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"We've lost everything, but we're lucky nobody died"

Andrea Jiménez

more than 40 homes burned to a cinder. After being forced out by the flames, those who had no family or friends to take them in spent the night in the Euro-Latin American Youth Centre, Ceulaj, also in Mollina, where they received numerous donations ... "The response has been incredible, and now there are so many clothes, they don't need any more," said a local councillor, who added that a minibus had also been put at the disposal of the residents so they could go to the town. After selecting what


What to do

Art, music, culture and more

Denise Bush

...appt. Email: Call: 951507053 Abrazo de Oso Alhaurín de la Torre. Until mid-September. Weekdays 6-10pm except Mondays. Finca El Portón. More than 20 artists from different countries have participated in the project ... artist. Around 117 of his works are on display in the museum which regularly holds workshops and art classes for children and adults etc. More information call:952062069 or email: Diálogos con Picasso Malaga. Museo ... century. He was the forerunner of innovative techniques in the cinema of the time, refining editing to make films more dynamic. In conjunction with this exhibition will be a series of silent movies, with some of the most iconic Russian, Italian and American



Fire destroys Mollina's "English" holiday park


More than fifty prefabricated mobile homes burned down on Sunday evening when a fire broke out at the Pueblo Fiesta Lazy Days holiday park in Mollina. Around 90 people were on the site at the time, most of them British, said municipal sources. No ... brought under control at around 7pm, after more than two hours fighting the blaze on the ground and from the air. The blaze did not spread outside the holiday park but destroyed most of the homes, leaving just a small group standing. As well as British



Seven new Covid-19 outbreaks detected on western Costa del Sol

Ángel Escalera

...the pandemic up to 3,697. Fifteen patients with Covid-19 are currently in hospital in Malaga province (two more than on Thursday), one of them in intensive care. Andalucía The new cases registered in Andalucía as a whole were 309 on Friday,



Mollina fire started in an empty property, says firefighters' report

fernando torres

...well not be possible to establish the exact cause. The sources said that more than 30 firefighters worked non stop on the site from 4pm to 2am. Their work was "especially complex", said the consortium's president, Manuel Marmolejo, adding that other



Spain reports more than 1,500 new Covid-19 cases in one day


...days after reaching 1,000 for the first time since lockdown. We have to go back to 27 April (when 1,831 positives were reported) to find the last daily figure that was higher than this Friday's 1,525 new cases. More worrying, however, is the ... ministry points out that then there was not the high level of testing and detection that there is now. More than 500 outbreaks The vast majority of the new cases can be located within the more than 500 localised outbreaks currently being monitored by ... situation grew worse. Thre region reported just 64 new cases on Friday, the lowest daily figure since the beginning of July. Over the last few days the epidemiological situation in Spain in general has deteriorated to produce more negative data. The



"We feel more at ease and safer here than in the UK"


...impact it will have on the tourist industry in Spain," Julie said. Although she said they will self-isolate on returning to the UK, Julie stressed that she has felt safe while staying on the coast. "To be honest, we have felt more at ease and safe ... wedding ceremony. "[With] this quarantine announcement I'm incensed! I honestly don't know how much more the wedding suppliers and venues here can take. "Destination weddings are a large contributor to the tourism industry and the GDP so there is a



Anette Skou retires after 35 years devoted to Mijas's international community

Rachel Haynes

After more than 35 years offering information and advice to foreign residents in Mijas, Anette Skou retired at the end of July. Originally from Denmark, but resident on the Costa del Sol since 1972, Anette first joined Mijas Town Hall in 1984 as ... on I will use my time to do some volunteer work and spend more time with my family and friends," she added. The Mijas Foreign Residents Department remains open in the town hall building in La Cala where Anette's colleague Katja Thirion offers a



More than 1,400 in-car Covid tests carried out in Axarquía area


The east of Malaga-Axarquía district health authority released statistics on Monday on the number of 'auto-Covid' tests it has carried out since the start of the pandemic. It said that 1,443 tests had been done up to last week with patients who hav



A change of priorities for Alhambra Nievas


...priorities and I didn't want to put it off any longer because I am 37 now. Being involved in sport always poses challenges and you enter a maelstrom which is more complicated to deal with when you are a mother, so I decided that although I was still able to ... continue with my career, this was more important for me," she told SUR. Unlike many others, she didn't mind the lockdown as it meant she didn't miss a single moment of Ibon's early months, and could even get ahead with her work. Nievas has never given ... then I also carry out training, because I'm a World Rugby educator. I try to get more people interested in refereeing," she added. One of her main priorities is trying to motivate women to discover that this is their sport and that, like her, if they



