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The most keenly-awaited shower


It has only been a few days since there was a total eclipse of the moon and Mars was the closest it has been to the Earth for 32 years, but this weekend our eyes will be firmly set on the firmament again, this time to see something which never ... last year, when there was a full moon, there will be a new moon, which is like having no moon at all, and that means we will see many more Perseids," he explains. He also suggests that we take advantage of the occasion to look at Mars, Jupiter and



Facts machine

Peter Edgerton

"Yeah, light blue. I remember watching it with my dad who extolled the virtues of fixed rates. That's why..." "Wrong! Green! And to the nearest day, how long did it take Armstrong to get to the moon from take-off in Apollo... er, and while we're at it ... kn..." "See! See! The quiz man agrees with me. Told you. Sixty odd. You didn't believe me, you silly old fool. That'll teach you. Thanks, quiz man." "Er, that's ok - bye." Oh, four and eleven by the way. Four days getting to the moon on Apollo 11 -



Searching for life

KEN CAMPBELL lifestyle

...planets not to have a moon of their own. Mars has two, Jupiter and Saturn have over 60 each and it is two of these moons that have raised a great deal of interest. It is known that Europa, one of Jupiter’s four largest moons, is covered in a blanket of ... week, scientists were examining images taken by the Cassini probe which has been orbiting Saturn since 2004. In October 2015, the Cassini probe flew very close to a moon called Enceladus and found that like Europa, it too was covered in thick ice. The



Giant Jupiter

ken campbell The Night sky

...the sky around midnight and will set in the west at sunrise. It will be the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon. Jupiter is the 5th planet out from the Sun and it is huge, you could fit over 1,300 Earths inside Jupiter. But unlike the



Under the bored walk

Peter Edgerton

'Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon/I hope my legs don't break, walking on the moon.' Thus went the none-too-inspirational opening lines of The Police's not-very-good 1979 song Walking On The Moon. Rumours that Leonard Cohen co-wrote



Where nature rules

Mark Nayler

...surrounding mountains with such crisp perfection. A walk of about ninety minutes takes you around the perimeter of the lagoon, which according to myth is the location of a gateway to the underworld. Legend has it that if you visit Braies during a full moon



Do we really care?


...further by using astronomy to decide the dates for many vineyard tasks, and the phases of the moon are crucial. In its purest form biodynamic winemaking involves practices such as burying cows' horns stuffed with organic fertiliser in the vineyards. At a ... moon-given moment these are dug up and the contents spread over the growing area. One of Spain's leading practitioners, Ricardo Pérez Palacios, considers the soil to be a living organism and looks upon this type of viticulture from a human and holistic



Your star sign?

ken caMPBELL the night sky Since the beginning of time humans have looked up at the moon, planets and stars and, with no better understanding or explanation as to what they could possibly be, they became wrapped in stories and myths. It was also presumed that they must ... have some supernatural influence on people’s lives. Probably one of the first things that ancient man noticed about the stars what that at different times of the year, as the Earth went around the Sun, different stars were visible. And the Sun, the moon ... to measure the movements of the moon or a certain planet for a particular date. Today the Astronomer Royal has replaced the Royal Astrologer and Martin Rees now fills that prestigious position in the UK. The original signs of the Zodiac and the



More than just recycling plastic


...supermarkets I invest in better quality clothing," she said. There are also alternatives to disposable sanitary towels and tampons, such as the "moon cup" and organic products. Parents are going back to using towelling nappies instead of disposable ones too.



The last planet


Neptune comes from a NASA spacecraft Voyager 2 that flew past the planet in 1989. You need good binoculars or a small telescope to see Neptune, but on Monday 30 October it will be less than 1º from the moon, helping you to find it easily. Look slightly ... above and a little to the left of the moon and if you see a tiny blue 'star' then you have found it!