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The gastric band and bypass: techniques that reduce the size of a patient's stomach

Ángel Escalera

...technique is known as gastric band (a vertical gastrectomy, which is a restrictive method used to reduce the size of the patient's stomach). The second technique is the gastric bypass, which is a restrictive and derivative procedure. Dr Ramírez says the ... resort to surgery for obesity when diet and nutrition have not been enough to reduce the patient's weight sufficiently," says Javier Moreno, an expert in bariatric surgery who is the head of the Gastroesophageal and Obesity Surgical Unit at the Regional



Coronavirus contact tracing app now available across Malaga province

josé luis piedra

The Junta de Andalucía activated its new coronavirus contact tracing mobile application in Malaga and Almeria provinces on Monday. Radar Covid, which is free, uses Bluetooth technology and anonymously informs users if they have spent at least 15 mi



'At Cudeca we hope to end the year without closing any service, but next year could be different'


What's your opinion on the debate about the Euthanasia Law? Most of us who work in palliative care have learned to respect people's own decisions. I can understand that a patient at a given moment decides that is how they want to end their life, but ... and giving people the dignity and the quality they need. Taking life away just like that, and nothing more, isn't what we want to do. Having said that, if you offer a patient all these options and in the end that's what they want, I have to respect it. ... What is true, though, is that a patient deserves every effort to be made to avoid things getting to that point, because palliative care also provides dignity in cases of irreversible suffering.



Refunds, a further ordeal for travel agencies already in crisis


...muscle so they are unable to refund clients from their own resources. And, of course, all the consumers can do is be patient and wait for their money. Nor do the travel agents feel they have enough power to go into battle with major airlines which operate ... unable to pay these sums within that time and they are asking patients to understand their situation. "In general they know we are suffering from the pandemic and they are being patient; but they need to know that it isn't a case of us not wanting to ... are; I don't want to hold on to anything that isn't mine," she says. For this reason, all the travel agents agree that customers need to be prudent and patient, because it is better to be paid a little late than never receive any money back because



Man rushed to hospital found to have 47 hashish pellets in his stomach

fernando torres

...of severe stomach pain and cold sweats. The initial X-ray showed the presence of 47 small bags which the patient admitted contained hashish that he was transporting as a so-called 'mule'. The National Police in Torremolinos were informed and have



New type of ventilator designed in Andalucía successfully tested on a patient in Antequera


A ventilator designed by doctors and engineers from Malaga to be used in the fight against the coronavirus has successfully passed the first clinical test on a real patient, carried out earlier this week at the hospital in Antequera. This project ... oxygenation of the patient, and that there were no side effects caused by the mechanical ventilation, the regional government explained in a statement. The Spanish Medication and Sanitary Products Agency required two tests of this type to be carried out on



Telephone appointments to continue at public health centres

Ángel Escalera

A visit to the doctor at the local public health centre isn't going be the same as it was before the pandemic. The Andalusian health service, SAS, has decided to keep in place the initial telephone filter when a patient requests an appointment. This ... was introduced during the coronavirus outbreak. Staff at the district health centres will be the ones to decide if a patient needs to physically come into the surgery or if a solution can be given over the phone. The SAS said that this new ... cent. All health centres still have a doctor on duty for patients that cannot wait to be seen, although it may not be their own doctor. The health service has stressed that a qualified doctor will decide if the patient is seen or not.



Stalemate as Malaga fail to break down ten-man Las Palmas

Daryl Finch

...side’s impotence in attack during his post-match press conference. “We have to be more dynamic,” he said. “We need to be more patient, calmer.” He was, however, positive with regard to the progress his new-look squad has been making. “I’m happy, not so



Seventy-year-old man with coronavirus dies in Benalmádena hospital

Ángel Escalera

A 70-year-old man who was being treated in the Hospital Xanit Internacional has been confirmed as the first person with coronavirus to die in the province of Malaga. The patient had multiple underlying health problems, and his condition was



Gibraltar steps up action after first coronavirus case confirmed

Debbie Bartlett gibraltar

A case of coronavirus, or COVID-19, was confirmed in Gibraltar on Tuesday and the authorities stepped up their actions to try to prevent the risk of the illness spreading. The patient's identity has not been revealed to protect his privacy, but it



Kidney transplant patient returns home

Debbie Bartlett

The first patient from Gibraltar in 15 years to undergo a kidney transplant in the UK has now returned home after recovering from the surgery, which was carried out at the Hammersmith hospital. Once the patient, who has not been named, was told a ... kidney was available, the GHA Sponsored Patient team helped with the arrangements.



