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How can landlords protect themselves when letting a property?


...protect themselves from a bad experience. A written contract It can take six months or more to evict a non-paying tenant Although a rental contract can be agreed verbally, that is definitely not advisable and is in neither party's interest. José



Vote of no confidence remains in the balance after councillor no-show

Eugenio Cabezas

Rumours over the much talked about vote of no confidence against the Mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal, continue to be just speculation after a councillor from the Ciudadanos party failed to show up to a meeting with Partido Popular (PP) politicians to ... the same day. However, according to sources at the Ciudadanos' Malaga headquarters, such an agreement was “never” reached and it is believed that the national leader of the party, Alberto Rivera, has also intervened. Elías Bendodo, provincial leader ... of the PP party, demonstrated his “surprise” at the Ciudadanos councillor's no-show. Sources suggest that the unwillingness of Ciudadanos to be party to the vote are linked to the ongoing investigation of 40 people, including current councillors and



Secessionist drive goes down a gear as sides focus on election


...separate ways and stand as individual parties, candidates are turning to more realistic objectives. ERC, the Catalan Republican Left party, admitted this week that “mistakes have been made” and that they have been “naïve”. These words came in a letter to ... party members from its leader, Oriol Junqueras, formerly vice-president of the regional government, who is still in prison along with another seven former ministers. In the same letter, Junqueras named Marta Rovira as the republican party's candidate ... in the previous campaign and slogans such as “we're in a hurry” have been deleted from the script. The PDeCAT, the party headed by former president Carles Puigdemont, has also criticised its own haste. “Fast-track independence doesn't exist,” said



A return to normality


Rajoy, the medium-term health of the Spanish economy depends on the December 21st vote. Rajoy's administration is understandably concerned about what might happen if the Catalonia crisis continues into next year. Indeed, the Popular Party lowered its



Parliament asks for speed increase from 80 to 90 km/h on stretches of A-7 and A-45


Malaga. Ciudadanos, Podemos and smaller political parties have joined forces with the PSOE Socialist party to have a parliamentary committee approve an increase in the controversial 80 km/h speed limit on parts of the A-7 and A-45 motorways. As ... part of the same vote, local Malaga Socialists, led by Miguel Ángel Heredia, managed to get agreement for speed cameras to be removed from local trunk roads where accidents have been reduced to a minimum. The PP party voted against the measures. The ... in traffic fines being given out,” added Heredia. The ruling PP party in Madrid has said that it is unlikely to take the speed cameras down on the A-45 section by Casabermeja as “they have managed to reduce accidents by 300 per cent since they were



San Pedro unveils its 19-million- euro devolved budget for 2018

Nieves Castro

...awarded 19.2 million euros. The amount was agreed as part of the coalition pact between the separatist San Pedro party - OSP, and the conservative PP party that saw mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, returned to power in August. Then the two OSP councillors



Marchers call for an end to violence against women


Maíllo, took part in the demonstration and called for a cross-party state pact which will have a zero tolerance policy against “not only 'macro' sexist attacks but also 'micro' sexism”. He also stressed the important role of schools in teaching respect and



Poppies, fairs and fashion


The recent Lux Mundi Autumn Fashion Show, organised by CarolynCarolyn Bowen and Julie, attracted nearly 100 international friends, who were shown 55 outfits of new and nearly new clothing and accessories. Vogt law firm Cocktail party Vogt law ... firm recently celebrated its Annual Cocktail Party in Club de Golf Los Naranjos. Sixty clients, brokers and bankers representatives were in attendance. Vogt Law firm was established in Marbella in 1999.



Manilva's mayor reviews his record a year after taking power in council vote


The mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, has given a favourable assessment of his first year in charge of the town. Twelve months ago a vote of no confidence saw the PSOE Socialist party in the municipality removed and replaced with the local ... Compromiso Manilva (CM) party as partners in a ruling coalition that also includes Izquierda Unida (IU). Controversially, the conservative PP also joined the coalition this year. According to mayor Jiménez, since November last year “political stability” has ... that he felt that Jiménez, of the CM party, left the councillors alone to do their work more than the Socialist party did. Former mayor, Socialist Diego José Jiménez, said that it had been “a wasted year” in the town and very advantageous for the



Separatist election manifestos to rule out unilateral Catalan independence


...more radical separatist CUP party will keep its UDI policy. Spanish PM, Mariano Rajoy, said this week that his government would work with whoever won the regional election providing the new administration “governed and respected the law and ... Constitution. Former Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, is still in Brussels awaiting possible extradition and will head the electoral list of Junts per Catalunya, a new electoral group including his PDeCAT party.



