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A pioneer and social activist

She was Spain's first female ambassador, in Sweden and Finland from 1937 to 1939, after becoming the first female work inspector in 1933. However, it was more than 70 years before her autobiography, Hambre de libertad. Memorias de una Embajadora



"The government must make strict laws on equal rights"

...between the sexes, she says there is still a lot to do. To tackle this, she says, the government "must make strict laws so that we have equal rights" and that it is "essential that more education on this subject is taught in schools". She says we must



"A boss wanted a peck on the lips"

Seventy-year-old Tricia Gabbitas explains that she has been the victim of direct sexism in the workplace. When she once queried why a less qualified male colleague was earning more than her, her boss's reply was, "Well he's a man and he has bills to


What to do

"My task is to keep the spirit of Bob Marley alive"

Tony Bryant

More than 140,000 people are expected to attend the Weekend Beach Festival in Torre del Mar this weekend. The four-day music extravaganza, which began on Wednesday, will present a mixture of musical genres performed by some of today's most ... years, but it was his introduction to the English rock band Traffic that ignited a career that has lasted for more than 40 years. It was while working with Traffic in the Island Records recording studio in London that Anderson was asked to perform on ... with Bob for the last four months his life and it was then that he told me that he wouldn't be able to perform any more and that my task was to simply honour the music we made together. He believed I had the ability to keep his dream alive," Al says



Every loser wins

Peter Edgerton

The annual Oscar ceremony took place the other night and, inexplicably, millions of people watched agog from their sofas while they might have been more gainfully employed slow-boiling a tin of baked beans in the kitchen or something. As far as I ... for the most ridiculous owner category more than welcome.



Young poets

...of Humpty Dumpty, He fell off the wall one more time, He became scrambled and All the king’s men said he tasted divine. After the last page of Incy, Wincy Spider, He was walking down the road with his furry friend, When he got squished by a passing ... began to swell, An allergic reaction to ginger he had, He was not feeling very well. After reading this poem I hope you now know, Not to judge a book by its cover. Things aren’t always as they seem, There is so much more to discover. Emily Simmons



Andalucía and the Costa del Sol hit the streets of London

Pedro Luis Gómez

...promoting the destinations outside in front of potential tourists before taking their campaigns into the World Travel Market. There, in the ExCel centre, Monday sees the start of three days of meetings with tour operators, agencies and more professionals in



In case of fire


...offices and many regard it as a bit of fun, not to be taken too seriously - after all fire is something which happens to someone else. Perhaps we unconsciously reject an unpleasant thing from our minds and instead dwell on more desirable things. The