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Torremolinos welcomes summer with a weekend of music

Tony Bryant

...and roll era will be supplied by a video DJ, while Costa favourite Chris King will offer a mixture of swing, pop and rhythm and blues. On Sunday, fans of ska and reggae can enjoy the 80s Pool Party, which the organisers hope to make a weekly event. ... The party will get going at 5.30pm, when the Skafienados will perform classic hits of 80s ska bands like Madness, The Specials and Selector. The Fuengirola-based group will also perform songs of reggae legends Bob Marley, UB40 and Toots and the



Former mayor of Cómpeta moves back in following vote of no confidence


Obdulio Pérez (Partido Popular) has been voted back in as mayor of Cómpeta following a vote of no confidence against his predecessor, José Moyano (PSOE), earlier this week. The motion was presented to the town hall on 9 March by the Partido Popular a



Minimum income approved with no MPs voting against


...debates between the government and opposition parties in the Congreso chamber during the Covid-19 crisis, the government was taken aback by the support from the conservative Partido Popular (PP), the main opposition party. Deputy prime minister and UP ... leader, Pablo Iglesias said, "Let's hope that [the PP] keeps going in that direction, towards consensus." The PP party said it was supporting the move as it was based on an idea largely in place within regional governments already. Vox decided to



Frying pan or fire?

Ángel Escalera

...about. The population will not forgive them if, for party political reasons, they do not come together and make fighting the virus a common cause. It is true that the government has made many errors, especially the lack of foresight in providing health



Champions party

Rob Palmer

The first week of the Champions League has been like the first hour of a house party when all of the different personalities mark their entrance in a vastly different manner. Real Madrid are concocting a cocktail of what's left from previous ... at least they have laid the foundations. The biggest party poopers were Valencia who arrived at Stamford Bridge in a strop and departed dancing in the streets of London. The players refused to speak to the media before the game, as they were still ... gutsy goals buoyed by their supporters. The important last ditch equaliser was scored by Héctor Herrera who was recently signed on a free transfer from Porto. It is football's equivalent of making the party punch with ingredients from Bargain Booze. We



A self-employed office party


Christmas party but who force themselves to go to avoid being labelled antisocial. Then there are the others who circle the date on the calendar with red exclamation marks because it's their chance to get tipsy, and they're keen to do it again, despite the ... one stands out - that of Transcom, a company that decided to replace the hampers with a party. We don't know whether the workers first ate and drank their fill before filing their complaint against the company, but we do know that the court ordered



Opposition parties disagree over need for a national pact in Spain


...cross-party deal similar to the historic Moncloa Pacts, wide-ranging social agreements used at the restoration of democracy. However, parties to the right have been reluctant to agree to the idea. Speaking in the first prime minister's questions since the ... party interest," he said. Leader of the Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, replied, "He said in his weekly sermon that he is the high representative of Spaniards, but this isn't true. You aren't the King however much you summon us to talks." Casado said he ... was willing to reach consensus but "in the full light of day". Some smaller parties, especially regional ones normally supportive of the government, have also distanced themselves from the call for cross-party pacts.



3 July 2005: Same-sex marriage law comes into effect in Spain

Jennie Rhodes

...government led by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. It came into effect just three days later. One of the main activists behind the legalisation was the late Pedro Zerolo, a PSOE councillor in Madrid and his party's Secretary of Social Movements and NGO ... relations. He went on to marry his partner on 1 October 2005 and is considered an icon among the country's LGBT+ community. He died of cancer in 2015. The 2005 Madrid Pride event took place over the same weekend as the law came into force. The party went



PM Pedro Sánchez talks of the 'new normal' in speech to MPs


...normal" with the loosening of lockdown and business activity restrictions. However the PM is increasingly finding an opposition hostile to the PSOE-Unidas Podemos coalition government's handling of the crisis. The leader of the main opposition party ... However, no details of those next stages were given. "We'll be going from a strict confinement to a more relaxed one," he said. Progress on pacts Meanwhile there was progress this week on future large-scale cross-party cooperation measures to help ... Spain out of the crisis. The government agreed to the opposition PP party's proposals that talks could take place within the context of a parliamentary special commission, rather than behind closed doors at government offices as originally



Congreso cancels activity for a week after MP tests positive for coronavirus

Melchor Sáiz Pardo

Spain's Congreso has cancelled virtually all of its activity for a week after an MP has tested positive for coronavirus. The far right Vox party announced on Tuesday that Javier Ortega Smith, its second in command, had the virus and apologised for ... not cancelling the party conference attended by 9,000 people at the weekend in Madrid. The party has said that out of "responsibility" it has sent its MPs to work from home. Following Ortega Smith's positive result, Spain's Congreso (lower house of



