latest date set by mayor José Alberto Armijo was mid-October. The town hall has recently awarded a contract



What you can do in Phase Three

Ángel de los Ríos / SUR

Malaga province and the rest of Andalucía move into Phase 3 on Monday 8 June - one step further towards the "new normal". Now customers can sit at the bar in a pub, cinemas and theatres will open and, we can meet up with 20 people. Hygiene and ... precautions. Masks must be worn in enclosed areas and outdoors where the two-metre rule cannot be observed. Except with people of the same household. Mobility. Movement between provinces in the region of Andalucía has been authorised in Phase 3 by the ... people that guarantees a distance of two metres. Guided tours. Activities in museums or galleries that involve groups of people gathered together, for example to listen to explanations, can be suspended until all the phases of lockdown easing have been



Nerja sewage plant testing phase to start in July

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja's sewage treatment plant is to go into testing phase in the first half of July, according to secretary of state for the Environment Hugo Morán. During last week's video conference, the secretary of state said that the remaining work should



Phase Three brings relief as travel is permitted around Andalucía


There was a notable increase in activity this week as Malaga province, along with the rest of Andalucía, moved into Phase Three of coronavirus lockdown easing on Monday. PHASE 3 BASICS Personal. All time slots for exercise removed. Gatherings up ... Andalucía from Monday. All eight provinces being in Phase Three of lockdown easing was the condition set by the Junta de Andalucía for allowing movement across provincial borders. This was met on Friday when central government's Health Minister, ... Salvador Illa, said that Malaga and Granada would move up a phase, despite being a week behind their neighbours in the "unlocking" process. Many Andalusians from landlocked provinces such as Cordoba and Seville made the most of their first opportunity in



Costa del Sol 'laughing gas' gang supplying discos and private parties broken up

EUROPA PRESS claimed that the gang painted and decorated them with the logos of luxury brands, thus making them more attractive for later sale in clubs, discos or private parties throughout Spain. Balloons The first phase of the police action culminated on ... import it into Spain. In addition to the Benalmádena property, storage facilities were also found on the Guadalhorce industrial estate and in the centre of San Pedro de Alcántara. During the second phase of the police operation in Marbella three other



Phase One kicks off with coffee and churros

Juan Soto / SUR

The smell of fresh coffee and churros returned to pavements and squares around Malaga on Monday morning as the province moved in to Phase One of Spain's plan to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Numerous cafeterias began serving coffee for ... wine and tapas as lunchtime approached while some customers headed straight for the beach bars to satisfy their craving for traditional fried fish and sardines by the sea. In Phase One bars, restaurants and cafeterias are only able to serve customers ... at tables on terraces outside the premises, reducing previous capacity by 50 per cent. Tables must be arranged to allow a distance of two metres between them. Phase One gets under way in Malaga



Nerja sewage treatment plant on track to enter testing phase

Eugenio Cabezas

Despite initial fears that the current state of alarm would further delay work on Nerja's long-awaited sewage treatment plant, it is now thought that the project will be able to go into test phase this summer, as planned. Work has been able to ... pumping station. Delays and setbacks Once the outstanding work is complete, the treatment plant will undergo a six-month test phase, meaning it won't be fully functional until early 2021. Nerja's sewage treatment plant should have been up and running



Searches for flights to Malaga 'shot up' in week after phase change


Searches for flights to Malaga between 5 and 11 June, coinciding with the Costa del Sol's move from Phase 2 to Phase 3 of lockdown easing, increased by 70%, said the CEO of the area's tourist authority, Margarita del Cid, this week. The figure was



Gibraltar delays Unlocking the Rock due to Covid-19 situation

Debbie Bartlett

Gibraltar will remain in Phase 6 of the easing of restrictions for the time being. On Friday Picardo confirmed there would be no modifications to the existing restrictions in Phase 6. Where masks are required, he said, this will be more strongly enforced.



Extension to wet fish market at Fuengirola port is officially opened


...its area has been doubled and has incorporated new technologies which will allow it to serve both the needs of the workers and to become a tourist attraction. These works are the first phase of a plan to modernise Fuengirola port and to convert it



Transport hubs return to life as Phase Three gets under way in Malaga province


There was a notable increase in activity as Malaga and Granada provinces moved into Phase Three of coronavirus lockdown easing on Monday. Major transport hubs, especially the bus station and María Zambrano railway station in Malaga city, have come ... as they are now able to increase overall capacity both indoors and outdoors (interiors to 50 per cent capacity; bar service at two-metre intervals; terraces to 75 per cent). Bar service is now possible.Ñito Salas What you can do in Phase ... Three Monday also brought good news for those who like to keep active as all time slots for outdoor exercise were removed. Many gyms have also taken advantage of the switch in phase to reopen at 50 per cent capacity. Despite having only been



