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The best primary poems

Disney Pixar, My memory, Through the window, Moon like a meteor, Darkness of train ramp, Black cars like chaos, The dark Eiffel Tower Looked like, A giant ink machine, Broken, Elevator, Jammed. Youssef Riyani Elkhiln, Age 7



Secondary poems

...she looked into the world, the vast open world with her emerald eyes, taking it all in. And at that moment -my heart was breaking.  that moment was purely as sweet as cinnamon, for I missed it,  missed it while the moon was gleaming and while



How to see tonight's supermoon on the Costa del Sol

almudena nogués

A supermoon will be visible throughout the whole of Spain from 6.48pm this evening until 7.33am tomorrow. The moon can be viewed without a telescope or binoculars due to forecast clear skies. It is called a supermoon because the moon shines 30 per ... cent more brightly and is 14 per cent larger than a micromoon (when the moon appears its smallest). These discrepancies in size occur because moon has an eliptical orbit around Earth. At its closest point (called the perigee), the moon is at least ... 356,000 kilometres away from Earth. At its furthest distance from earth (called the apogee), the moon is at least 406,000 kilometres away from Earth. A supermoon occurs when a new moon (the first lunar phase) or full moon coincides with the perigee - the



Looking up to the Moon


With the anniversary celebrations of the first Moon landing, it's the right time to look back at just how far we've come in half a century. The regime was at that time blighted by corruption, with Falangist and technocrats fighting it out within ... 50 years later, we are better off, of course we are. But in some things we're still looking up at the Moon. Let's see if things improve after the summer holidays.



Harvest moon(s)

Ken Campbell

...gave a different name to each of the full moons and some of these have stuck and are still used today. Yesterday and today there will be a full moon, although to be accurate, the full moon occurred at 2.41 pm universal time yesterday afternoon. ... Usually the full moon that occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox is christened the Harvest Moon. For the first time in many years we have two full moons that can claim the title, as the last full moon occurred on 6 September and so both are more or less ... equal distance from the equinox that occurred on 21 September. The Harvest Moon usually rises a little earlier than other full moons simply because it is so close to the equinox when the earth has 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. This early



Full Moon facts


Tonight's full moon will give you a perfect chance to learn some of its features. The full moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky and so rises tonight at 18.15, exactly the same time that the Sun sets. If you can catch it just as it is rising ... perspective. The moon shines purely by reflecting sunlight off its surface and while the full moon may look very bright, rock from the surface brought back to Earth by the Apollo astronauts is really quite dark in colour, almost black. Contrary to popular ... belief there is no “dark side of the moon”. The full moon occurs because the Sun is shining directly onto the side that is facing us; as the moon orbits around the Earth, the Sun will light different areas of it. When it has travelled halfway round, and



The century's longest lunar eclipse


We are in for a real treat this evening (Friday 27 July) - a total eclipse of the Moon. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up perfectly and the Moon passes through the shadow cast by the Earth. An eclipse of the Sun occurs ... when the line-up is the other way round and the Moon's shadow falls upon the Earth. Whereas an eclipse of the Sun can only be seen from a small area along a very narrow band where the shadow touches the Earth, an eclipse of the Moon can be seen from ... any part of the planet where the Moon can be seen. Tonight's eclipse will be visible to more than half of the Earth's population. From Spain the eclipse will already be under way as the Moon rises in the southeast at 8.30pm. It may be difficult to



The blue supermoon


Many moons ago, before calendars were invented, people used to count the year by the full moon. And as there are usually 12 full moons each year then this was a convenient, if not very accurate, way of marking time. Each of the full moons was ... given a name such as the Harvest Moon and Hunter's Moon for example. But as the period between full moons is about 29.5 days then it is possible for a month to have two full moons. This extra full moon is called a Blue Moon. The last full moon occurred ... on January 2nd this year and so we are able to squeeze another full moon in to this month on January 31st, making it a Blue Moon. But this one will be special as it is also a supermoon. The moon orbits around the Earth not in a true circle but in an



Three Malaga scientists hope their robot will fly to the moon


moon, have made it into the top 25 of approximately 3,400 entrants. The only Spanish finalists, the Malaga trio's creation is apparently simple but would be crucial for the implementation of a human settlement on the moon. The prototype will ... essentially be composed of four test tubes, each containing different mixtures of 'soil' from both the Earth and the Moon. From this, they hope to be able to observe what the optimum conditions are for seeds to germinate on the Earth's satellite. The young ... TeamIndus. This Google-funded Indian engineering company intends to land on the moon in January 2018 with the help of the country's space agency (ISRO). The three Malaga scientists hope to see their creation go to the Moon with them. SUR contacted Paul



Don't get me wrong

Peter Edgerton

...album while we were distracted, I'm not really sure, but it's all gone a bit weird, don't you think? Jangled nerves are rife, causing odd little cameos between strangers that you used to see once in a blue moon to pop up at least a couple of times daily.



