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What to do

Marbella 4 Days Walking to raise funds for Cudeca Cancer Hospice


More than 2,000 walkers of 20 nationalities will take part in Marbella 4 Days Walking starting on 17 October, leaving the Plaza del Mar next to the Paseo Marítimo in Marbella at 8.30am to walk a 10, 20 or 30 kilometre route. Registration will ... official website. On the last day, Sunday, all participants who reach the M4DW square will receive a medal. For more information on how to register, visit



More dates for British Consulate Brexit pop-ups

Rachel Haynes

"If you aren't able to come and speak to us in person, do stay up to date with the latest news by signing up for email alerts to the Living in Spain guide on and following our Brits in Spain channels on Facebook." More dates and venues are



The Costa del Sol recycles more than anywhere else in Andalucía


Last year, each person in Malaga deposited 15.9 kilos of plastic, tins and cartons in the yellow recycling containers and 18.1 kilos of paper and cardboard in the blue ones, which was two kilos more than in the previous year. These figures, which ... recycle 36 per cent more plastic etc than the Andalusian average, which is 11.7 kilos per inhabitant per year, and 15 per cent more paper and cardboard (12.3 kilos). "Recycling is becoming more normal nowadays, and in Spain 78 per cent of all packaging ... is being recovered," says Antonio López, the Ecoembes representative in Andalucía. He says that as well as people separating their rubbish at home for recycling, more companies are making the effort and so are town halls, which are obliged to provide



Pep's pups

Rob Palmer

Busquets? He was Arsenal's youngest league debutant at 16 and was sent out on loan to Bolton to get more 'game time'. Yes, 'game time' is important, but developing at your own pace is a bigger factor. Wilshire made his England debut as an 18-year-old but it ... for ages. He already has a few miles on the clock and could return to his parent club Real Madrid after three seasons away with even more. It's a case unleashing the talent but realising the potential. I was lucky to conduct the first TV interviews



More than 2,000 applicants for 700 jobs in Estepona

Charo Márquez

Some 2,200 people have already applied answered a hotel operator's offer for staff for the launch of its new resort between Estepona and Marbella, due to open in May next year. Ikos Resorts is revamping the old Hotel Princess, which it acquired in



Opening night of A Chorus Line sells out within hours

regina sotorrío

...revival of the Broadway production, Banderas will be assisted in his co-director's role by the legendary Baayork Lee, who played Connie Wong in the Broadway original, and has directed more than 35 productions of the musical across the globe. A Chorus Line



Yellow warning issued ahead of more rain this weekend

Spain's meteorological agency, Aemet, has once again issued yellow weather warnings across the Costa del Sol, Axarquía, Guadalhorce and the Antequera areas, for today (Friday) and tomorrow. The warning follows forecasts of further rain and storms in



Junta takes big step towards regularising many more of the 327,000 illegal homes in Andalucía


...create more flexible planning categories that the homes can fit in to, even if they are still outside the municipalities' approved town plan. Regional ministers stressed that they need the town halls' and owners' support to make the new decree work. ... normally expires after six years from construction, so as not to fall foul of the court system. The decree offers a range of possibilities for town halls to regularise properties from larger housing developments through to more isolated homes, a ... without legal uncertainty. A further key aim is to allow the property development affected to be properly finished and landscaped and so improve their environmental impact, and plan land and water use more effectively. The key vehicle to achieve these



Femenino let two more points slip as poor start to the season continues

Salva lópez, ADG Media

Malaga's women's team picked up their second point of the season on the road in Alhama on Sunday with a goalless draw in a game of few chances. The visitors had to dig deep to come away with the draw, though could have won the game themselves. Ho



One thousand more physiotherapists are needed in Malaga to meet WHO guidelines

Ángel Escalera

Andalucía there is one for every 10,000.The progressive ageing of the population means waiting lists for physio are longer than everCompared with last year, there are 72 more physios in Andalucía at the moment (14 of them in Malaga province and 20 in ... health centres is minimal. For Csif, "more physiotherapists are needed in hospitals, for home visits and for chronic patients, and the plan to expand the services in many health services should also be taken into account, with tasks such as ... re-educating cardiovascular patients, those with urinary incontinence, alterations in swallowing and neonatology, among other specialities". The need for more physiotherapists in health centres in order to provide better attention to the population has also



Experts offer advice on eye care for blindness awareness month


To mark the recent World Sight Day, and by extension Blindness Awareness Month throughout October, experts stress that good lifestyle habits can help prevent problems with eyes and vision. Having an eye test does more than just check for changes