Hugs to keep fear at bay in the ICU


...worked together in the ICU for over 12 years. They say the greatest joy in recent weeks was on Tuesday, when they were able to remove the breathing tube from a patient with coronavirus. There were hugs, laughter, applause and tears of joy. Juan, who is



How to differentiate between symptoms of flu and Covid-19


...difficult to breathe, have chest pain or difficulties in speaking or moving "should seek immediate medical attention". It advises ringing the local health centre first, so they can organise for the patient to be taken to the most suitable medical centre



Patient goes on rampage in San Pedro health centre because of 15-minute wait


A patient has gone on the rampage, threatening to kill staff in San Pedro health centre, after being told to wait 15 minutes to be seen. The incident happened on Tuesday lunchtime when parts of the building were damaged by the man who had arrived ... demanding he be given some medicine immediately. According to staff union, CSIF, the patient started headbutting glass partition walls in the health centre "cutting his head open". He also overturned a table and cornered nursing staff "until a group of



Surgeons warn of the risk of low-cost weight loss operations carried out abroad

Ángel Escalera

...of operation. They also need to work as part of a multidisciplinary team so that they are able to immediately resolve any complications that may occur. The gastric band and bypass: techniques that reduce the size of a patient's stomach One of ... complications arise and the patient has to stay in hospital longer than expected, because the hospital bill can then become much more expensive. There can also be problems after the patient has returned home to Malaga and they have to be treated by the health ... service, or a private hospital if the patient can afford to pay for it. "Surgery for obesity isn't something that any surgeon is able to do. It is a complicated operation and it requires a multidisciplinary team of professionals who carry out a complete



GPs test a scheme to spend more time with each patient


GPs in health centres in La Axarquía, Antequera and the Costa del Sol are testing a new scheme from the regional government's ministry of Health this week that means that they are able to spend more time with each patient. The aim is to restructure ... the doctors' working day and improve the service in general. Doctors at the Vélez Sur, Algarrobo, Antequera, Antequera-Estación and La Lobilla health centres have been told they can now spend at least seven minutes with each patient, half an hour a ... the present number. The Junta de Andalucía's Minister for Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, says this is in response to doctors' wishes, as they want to be able to dedicate more time to patient consultations, and it will also mean they can include



Spanish scientists eliminate HIV in the second patient in the world to be cured


BIlbao. An international group including renowned ICREA-IrsiCaixa researcher Javier Martínez Picado has managed to eradicate all signs of the Aids virus from the body of a patient through a bone marrow transplant. It is only the second time this has ... been achieved. Until now, the only person to have been cured through this technique was Timothy Brown, an American who lives in Germany, who until his name was made public five years ago was known as 'the Berlin patient'. That was in 2008 and it was ... 'the London patient', the same therapy as the one which cured Brown, but with slight differences. This was also an HIV patient who had to be treated for a lymphoma (a malign tumor of the lymphatic glands) through a transplant of hematopoietic progenitor



Hospital staff in Torre del Mar stage protest following further abuse of an A&E doctor by a patient

Eugenio Cabezas

Staff at the Axarquía hospital in Torre del Mar staged a protest last week following another incident in which a patient verbally abused a doctor, the latest in a growing number of attacks on medical professionals across the province. The woman ... tried to force the A&E medic to record their conversation on her mobile phone, which she then claimed she would use in evidence to try to sue both the doctor and the hospital, in the event that the patient did not agree with her diagnosis.



What's that whistling noise I can hear?


...or small bones in the middle ear) and they can be detected by the sufferer and also by a doctor using a machine. The others can only be heard by the patient and occur without any perceivable outside source or corporal activity. Diagnosis and



Haematologists apply a technique to show whether leukaemia will return


Knowing in advance whether a patient is going to suffer from leukaemia again is key to taking early action and preventing the illness reappearing. That's why a technique which is currently being applied successfully by haematologists in Malaga to ... detected in a patient with a risk of recurring leukaemia in approximately 90 per cent of cases. "The work tried to determine what advantages are provided by the digital PCR technique compared with the conventional PCR technique in real time, regarding the ... bone marrow transplants took part in this latest stage of the project. Therapeutic measures Once the haemotologists have found, through this technology, that the transplant patient still has sick cells of their own as well as those from the donor,



"Radiotherapy can expect to cure 40 per cent of cancer patients"

Ángel Escalera

The new president of the Sociedad Española de Oncología Radioterápica (SEOR) is Jorge Contreras, a doctor from Malaga. He says his top priority is to give greater visibility to radiotherapy and ensure that every patient who needs this type of ... don't offer it because it isn't available for their patients. We can say there is an inequality and a lack of homogeneity when it comes to radiotherapy in Spain. That is what I want to change, so that every patient, no matter where they live, has access