A cultural revolution in Torre del Mar

Jennie Rhodes the complementary worlds of media and art back home as well as in London. She is the only foreign person on the board, which she says “is a great honour”. The Vélez-Málaga resident joined the board in spring 2016 having first met Alberto at a party ... Enrique brews and, at a recent Halloween party, one creative Tr3s Puertas associate made piña colada jelly eyeballs to go in the tinto de verano! “It's about inspiring innovation,” confirms Anette. Awards and funding Tr3s Puertas is waiting to hear if


What to do

The sound of Christmas

SUR in English

Christmas carols. The concert on 17 December at 7pm is being held at the Hotel IPV Palace and Spa (formerly Beatriz) near Sohail castle in Fuengirola (A7 km. 206). After the concert there will be an optional tapas and drinks party (15 euros per person)



A gentleman's agreement

Mark Nayler

...five years on, that is still the case. Since 2012, the conservative Popular Party government to which De Guindos belongs has been kept busy with domestic affairs. Yet the Spanish economy minister has never forgotten about the ECB's snub five years



Torremolinos lights up for a festive season of celebrations and goodwill

Tony Bryant New Year's Eve party in Plaza La Nogalera and the Three Kings parade on Friday 5 January. As usual, the traditional nativity scene will be situated in the town hall, while Santa's grotto and the artisan market will be located in the Plaza Costa del


What to do

Marking 100 years of independence

Tony Bryant, except the main party, which begins at 2pm on December 6: tickets costs 12 euros in advance or 15 euros on the day. There are about 6,000 permanent Finnish residents on Costa del Sol. Another 15,000 spend around six months of the year here,


What to do

Living Waters Festival


Living Waters, told SUR in English. The party will be held between 10am- 6pm, and everyone is welcome, especially those who can help out on the day. Food and drinks will be available and the centre's book and charity shop will be open. There will also



Moustaches and coffee mornings for a good cause


Cudeca Cancer Hospice Roger's birthday bash Roger Humpidge celebrated his 70th Birthday in Benahavís and managed to raise money for Cudeca Cancer Hospice at the same time. Guests attending the party gave a prize for the raffle instead of



Opening up our hearts


...rejection. “Many people believed he had really carried out the transplant. Also, at that time South Africa was a controversial place because of apartheid, and when Barnard came to give a talk, not one black doctor attended the cocktail party,” says Dr



Against all odds

Peter Edgerton

...numbered birthday in 2018 and that's a pleasure in itself. In the meantime, this year I'll put on a ridiculous paper party hat, blow into one of those unfurling hooter things with a feather on the end, adopt a defiant rictus grin and graciously accept the



Unfair play

Mark Nayler

...outspoken opposition to the Basque arrangement, Ciudadanos - the centrist party now being billed as the leader of Spain's “pro-Constitution” camp - has drawn furious criticism. Predictably, its loudest detractors have been Basque politicians, who brand the ... party as promoting quasi-Franco nationalism. Hardly: all Ciudadanos has done is highlight the unfairness of a situation in which some regions have greater fiscal autonomy than others.



Drink less to keep the Christmas weight at bay


...parties are all linked to the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Before the party season gets under way it is good to know how much exercise you will have to do to work off the drinks. APPROXIMATE CALORIES IN ALCOHOLIC DRINKS A small lager (200ml). 70



Final countdown to Catalan regional election next Thursday

SUR parties have formed a political coalition this time round, and are fighting the campaign separately. The polls seemed to show support for the left-wing republican ERC party declining and growing for the Junts per Catalunya candidacy of the ousted



35th anniversary of the reopening of the border

Debbie Bartlett

...until 1982 that the Spanish government, led by the PSOE socialist party, took the decision to reopen the border. This was described as a 'humanitarian gesture', although it was closely linked to Spain's desire to join the EEC, which it did in 1986. The



Anniversary parties and fundraising

SUR IN ENGLISH / Facebook - agecarecosta / 1st Fuengirola Scout Group Anniversary party Cubs and Beavers from 1st Fuengirola Scout Group had a party to mark the 20th anniversary of the group. The Cubs and Beavers took part in a number ... of activities after which they enjoyed party food and slices of the special cakes that had been iced with the badge design from their uniforms. Badges were then awarded for the work that had been completed during the term. Next term the group will be ... Costa del Sol 41 Club / Costa del Sol Tangent Club Joint anniversary party TheCosta del Sol 41 Club and the Costa del Sol Tangent Club recently celebrated the 20th Anniversary of both clubs. The anniversary dinner was hosted by current 41 Club chair,