Super spring tide

KEN CAMPBELL the night sky

The moon travels around the Earth at 2,288mph, which means it can travel roughly its own diameter every hour. In one orbit around the Earth it travels 1,423,000 miles. The time it takes to do one orbit around the Earth is 27.32 days and this is ... known as a sidereal month. The time between full moons is 29.53 days and is known as a synodic month. The difference in the two times is due to the fact that the Earth is also moving, but in relation to the Sun. Therefore the moon has to travel a ... is about 225,300 miles away while at its furthest point (apogee) it can be 251,900 miles away. If perigee occurs at the time of the full moon then it can appear about a third larger in the sky than if the full moon occurs at apogee. This event has



Look out for the partial lunar eclipse


We're in for a treat next this Tuesday evening, 16 July, when we will experience a partial eclipse of the moon. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and the moon line up exactly and the moon passes through the Earth's shadow. If you were ... standing on the moon on Tuesday evening then you would see the Earth pass directly in front of the Sun. When it is the other way round with the moon passing in front of the Sun then we would have a solar eclipse of the Sun as we did last 2 July. During an ... eclipse of the Sun the moon and the Sun appear almost exactly the same size, but this is only an illusion, the Sun is 400 times bigger than the moon but by coincidence it just happens to be 400 times farther away. Because of this, the shadow cast by the



So close and yet...

KEN CAMPBELL the night sky

If the sky is clear on Sunday 7 May then there will be a very close conjunction between the moon and the planet Jupiter. They will be so close that they will almost touch and will make a fine view in binoculars or a small telescope. Jupiter will be ... just below the almost full moon. The moon travels around the Earth at an amazing 2,288mph and so can travel its own diameter in less than an hour. If you can observe the moon and Jupiter at intervals during the evening you will be amazed to see just ... how quickly the moon travels as it passes by Jupiter. The closest point that the two will come together will occur at around midnight. If you have a telescope then as you look at Jupiter you will be able to see its four largest moons. Callisto,



A local lad with a career in space


...but when German astronaut Matthias Maurer was looking for someone to expand his research team at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne, he selected Álvaro. Nobody from Malaga has ever been closer to the moon. Under direct tutelage of the ... ESA, he has taken part in several experiments into the viability of a permanent installation on the surface of the moon. "It was an incredible experience. You have breakfast in the café with astronauts. You see them train in the swimming pool at the ... different countries. NASA, ESA and Roscosmos now work together to save on costs. "I'm convinced my generation will see a permanent, inhabited base on the moon," says Álvaro, who would love to contribute to that. The particles are accelerating. After ExoMars



From Malaga to Beijing in the fight against obesity

Ángel Escalera

...young people. This initiative formed part of the Walk for a Challenge project which took place across various countries. The overall objective was for all participants to cover the distance between the Earth and the Moon. People of all ages met up on



Looking for peace


...causing ill health and shortening the dog's life span considerably. Dogs do not bark without good reason. Left outdoors there are plenty of reasons: other dogs barking give them the need to reply; shadows being cast by the moon; wild animals passing by



The Titanic to dock in the city's port for the summer


...front seat view of important historical events such as the moon landings and the fall of the Berlin Wall and get a glimpse at J. R. R. Tolkien's Lonely Mountain. There will also be an area where children can create their own designs and, of course, a



Get a grip

Peter Edgerton

...their shoulders in unison. Or maybe that was just our house. Anyway, Tom - the grip - played the trumpet and, as luck would have it, he'd brought it with him. We jammed on a half-decent version of Moon River and, bizarrely, The First Cut Is The Deepest



The most keenly-awaited shower


It has only been a few days since there was a total eclipse of the moon and Mars was the closest it has been to the Earth for 32 years, but this weekend our eyes will be firmly set on the firmament again, this time to see something which never ... last year, when there was a full moon, there will be a new moon, which is like having no moon at all, and that means we will see many more Perseids," he explains. He also suggests that we take advantage of the occasion to look at Mars, Jupiter and



Facts machine

Peter Edgerton

"Yeah, light blue. I remember watching it with my dad who extolled the virtues of fixed rates. That's why..." "Wrong! Green! And to the nearest day, how long did it take Armstrong to get to the moon from take-off in Apollo... er, and while we're at it ... kn..." "See! See! The quiz man agrees with me. Told you. Sixty odd. You didn't believe me, you silly old fool. That'll teach you. Thanks, quiz man." "Er, that's ok - bye." Oh, four and eleven by the way. Four days getting to the moon on Apollo 11 -



Searching for life

KEN CAMPBELL lifestyle

...planets not to have a moon of their own. Mars has two, Jupiter and Saturn have over 60 each and it is two of these moons that have raised a great deal of interest. It is known that Europa, one of Jupiter’s four largest moons, is covered in a blanket of ... week, scientists were examining images taken by the Cassini probe which has been orbiting Saturn since 2004. In October 2015, the Cassini probe flew very close to a moon called Enceladus and found that like Europa, it too was covered in thick ice. The



Where nature rules

Mark Nayler

...surrounding mountains with such crisp perfection. A walk of about ninety minutes takes you around the perimeter of the lagoon, which according to myth is the location of a gateway to the underworld. Legend has it that if you visit Braies during a full moon



Giant Jupiter

ken campbell The Night sky

...the sky around midnight and will set in the west at sunrise. It will be the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon. Jupiter is the 5th planet out from the Sun and it is huge, you could fit over 1,300 Earths inside Jupiter. But unlike the



Under the bored walk

Peter Edgerton

'Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon/I hope my legs don't break, walking on the moon.' Thus went the none-too-inspirational opening lines of The Police's not-very-good 1979 song Walking On The Moon. Rumours that Leonard Cohen co-wrote



Do we really care?


