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Work starts on new botanical gardens site in Marbella

Héctor Barbotta

...that decorate the town's streets and gardens, as well as being open to educational school visits. The budget for the project comes from the 10-million-euro investment for priority works approved in May. The nursery will be able to grow more than a



People smoked considerably more during the lockdown period

Ángel Escalera 40 per cent of those who took part said they had smoked more since the pandemic began and the state of alarm came into force and obliged them to stay at home. Those who admit to being habitual smokers said they had been smoking twice as much as ... shown that when people have to convalesce and be immobilised in their homes for long periods after surgery, they tend to smoke more. These smokers use tobacco as a sedative and to combat the boredom of not being able to leave their homes. Dr de Oña ... de Oña. The age range of 45 to 54 has the highest concentration of smokers. To reduce the numbers, he says more policies are needed to increase smoke-free zones. He also points out that there are some bar terraces where people should not be allowed to


What to do

What's On: music and culture around Malaga province

...exhibition of paintings by Irene Grant, a British artist resident in the Axarquía. Francisco Martín Molina Nerja. Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Pintada 27. The exhibition of art by Francisco Martín Molina has re opened to the public. More ... workshops and art classesfor children and adults etc. More informationcall:952062069 or email: Diálogos con Picasso Malaga. Museo Picasso Málaga. The exhibition Diálogos con Picasso. Colección 2020-2023 includes 120 ... editing to make films more dynamic. In conjunction with this exhibition will be a series of silent movies, with some of the most iconic Russian, Italian and American films available until 4 April 2021. Centro Pompidou Malaga. Muelle Uno. The



Malaga spark into life with victory against Girona

henry flynn

...night. "I think that was our best game of the season, considering the situation and the opponent," said Malaga head coach Sergio Pellicer following the game. "We were able to manage the game well [...] The team was a lot more fluid." Though the



Hidden Andalucía, the insider guide

Andrew Forbes

...favoured by wine-makers since Roman times and is now the epicentre for Pedro Ximénez vines. Yet there is more to discover than just the local Montilla-Moriles tipples. Deep beneath the village cemetery of Monturque is a vast Roman cistern. Unearthed by ... interconnecting chambers, learning more of the history of the site and the surrounding area. Cazorla, Jaén.SUR Cazorla - Jaén province Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park Probably the most spectacular natural park in Andalucía. ... Awe-inspiring deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. There are plenty of campsites too, if you fancy packing your tent or heading over in a campervan. Hiking routes are suitable for families, as well as more challenging adventure activity



The Z factor

Rob Palmer

It's looking increasingly likely that La Liga's run-in will be decided by the club that has the "X Factor". Or, to be more accurate, the "Z factor". A whole season ago, Zinedine Zidane returned to Real Madrid with 11 games remaining and discovered



Coronavirus cases detected at Malaga Red Cross shelter rise to 90

Ángel Escalera

Thursday, 74 were young migrants currently living at the centre and nine were members of staff and volunteers. The building, located in the city’s Avenida Ortega y Gasset, has been sealed off and more than a hundred people are being quarantined inside. ... positive case at the shelter was confirmed, followed by seven more on Tuesday. By Thursday at midday SUR was able to confirm that at least 83 people had tested positive at the shelter. Among those found to have the virus is a worker who travelled to Gran ... described the cases as a “cluster” rather than an outbreak and confirmed that more than 100 people were in isolation but none hospitalised. “We are prepared for the new reality,” she said.



Terms and conditions

Mark Nayler help them deal with Covid-19 has nothing to do with patriotism. At its centre is a concern over where exactly the money will be spent, especially in countries like Spain, where an already vulnerable economy has been rendered even more fragile by



Jailhouse rock

Peter Edgerton

...authority to work in an open prison. However, on the first morning, as I was introduced to some heavy duty frisking and a triple door entry system with more lights, levers and buttons than the Starship Enterprise, I realised in an instant that lolling about



The virus is still with us

Ángel Escalera

The state of alarm is over, but the virus is still here. Although most of the restrictive measures that have marked our days for more than three months have now been lifted, the reason why we had to lock ourselves away is still a danger, however ... much people want to think that it's all over. Big mistake! The pandemic is more alive than ever; you only have to look at the numbers of dead around the world. It's true that Spain has managed to control the coronavirus and that the situation here



Gibraltar's new Governor visits the Health Authority

Debbie Bartlett

...spread of Covid-19 on the Rock during the pandemic. He said afterwards that he had been delighted to meet members of "Team GHA" and looked forward to seeing more in the future. The Governor only took up his new post earlier this month and has now



Upset at Spain's latest Ecce Homo-style botched attempt to restore artwork


...experts to wonder what more Spain can do to stop people destroying works of art with their good intentions. This time it was a valuable copy of a work by Seville artist Murillo, a well-known 'Inmaculada', that its owner gave to a furniture restorer for a



'New normal' decree establishes masks and distancing rules for Spain for weeks to come


...restaurants and bars, businesses that until now have been limited to 50% capacity can increase it to 75%. Cinemas, theatre and concert halls can fill to 65%. The end of the state of alarm means no more restrictions on movement within the country. If there ... are localised outbreaks, regional governments will need a court order to impose any more local movement restrictions.



