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'At Cudeca we hope to end the year without closing any service, but next year could be different'


...and the ward with nine beds has continued to operate as normal. I hope we can get to the end of the year without having to close any service, but we just don't know about next year. The health system benefits from the palliative care services ... palliative care people used to say that patients had to die at home because that's where they want to be, but sometimes it isn't possible. For example, last weekend we attended to a family whose relative wanted to die at home but because of his circumstances ... Palliative Care Day, but 50% of terminally ill patients don't receive such care and 75% die with 'emotional pain'. It seems there is still a long way to go. Yes, but also when you talk to someone about how they want to die we all have an opinion. World



Andalusian government announces improvements to palliative care


The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno (PP), said that euthanasia in cases of terminally ill patients signified a "failure" of the palliative care services offered by the public health service. During this term of office, he said, ... his government plans to "expand and strengthen" palliative care, making sure it is available in all corners of the Andalusian health service and to all ages. "We're going to work seriously on this," he said, "There is room for significant



Cancer charity calls for action from politicians to mark World Palliative Care Day


The Spanish cancer association AECC has called for all of the country's political parties to commit to guaranteeing end-of-life care to patients in the terminal stage of an illness. Palliative care is a basic human right, says the association, and ... its availability indicates the level of progress in a society. To mark World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, celebrated this year on Saturday 12 October, the AECC has urged politicians to complete the parliamentary process to pass the law to



Gala night for palliative care

sur in english

More than 1,000 euros was raised during a special gala night held in aid of Cudeca last week. Around 100 people enjoyed the event, which was held at the Tamisa Golf Hotel in Mijas Costa. Entertainment was supplied by The Jersey Boys, and special gues



Spain is near the bottom of the European list of palliative care


The principal European countries have made major efforts in recent years to increase their palliative care services and specialist units to relieve pain and the emotional suffering of patients and their families at the final stage of their life. ... However Spain has not opened any new facilities in the past six years, and in some regions the resources have even been reduced. As a result, the palliative care service provided by the Spanish health system is much lower than the European average, and ... since 2013 it has fallen 20 places on the ranking that measures the specialist services and units per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the Atlas of Palliative Care in Europe 2019. This is an internationally renowned study drawn up by the Atlantes



"The ageing population means that more palliative care will be necessary"


...projects in Andalucía. With more than 1,000 volunteers and nearly 1,500 patients the chief executive and medical director, Marisa Martín, says there is a need to expand and intensify research into ageing and palliative care. How are patients, normally, ... when they come to Cudeca? It varies; some people's hopes have suddenly been dashed, others come knowing that the end is near and some don't actually know how ill they are. Palliative care used to come at the end, but now we try to ensure that this ... type of care is available at an early stage of the illness. Sometimes our patients are undergoing treatment like palliative chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which won't cure them but tries to minimise the symptoms and help them live longer. The



"Palliative care needs to be given the same priority as gynaecological departments"

Ángel Escalera

Palliative care units have one principal objective: to look after patients in the final stage of their life. The head of the joint Spanish Association against Cancer- Costa del Sol Hospital palliative unit, Juan Carlos Domínguez, says more of these ... facilities are needed, and more palliative doctors need to be trained. What is the palliative care situation like in Malaga province? Compared with other provinces in Andalucía and Spain I believe Malaga is fortunate. However, if you ask me whether it is ... sufficient, the answer will be no, obviously. "It wouldn't take a great deal of investment to increase the number of palliative care units" What resources are there to look after patients during this final stage? As far as I know, there are palliative care



Cudeca to open Spain's first palliative care training centre in Benalmádena

Tony Bryant

...fulfill its longtime vision of opening a scientific research centre for palliative care. The 82-year-old doctor is renowned for his pioneering work with Aids patients and has a reputation for providing life-saving medicines - primarily to people in ... objective is to train professionals of all levels in quality palliative care, as well as to develop innovative models of intervention and research. In addition, it will generate a source of income that will help deal with the increase in patients, which has ... this will now become reality. The centre will educate professionals from all over the world and it will become a pioneer in palliative care research." Ángel Krebbers, Cudeca communication officer, added, "Without Dr Hamied's help, this would not have



Migraine: a complex puzzle


...prevent certain natural substances being released. These are palliative, not preventive, and are very widely used. There are also anti-epilepsy drugs to regulate the response of the nervous system and, finally, the 'vaccines' which work on the same pain



Walkathon raises 29,000 for Cudeca

Tony Bryant

Around 1,600 people participated in the 16th edition of the Cudeca Walkathon last Sunday in Benalmádena Costa. The charity hike is one of the organisation's biggest annual events and this year it raised more than 29,000 euros. The walkers, some



Walkathon raises 29,000 for Cudeca

Tony Bryant

Around 1,600 people participated in the 16th edition of the Cudeca Walkathon last Sunday in Benalmádena Costa. The charity hike is one of the organisation’s biggest annual events and this year it raised more than 29,000 euros. The walkers, some o



Cudeca charity Walkathon returns for sixteenth outing in Benalmádena


...six-night stay in Portugal or four free tickets to Selwo Marina with a dolphin encounter included. Cudeca, established in 1991, provides palliative care for those suffering from incurable illnesses throughout the province of Malaga, free of charge. The



Cudeca prepares to Light a Light

SUR in English

Cudeca Hospice is holding its traditional Christmas “Light a Light” event in memory of loved ones on Friday 15 December from 6pm. The celebration includes the traditional lighting of the festive lights that decorate the Cudeca Hospice Centre in Ben



Pride of the Costa del Sol

Liz Parry

It can be no secret to long-standing SUR in English readers that this newspaper has been a fan of Cudeca since its beginnings in 1991. As the then editor of the paper, three years later, I was proud to present Joan Hunt with the first SUR in English



Cudeca lights a light

Tony Bryant

The Cudeca Hospice held its traditional Christmas 'Light a Light' ceremony last Friday 15 December. The event was attended by founder and honorary president, Joan Hunt, and directors, Marisa Martín and Rafael Olalla. In addition to switching on



Cudeca signs agreement with builders for its new research and training centre


The Cudeca cancer care charity on Tuesday signed an agreement with construction firm Compac to build its new palliative care study and research institute. At the announcement this week, Cudeca explained, "The institute aims to train future ... professionals in palliative healthcare through teaching and research -an activity that is part of Cudeca's mission since its start in 1992 - and through this, fund Cudeca's care work". The announcement added, "This centre will be a source of complementary ... quality of palliative care, sharing our special way of caring for people with advanced and terminal illness".



Cudeca charity shop in Benalmádena reopens after refurbishment


...are an essential resource to continue our palliative care services both in the homes of patients and in our center here in Arroyo de la Miel. Last year alone we cared for more than 1,400 people and their families," Susan Hannam said.



The emotional Twitter thread calling for a "dignified death" for Guillermina from Torremolinos


Guillermina was always a fighter. She can't fight any more, but Astrid and Ricardo are battling the justice system on her behalf. "She was refused palliative care, because her brain has been destroyed by a neurodegenerative illness and not by cancer. She can't ... and into the palliative care unit at Cudeca, as the family had been requesting for so long. It is one step forward, they say, because at least she is where she wanted to be. She is still being forcibly fed through the tube, but administered by the ... Cudeca palliative staff, "so at least she is not suffering", says Ricardo, who is critical of the attitude of the care home towards him because he refused to sign the release form for his mother, excluding the home from all responsibility, before his