Winter Party in Town and Festival of Lights

Debbie Bartlett

The Christmas lights in the town centre were due to be switched on last Friday but due to the bad weather it was decided to incorporate the Festival of Lights into the Winter Party in Town on Saturday afternoon and evening, instead and what a truly



Procession gets the party started in Fuengirola


Fuengirola kicked off its annual festivities on Sunday with a procession in honour of the Virgen del Rosario. The procession began with a mass at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Coronada church before winding its way through the town's streets. Su



Winter Party in Town returns to Casemates next Saturday

Debbie Bartlett

This year's Winter Party in Town returns to Casemates Square on Saturday 23 November, starting with children's activities at 4pm and music and dance performances from 4.30pm until late. This event offers fun for all the family, and the headline



King interviews party leaders

...their party's MPs would support as prime minister, the king will propose a candidate to go forward to the investiture debate. This is expected to be Socialist leader and acting PM Pedro Sánchez, who won the elections, but still needs support from



Classic Car Club enjoy summer garden party


The July event in the SOL Classic Car Club calendar was their annual Summer Garden Party. This year the event was held in the home of the club president and his wife. Live music was provided by local musicians Ian Hunt and Marcelo Sáenz. The


What to do

Garden party to raise funds for Coín equestrian centre

Tony Bryant

The Spanish Equine Association for Rescue, Care and Homing (SEARCH) is holding its annual garden party at Finca El Sueño in Coín on Sunday, 15 September. The event is organised to raise funds for the equestrian rescue centre and will present an



A colourful start to the week-long party in San Pedro


...were crowned before actor-film director David Galiano declared the party officially started. The same cast assembled the next day to open the daytime fair which was a big day for the younger attendees with workshops in balloon modelling, face



Gibraltar government files criminal complaint against Vox in Spain

Debbie Bartlett

The government announced on Wednesday that it has begun legal proceedings against the Spanish far-right party Vox for inciting hatred towards the people of Gibraltar, including statements urging violent action. It says Vox is abusing the right of ... free expression and has crossed the line to incitement of hatred, libel, slander or defamation, and that the government will not allow anyone to cross that line unchallenged. The action is being taken against four of the party's leading figures. The ... leader of Vox in La Línea recently resigned, accusing the national party leadership of fomenting hatred against Gibraltar. Since the recent election, Vox has had a significant political presence in the area.



Fresh rulings on Catalan politicians keep separatism at centre stage


Meanwhile, the Supreme Court said ERC party leader, Oriol Junqueras, cannot be let out of prison to be an MEP. Junqueras was sentenced in October to 13 years over the independence declaration. But an EU advisory court last month said that before he was



San Pedro party asks for more autonomy

Mónica Pérez

The OSP San Pedro party, who are the PP's coalition partners on Marbella council, have said that a precondition for a pact with any party after the May elections is for San Pedro to be given Entidad Local Autónoma (ELA) status, a form of


What to do

Animal Care España celebrates its 20th anniversary with a party

Tony Bryant

ACE (Animal Care España) will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a series of events, starting with a special party night at the Snack Attack restaurant in La Cala de Mijas on Saturday 14 September. Tickets for the event, which is sponsored by Ibex ... in Spain. Tickets for the anniversary party are available from the Snack Attack restaurant, the Ibex offices in Fuengirola and from the ACE shelter in Mijas. For more information, call Carolyn on 647 647 671.



PSOE party comes top in Spain's European election vote


Until last weekend Josep Borrell, currently Spain's acting foreign minister, had been the last person to head a Socialist party list in European elections when the party had won the biggest share of the vote. That was back in 2004 and last Sunday ... President, Carles Puigdemont, won two seats for Junts per Catalunya. There was one seat for the alliance of the PNV (Basque National Party) and Coalición Canaria. In European elections, Spain counts the whole country as one constituency under


What to do

Live music, food and a carnival atmosphere for the Sabinillas Street Party


Hundreds of revellers are expected to descend on the annual Sabinillas Street Party this Saturday, 17 August. The free family event kicks off at 9pm and will see live performances by the Silver Dollar Forgers and The Rob Sas Band. Party ... Tapas, McGuinness', Cathy's Clown and the Mayur Indian Restaurant. Danielle Carroll, who runs the McGuinness' Irish pub and is helping to organise the event, told SUR in English: "It's an annual event known as the end of summer party. It's a chance for ... Moon Party or San Juan. So it's going to be a fab night for all!" Now in its seventh year the event will be held in the Plaza de los Naranjos. The event starts at 9pm with a performance by the Silver Dollar Forgers and then at 10:30pm The Rob Sas