Malaga just above the drop zone as struggles in front of goal continue

Daryl Finch

more harmonious, with Víctor Sánchez del Amo retaining largely the same shape and personnel from his side's defeat to Albacete the previous week, with just David Lombán and Lorenzo González coming in for Mikel and Renato Santos, respectively. Luis



Spirited Malaga fightback comes up just short

frank gavurin

...equalised. Keko was desperately unlucky to hit the bar from distance, and later squandered two more opportunities to rescue a point, the latter coming deep into injury time. This ultimately told the story of the game; while Cadiz took the few chances that


What to do

Fuengirola gets ready to celebrate the Feria del Rosario

Tony Bryant

The town of Fuengirola will celebrate its popular Feria del Rosario from Sunday 6 until Saturday 12 October. This is one of the more traditional-style fairs and it offers an extensive programme of activities, including bullfights, equestrian shows ... Constitución at 9.30am on Sunday 29 September. For more information, see



Binckbank launches English-speaking services in style

SUR in English in a variety of products across asset classes. The new platform is based on Saxo Bank’s technology and is the first major joint commercial project following the acquisition of BinckBank by Saxo Bank. More information



More meat products recalled as officials extend listeriosis alert


Spanish health officials extended their listeriosis warning on Thursday, recalling all the meat products made by the firm Magrudis, under the brand La Mechá. The recent outbreak of the illness caused by the Listeria bacteria, the worst ever record



Forty per cent of children in Malaga province weigh more than they should

Ángel Escalera

...approximately 40 per cent of children weigh more than they should, says paediatric endocrinologist Juan Pedro López Siguero, who works at the Materno Infantil Hospital in the city. This specialist says that despite the measures put into effect in recent years ... These children's health can be affected later in life. It has been shown that overweight children are more at risk of suffering illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver, acute myocardial infarction and ... they also have a sedentary lifestyle, they are vulnerable to excess weight or obesity. That is why experts insist they take more exercise in their everyday life instead of spending so many hours in front of the television, video console, tablet or



More than just recycling plastic


While at the beginning it might seem like a daunting task to change habits of a lifetime, Esther insists that "once you get into the habit it's not that difficult to do". However she agrees it requires "a bit more planning". Esther explains that she ... Torre," she explains, adding that she spends roughly 80 euros a month on food, which busts the myth that eating organically is more expensive than going to the supermarket. In Malaga alone there is a growing number of shops that are selling products by ... can't. She is convinced that little by little more people will start to do what she is doing. It's become a way of life for Esther and affects almost every thing she does. For example in order to avoid using rubbish bags, she keeps organic waste in a



More than 500 people fall foul of police at Malaga feria


National Police have said that during Malaga's eleven-day-long summer fair this month, they completed reports on 548 people and arrested 45 for a range of offences at the two main venues; the city centre and evening showground. Various checkpoints



More artists announced for Gibraltar Calling music festival

Debbie Bartlett

Two more artists have been announced for the Gibraltar Calling Music Festival at the Europa Point Leisure Complex on 7 and 8 September. Those attending can look forward to seeing Killer Queen, the longest-established tribute band to Freddy



Torremolinos: overlooking its cultural heritage?

Tony Bryant

This was a promise that Sinatra upheld, yet Torremolinos continues to treat him like a prodigal son, as does the Hotel Pez Espada. Some residents believe that the council is ignoring some of the town's own, more deserving, celebrities, in preference ... to the Hollywood stars who merely passed through the town more than 50 years ago. Most people will agree that Torremolinos has a fabled association with the high-flying celebrities and socialites who helped the town forge its reputation, yet it also ... lived in Torremolinos for more than 50 years and he has done more to pin the town on the map than any Hollywood celebrity. There are many who believe that local stars should also be recogonised as part of the town's history and heritage. Maybe a mural



Estepona will remodel 11 more town streets partly with EU funds


Tourism, Ana Velasco, referring to the strategy of using greenery to beautify the streets, said that the aim of the initiative is to "further advance with a town model that began in 2012 and has created a real identity, which has made Estepona into a more


What to do

Torremolinos honours archangel San Miguel with traditional romeria and fair

Tony Bryant

...biggest urban pilgrimages in Andalucía - the biggest being El Rocío in Huelva - and it attracts more than 100,000 people every year. This traditional cavalcade of gypsy- style caravans pulled by oxen and tractors takes place on Sunday 22 September and ... shrine in Los Pinares de los Manantiales. More than 60 caravans and floats will participate in the pilgrimage, accompanied by riders on pure-blood horses, and thousands of people dressed in typical rociero attire who dance and sing their way along the ... edition of the open chess tournament. For more information, see