...further by using astronomy to decide the dates for many vineyard tasks, and the phases of the moon are crucial. In its purest form biodynamic winemaking involves practices such as burying cows' horns stuffed with organic fertiliser in the vineyards. At a ... moon-given moment these are dug up and the contents spread over the growing area. One of Spain's leading practitioners, Ricardo Pérez Palacios, considers the soil to be a living organism and looks upon this type of viticulture from a human and holistic



More than just recycling plastic


...supermarkets I invest in better quality clothing," she said. There are also alternatives to disposable sanitary towels and tampons, such as the "moon cup" and organic products. Parents are going back to using towelling nappies instead of disposable ones too.



Your star sign?

ken caMPBELL the night sky Since the beginning of time humans have looked up at the moon, planets and stars and, with no better understanding or explanation as to what they could possibly be, they became wrapped in stories and myths. It was also presumed that they must ... have some supernatural influence on people’s lives. Probably one of the first things that ancient man noticed about the stars what that at different times of the year, as the Earth went around the Sun, different stars were visible. And the Sun, the moon ... to measure the movements of the moon or a certain planet for a particular date. Today the Astronomer Royal has replaced the Royal Astrologer and Martin Rees now fills that prestigious position in the UK. The original signs of the Zodiac and the



The last planet


Neptune comes from a NASA spacecraft Voyager 2 that flew past the planet in 1989. You need good binoculars or a small telescope to see Neptune, but on Monday 30 October it will be less than 1º from the moon, helping you to find it easily. Look slightly ... above and a little to the left of the moon and if you see a tiny blue 'star' then you have found it!



The race into space

ken campbell the night sky

...during the Second World War had designed and built the V2 rockets, helped the Americans in their rocket development. On 12 September 1962, President John Kennedy made a speech declaring that NASA should achieve the goal of landing a man on the moon ... Komarov died during re-entry when his parachute failed to open. NASA gained ground in December 1968 when the crew of Apollo 8 were the first to orbit around the moon. As NASA was preparing to land on the moon with Apollo 11 in July 1969, the Russians ... were attempting an unmanned landing to collect samples, unfortunately their rocket crashed. Once NASA had achieved the moon landing public opinion influenced NASA to cancel Apollo 18, 19 and 20. Apollo 18 was modified as a space station called Skylab.



Nothing but blue

KEN CAMPBELL end of the spectrum is more prevalent. The same effect can watching the full moon rising close to the horizon. The moon shines by reflecting sunlight off it and so this light has to pass through the thicker part of the atmosphere. The UK



A lasting legacy for Marbella's elderly

Mónica Pérez

Santa Marta centre, very little remains to be done now. "Everything is different. It really needed this, and we are over the moon," says Ana Naranjo. Before drawing up the list of what was needed, a team from the council arranged meetings with users



Swift justice

Peter Edgerton one of those plummy condescending voices that judges are presumably trained in as part of their studies in all round judgery. If he was peering dismissively over the top of a pair of half moon specs into the bargain , well all the better. ... harbouring 'moon' and 'June' grievances by the shedload. As far as I remember there were approximately fifty thousand hit songs called The Power Of Love, or it may have been three, I can't recall. Whatever - I'm pretty sure they didn't sue each other into



Lorca, Korean-style

REGINA SOTORRÍO moon is', the other two pieces that the Korean presented on her debut in Malaga, part of the Ciclo de Danza, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center and Malaga university. However, through so much dancing with death, Kim Bock Hee has ended



Novelising the social issues of expats

Tony Bryant

“When you try to escape from your problems, they are the first things you pack,” claims a new book by British author, Gus Duffy. The Estepona-based writer has just released his first novel, A Little Bit of the Moon, a book set in Fuengirola that ... concludes. Little Bit of the Moon is available from Amazon.


What to do

Hindu festival of lights

TONY BRYANT a time to celebrate with family and friends: it is a night that coincides with the new moon of the Hindu calendar. The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, and on Diwali night people dress up in new clothes,



A life saver produced in Asturias


...sent all over the world. These tablets have also travelled to the moon, as part of the first-aid kit on the Apollo XI. This is the only place where they are made. In the 1980s, the German firm Bayer divided its production between the factory in



Luminous Shasta daisies

Denise Bush

Commonly called the Shasta daisy, Leucanthemum x superbum was hybridised by Californian Luther Burbank in his quest to find the whitest flower possible - one that would reflect the moon's glow in the evening and look luminous. He crossed a Japanese



A blast from the past with Sting

txema martín

...century in full flow, still on the top of his game, with his voice practically intact as he managed to hit the high notes without falsetto. The final segment of the show was reserved for his greatest hits - Walking on the Moon, Every Little Thing She