Hundreds of pets join in the city's Dog Party


Hundreds of owners and their dogs descended on Plaza de la Marina in Malaga for the Malaga Dog Party last weekend. The two-day event, sponsored by Tiendanimal and Royal Canin, saw the dogs being paraded in the square in an attempt to raise ... awareness about the importance of adoption. The Party also recognised the work of organisations and individuals committed to animal wellbeing such as Perros de Málaga and Galgo 112. The activities included disc throwing and other demonstrations and



Swearing in of MPs takes place in parliament but no agreement on government yet


...following the general election last month, MPs can focus on voting on who will be the next prime minister and form a government. Current acting Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez has the most MPs with his PSOE party but still needs more support to get a majority ... King. Meritxell Batet was reappointed as speaker. She met with the King on Wednesday. Felipe VI now must decide who to nominate as candidate to be PM after meetings with all party leaders, and it is seen as unlikely that an investiture debate will ... take place before January. Catalan republican support The PSOE continues to meet with the ERC (Catalan republican party), whose abstention it needs in order to take power in a coalition with Unidas Podemos. Both sides said this week that their



Binckbank launches English-speaking services in style

SUR in English

BinckBank recently celebrated its launch of the new services for English-speaking investors in Spain. Over 150 guests attended the successful launch party at BinckBank’s offices in Marbella. Event the refreshments had a banking theme as the



PP party threatens local revolt and to vote down Cs in Mijas

IVÁN GELIBTER shared out over the four years. However Cs' refusal to allow Nozal to be mayor for the PP in the second two years has seen Nozal and his local councillors plan to disobey his party. Cs wants someone else as Nozal is currently under court



Marbella dinner party raises 40,000 euros for charity


A fundraising dinner at Marbella's Villa Tiberio restaurant raised 40,000 for the UK's Children with Cancer charity last Sunday. Hundreds of guests dug deep at the Italian restaurant on the Golden Mile during the event that also featured a raffle a



Terms and conditions

Mark Nayler

...paid back. But the question of how the money should be used, and to what extent the Spanish government should be allowed to decide that issue, has sparked a row in congress that purports to be about patriotism, with the PSOE and Popular Party (PP) each




Mark Nayler the euro zone

...the conservative People's Party (PP). Although Sánchez is not directly implicated in ERE, the case couldn't have concluded at a worse time for the embattled Socialist leader. It was Sánchez, after all, who last June tabled and won a no-confidence ... vote against his predecessor Mariano Rajoy over the Gürtel kickbacks-for-contracts scandal. This sprawling case saw the PP fined for benefiting from fraudulent practice, the party's former treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, sentenced to 33 years in prison and ... over as PP leader from Rajoy last June, also said that his party cannot support Sánchez at the upcoming investiture votes; the PSOE, he claimed, stands revealed as "the protagonist of the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Spain" (a


What to do

Punk rock revival party

Tony Bryant

Those who took part in the revolution of dyed-hair, ripped jeans and offensive T-shirts in the mid-1970s might be interested in a special punk rock revival night that is being staged in Benalmádena Costa next week. DETAILS What: Punk rock concert.



Last few days of San Fermín bullrunning

SUR. daily without major incident at time of press. Locals and visitors continue the party around the clock until Monday. A participant receiving medical attention.AFP



Initial green light given to shopping centre extension


Vélez-Málaga town hall has given the initial go ahead to a 4,680 square metre extension to the town's El Ingenio shopping centre. All but one of the political parties represented in the council voted in favour, with Andalucía por Sí abstaining. Opp



Election campaign kicks off with first party rallies and poll showing likely Socialist surge


It showed the PSOE Socialist party as biggest party according to voting intention, estimated to win 123-138 seats in the 350-seat Congreso, the lower house, but short of the 176 majority needed. This would be significantly up on the seats won last ... research agency of the government and its director is appointed with the approval of the prime minister. Traditionally it monitors public opinion. The current director, José Félix Tezanos, is a senior member of the ruling PSOE party and has faced ... criticism since the party came into power last summer over a change in methodology used in the poll, as rival parties have questioned his independence. A senior PP politician said the CIS data was "an electoral obscenity" and had been used by the PSOE "on



Gib prepares for its Winter Party in Town next weekend

Debbie Bartlett

Anyone who wants to get into the festive party spirit can do so in Casemates Square next Saturday, 15 December, when this year's Winter Party in Town event takes place. The celebrations begin at 4pm, and are aimed at all the family. The theme is ... available while the party takes place.