What to do

Goldies Christmas party

Tony Bryant

...funds for the Cudeca Hospice in Benalmádena. Those set to perform are Irish songstress Orla Tierney and Alhaurín El Grande-based singer and guitarist Alex Ashing, who will deliver his personal style of acoustic classics. The highlight of the party ... get the party swinging. The event, which starts at 7.30pm, will include welcome canapés, a three-course dinner (including vegetarian option), as well as unlimited beer, wine and water. Tickets cost 45 euros and 10 euros from each ticket will go to




Mark Nayler

Puigdemont's secession project, it's often forgotten just how “business-friendly” former leaders of the European Democratic Party of Catalonia (PDeCAT) have been. In October 2015, Andreu Viloca, the treasurer of Mas's Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC) ... party (as the PDeCAT was then called), was arrested as part of an investigation into a contracts-for-cash scandal; it was branded the “3% case” because business leaders were alleged to have secured contracts by paying CDC officials commissions worth 3% ... in prison for accepting bribes during his time as the CDC's second-in-command. Anti-secessionists argue that Mas seized on the secession issue to divert attention from corruption within the CDC, a party that up until a few years ago had never tried



Catalonia decides in 'most important election in 40 years'


...suggested a turnout six percentage points up on the last regional elections in 2015. Opinion polls before the vote had shown the pro-Spain Ciudadanos party, under Inés Arrimadas, slightly ahead of the ERC, supporting an independent republic. However the



Ciudadanos wins Catalan election but pro-independence parties keep overall majority

Ramón Gorriarán

Spain's young centre-right party Ciudadanos won Thursday's regional election in Catalonia gaining the highest number of votes (1,098,293) and seats (37 of 135). However, the party headed in the region by Inés Arrimadas, firmly against independence, ... they reach an agreement, will regain control of the regional government, the Generalitat. Former leader Carles Puigdemont's group Junts per Catalunya was the second most-voted party, beating ERC (Esquerra Republicana) in votes and seats and proving ... more than in the previous 2015 election, but the Partido Popular - Spain's ruling party - has fallen catastrophically, going from eleven to just three seats. The constitutional bloc's combined 57 seats fall short of the 68 needed for an overall



No end in sight

Mark Nayler

...government after yesterday's vote, they will still disagree on how to proceed in talks with Madrid. Esquerra, the largest pro-independence party, favours dropping the campaign for outright independence and negotiating with Rajoy instead. The ... anarchist-communist party CUP, meanwhile, continues to support a full split from Spain. Pro-independence feeling in Catalonia has undoubtedly been increased by Rajoy's ham-fisted attempts to quash the secessionist project since October 1st: it will not simply ... Catalonia, yet it requires the backing of other parties to lead the region's next government. It can forget the support of the leftist Catalunya en Comú Podem, a party that's ambivalent about independence but steadfastly anti-Ciudadanos. This may make


What to do

A rock and roll Christmas in Coín

Tony Bryant

Coín will be getting in the festive mood when the town hosts a live music Christmas party in the Alameda today, Friday. The concert will be performed by Coín rock band, Dvuelta, a popular five-piece who have been performing together for more than



'Tis the season to celebrate in Malaga province

Denise Bush

Hípico de Málaga is holding a party especially for children called 'Hogwarts'. The consumers action group (OCU) has advised people to be careful when purchasing tickets for special parties, leaving the purchase until the last moment if possible, to


What to do

Torremolinos to see in the New Year in style

Tony Bryant

Residents and visitors in Torremolinos will enjoy a New Year's Eve extravaganza in the Plaza La Nogalera on Sunday 31 December. This will be the third consecutive year the party will be held in the centre of the town and a huge marquee has been ... erected in the square to accommodate the hundreds of revellers expected to attend the event. Organised by the town hall, the party will begin at 11pm, when party-goers can enjoy festive music, and refreshments from the bar, before the main event which ... begins at midnight. Entrance to the party is free and attendees will receive a party pack on arrival. Grapes will also be supplied to be consumed during the twelve strokes of midnight, reputedly to bring luck and prosperity throughout the coming year.



Catalan separatist parties mull over next move as election vote delivers little change


Last week's election in Catalonia delivered little change to the status quo. Pro-independence parties secured a majority in the 135-seat regional chamber, although anti-independence Ciudadanos emerged as the biggest party, even if some way from ... party, anti-system CUP saw its number of seats reduced to four. In terms of the parties campaigning against independence, centre-right Ciudadanos became the biggest party overall in Catalonia with 37 seats, helped by tactical voting and a big turnout in



Crisis? What crisis?

Mark Nayler

2016 without a government. We saw it all: cross-party deals being attempted before collapsing, party leaders vilified for their failure to compromise, the resignation of PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez (cannily timed, as he's now back in charge of the