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Terms and conditions

Mark Nayler

...paid back. But the question of how the money should be used, and to what extent the Spanish government should be allowed to decide that issue, has sparked a row in congress that purports to be about patriotism, with the PSOE and Popular Party (PP) each



3 July 2005: Same-sex marriage law comes into effect in Spain

Jennie Rhodes

...government led by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. It came into effect just three days later. One of the main activists behind the legalisation was the late Pedro Zerolo, a PSOE councillor in Madrid and his party's Secretary of Social Movements and NGO ... relations. He went on to marry his partner on 1 October 2005 and is considered an icon among the country's LGBT+ community. He died of cancer in 2015. The 2005 Madrid Pride event took place over the same weekend as the law came into force. The party went



Nerja: is it better to preserve or develop?


...the agreement of 2015." The apartments, houses and luxury hotel in the old sugar factory would be north of the N-340.E. Cabezas The mayor and his party are in favour, but others are not and have presented reasons why it should not go ahead. ... change." Vanessa García, a regional MP for the Adelante Andalucía party, says "We are very worried about the negative consequences of this macroproject on the area," while Ciudadanos and VOX declined to make any comment while the plans are at such an



Opposing forces

Mark Nayler

...lies somewhere in between these two proposed approaches, each of which is too extreme in its own way. It's surprising that the Socialist leader is still hoping for cross-party unity in dealing with the pandemic's economic and social effects: the ... opposition, in the form of the conservative Popular Party (PP) and right-wing Vox, has already shown its determination to win all the points it can from the Covid crisis, which it will do by portraying the Socialist-led government as inept and interfering. ... his fist at the prime minister when he said, "Don't you even think about locking us up again, because we won't put up with it." A point well made, Sir! Just as Spain wouldn't benefit from a monochrome, cross-party force dominating the political



Not fair enough

Mark Nayler

...has the appearance and ambience of a street party, with what must be a couple of hundred non-masked people mingling, drinking and eating together on a fairly small stretch of road. It’s absolutely wonderful. Still, the official ferias are deemed too



Nerja mayor to go on trial over illegal rubbish tip by river

Eugenio Cabezas

...well as the mayor, José Alberto Armijo of the PP party, and his councillor for Planning and Housing, Mari Nieves Atencia. The accusations focus on the illegal dumping in an old quarry by the Miel river in Nerja from June 1998 to September 2016. The



PM says it is up to Juan Carlos I to reveal his own whereabouts


...had stayed in a luxury hotel there owned by the rulers, with whom he is friendly. Online newspaper Nius published a photo of him supposedly leaving the plane in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Some said he was on his way to New Zealand. The UP party has kept up its



Pablo Iglesias faces opposition calls to quit power over 'scandals'


Opposition parties are increasingly calling for the resignation of second Deputy Prime Minister, Pablo Iglesias, as his party, Unidas Podemos (UP), becomes mired in legal disputes. Radical left-wing UP is the minority coalition partner with the ... courts started investigating allegedly opaque financial accounts and overpayments. Three party directors are being formally investigated although the UP has officially complained and says the investigating judge is acting in bad faith. According to UP, ... compromising content not returned, then returned, a memory card copy of its contents hidden and another copy destroyed before it could reach investigators. The conservative PP party said this week that they thought Pablo Iglesia's "time was up" and other



Bad for business

Mark Nayler

...of the leftist party's former lawyers. Even if the accusations turn out to be unfounded, it's still extremely bad publicity for a party that has risen to prominence with a tough stance on corruption. Accusations of shady financial activities damage ... until last December, when he was fired after one of the party's female employees made sexual harassment allegations against him. Those charges were dismissed by a judge last month, who ruled that there was no evidence of "any objectively intimidating, ... linked to Podemos leaders being aware of their investigations into the party's finances, and of the "serious harm" they could cause its reputation. This suggests that Calvente's and Carmena's sackings were preemptive strikes, made with the intention of