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Pedro Sánchez becomes PM, leading a PSOE-Unidas Podemos left-wing coalition


After more than eight months in limbo, Spain got its new government at last on Tuesday after an MPs' vote. The leader of the PSOE Socialist party, Pedro Sánchez, won the support of the Congreso in the investiture debate and vote that saw MPs cut ... Consumer Affairs role. At his very brief swearing-in ceremony, the King joked with Pedro Sánchez, "The pain comes later". After failing to gain an overall majority in the investiture debate over the weekend, Sánchez - until now acting PM - scraped a



Date fixed for talks over the future of Catalonia


The first session of talks on the political future of Catalonia between Barcelona and Madrid looks set for 27 February. Catalan leader Quim Torra was upset this week when prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced another date without consultation,



King names Pedro Sánchez as candidate to be prime minister


...of parliament, Meritxell Batet, announced that the King had said that Pedro Sánchez should be candidate to be PM. Sánchez's PSOE party has the largest number of seats in Congreso after last month's general election but not a majority. MPs will now



Spain's coalition government settles in as new 23-strong Cabinet holds its first meeting


The new government got to work this week with its first Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. Pedro Sánchez has moved the weekly meetings from Friday and his new-look team came together the day after being sworn in by King Felipe. The fresh Cabinet, with ... from some missing neck ties. Speaking on announcing the full details of his team, Pedro Sánchez laid out his vision for the coalition. "The Government will speak with various voices but always with common words." He added that his government was



Brit who killed woman in hit-and-run gets two-year sentence

Álvaro Frías / Juan Cano

A British man who failed to stop after running a woman over in San Pedro on 9 May 2016 has been sentenced to two years in prison for manslaughter through negligence and a road safety offence. Westley Capper, the son of millionaire John Capper, ... was driving his father’s 500-horsepower Bentley at full speed along the boulevard in San Pedro Alcántara when he hit 40-year-old Bolivian chef Fátima Dorada who was on a pedestrian crossing. According to the sentence, Capper, who was accompanied by



MPs prepare for weekend investiture debate to vote on new PM in a break from precedent


While people in Spain are finishing shopping for presents this Saturday, ahead of Three Kings Day, MPs in the Congreso will be debating whether Pedro Sánchez is to be appointed as next Prime Minister. Acting PM Sánchez, of the PSOE Socialist party, ... into work. Pedro Sánchez has the most MPs but doesn't hold a majority. If he wins the investiture debate and vote, there will be another first, as Spain will be governed by a coalition for the first time since the restoration of democracy after



A monstrous government

Mark Nayler

Finally some sort of progress is being made, with acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez looking anywhere and everywhere in an attempt to form Spain's next government before Christmas - which, assuming a political miracle hasn't occurred by the time


What to do

What to do - music and more

Denise Bush

Orquidario and Plaza del Reloj. The re-enactment of the death of Salvador Manzanares and Pedro Manique both Estepona men. Manzanares was a liberal military man who was shot during a failed attempt against the La Linea de la Concepción and Algeciras. Pedro



What's the problem?

Mark Nayler

On Wednesday, the King of Spain yet again asked Socialist (PSOE) leader and acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez to try and form the country's next government. Sánchez, as leader of the party that took the most votes on November 10th, is now headed



Pedro Sánchez triumphs again but it's not enough to end the deadlock


...almost comes second in Andalucía As last April, the PSOE was the biggest party on Sunday, gaining 120 seats in the 360-seat Congreso, down from 123 last time. This was 28% of the total vote for acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's party, with an ... election night, Pedro Sánchez said he would try to form a "progressive" and "stable" government, a formula that still depends on Unidas Podemos and Catalan nationalist support or abstention. Pablo Iglesias of UP, in his speech after the results, extended ... the offer of a "progressive" coalition to Pedro Sánchez once again and lamented the rise of the far right. Speaking at his party's headquarters, Vox's Abascal said, "Voters on the right can now afford to vote for Vox, and it is not a wasted vote."