Morocco cancels huge Strait of Gibraltar summer crossing plan


...transit across the Strait of Gibraltar throughout July and August run more smoothly. Burita also said that strict controls would be put in place for visitors to Morocco, including a nine-day quarantine and a Covid-19 test at the start and end of ... government's chief scientific spokesperson, Fernando Simón, explained that many of those travelling across Spain by road to Andalusian ports were from lower income groups and therefore more likely to be living in conditions in their home countries, such as in



Nationwide arms trafficking network is brought down

J. C. / Á. F.

Twenty-one people have been arrested and 32 searches carried out across the country as a vast network specialising in trafficking arms was brought down this week. After more than a year tracking the movements of the group, which bought and sold



26 June 1987: Jesús Gil y Gil takes over at Atlético Madrid

Debbie Bartlett

On 26 June 1987, Jesús Gil y Gil was elected president of Atlético de Madrid football club. In those days his name was not as famous - or notorious, would be a more accurate description - as when he was mayor of Marbella, but his was a character ... more. His years in power were marked by continual scandals, he bankrupted Marbella town hall and has gone down in history as Spain's most corrupt mayor ever. He was banned from holding public office in 2002, and died in 2006 with many cases against him


What to do

Torremolinos welcomes summer with a weekend of music

Tony Bryant

Entrance for each day is ten euros and tickets can be purchased from the venue on 951 136 519, or from Rubens Exchange. For more information, see The Festival of Legends Facebook page.



Bookings for flights to Malaga shoot up 62 per cent in a week

Pilar Martínez

As the Costa's hotels start reopening, the latest report from Turismo Costa del Sol shows that for the week 9 to 15 June, flight bookings to Malaga increased by 62 per cent compared to the previous week, coinciding with the government's announcement


What to do

Malaga looks forward to a summer filled with culture and events

...exhibition of paintings by Irene Grant, a British artist resident in the Axarquía. Francisco Martín Molina Nerja. Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Pintada 27. The exhibition of art by Francisco Martín Molina has re opened to the public. More ... second exhibition is about Andrèi Tarkovsky, one of the most influential Russian artists of the 20th century. He was the forerunner of innovative techniques in the cinema of the time, refining editing to make films more dynamic. In conjunction with this ... Picasso and Camilo José Cela. It consists of documents and photos symbolising the shared affinities and passions of the two friends. Abrazo de Oso Alhaurín de la Torre. Until mid-September. Weekdays 6-10pm except Mondays. Finca El Portón. More



Malaga still winless after the restart following goalless draw in Lugo

henry flynn

...powerful free kick stopped by Cantero, before striker Sadiku nearly reached a Juankar cross which was well cleared by defender Josete. More chances arrived after half time, first through Malaga’s Renato whose effort was straight at the keeper and then



Torremolinos scales down its summer culture schedule

Tony Bryant

more than 100 smaller events to be held in various outside locations in Torremolinos. These events, which will be monitored, will include exhibitions, shows, street theatre and classical music, jazz and flamenco recitals.



Malaga Airport welcomes first visitors as Spain's borders reopen

nuria triguero 10.15am, and the second at 10.30am from Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Residential tourists Neither flight was full: "Fifty per cent more or less", explained Herman Jacobs, a Belgian who has a company and a house in Alcaucín. He loves "the



Sadiku goal not enough to earn win against relegation strugglers

henry flynn

...side, more fluent in attack than against Tenerife, looked more likely to score and almost did again, but Juanpi missed narrowly after a nice run at the Extremadura defence. The visitors created their first real opportunity at the end of the first half, ... Extremadura, second from bottom in the Segunda table, were more commanding in possession during the second half but needed Casto again to stop a powerful shot from full-back Ismael Casas. At the other end, Zarfino could have put his side ahead with yet



Arrivals into Spain will have to go through three health checkpoints


...first includes filling in a form stating whether the individual has had coronavirus, as well as where to find them during their time in Spain; the second involves a temperature check; and the third is a visual inspection. If the results of one or more of



Let's work together

Peter Edgerton

...experience and it was a real joy to see so many people making the effort to pass by on a roasting Tuesday evening when every terrace within a ten-mile radius must have seemed a much more inviting prospect than our little bar. The good will on display lifted ... option to let things take their natural course. It's possible this would result in a gradual return of Malagueños to live in their own city centre once more, as landlords found themselves compelled to reduce rents in a saturated market. There'd be



The future of the guidebook


...hopefully people will travel less and more simply, with reduced tech and more environmental conscience. And just maybe there will, once again, be a place for that faithful Lonely Planet guidebook. I certainly hope so.