Six months in prison for attacking a nurse

Charo márquez

...sentence will be suspended if the man pays a total of 4,000 euros. The incident occurred in 2016, when the culprit carried out an unprovoked attack against an A&E nurse while he was a hospital patient, causing injuries to the nurse's neck and arm. Medical



Migraine: a complex puzzle


...absolutely infallible and universal. At present treatments depend on the doctor's assessment of the patient and range from common analgesics to the latest-generation 'vaccines', which act on the pain mechanism and are only available in the most extreme cases. ... consist of explaining the pain mechanism to the patient so they understand how it works and stop their body responding by using it as a defence mechanism. This is the so-called exposure therapy, which is applied in the case of phobias. Psychology



Patient hurt in fall out of ambulance on AP-7


An investigation has been launched after a patient fell out of an ambulance at high speed on the AP-7 motorway while she was being transferred between two hospitals. The incident occurred between Alicante and Valencia. According to reports in ... the wounded woman was put back in the ambulance and driven off. It was unclear how the mental health patient was able to get the doors open.



Malaga hospital uses Botox to treat patients with chronic migraine

Ángel Escalera

All headaches are a nuisance but some are particularly disabling, especially migraines, which involve intense throbbing pain and occur time and time again, affecting the sufferer’s quality of life. If the medication normally used to alleviate head



Malaga fall to defeat in their most unusual start to a new season

Daryl Finch

...unable to adjust his body quick enough to wrap his foot around it. 2 Tenerife Suso (42'), Jacobo González (56') 0 Malaga Tenerife, by contrast, knew that they had to be patient to find openings in Malaga's deep block and one finally came



Staff fear as 20 hooded people raid hospital to free an arrested patient


Health workers in La Línea de la Concepción were in shock this week after a group of around 20 people wearing hoods and carrying sticks and knives stormed the accident and emergency department at the local hospital, removing a patient who was under ... been favoured by the gangs bringing ashore drugs from north Africa. The hooded assailants entered the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, assaulting two security guards and pushing their way through the casualty department until they found the patient



The Materno hospital uses a technique which means breast cancer patients need less surgery


...specialist Ana Jiménez, radiologist María Teresa Hidalgo and a patient who had recently been given intraoperative radiofrequency treatment with excellent results, Raquel Zamora. “This technique is effective, safe and it means the patients need less ... with breast cancer in the early stages and need surgery to remove a tumour, and patients with a high risk of getting breast cancer again. Also, the tumour must not be more than four centimetres in diameter and the patient cannot have received



Algodonales woman is first patient at new Ronda hospital


...from Algodonales, was the first patient waiting for an appointment. The hospital will serve an area of 85,000 people who live in towns and villages in the Serranía as well as others in the province of Cadiz, such as Ubrique, Benaocaz and Villaluenga del



Ronda's new hospital receives its first patients today


It has been a long wait - the construction of the new hospital was approved 15 years ago and started nine years ago - but on Tuesday the new hospital in Ronda opens its doors to its first patients. Five outpatients surgeries are now in operation ge



New support group offers lifeline to carers and families of dementia patients

Tony Bryant

...types of dementia and the disease can be triggered by numerous conditions, although it is not a normal part of the aging process . Symptoms. As the disease advances, symptoms become more severe and the patient will experience confusion and severe ... Caring for someone with any type of dementia is stressful and intensely emotional, especially when their memories and skills begin to diminish. These changes can produce emotional confusion for both carer and patient and, as the patient's needs increase, ... becomes all-consuming and as a patient's functional and physical abilities continue to diminish, the burden often puts the carer at great risk of significant health problems like depression, exhaustion and high levels of stress. The group is run by



New health centre to open early next week

Eugenio Cabezas torre de benagalbón

The new doctors’ surgery in Torre de Benagalbón, which belongs to Rincón de la Victoria, will start operating from Monday 8 May, according to the government’s equality, social services and health representatives, José Luis Ruiz Espejo and Ana Isabel



Celebrating life by ringing a bell

Mónica Pérez

...this floor of the hospital and that is important for every patient, because it shows them that other people are getting over this problem. It gives them strength to carry on with their own battle". María José Muñoz rang the bell this week. She was



Getting a doctor's appointment this summer has become a real ordeal

Ángel Escalera

patient, evaluate each case and agree to see them if they think it necessary. There is a system for consultations for patients whose medical conditions mean they cannot wait to see their doctor. Screen grab of the SaludResponde application showing no



First home designed by Gaudí opens doors to the public

Sur in english

...businessman client. The architectural gem, UNESCO-protected, is in the Gracia district of Barcelona and has never been open to the public before. The striking interior with oriental influences has been restored. Fans may need to be patient as only 500