Amazon gain forest

Peter Edgerton

...set up to sell only books. That was in 1995 when Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, presumably earned little more than the mild ridicule of his chums for starting what was, ostensibly, a risky and rather unoriginal business. These days Jeff earns just ... still be getting about 216,000 dollars an hour which is even more than London plumbers charge. Surely somebody has to intervene here. It can't be right that a bloke in a dodgy waistcoat can be richer than some nations. Who, though, is going to take



A lesson and an opportunity

Héctor Barbotta

...began have been for the majority of people no more than scenes of losses and collective dramas. The current crisis, which affects the entire planet, will be no different. Another thing entirely is whether the months that have just gone and the ones to ... opportunity to forge a niche, not just among leading destinations for tourism or even residential tourism, where it already is, but also as a place of residence in a world where working anywhere but the office will be more and more common. An opportunity



"Straitened circumstances" force Lux Mundi to relocate to smaller premises

Tony Bryant

...smaller premises to enable it to continue to function with greatly reduced overheads. More information : Lux Mundi, which has been serving the local international community for almost 50 years, recently held a series of meetings with ... desperate appeal for volunteers and financial assistance to continue to offer a meeting point where unity is promoted by means of helping others. President Gloria Uribe Cifuentes said, "Lux Mundi needs support now more than ever. We badly need money and



Main avenue into Malaga roadwork-free for first time in more than a decade

antonio m. romero

One of Malaga city's most important avenues, the Avenida de Andalucía, is now free of roadworks for the first time in more than ten years. A ceremony, attended by regional president Juanma Moreno and the city's mayor Francisco de la Torre on ... Friday, marked the end of the surface works for the Malaga Metro service, which started in the city in 2006. Moreno and De la Torre unveiled a plaque on Friday.Salvador Salas "An enormous wound that opened up more than a decade ago is now healed," said



People smoked considerably more during the lockdown period

Ángel Escalera 40 per cent of those who took part said they had smoked more since the pandemic began and the state of alarm came into force and obliged them to stay at home. Those who admit to being habitual smokers said they had been smoking twice as much as ... shown that when people have to convalesce and be immobilised in their homes for long periods after surgery, they tend to smoke more. These smokers use tobacco as a sedative and to combat the boredom of not being able to leave their homes. Dr de Oña ... de Oña. The age range of 45 to 54 has the highest concentration of smokers. To reduce the numbers, he says more policies are needed to increase smoke-free zones. He also points out that there are some bar terraces where people should not be allowed to



An incubator in the sand on Marbella beach

CHARO MÁRQUEZ the time it will take for the eggs to hatch. the young turtles born at Bioparc will be released in the sea. Their siblings on the beach in Marbella will depend more on the natural conditions, although they will be monitored. Immediately the ... Costa del Sol. The temperature of the sand will determine the sex of the young. Females develop at higher temperatures One of the possible explanations is the rising temperature of the Mediterranean Sea which is being more tropical. The second,



Short and sweet


...hypothesis, is more poetic, as Juan José Jurado explains: the name, which means Stream of Honey, comes from the existence of a mill where cane was ground down to make sugar. The residue from the cane, “honey”, was thrown into the stream, which gave its waters



Malaga Airport reopens T3 as July begins with more than 100 flights

Pilar Martínez

After three months of next to no activity, bosses at Malaga Airport this week reopened Terminal 3 (the newest wing) as the number of flights into and out of the Costa del Sol reached 123 on Wednesday. This figure is triple that of the daily figures



Axarquía village launches bow-tie tourism campaign

Eugenio Cabezas

A Cordoba-based company that makes bow ties from cork and wood has teamed up with Moclinejo town hall in an effort to help boost tourism in the village. The company, Pajarita de Corcho (cork bow tie), has named one of its latest creations, a bow ti



On the trail of serious offenders: a day on the road with the unmarked traffic police


...serious offence and it incurs a fine of 200 euros (with a 50 per cent discount if paid within 20 days) and the loss of three points on the driving licence. Despite this, and the number of vehicles and devices with 'hands free', more people than you might ... statistics for 2019, driver distraction is the cause of at least one out of every four accidents, and the main cause of that distraction is a mobile phone. "Using a phone at the wheel makes you four times more likely to have an accident and the risk is


