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Grandmother to skydive from 15,000 feet to raise money for Age Concern


Age Concern in Fuengirola and Mijas are starting their 2017 fundraising campaign with a rather unusual project later this month. ·For more information: email or call 652 537 615 Following a festive season of charity dinners, ... even more daring for the high-spirited granny. "This is a real challenge. I'm not nervous, just excited and it is a brilliant cause to raise money for. I really hope that people's good wishes are transformed into donations," Sally said



One in every two patients with glaucoma loses vision without knowing why

S. R.

Glaucoma is a degenerative chronic ocular illness which damages the optic nerve. It can lead to an irreversible loss of vision, and even to blindness in some cases if it is not treated properly. At present, more than 67 million people in the world ... tartrate separately. In clinical trials, this drug has shown to be much more effective than using each of its components separately. More information at



A Jewish festival of tolerance and unity


More than 1,000 people gathered in the centre of Torremolinos last week to enjoy the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. The Hanukkah festival, also known as the festival of lights, or the lighting of the candles, was attended by representatives of five



Orion the hunter

KEN CAMPBELL the night sky

Of all the constellations, the most recognisable has to be Orion. The distinct hour glass or butterfly shape contains some of the brightest stars in the night sky and dominates the sky throughout the winter months. ·More information : ... times more luminous. Sirius is in the constellation of Canis Major (or 'the great dog') and so is often referred to as the 'Dog Star' as it follows obediently behind its master Orion.



Marbella stake their claim for top spot with dominant performance

Julio Rodríguez MARBELLA FC

...side around, taking off two of the stars of the game. The stands at the Municipal, more animated than usual, stood to see off Goti and broke into applause when Okoye left the field. The second half was a stroll in the park for Marbella who did not ... stop working. They were superior in all aspects of the game: more solid defensively, more varied in attack, quicker to the ball and more precise with it. The side have their sights firmly set on top spot once more.



"It is not a good thing to abuse sunshine, but nor is it good not to use it enough"

MIGUEL A. OESTE interview thinking that you are definitely going to have skin cancer in the future. It is more likely if you have suffered from sunburn, which is why you should try to avoid burning by using protection and only exposing your skin to the sun when the rays are ... and women. –That is becoming evident. I think numbers are similar, but it is being diagnosed earlier. People are more aware, there are campaigns at a local, national and international level, and people now go to a doctor if they are worried, they are ... treated earlier and the consequences are less severe. –Why, when we get older, do we get more marks on our skin, and warts? –You’re referring to the seborrheic keratoses and other benign degenerative processes of the skin. People live longer now, and



Retired SUR in English editor Liz Parry in New Year’s Honours list

Rachel Haynes

...response to a need among the English-speaking community for reliable information in their own language. During her more than 30 years of service, Liz went from translator and assistant editor to editor before taking partial retirement at the end of 2013.



Yanito - a tale of two languages

ASH Bolton

...properly. And you had to go to school whether you liked it or not. “Today a lot of people are Yanitising sentences using proper English words - so Yanito is evolving into Spanglish. “It’s a pity that young people are not using it any more, but that’s ... up, as half of them are not used any more.” Origins of a name As for the name of the language itself, the dad of four said there are two popular explanations as to how the name came about. “When Gibraltar was Spanish, it was a bit like Dodge



Defence leads the way to the EuroCup quarter finals

enrique miranda

...intentions of Boatright and James, the momentum of the match was well and truly in favour of the hosts, who limited their opponents to just ten points in the third quarter to lead 52-43. Waczynski was reintroduced to provide more attacking threat and he did ... exactly that with two more three-pointers, taking his tally to five from six for the game. Despite this, the Croatian side began to mount a comeback, bringing the scoreline to within four points at 59-55. However, Plaza's team kept their composure and



Damián Petcoff rescues a point


...his side changed their mentally in their hopes for a winner. Dani Molina and Sedeño entered the field as the game levelled out. Marbella were more organised in the latter stages but neither side was able to clinch victory in a game which had draw