Malaga province moves into Phase Three of lockdown easing on Monday


Malaga province moves into Phase Three of coronavirus lockdown easing along with the rest of Andalucía on Monday. The Health Minister announced on Friday that all of the regions that had requested a move would be proceeding to the next phase in ... the staged plan towards Spain's "new normal". While the provinces of Malaga and Granada were only promoted to Phase Two of lockdown easing this week, the regional government had called for Madrid to allow all eight Andalusian provinces to progress to ... Phase Three this coming Monday 8 June. It was important to avoid a two-speed Andalucía, it argued. Phase Three relaxes the Covid-19 state of alarm restrictions even further. Personal movement. All time slots for outdoor exercise will be removed.



Project to renew Estepona seafront promenade to start within a month

josé maría martín

Work to revamp the Estepona promenade will begin in less than a month, the town hall announced on Monday, after awarding the 1.7-million-euro contract for the first phase to Prodesur Construcción y Proyectos, S.L. The first phase, which applies to



Malaga and Granada provinces remain in Phase One of lockdown easing plan


Malaga and Granada provinces remain in Phase One of Spain's lockdown easing plan, the Health minister, Salvador Illa, announced on Friday. Illa, and the government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, announced at a press conference on Friday ... afternoon which areas of Spain would move into a new phase of lockdown easing from Monday 25 May. As expected, six Andalusian provinces, Cadiz, Almeria, Seville, Huelva, Jaén and Cordoba, will move to Phase Two after the stipulated two weeks in Phase One. ... Malaga and Granada, however, have only been in Phase One since Monday 18 May, although the local and regional authorities had urged the government ministers to move all eight provinces together to avoid having a two-speed Andalucía. Illa explained that



Rules will relax for sport, shopping and socialising in Phase Two

sur in english

When Malaga and Granada provinces move into Phase Two next Monday, 1 June, there will be important changes. Phase 2 To start 1 June for Malaga and Costa In Phase Two, the restrictions will be relaxed even more, although activity can still ... seating. Beaches open for bathing. Churches: 50% capacity Phase 3 Earliest 8 June Further measures towards the new normal, generally centering on more capacity in venues. Nightclubs can restart normal activity at reduced capacity. (No schools in ... Andalucía until September). Dates and details can change as the government announces each phase when it starts.



Malaga and Granada provinces move to Phase Two of lockdown easing


The provinces of Malaga and Granada will move into Phase Two of Spain's lockdown easing plan on Monday 1 June. The announcement was made by the Health Minister, Salvador Illa on Thursday evening, a day earlier than expected. The regional ... authorities had previously said that the provinces, which include the Costa del Sol and the Costa Tropical, now more than meet national government criteria to change phase. Rules will relax for sport, shopping and socialising in Phase Two Regional ... Health minister, Jesús Aguirre said, “Neither Malaga nor Granada should stay one more day in Phase One.” Last weekend there was disappointment as both provinces once again failed to keep up with the rest of Andalucía as it moved to Phase Two. Less



Regino out of World Cup in last-16 phase

marina rivas

Nerja snowboarder Regino Hernández crashed out of the World Cup in the last-16 phase on Saturday. Having been blighted by injury during the last three months and suffering a fall, Hernández struggled to keep up with the pace set and finished third



Local politicians urge ministers to let the Costa del Sol go into Phase Two


The president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, said in the regional parliament in Seville on Wednesday that he was worried that Malaga and Granada provinces wouldn't be allowed by central government to go into Phase Two on Monday (25 May). His ... Andalusian government has asked for Malaga province (including Costa del Sol) and Granada (including Costa Tropical) to move ahead to the next stage, despite having started the current Phase One a week later than the other six provinces in Andalucía. The ... national minister of Health has said he expects all provinces to spend at least two weeks in each phase, which means Malaga and Granada may be held back until 1 June. "Malaga and Granada lost some of their good name when they couldn't move into the first



Video | The first driverless bus hits the road in Malaga


phase with this live test in the streets of Malaga". He said that it is the first time automation has been applied to a standard-size passenger bus with a capacity for 70 passengers. "We are talking about real public transport, which until now it had



Which sports am I allowed to do in Phase One?

pedro luis alonso

As Malaga province entered Phase One of the government's lockdown easing plan on Monday, new freedoms came into effect for athletes of all abilities. In addition to the individual sports permitted in Phase Zero (running, cycling, surfing etc), ... Phase One allows sports centres to reopen provided that the activity takes place in the open air and that it doesn't involve physical contact between players. This came as particularly good news for tennis and padel players, golfers and track athletes ... changing rooms are not allowed to open and the cleaning of clubs and shoes is not permitted. Later phases When it comes to Phase Two, the regulations are less clear. It is expected that swimming and other yet-to-be-defined “low-risk” sports will be