What to do

Art vs Covid-19 collective exhibition now in Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

...together and has made them stronger and more resilient during the Covid-19 pandemic. This exhibition, which has been curated by Matija Sapundjieska, contains works by 13 artists from Austria, Spain, Argentina and Gibraltar, and it is seen as a response ... and other health and safety measures were also in force. Dr Cortes explained that culture becomes even more important than usual during difficult times such as these, because it gives people their identity, gives them hope, and allows them to express



Bookings for flights to Malaga shoot up 62 per cent in a week

Pilar Martínez

As the Costa's hotels start reopening, the latest report from Turismo Costa del Sol shows that for the week 9 to 15 June, flight bookings to Malaga increased by 62 per cent compared to the previous week, coinciding with the government's announcement



Casimiro renews with Unicaja despite coming up short in the play-offs


Luis Casimiro has signed a new contract as Unicaja head coach after the basketball club's board approved the decision earlier this week. Casimiro has already set to work with sporting director Manolo Rubia on planning for next campaign. Work got un



More than 1,200 'autónomos' in Mijas apply for grants

Ivan Gelibter

Just a week after the launch of its 'Plan Mijas', the town hall has already received more than 1,200 applications from self-employed and SMEs for grants of between 3,000 and 6,000 euros. After having listened to suggestions from local businesses,



More than 30,000 furloughed local workers have yet to receive payment


...effort was not sufficient. The latest figures from the Junta de Andalucía show that 122,725 people in Malaga province, including the Costa del Sol, were put on an ERTE by the end of April, so more than 30,000 have still not received any money from the ... taken on more staff to process the ERTE applications back in March, when the first wave occurred at the time the state of alarm came into force. The Employment office pointed out that it is SEPE that registers and makes the payments, as it does not have



Torremolinos scales down its summer culture schedule

Tony Bryant

more than 100 smaller events to be held in various outside locations in Torremolinos. These events, which will be monitored, will include exhibitions, shows, street theatre and classical music, jazz and flamenco recitals.



Arrivals into Spain will have to go through three health checkpoints


...first includes filling in a form stating whether the individual has had coronavirus, as well as where to find them during their time in Spain; the second involves a temperature check; and the third is a visual inspection. If the results of one or more of



Plans to build more seniors housing

charo márquez

The council wants to make Estepona a "senior friendly" place to live, with more housing for elderly people. This is to be a priority, and the amount of construction permitted for senior housing on land zoned for residential development is to be


What to do

What to do - music and more

Denise Bush

...the event this year bringing fifty types of beer. Events Outdoor Market Benalmádena. Second Saturday of each month 11am-6pm. Parque de la Paloma, Plaza de la Fuente. Monthly market selling clothes, accessories, artisan goods and more



Andalucía gets tough with Covid-19 fines


Fines for breaking Covid-19 social-distancing rules in Andalucía could be as high as 600,000 euros, the regional government announced this week in a new crackdown. The more people affected by the offence, the bigger the fine. Penalty charges will ... start from 100 euros for not having a mask or not wearing it properly, rising to harsh measures for very serious offences, as well as temporarily shutting down premises or banning activity for up to five years where 100 or more people are put at risk.



More Covid-19 patients discharged to take strain off Malaga hospitals

Ángel Escalera

...coronavirus were confirmed in Malaga on Friday (14 more than on Thursday). These are being attributed to increased testing being carried out but still points towards stabilisation. Across Andalucía, Friday's figure showed that 258 more people tested positive ... for coronavirus, bringing the regional total up to 12,495. However, the number of those being given the all-clear continues to increase. By Friday there were 3,992, an increase of 145. What's more, the number of patients with Covid-19 in Andalusian



Tales from the old days

Rachel Haynes

Governments sent out orders for all citizens to stay at home and anyone showing any sort of feverish symptoms or a cough had to be totally isolated, so fierce was this unknown evil, travelling through the land at great speed. As more and more patients infected ... young king finds he has to banish his own father from the kingdom he reigned over for decades. The old man, disgraced, leaves everyone wondering why someone who has considerably more than most would want to hide away more riches, obtained using dubious



More than 50,000 Costa construction workers back on site as ban ends

N. T. / J. H. / H. B.

Last Sunday marked the end of the government's two week ban on non-essential work, although the state of alarm which started on 15 March still continues until at least 26 April. Monday was the first working day back for employees who are not in an