What to do

An embrace for nature during the pandemic

Antonio Javier López

...speaking is Malaga illustrator José Luis Ocaña, who is behind the 'Abrazo de oso' project, meaning 'bear hug'. The idea graduated from his mind to social media, and from there to the exhibition room at Finca El Portón in Alhaurín de la Torre. More than


What to do

Starlite Festival to go ahead after months of speculation

Tony Bryant

...the soul and right now we need it more than ever." Tickets and information are available from Tickets can also be obtained from Ticketmaster and El Corte Inglés.



Active EIC community raises over 1,000 euros for the health service

Daryl Finch

...kilometres fell on students Emily and Kevin whose campo cycle around the EIC's surroundings took the challenge, enjoyed by more than 250 participants who had their movements (walking, cycling, swimming...) tracked by an online app, across the finishing line



Handouts up to 4,000 euros for new cars as part of green government scheme


...self-employed) can consider new cars up to 35,000 euros (45,000 for those with reduced mobility or those buying purely electric cars). The scheme includes traditional diesel and petrol models as well as more advanced technologies. Carbon emissions on the new



Favourable first impressions

Rob Palmer

...returned with vigour; and Luis Suárez is fighting fit. More than before, it will come down to how the players are managed. Barcelona utilised 20 players in the opening two fixtures and Real Madrid balanced the playing time. In some ways, it will be like



Walkers raise much-needed funds for Parkinson's charity


...event would raise 934 euros for new gym equipment for the charity's members - but the group fell 364 euros short of the amount required. Organisers are now appealing for more donations from the public to help reach their total. Event organiser Michele ... Yanez-Bowker, 50, whose mother Violet Bowker has Parkinson's, told SUR in English: "We had a lot more walkers than normal, probably because everyone had been locked in for so long, and we did a sterling job! "The equipment is so important for people with



Once a delicacy for kings, asparagus is low in calories and packed with nutrients


...officinalis in Versailles in the 17th century to ensure supplies. Although today white asparagus is more highly regarded, the French monarch knew only of green asparagus because the technique of blanching or covering the tender stems with earth to prevent the ... development of chlorophyll that gave rise to white asparagus was not developed until the 19th century, allowing this plant, which originated in the eastern Mediterranean, to be productive in cold climates. More delicate and aromatic than its predecessor, ... white asparagus displaced the latter from the preferences of more refined palates, and the green one remained mainly for the farmers' own consumption, in temperate zones such as the plains of the rivers Genil or Ebro, where the Moors had introduced the



What exactly goes into all those sweets?


more than 10 per cent of a day's calorie consumption, for children or adults. That means around 25 grammes for a diet of 2,000 calories, but a handful of sweets easily contains more than the recommended amount. "For every 100 grammes of sweets we ... shiny and stop them sticking together. In some fruit jelly sweets, the gelling agent is partly substituted by fruit pulp. "That is a more natural alternative, but it is not really healthier, because the calorie value is similar," says Del Lamo. ... Chewing gum is "made with a chewable plastic or elastic base, which may be natural rubber or synthetic, and is insoluble in water," she says. Smaller portions Given that people are becoming increasingly more interested in what they are eating, the


What to do

Art, music and culture during the lockdown

Denise Bush performances and workshops online. The website provides free access to Facebook premieres, family dance workshops, Company of Elders workshops, digital stage programmes and much more. Riverdance Schools across Ireland ... online bazaar and more. Museums Museo del Patrimonio Municipal Malaga. Tuesdays to Sundays 10am - 8pm. Avda de Cervantes 4. With art collections from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century as well as ... Whishaw, With Spain In Mind and many more (find the above under ‘Tours’). Multimedia visits Museo Reina Sofía The museum has several web sites where its art works can be viewed. A large number of videos and audios (in Spanish) of tours around


What to do

Malaga returns to normality with art exhibitions and jazz, flamenco and chamber music recitals at the Picasso museum

Francisco Martín Nerja. Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Pintada 27. The exhibition of art by Francisco Martín Molina has re opened to the public. More information on Facebook: Exposición Francisco Martín Calle Pintada. Diálogos con Picasso ... exhibition is about Andrèi Tarkovsky, one of the most influential Russian artists of the 20th century. He was the forerunner of innovative techniques in the cinema of the time, refining editing to make films more dynamic. Gustav Klimt El Oro de Klimt ... Tickets: Centro de la Prehistoria de Guadalteba Ardales. Open from 10am - 2pm. More information call: 952458046 or email: Iglesia Rupestre Mozárabe Bobastro Ardales. Open