Frigiliana celebrates its three cultures in one festival

Eugenio Cabezas

The fourteenth Festival de las Tres Culturas, celebrating Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures, started in Frigiliana last Thursday with a vibrant street procession. The event continued over the weekend and attracted over 40,000 people. The four-day



Benahavís fire near La Zagaleta is controlled


Last Saturday night the fear of forest fire near Marbella became real again with an outbreak in the Sierra Palmitera nature reserve, next to the La Zagaleta luxury development, in Benahavís municipality. More than 70 firefighters and coordinators



Bumper year for pink flamingo chicks


Almost everyone in Fuente de Piedra is asleep with just a few people gathered in the bars in the main street with coffees in hand, before an early morning start. However, in the heart of the natural landscape, there is some rather more frenetic ... years, is much more than an act of conservation: the passion of the volunteers and the ringers keeps alive this essential tradition sponsored by Unicaja Foundation for the scientific community around the world and also for the province of Malaga. Last ... Saturday began in the dark and around five o'clock in the morning the different groups advanced in silence, scaring off the adult flamingos and leaving the chicks behind - they still cannot fly more than slightly off the ground. Little by little, a


What to do

Tickets for new Antonio Banderas musical go on sale at midnight tonight


In this revival of the Broadway production, Banderas will be assisted in his co-director's role by the legendary Baayork Lee, who played Connie Wong in the Broadway original, and has directed more than 35 productions of the musical across the globe. A



New CCTV cameras to cover more of Marbella


The council's video surveillance system in Marbella, currently covering a few crime hotspots only, is shortly to be extended to cover Marbella Old Town and San Pedro Alcántara. There will be 110 new cameras in total, which will also watch over Aven



Malaga's monuments could bring in more than a million euros a year under a new initiative

Antonio Javier López

...outside the European Union. In this scenario, the Roman Theatre would bring in more than half a million euros (542,787 euros), a figure calculated by taking into account its more than 360,000 annual visitors. Potential income in one year 547,787euros ... Malaga-born artist. For the last six years, the Museo Picasso Malaga has received more visitors than anywhere else in Andalucía, and its number of foreign visitors is especially high. The Museum of Malaga provides a stark comparison. Last year's statistics



The extravagant requests made by stars on their visits to the Costa


...entire floor of the Hilton to be closer to the venue. Other requests are more prosaic, such as for ginger, which is fashionable among singers for its properties against hoarseness and sore throats. Clockwise from top left: Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, ... illumination was in fact nothing more than the heaters to ensure the concert would go ahead. And the temperature was not the only reason the concert was at risk: Dylan could have also refused to perform if someone raised their mobile phone or he saw a press ... herbal teas and a selection of fruits as a gesture of hospitality. And every module at the Marenostrum has a different ambience, with motifs on the walls or carefully placed fabrics. Then there are the more unusual requests to make their stay more



No more Parker points


...way in which some producers made their wines. His preference for heavy, full-bodied, reds led Parker devotees to abandon more classical styles. A new word found its way into the wine dictionary - 'Parkerisation'. Wineries loved Parker if he gave



Cristina isn't giving in

Ángel Escalera

...she is in hospital so often is that she suffers from mastocytosis, or non-clonal mast cell activation disorder, a very rare illness of autoimmune origin which causes very severe allergic reactions (at times her stomach swells more than if she were ... positive resignation" "I'm so grateful to the health service staff who look after me in Malaga; they are like my family" "I don't think anyone in the world could have done more to try to cure me," says Cristina, who was born in Puente Genil (Cordoba) but ... try to improve her condition, and that has meant she cannot have more children. She has a daughter aged five and a half (Daniela), who brings her a great deal of joy. "Daniela is like my mother; she looks after me and keeps an eye on me. When she



Calling for men to create harmony

Ash Bolton

An international community choir based in Manilva is looking for more male singers to join its ranks. The Love to Sing Choir currently has around 50 members but only 10 of them are male. Founded in September 2017, the choir performs concerts ... along the coast and has raised thousands of euros for local charities. Allyson Middleton, a spokeswoman for the choir, told SUR in English: "We are pleading for more male vocalists. The only requirement is that they can hold a tune and are not tone ... a young girl from Marbella who has lost both her feet and hands to sepsis. The money raised will help towards her care and cost of prosthetics. The choir meets every Wednesday evening from 7.30 to 9.30pm at Duquesa Golf. For more information