Malaga squad moves into next phase of preparations for season restart


The Malaga squad moved into phase two of three of La Liga's plan to restart professional football in Spain as group training recommenced on Tuesday. In this phase, players can train in groups of up to ten but cannot use the same equipment (except



Costa del Sol moves to Phase One of lockdown easing on Monday

Ángel Escalera

The provinces of Malaga and Granada will move into Phase One of the Spanish government's plan to gradually scale down its coronavirus restrictions on Monday 18 May. The two areas, which include the Costa del Sol and the Costa Tropical now join the ... other six Andalusian provinces which took a step closer to the post-coronavirus 'new normal' at the beginning of this week. The phases of Spain's plan to wind down Covid-19 restrictions The move means that many of the current coronavirus ... announced on Friday afternoon after a new report submitted by the regional government concerning the two provinces' eligibility to move into the new phase was studied by the ministry of Health. Phase 1 means that finally people will be able to see their



Regional government confident that Malaga and Granada will be in Phase One next week

María Dolores Tortosa / Ángel Escalera

The regional government has said it is confident that all eight provinces of Andalucía will be in Phase One of the government’s staged plan to ease Covid-19 lockdown restrictions next week. This follows the surprise announcement last Friday from ... Madrid that the provinces of Malaga and Granada would be held back in Phase Zero, delaying the further relaxation of restrictions on movement and the planned reopening of small businesses and pavement terraces. The decision was slammed by the regional ... Granada city areas not meeting the requirements, however it had expected the government to divide the provinces into health districts so that Phase Zero restrictions would only be maintained in the city areas if at all. The government responded to the



The phases of Spain's plan to wind down Covid-19 restrictions


The Spanish government has devised a staged plan to guide the country gradually into a "new normal" after weeks of lockdown. Regions and provinces are moving through the phases at different speeds, but will spend at least two weeks in each phase ... from Phase One. Phase Zero This phase has been active since 4 May and remains in force in the provinces of Malaga and Granada, until 18 May. Provinces still in Phase Zero from 18 May Castilla y León: Ávila, Burgos, León, Salamanca, ... renovation: Only if nobody lives there or outdoors. Phase One In force from 11 May in six Andalusian provinces: Cadiz, Seville, Jaén, Huelva, Cordoba and Almeria, as well as other parts of Spain. Malaga and Granada move into this new phase on 18 May.



Phase Zero kicks off with hairdressers' diaries full and some shops open


Phase Zero of the Spanish government's plan to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions, is fully under way today, Monday 4 May. For the first time in more than seven weeks small businesses have been able to open their doors to customers, albeit by ... conditions. "We've bought an ozone machine to disinfect vehicles before repairing them," he said. Not all businesses authorised to open in this Phase Zero have done so, however. Premises smaller than 400 square metres, from bookshops to hardware stores, ... many to delay reopening. When the current Phase Zero turns into Phase One, in most areas this coming Monday 11 May, shops will be able to open to customers without an appointment. New rules in force from then on will include limiting the number of



Most of Spain gets ready to move to Phase One of lockdown easing


If all goes to plan, the national government will be preparing this weekend for most of Spain to move to the next stage of its lockdown easing plan. The move from Phase Zero, which has been in force since 4 May, to the start of Phase One, will be ... next Monday 11 May. However the change is complicated by each of the country's devolved regional governments being asked to present their own ideas and variants on the government's plan. Junta asks to hold back Malaga city slightly on Phase One ... state of alarm to push though other measures by stealth. Ministers maintain that the state of alarm is simply the most effective way available to restrict the movement of people. Moving to Phase One The government is expected to announce today



Junta asks to hold back Malaga city slightly on Phase One of easing of lockdown conditions


The good news for most residents of Malaga province this week was that the Junta de Andalucía regional government was asking Madrid to allow most of the area to move into the looser restrictions of Phase One. This included the Costa del Sol. ... Most of Spain gets ready to move to Phase One of lockdown easing However, in its feedback to central government, the Junta believed the public health district that covers the city of Malaga and neighbouring Rincón de la Victoria needed to keep some ... province ahead of Monday's change of phase. Ministers have said they prefer to work with changes across whole provinces rather than public health districts, which members of the public don't normally recognise as easily. The Junta is recommending all



Minister banks on Oxford vaccine reaching Spain by end of 2020


...batches by the end of December," he said in a TV interview. The Oxford vaccine is currently in the third phase of tests on volunteers and a date of 3 November has been mooted for its launch onto the market. Many countries have already signed up to